Effective and Ineffective Uses of GAG

What do you mean...I better be careful what I say?
What do you mean...I better be careful what I say?


Gaining insight into relationship challenges - You'll get opinions and some are helpful, some are mean spirited. Filter well. Out of this, good relationships can be formed with the right people

Sharing your wisdom - This works. Just be careful not to base your emotions on negative backlash.

Informing others of world events - it can raise awareness of the plight of others and your reality, feelings. This can lead to awareness and support. YEA!


Trying to convince someone of your political wisdom - Good luck! You will lose...

Dating - This is a maybe. It may work and it may be really awful. You gotta be careful wherever you go dating. Make sure you really know that person before you trust your life to them.

How do I look - Do so at your risk. People can be mean. This isn't the best place to get your ego boost, but if you must...


Extending a question to deeper and adjacent conversation points - I've never seen it work. Writing is the worst form of communication to get consensus. Ends up in people defending what they think. Only do this if you are asked and you know it is going to usually go bad.

Trusting others - don't do that. This is not a family, it's the craziest bunch of yahoos you've ever met. Don't believe what you read or hear. Think for yourself.


Effective and Ineffective Uses of GAG
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