My Favorite Most Helpful Opinions

My Favorite Most Helpful Opinions

I just wanted to share a few opinions that i picked as mho on my questions. Obviously i picked opinions except them but these are the ones i really like.

1. Question: What is your favorite hot drink?



I have four specific depending on how I feel:

1) Tea of Indiaโ€™s Indian Chai Masala Black tea with maple syrup (when I feel cold and need a warm feeling);

2) Twinings Moroccan Mint Green Tea with Demerara sugar (I like this when I want a clean tasting drink during the day when Iโ€™m relaxing)

3) Columbian filtered coffee (Costco) with Demerara sugar (great for first thing in a morning without a big caffeine boost)

4) Hot chocolate (Twinings Swiss Chocolate) with hot milk (I love this on a night but I donโ€™t have it as much anymore)Iโ€™m very particular about my hot drinks lol"

This opinion was given by @1Anon. I really liked it because i thought she has a master degree at hot drinks, when i finished reading her opinion.

2. Question: How was the last nightmare you had?

I will share two opinions for this question. I really liked them because opinion owners shared their nightmares with all their sincerity


by @Fitness-Fanatic

I rarely have nightmares, but i do have nice vivid dreams every night

The last bad nightmare i had was about 4 years ago. My friends partner died during a routine operation. And she wanted me to go with her to see him in his casket. I didn't really want to , but i felt i should go to give her moral support. Anyways, after seeing him , that night i had a nightmare about him rising from his casket and walking to my house. He stood over my bed , just staring at me. It was terrifying, coz he looked part human and part zombie . It seemed so real at the time. I had disturbed sleep for nights after that

Second Answer:

by @Justsomeonebored

This'll be a bit long

I was standing at the shore and the sea was so still, there was a small river right next to me that flowed into the sea. It was really small, you could see inside the water, I walked through that river following up and found myself on a small street, cars parked at both sides that all looked like they were abandoned there long ago. Suddenly some of the cars started coming in my direction, that was when I knew it was a dream.(somehow it always happens in my dreams) I still continued on half conscious, went in a building and saw a woman with white clothes and black long hair. She attacked me out of the blue and it was awful, I grabbed a screwdriver that was on the table and stabbed her, several times actually, then her head came off... But seconds later it healed all the way! Then I decided I just need to wake up

already so I threw the screwdriver and just let her come, thinking "I hate this so much" . I woke up when I was bitten on the arm and I could feel it when I woke up...
I always just need to die when I want to end a dream, it sucks

3. Question: Do you like English as a language?

Question Details:

I am not a native-english speaker and i can't say my English is perfect but i think it is funny to learn. I really like thinking in English and learning new things about it as a non-native speaker.


by @dantetheexplorer

That's great, @msg812. By your learning English as a second (or third or fourth) language, you already have one leg up on those who only speak one language. Continue learning, mate!

Thanks @dantetheexplorer for this kind response.

4. Question: Do you think why football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world?


by @musicbrain5

It is the most popular sport because it can be played pretty much anywhere, by anyone, it's easy to understand the basic rules, and you only need a ball. In fact, you don't even need a proper soccer ball - you can use an inflatable beach ball, a volleyball... anything that isn't too hard and easy to kick.

It's a universal sport. It can even be played in the winter :)

Second Answer:

by @OfDeath

Because it is inclusive. Anyone can really play it. You don't have to be 8 feet tall like basketball and you don't need to be built like a brick shit house like NFL.

Thanks again @musicbrain5 and @OfDeath for these realistic answers.

5. Question: Have you ever really wanted to kill someone?


by @Fitness-Fanatic

Not anyone that i know personally. But when i hear about vulnerable people being abused , such as children , disabled people and elderly people, it boils my blood. It makes me feel like becoming a vigilante. I despise anyone who harms vulnerable people, those who can't defend themselves

Answer 2:

by @Vesuvius87

Only in imagination but that place is reserved for:
- Child molestors
- Serial rapists
- Cold-blooded murderers

However, I wouldn't carry it on. Instead I'd rather see them rotting in prison for the rest of their miserable life. In addition, I think they eventually get raped in prison, which in a way that's better than just killing them right there.

I really liked these answers because i really want to kill those people like them.

6. Question: Do you give old people or pregnant women a seat in the busses, trains e. t. c or do you continue sitting?


by @vishna

Yes, it's common cutesy. It's just how I was raised. I would be pissed if someone didn't offer my grandma their seat.

Answer 2:

by @yoshi_wanna_ask

I check to see if there is a marked seat free for them first but then get up and offer them the seat. Since I have a disability I like to sit in the marked section (it's usually just more convenient) but getting around is so much harder for those people than it is for me. It's a small inconvenience but I can easily tolerate it and it makes a big differences for them so I don't assume someone else will do it first instead

Thanks again @vishna and @yoshi_wanna_ask

My Favorite Most Helpful Opinions
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