I messed up with anonymity.


I feel like I can't ask the personal questions I need to ask now because my account isn't random or anonymous.

I messed up with anonymity.

I need a second account I guess. I don't know.

Would probably be smart to choose a fictional username and probably a graphic as your profile icon, honestly.

I never expected to be an editor when I signed up, and it seems like all posts on this site are always the first hits on google 🤷🏻. So.

I messed up with anonymity.
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  • On_cloud_wine
    I discovered this site after asking a random question in the world of internet cyber space. It brought me to a young man on here who asked basically the same thing around the same time but in a reversed version way that I almost thought it was him asking about me! So I signed up and forgot the username so 😭

    Why do you feel you’ve lost your animosity?
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    • Robertcw

      I don't know. Just seems basically obvious to me that my stuff is out there. Doesn't mean anyone will say anything to me in person but I expect it's pretty likely if anyone I ever knew happened to search a topic I wrote on out of their own curiosity that they'd find my stuff. 🤷🏻

  • Lauren-green
    That's why I use a fake name and just a cartoon Rick as my picture. I at one stage also had a pic of me as my profile and I changed it after a few months. No one knows it me, you could do the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Most Helpful Guys

  • wankiam
    if you have a second account you will be in serious breech of g@g rules so please consider that fact before you make mistake number two. i dont know if becoming editor removes the option to post anon or not but if it does i would suggest you get on at admin about it and see if they are willing to change that rule
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    • Robertcw

      I can post anon. I can rescind all my previous posts as well and make them go anon as well.

      Not sure what I'll do yet.

    • wankiam

      yes you can do that so its probably the better option if you feel the need to go anon... all i would say is that unless you are a 13 year old girl that doesn't want an inbox filling up with unsolicited dick pics i dont really see the point of going anon anyway but ofcourse thats your choice.

  • englisc
    What are you worried about? That people in real life might find you? Just change your picture to something else and you'll be fine.
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    • Robertcw


    • englisc

      I don't think you need to worry about it. Maybe like I said just get rid of the picture. Can you not post anonymously as an editor?

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  • jamesritchey
    Indeed. Using my real name does limit what I'm comfortable posting, but it also helps me step out of my shell. If I ever need to ask something really awkward I guess I'll get a second account no one knows about.
  • k1ttybaby
    Ask me privately. I don't know you and you can read my other responses and see if maybe I could help. And you CAN post anon.
  • SexyAshh
    Oh awkward. Yeah thats why i use only my middle name and won't add my photo.

    Only issue is, if anyone sees the pic i even have they will know its me, but im not caring as much anymore
  • Herbie_Otch
    Man, now you've got me worried I should have chosen a fake name and used someone else's silhouette as my avatar. I hope I'm never paired with the stuff I post!

    All jokes aside, I can totally empathize with you. We constantly struggle with how much we share, and more than once an account we started somewhere, thinking it would remain mostly anonymous, has become a vehicle for discussing things with a much bigger audience than we'd ever imagined. We're not ready for the fight for public acceptance that people like Dan Savage have fought, where our names and opinions are associated and everyone knows who we are, so we hide behind fake names and avatars all the time. We wish you the best of luck however you choose to proceed.
  • Manuel2
    It is only counts if you know someone that uses the site too. As it stands, you can not fear no one ever finding out who you are, and ask your questions
    • Robertcw

      No man I think a couple people have been using the site actually. Plus it pops right up on google.

    • Manuel2

      Stress out! So some people know that you use this site. That makes you cool. Plus the ladies can see your inner feeling guy.

  • producer
    I'm always afraid people in school would find my gag, that's why I'm glad this website isn't big
  • KillerOfDemise
    Make a second account for personal questions and have this one for editior?
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  • KittyMilk
    Seems like your hiding something, what's wrong cat got your bootyhole?
  • wulibuli
    Whats an editor
  • Kayla45
    Sorry to hear that
  • Avicenna
    Yeah, but your contributions are great
  • Adrian2306
    what is this editor?
  • zagor
    Why not post as anon?
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • Barbarian8
    Are you a criminal or el Patchou?
  • tripptt9
    Who cares yo