Top 10 Questions on Sex This Week

Want to see what everyone is talking about on GaG? Here are the Top 10 questions of the past week, and their best comments!

Top 10 Questions on Sex This Week

10. Sexual things you haven't done but you want to do? by eanubis89

9. Girls, would you date a Male Stripper? by Anonymous

8. Would you date a girl with a "slut" reputation? by PiuBelloAmante

7. Million dollar sex challenge. Would you take this bet?

6. What's your favorite body part of the opposite sex? by Yourtheone

5. Would guys really have sex with their female friends if they had the chance? by Anonymous

4. Girls, why do you moan when having sex? by Anonymous

3. Do ALL guys talk to their friends about how good or bad their girlfriend is during sex? by Yeatts

2. Craziest place you've had sex? by Askmeanything21

1. Would you date a transgender knowing they changed their sex since the beginning? by Angely

What are your favourite questions from this past week? Any honourable mentions?

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What Guys Said 3

  • Nice take I liked it

  • All 10 are very good! Best one I liked is number 3! So me! So literally me! PERFECT!!!


  • I would add a lot of questions here, just because i read a lot and got into some strange situations, Is your penis normal and how to know it... like that... i found some interesting info here


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