How to tackle a creep on G@G

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I've recently been aware of a number of incidents where a G@G member has been having difficulties with other member(s). I thought it worthwhile to write this, to describe what I think you should do, when this is happening.

Keep evidence of what's been going on

It is pointless to make accusations without evidence.

How to tackle a creep on G@G

Never, ever get rid of private messages sent by a harasser, do not remove any answers they've posted on your questions, which could back up your case, and do not allow anonymous opinions on your questions, if you're having trouble.

Admin won't be able to take any action at all, if it's just your word against another user's.

This might feel to you, like they're ignoring a problem, but consider the reverse - if somebody was running to Admin, with tales about you, and not providing any evidence for their claims, would it be fair if Admin took action against you?

What if I'm being harassed by a Moderator or a G@G 'celeb'?

Then the same applies - it's all about evidence.

Moderators are all volunteers, and none is paid, or is otherwise in any way a member of G@G's administration.

If you are being harassed by a Moderator, please report in just the same way you would report anybody else who is bothering you - it won't cost you your account, and there aren't any formal measures that Moderators can take against you. If you're able to provide evidence for your claims, then the Moderator in question will lose their Moderator badge, and may well be removed from the site. I've seen that happen.

How to tackle a creep on G@G

I put G@G 'celebrity' in inverted commas, because I don't believe that having a lot of followers, or posting a lot, on a site like G@G really qualifies anybody to consider themselves a 'celebrity', but some members have, in the past, behaved as if they believe that this entitles them to act outside the rules.

Just because some other members kiss their arses doesn't make them special.

What you absolutely should not do, is allow another user, Moderator, G@G 'celebrity' or otherwise to negatively impact your use of the site, to the point where you feel uncomfortable, that you consider leaving, or deactivating your account to start over again.

How to tackle a creep on G@G
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  • Goodwifie

    Creep out the creep by acting creepier than the creep.
    " hope you get gang raped and murdered" was a reply from one user for my last question. Just block and report.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour

    Good myTake Jim. Meanwhile, I'd rather just block 'em.

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  • D_Bone_Steak

    I just don't understand why you don't just block them. I mean it just sounds like a hash tag me too moment of an attention seeker, and I'm not trying to be mean, it just honestly sounds and looks that way.

    Just block em... why waste your time collecting screen shots, continuing to communicate, and writing this post?

    Yeah... you sound like a bullshitter to me.

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    • At the same time I believe you because I myself was 'mysteriously' blocked from being able to write. But bitching to people that are popular here pulled enough weight to have me talking to a moderator.

      It was all kind of shady because I really was blocked, but I got told that basically she doesn't see anything blocked... and all of a sudden, I was back like magic.

      I don't know what to think... I say just avoid this person and block them.

    • wankiam

      this isn't about simply blocking or attention seeking or bullshitting or vrtue signalling... its about some of us that have been active users for some years wanting to see g@g clean up its act... we do that by reporting abuse so we can discourage that reported user from continuing to abuse other users long after you have blocked them yourself. fine if g@g is just a distraction to you but you must understand that rightly or wrongly some people take this site far more seriously. have a nice day

    • spuitkaas

      Blocking someone doesn't remove their opinion on your question. Sometimes checking the opinions and being constantly confronted with a hurtful opinion is not a great feeling.
      I feel like we should be able to remove opinions from our own questions if they are harassing.

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  • Prof_Don

    As a former mod / supermod and a veteran user of this site for over 10 years... this article is spot-on!

    Mods are high-activity users selected by the admins to help regulate the site as volunteer work. They are very much like other user here and not to be afraid of if you’re being harassed or creeped on!

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  • Dongtai

    At some point you’re just too sensitive to be on an online forum. They are words. Block and report. You’re not being physically harmed, stalked or anything life threatening.

    I’m not justifying creeps. But those who deal with creeps aren’t powerless or in peril. Block them or stop using the internet. If you don’t have the sense to ignore them and block them you don’t need to be online. Put more energy into avoiding the creeps who are offline that can actually hurt you

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  • anon1903

    this is highly useful. thank you. i remember being fifteen and naively deleting my first acc because of harassment issues😭😖

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  • BronzedAdonis

    delete/remove this mytake! you're making it harder for me to prey on minors and @ChefPapiChulo

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  • MzAsh

    Screen shot everything.

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  • wankiam


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  • themomo84

    I did but I appreciate your post.

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  • LexyIsSexy23

    Thank you this was helpful

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