The day my ego got really hurt that I'm even writing about it now


A guy friend told me I look like a mom and im only 18. Probably bc I have a new haircut. I was really insulted bc he said it out loud. I didn't know how to react. It was fn embarrassing. I wanted to act unaffected but ended up forcing an awkward smile and not saying anything back. I felt defenseless. Not knowing what to do next.

This guy has always been playful so I got used to it. But he just went overboard that day. He could have just told me privately if he's really icky to say it out.

I asked a girl friend if I really look like a mom on our way home and she said yes. i said maybe it's because of the type of bag i was carrying. But she said no, she said my face just looks like of a mom. This shocked me bc she used to say im attractive and charismatic.

I just really feel bad and embarrassed. I skipped school today bc I dont understand people anymore. One day they shower you with compliments, the next day they embarrass you.

The girl friend knew I was embarrassed because it was obvious but instead of consoling me, she added injury to the damage. I didn't need her to say I dont look like a mom when thats what she really sees. I just felt like she didn't really care if i was hurt.

My esteem got crushed with one blow. I didn't realize how fragile it is and I hate it. In fact, I just hate everyone now.

The day my ego got really hurt that Im even writing about it now

I dont need to get dissed for being shallow or oversensitive. I know what I am. I just want you to hear how cruel people can be sometimes.

The day my ego got really hurt that I'm even writing about it now
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