Why I Think The New Update That Allows You To Choose Who You Want To Answer Is Awesome!


I've read on here that many people don't like the new update, but I want to show my support for it because I don't want GAG to delete it! I do agree that the new update is an oxymoron in a way, since it's the polar opposite of the site's name. But I think it's so useful, and I like being able to filter the answers! Here are the top ways I plan to use it when I ask questions, or even when I want certain comments on my MyTakes:

From the Girls' POV: What does it feel like to live alone in an apartment by yourself, and how do you handle it? Do guys comment when you wear certain clothes, or could they care less? Have your guy friends ever hit on you, and what did you do about it? If you're dealing with a pervert following you what did you do to make him stop?

From the Guys' POV: Do you like it when girls do X? How do you feel about girls saying X about guys? What are the signs that you really care about a chick? What's your favorite thing that a girl can do for you?

There are so many more examples I could give, but those are just the ones that are off the top of my head. Really, I like this new update most of all because I can focus only learning about new things in the way I want to, and now I have the option of only getting opinions from a certain POV and I love it.

Why I Think The New Update That Allows You To Choose Who You Want To Answer Is Awesome!

I honestly agree that people aren't defined by their gender...But at the same time, each gender has to deal with the certain ways that people perceive them, and so if that's how someone's daily life is, then why shouldn't I be able to ask only for their perspective? I think this update is awesome, and I hope they don't get rid of it ever!!!

Why I Think The New Update That Allows You To Choose Who You Want To Answer Is Awesome!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    I think it's pretty ridiculous. When you completely ignore one of the sexes, you'll end up with either:
    1) less opinions overall on your questions
    2) one-sided opinions

    Allowing both sexes to answer questions allows for a wide array of different points of views and even with those questions you asked, they are not gender specific. When you said "for the girls POV" there are probably plenty of men who could answer those questions too. And when you said "for the guys' POV" there are probably plenty of women who could provide insight as well. I just think it's ridiculous for someone to ask a question and then limit the amount of and type of responses they can get just because they don't want to hear from a specific gender...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • dartmaul15
    I don't think limiting it completely is the way to go. However i find it OK of OP to be able to make it so (s) he's only alerted for replies from a specific gender.

    Also, your image just proves why comunication and compromise is key.

    Also it proves why having both genders ads diversity, diversity i dare claim is important in order to ensure as filling answers as possible.

    I would like to see abilities to filter answers (for example view girls only, view images with a certain number of upvotes, etc), but completely blocking it for one gender is not the way to go.
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  • Hans222
    The problem is that you prevent people to answer based on gender... and that would be a statement like "no guy could give a valid answer to my question".
    I've heard to many guys and girls say "I knew the answer, I could have helped, but was not allowed to".
    Have you seen how some of the long time members were considering to run away? I think it's time to act before the heart of the caring community that GAG is, is lost. Locking out and entire gender is really too delicate!
  • lumos
    That picture is stupid as fuck.
  • kheserthorpe
    Basically every time I've seen the new feature used, it's been a guy asking girls for dating advice, when he'd be getting -generally- though not universally better advice from guys.

    I expect there are similar things the other way, girls will ask guys only how they like makeup or things like that.
  • Viperkiss
    I see your point. However I have found that when I was thinking that the answer I needed was going to come from one side, I often am surprised by a great answer from the other side. Same with age. I have been very surprised by answers that are very helpful and/or wise from someone under 18. But I guess that's life. Often what we are looking for is in the most unlikely place or from the most unlikely person. I don't think I'll be limiting my posts to one particular sex or age (s).
  • dipta
    It's the first time I'm hearing of such a feature actually, but I don't see how is that really useful?

    If only there was a way to compile all those "so guys, boobs or boot?", "penis, what size?" kinda questions that show up repeatedly into one then that would make a bigger difference imho. And a better way to browse questions or even like in quora where you can up vote a question in order for it to get more replies.
    Sorry, I guess this last part has nothing to do with your take.
  • Kalinda
    That dictionary take off is... Hideous. I wouldn't be around either sex if I thought they were really like that including myself.

    I have no problem with your take though. I think if people want to use it they want to use it so it's pointless arguing that we shouldn't have it. And if anyone really wants to give their opinion or hear the other sex opinion nothing is stopping them from asking the question themselves to everyone.
  • AleDeEurope
    I understand your point of view, it makes sense, but if you just want to listen to girl's response, then just read the responses from girls, ignore the ones from guys.
    • Yc2K15

      Or she could not use the website "Girls ask Guys". that would make it easier to be ignorant. lol

  • ObviouslyBored
    People like to think that the input they have is always useful. It is not. I LOVE the gender feature. If I want to know what men think of "x" I don't want a mans opinion of it.
  • CootiesInfection
    i think that the fact that there is even a "female english" thats basically some wackodoodle opposite land bullshit is utterly embarrassing to how low we've stooped as a culture and i would be ashamed to be a woman if i was one
  • LilWeezey
    I'm indifferent about the update. Kinda pointless but kinda helpful similarly...

    I could care less it's here and I'll care less if its gone.

    I used it once tho. Just to see.

    I asked a guy only question and set for guys only.
    It was nice not seeing replies from girls.
  • TadCurious
    I hope they get rid of it. For those GAGers like you who only want feedback from one gender, all you have to do is NOT READ THE ANSWERS FROM THE OTHER GENDER! That way, your viewpoint won't be contaminated with opinions you didn't want in the first place, without excluding the very thing that makes GAG Girls Ask Guys.
  • YourFutureEx
    How much they paid you for this -_-

    I bet they'll revert the change. 100% sure! Just wait and watch.
  • muspelhem_5
    Because, as you mentioned yourself, the whole point of the site is a dialogue between genders. If you only accept answers from one gender, the other gender will never see those answers, and will be a little less wiser.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    I think it's pointless, because why wouldn't you just want as many answers as possible? And if you want as many answers as possible, you'd need to let guys AND girls answer...
    • LilWeezey

      Because it's silly when guys answer questions for girls only
      Or vice versa.

      Like biological questions about dicks, or babies, or periods.

    • Not always. The more people who answer, the higher chance there is of getting a useful answer.

  • Yc2K15
    I clicked "helpful" Because it was.
    You help people on both sides realise that there will always be Ignorance between genders and comments like this will continue forever.
  • xXiTacoXx
    It's useful depending on if it's used wisely instead of being used to answer really stupid questions.
  • jacquesvol
    But ask only for their perspective? Why not accept views and experience of both genders?
  • douride2
    Odd thing is many of the gender blocked questions are asking the wrong gender for an answer.
  • performerwannabe
    hahaha.. this is so damn true. :D
  • JoeyTheITalian
    Fuck yeah this is true in my dictionary!
  • Anonymous
    when I say 'leave me alone' I really want to be left alone.

    those girl and guy dictionaries are a bit sexist nonsense.