Why I won't accept everyone's follow request


Here are the main reasons I'll reject people's follow requests:

They don't interact with me on a regular basis

If I've never seen them respond to one of my questions, share an opinion on a poll etc., I don't see a point why I should accept their follow request.

They're XPER 1

I'd like to have more interaction with my questions, and if someone is brandnew to this site, it doesn't make sense to let them follow you because they're likely to realise that this site is fairly toxic and just drop our entirely. No dead accounts follow me.

They mainly follow female accounts

I don't want to be another number. It's weird when people follow significantly more pink accounts than blue ones.

Photo by Lethu Zimu on Unsplash
Photo by Lethu Zimu on Unsplash

They have weird, cringey or creepy usernames

Seld-explanatory. If they'e particularly helpful, I'll let them follow me, but some are just weird and don't do anything to help people out either.

They are consistently unhelpful, hurtful, offensive, shallow or insulting

I think this one is quite clear. Why would I let someone like that follow me?

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

The bottom line

I put a lot of thought into the things I write on here, I want to be helpful, share my opinions but also support them with evidence. To me, this is a way to enhance my English skills, too - and I can share my deeper thoughts.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

What makes you reject someone's follow request?

Why I won't accept everyone's follow request
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  • ShadowofRegret
    Same here, some other points for me is when an account is following over 200 other users, yet has barely if any followers.

    Also, if they repeatedly ask the same, nonsensical questions like "he blinked, does he want to have children with me?" or "my job involves watching women use the toilet and?" or if they have a link in their bio.

    Usually those all point to either a bot or someone who is only following others so they can invite them en masse to their repetitive questions.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yup that’s definitely a good hint! Thanks for sharing that. I have a link in my bio to another question I like, and I follow users who put effort into their bio because I think it’s interesting when people do that :D
      A lot of people overinterpret around here, I also don’t support this :)

    • My pleasure!

      I don't think there is anything wrong with having a link like that, the ones I am talking about are those bots that have bios dedicated to advertising something.

      Sorry, I should have been a bit more clear on that...😅

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  • JimRSmith
    I could not have said this any better myself.

    I agree with all those points, and feel that the sooner more people start thinking about this, and ceasing interaction with those kinds of accounts, the better this site would be.
  • I follow your same reasonings.
    If they seem particularly bad, like someone costantly harassing girls, asking fetish questions or someone who had the pfp of a notorious Nazi war criminal (it happened), I just outright block and report them.
    • Me too - especially when I know I’ll just hate seeing them respond to other opinions or questions of mine...

    • Exactly.
      I had some spammer comment under every girl's opinion on my questions.
      I politely asked him to stop, and his answer was "Mind your f*cking business".
      Instantly blocked.

  • FreshOutaIdeas
    I thought this would've been common sense. By all means your free to write what you've wrote, and I completely agree there are too many creepers on sites like this...

    It makes me tempted to do a take on how people tend to ignore posts which make people actually think for once.
    • Yeah, I thought so too, but since some users send me Follower request after Follower request, I figured it may help to write something on this :)

      You should!

    • I can understand how annoying that can get! No harm in writing it! Well keep a look out if I do, when I catch a moment.

  • NineBreaker
    I keep getting these random follow requests from some women who have absolutely no contributions. I literally mean their accounts have bo opinions, questions, takes, or bios. Just a picture and a user name. Why?

    Most of the time, I'll get requests from users who at least have some level of contribution, and I have no issue following the overwhelming majority of them.
    • Is there a link in their bio? They're probably trying to sell you something/install malware on your device when opening thelink.

    • Yeah, probably. I like to be cautious anyway.

  • Moonchild714
    I agree. I don't send many follow requests I will reciprocate if I accept. I don't accept any requests though unless there is interactions and I also check out their Questions and Comments they post on other Questions before accepting their Follow Request...
  • Randomawkwardness
    I don't have a private account and I don't really care who follows me - I just don't follow back. I think I've only experienced a handful of users who are nasty and really, there is no way to get rid of them. I had one blocked and somehow she is unblocked and calling me a whore again but I just ignore it now. I really only follow people when I like how their personality shows through their posts and how positive they are.
  • ivbnlknfru
    I can understand some of your reasons. But isn't this called Girls ask Guys? So shouldn't the guys be following more girls than guys? Also if a guy or girl needs advice on the opposite sex then they should get their opinion from the opposite sex to understand the situation better. As far as weird screen names, its to share you're identity or thoughts and remain an1
    • -Anonymous. I see your screen name is not your real name also but is descriptive. And as far as xpher 1, well if they just joined why not give them a chance and see how they are...😊

    • Fair enough - I feel like when it comes to usernames it’s more important that you can cite them whenever you like without having to copy and paste, though this is just a personal preference. For example, I’d have a hard time citing yours.

    • Its really an abbreviation, IV'e BeeN LooKiNg FoR yoU

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  • kangy
    If the person is always talking about sexual topics, I would not accept the request.
    • Yeah, me too. I want to see other questions as well

    • kangy

      some guys here refused to give up and continue to send request

  • Plitty-Tank
    Very true. I comment to your questions a lot. I enjoy seeing you around and love your boldness and proudness of being a tall woman and you're likely a sweetheart too.

    Is my username too creep? I follow 7 pink and 2 blue. Is that too high of a ratio. It's not a creep thing. I just don't get along with many males here.
    • Nah, you’re good, you basically don’t follow anyone so there’s that - and I don’t even know what your username is supposed to mean.

  • loveslongnails
    I'll reject follow requests from most teen-agers unless they've impressed me with their words. Otherwise, I accept them, both male and female, and if they later become annoying, I boot them.
  • brittany23
    Yes I also agree with this, though I do usually interact with females more. I'll open my follows to guys when I feel like getting bombarded with dick pics again
  • JigyW
    Well I never rejected anyone's follow cuz I don't really get many, I also don't follow many people only follow people that I talk to more often than others. for me anyone that wants to follow me I'll follow back regardless of their level or name, but thanks for this post I will be paying more attention to the post that the people I follow make moving forward 🤔🤔
  • emmily2396
    I don't filter much who I accept, however I only follow people I interacted with and I like their personality
    I agree with the new accounts sometimes you can tell they are fake. I also like making friends in the sense that we interact regularly. If it doesn't happen I've been known to stop following users. I have more pink but in real life i have always been more comfortable around girls all of my life and since i have a lot friends who are girls they would kill me or nag me if i don't follow them. 😂
  • thehottiein513
    I am new on here this is my first time and I'm the type of person who when I feel or see someone Saturday on the first thing I instantly want to do is hope that I can make them nothing else feel better or smile. Being a mother of four I have one daughter she's not when I see young girls upset said I instantly want to help that's what I do I like to talk to people make them feel better about their self did that picture of you with the braids honey you have more freckles than I do so that makes you extra cute freckles are not that easy to get you can't buy me you can't rental you don't have to take my opinion I just hope you heard some of the things that I said I do not I never have and I never will let anybody else's opinion of me bother me more than the time it took them to open their mouth I don't have time for people who are negative I keep them away from me we have enough going on in this world me worried about what else somebody else is doing with their life and they had a problem with you
    • Honey, your grammar is off and you seriously need to use punctuation marks.
      I have no idea what you are trying to tell me. this is what I was talking about in this take.
      Learn from it, get a grip on your grammar please, I will probably remove your opinion because there is no use in reading the long piece your wrote when nobody gets it.
      Just thought I'd tell you because you're still a rookie.

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I never knew requests were a thing. I just get notifications that someone is following me. I dont really follow anyone else on here unless I like the way they think on multiple subjects. I have np doubt that some guys just follow pink accounts to try and slide into DMs. That's just 'internet 101' lol
    • You get requests when your account is private :)

  • Apple1996
    I accept almost everyone, I'm way to nice to mot accept a follow. Especially if I talked to them over a question
  • Dinklex3
    I reject everyone's follow request and I don't follow anyone.
    I'm not a "regular" here anymore so I find it pointless.
  • padreflint
    I'm fine with that. I haven't asked any questions myself yet. I've given my opinions on quite a few. If someone wants to follow me or asks me to follow them I'm cool with it. I will unfollow/block anyone who is continually being a jerk though.
  • Aravind6307
    In this world there are followers and then there is us. I don't like to follow anyone. I don't read anyone's status on WhatsApp ot Instagram, but people enjoy the content that I share. I guess I too dont belong to the that followers category.
  • KrakenAttackin
    I am devastated you might not grace me with your follow.
    • I think that’s fairly obvious though, we’ve not had a single good, helpful interaction so far. I don’t need that.

  • midnightmoon05
    good take!! same as above and reported then block.
    been working fine that way... but too many... flooding Notications.
  • The main reason is that there are people who ask for nude pics. I'm not here for that!
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    What makes me reject someones follow request is if they have offensive link
    in their profile and their Level 1 , i will report them and not follow them and there
    is some i start to follow and they message me and they send me paragraphs of
    messages that take me almost 20 minutes to read and they keep them coming
    one after another , now these people i will end up unfollowing them but i never
    block anyone i don't believe in it also i am leery on adding people who have
    Usernames that are Shady , Creepy. This was well written MyTake and
    thank you for sharing
  • TallAnon
    I just follow anyone whom I think is interesting 😁 .. and guys just aren't as interesting to me 😛
  • Lemia
    I feel ya. I get a lot of strange people follow me and get salty with me because I block them because they were sprewing shit.
  • Yads_Is_Back
    Nice 👍🏻

    Agree with everything you said. You put it well.
  • blondfrog
    Lots of female spammers from porn sites trying to follow me too. I am sick of it.
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    I guess I look too creepy too so I don't even go hit the follow button
  • Max1109
    We just want to be a friend of a beautiful thing on earth so that's why we follow all pink accounts rather than following blue accounts.
    Before as we learn like charges repel each other.😁😁😁
  • Browneye57
    I don't follow anyone. And no one cares. Why do you?
  • delete_my_number
    Deep, are you expected to speak to people through DM's on this? I just follow people of culture tbh
  • Dongtai
    There’s a follow feature?
    • You’re not serious, are you? 😅😂

    • Dongtai

      I was being incredibly sarcastic 😅😂. I know about it but don’t pay enough attention to it to notice who follows and who doesn’t.

  • Joker_
    Thank you explaining why you won't accept everyone's follow request
  • Twenty2
    How tall are you?
  • Makes sense to me!
  • xyz94
    I actually want to stop people from following me.
  • LexyIsSexy23
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • pokesmith
    I don't blame you
  • Taqi1234
    I think nobody cares ☺️
  • engel23
    You are totally right.
  • Anonymous
    If that's your story...
  • Anonymous
    Exactly, my reasons are almost the same (except the third one). Excellent Take.
  • Anonymous
    yup, could be creepy cyber stalkers
  • Anonymous
    what if we do interact with you on your questions but we're anonymous? :o Also, sometimes people follow certain accounts because they like reading the questions/posts by those people. If someone follows a buttload of female accounts it doesn't necessarily mean they even talk to them; so you wouldn't be "just another number". I get the username thing. That's probably why I get declined the most. People tend to judge without actually talking to someone, just based on a name. :(
    • I hatte it when people overuse the anonymous function because I like following people whose questions are inspiring, thought-provoking and whose answers are thorough.
      I don’t like my own username but at least it’s not creepy or sexual :D

    • Anonymous