How to tackle a creep on G@G

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I've recently been aware of a number of incidents where a G@G member has been having difficulties with other member(s). I thought it worthwhile to write this, to describe what I think you should do, when this is happening.

Keep evidence of what's been going on

It is pointless to make accusations without evidence.

How to tackle a creep on G@G

Never, ever get rid of private messages sent by a harasser, do not remove any answers they've posted on your questions, which could back up your case, and do not allow anonymous opinions on your questions, if you're having trouble.

Admin won't be able to take any action at all, if it's just your word against another user's.

This might feel to you, like they're ignoring a problem, but consider the reverse - if somebody was running to Admin, with tales about you, and not providing any evidence for their claims, would it be fair if Admin took action against you?

What if I'm being harassed by a Moderator or a G@G 'celeb'?

Then the same applies - it's all about evidence.

Moderators are all volunteers, and none is paid, or is otherwise in any way a member of G@G's administration.

If you are being harassed by a Moderator, please report in just the same way you would report anybody else who is bothering you - it won't cost you your account, and there aren't any formal measures that Moderators can take against you. If you're able to provide evidence for your claims, then the Moderator in question will lose their Moderator badge, and may well be removed from the site. I've seen that happen.

How to tackle a creep on G@G

I put G@G 'celebrity' in inverted commas, because I don't believe that having a lot of followers, or posting a lot, on a site like G@G really qualifies anybody to consider themselves a 'celebrity', but some members have, in the past, behaved as if they believe that this entitles them to act outside the rules.

Just because some other members kiss their arses doesn't make them special.

What you absolutely should not do, is allow another user, Moderator, G@G 'celebrity' or otherwise to negatively impact your use of the site, to the point where you feel uncomfortable, that you consider leaving, or deactivating your account to start over again.

How to tackle a creep on G@G
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