How To Get The "Most Helpful Opinion"

How To Get The Gaining the Most Helpful Opinion shouldn't be the only motivation for answering a question. You should want to answer the question to help the asker or to join in with the community. Being awarded the Most Helpful Opinion is just a bonus. However, if you're wondering why you're rarely being awarded the Most Helpful Opinion or you're new to GaG, this myTake may help you increase your percentage!

Here are some tips which could increase the likelihood of your opinion being chosen.

1. Spelling, grammar and punctuation

If the asker doesn't understand your opinion, they're less likely to select it as most helpful. You can also get your point across better with the use of correct spelling and grammar. Of course, the occasional spelling mistake will not compromise your chances of your opinion being chosen but if your opinion is hard to read/understand, then it's helping nobody!

2. Read the description

Sometimes the question can be totally misleading or appear generalised, but the description can tell a completely different story.
For example, the question may be "Do you talk to your ex?". This question appears simple and makes you believe it could be answered by anyone but when you click on it, you find there's a large description about the asker's ex, if they should talk to their ex, why their ex isn't talking to them etc. For these types of questions, it's best to answer the original question as you would have before reading their description. Then leave an opinion/advice based on their personal situation in the description. I can guarantee that there will be some users who will only answer the original question, without reading the description - they're less likely to get the Most Helpful Opinion.

3. Put yourself in their shoes

Putting yourself in their shoes (situation) can help you understand how they're feeling, what they're concerned about and you can then give advice which will help calm those feelings. Doing this also prevents you from coming across as insensitive and will undoubtedly improve the quality of your opinion.

4. Hidden messages

I come across at least one question a day that has a hidden message and I'm sure some of you have picked up on this too. This basically means that the person asking the question is indirectly trying to ask something else with a different question i.e. "Why is he talking to me?" is actually "is he talking to me because he likes me?". This isn't always the case but often, if you read the description, you can tell the asker is pushing towards that conclusion and wants someone to also believe the person fancies them. These questions are commonly submitted for reassurance or confirmation of what the asker already thinks, but without directly asking for it.
With this new ability of seeing hidden messages, you're capable of giving them that confirmation they're looking for and your opinion will most likely be preferred and awarded Most Helpful Opinion.

5. Clearly written

This is similar to number one, but this one refers to using paragraphs or even splitting a couple of sentences apart if they're unrelated in context. This makes your post look simple, clear and quick to read so people are more likely to read it and read all of it. People can post great opinions, but if it's written as a wall of text, it dissuades others from reading it. It helps to space out what you've written, especially when you really want others to read your post!

6. Conduct

One of the most important ones! If someone's question is serious and you can tell they're upset/angry/worried, it's usually best not to crack jokes. Understandably, don't be offensive or patronising, they won't appreciate it!

7. GaG MHO System

If you've lost all hope because you're not getting many MHOs, then you can count on the new GaG system! If the asker doesn't award someone with the Most Helpful Opinion after 30 days, the website will automatically award someone the Most Helpful Opinion. Neither you or the asker will receive Xper points for this. The winning opinion isn't chosen at random either, the system goes through a large number of criteria to determine which should be deserving of the Most Helpful Opinion.

Do you have any other tips?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Nah, none of this. You want MHO? You appeal to the asker's mood. That's all it ever is.

    • I somewhat agree with Nike boy here. Its not about anything other than the validation the asker is seeking sometimes. I have made some people think, but I have offended some.

Most Helpful Girl

  • About 50% of the time, MHO is given to people who agree with the asker.

    "Do you agree that beautiful girls are all stuck up bitches?"
    MHO is given to: "yes. it's no use approaching them"

    Which is sometimes very toxic and is not helpful to anyone at all.

    I think GAG should implement a system that bans the asker from choosing an opinion as MHO is the opinion has more downvotes than upvotes.


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What Guys Said 15

  • I don't like the system at all.
    Generally, people here are for validation only. Bonus, if you're a girl having hot profile picture.

    I sometimes do it. I have some pathetic examples in my MHO list when I validated the asker and really didn't help him/her in anyway, but I need to scroll a lot.

    I asked a question about this

  • The correct way to get MHO is to tell them exactly what they want to hear, no matter what. Even if what they are doing is wrong on every level of ethical behavior, you tell them that they're doing a good thing, and boom, MHO.

    Most Helpful Opinion really means Opinion Closest to Asker's.

  • I agree with what despondency said, mho is given to whoever kisses the question asker's ass the most by telling them exactly what they WANT to hear.

    • That's basically what I said in #4, just nicer.

    • I'd say #4 comes into play more than the other ones you mentioned. You said it nicer, but I said it with less words :p

  • Mhos don't bother me
    obviously it's nice to get em now and again, but I much prefer the conversations had withing the opinions anyway regardless.

    Also, I would say that the easiest way to get mho is to just agree with the asker.
    the sad fact is that many folk don't want a real answer.. they just want to be told the decision they have already made Is ok.

    "All women are shit and I hate them"
    99% of the comments are saying to not generalise and to keep an open mind

    Mho goes to "yeah, stupid women"

  • How to get MHO? First step -- be a female user.

  • from what I've seen lately, the best way to get MHO is to give the QA what they want to hear

  • I don't even think about it. I also have no understanding of how xper works. :D

  • Cool. Useful for the greedy people who feed on xper. Most of us are here just for the fun. :)

    • This is mainly for newcomers and those who write a lot of opinions but don't know why they're not getting a lot of MHO's, but you could say it's for the greedy.

    • :) Yes. Most of us speak our mind. But that isn't gonna get us MHO. We just gotta give an opinion that makes the Asker happy.

  • I'm getting a lot of them lately. Think everybody's feeling sorry for the old cunt with too much time on his hands

    • 33 is not old. Just saying.

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    • Damn, even the fellow "old people" make me feel old. Lol.

    • Awww my backs not what it used to be. Oh no my teeth just fell in my tea and splashed the keyboard. Need better glasses, these keys are too small these days. There's those young ones banging through the wall with that jungle music again. If they keep it up I'll need the rubber sheets again tonight. I remember the old days were better times dear

  • Fuck all the options you proposed apart from 4. Shit take overall. Well written though.

  • Actually be... Helpful?

  • Never use sarcasm in stupid question...


    Because most gager would do so; therefore you will be exceptional!

  • They're good tips but in the end it all goes to the asker to choose :)

  • I agree with all of them. Except when you're being sarcastic and the asker likes your sarcasm

  • Generally, you need boobs and pink text in order to get attention of this site lol


What Girls Said 10

  • All you have to do is tell them what they want to hear.

  • What's annoying me a bit is that if the MHO is selected already then I don't have much motivation to answer as it will surely decrease my percentage. (mho candidate cannot be modified consequently)

    • I sometimes write on those questions still, but other days, I don't want to because it will negatively affect your percentage unfortunately. Maybe @girlsaskguys could implement something which makes it not affect your MHO percentage if you leave an opinion on a question that's already selected the MHO? That would be great!

  • I was going to write a myTake on this topic. But yeah, even when I try my hardest, I still don't get it.

    My other tip is that you should agree with the asker, because that is what they want. Even when you're right by disagreeing, MHO is given most of the time when you agree with them.

    Also, don't be rude when stating your opinion, as Askers don't like that.

  • Good take, thanks

  • This is good. You're like a therapist or counselor.

  • Actually it depends on the question and the Asker. If they are asking a question for validation and not really open to different opinions all you have to do is agree or tell them what they want to hear and you get MHO. I don't do that because its pointless for me if I feel that they really need help and don't want it. Other times people genuinely want answers that resonate with them and are well thought out, insightful and honest so they give MHO to that person.

  • Who even cares about getting "Most Helpful"?

  • does being MHO really matter? LMAO

  • I don't understand why everyone is so into getting MHO. Shouldn't you be satisfied that you were able to give the asker an answer that you/they think is accurate?

  • I normally tell the truth, I don't care how they feel.