Guys around the world!


Guys around the world!
I have lived and noticed the different cultures of 2 countries. Brazil and USA. One thing I have noticed as a teen/young adult, or whatever you want to call me, is that in these two countries, guys can be very different in approaching a girl. If you guys haven't understood yet what I'm talking about, I will explain.

I will start with the country where the guys are, I'm not going to say easy, but very straight forward. That is Brazil. Brazilian guys like to get straight to the point. If he is interested in you, he is going to get your number, text you, and not long after will he ask to see you. Okay, he's not going to ask to "see you", he's going to ask to hook up. When I say hook up, usually it's only a kiss until the couple decides to go further. When the girl is interested, giving them a signal like looking at them or just texting them gets the guy to talk if he's interested. A guy will come up to you if he doesn't have your number. Even the shy guys have their ways of being very straight forward. Then after, they actually start dating if everything goes well, relationship wise.

Now the American guys, they are very different in my opinion from the Brazilian guys. When an American guy is interested in you, you will start texting or messaging on "facebook", you guys will start "talking". I believe they're the "keeping it slow" kind of guys. Usually if you hook up, you'll already be in a relationship with the guy. I know, I know, there are those people who hook up just for fun, but I'm talking about relationships. Also, usually girls don't make the first move.

Now these are only my point of views on two very different cultures I have gotten to know. For me, if I could get a guy in between who's not too straight forward but isn't too slow, that would be great!

I want to know what are your guys' take on guys' behavior in the US or Brazil. Also, what are the different behaviors around the rest of the world?

Guys around the world!
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  • Anonymous
    That's because of GIRLS EGO.

    So that's what happen in America:
    Hey give me your number
    Girl gives away Number
    Guy text her hello hey how are you?
    She replies with message or she don't even reply
    The guy after few messages ask her out
    Girl say that she don't have time or she don't even reply - for boosting EGO.
    --- That's what I hate in 99% girls they think they are something "SPECIAL!" (with their skyrocket ego)

    In Spain when I was I just write her directly and most of girls said if they are interested or not and they weren't playing some kids games for boosting ego. They were straight and as well I like that because they don't have skyrocket ego + they are more cute too Spanish girls are bombastic.

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    • JustinX9

      Spanish women have nice bodies and beautiful too

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Guys in Brazil seem better
    I don't know what happened to American men but they are weak pussies now. I need to move to Brazil
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    • JuicyBrain

      Confusion brought on by women liberating themselves. American women will each have wildly differing expectations they won't talk about and the guy has to magically know this without any indication whatsoever. When you've been burned enough times, you start to be cautious and you might even prefer the women to take the first step instead since you get tired of walking through a minefield.

    • JuicyBrain

      I would love to see a brazilian guy try to date in north america. He would soon get destroyed and have to fend off harassment suits and restraining orders LOL

    • Anonymous

      @juicybrain look at these questions Americans make about how they expect women to approach them.

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  • PiuBelloAmante
    I think it's better to be like those Brazilian guys you mentioned
    I really hate the way girls act, they would hate either approach but at least the Brazilian guy wouldn't fuck around and just get straight to it

    I think American guys are too sensitive myself included
    We just need to to start letting women know what's up...
  • Someguy17
    Men are naturally like the men in Brazil. In America, men are taught that masculinity is a bad thing. We are taught to watch everything we say or do lest they offend someone. We are told to sit down, shut up, and behave.

    It can take quite awhile to do away with that social programming. Once you do and embrace your masculinity though, it's amazing how much easier meeting women becomes.
  • lifeis4living
    I'm British and we are not as straightforward as Americans, we wouldn't just walk up to you out of nowhere haha. It looks creepy to us. We like to be charming and witty who take our time getting to know you. Not sure about Brazilian guys tho.
  • elric
    Men in the United States used to be more direct. However, due to societal... changes, they have been taught that being direct is "creepy" and rude. In Brazil, that just has not happened. It is a cultural difference.
  • SilenRose
    Spanish guys (actually from Spain) are straight forward as well. Love the Spanglish accent. <3
  • NatashaJ
    I'm from Canada and some guys are here are fucking creepy as hell. Lately I would be followed around by guys who are in their cars it gets annoying. I'm tired of being scare all the time.
  • Tarvold
    This is why I love travelling to the USA.

    I just go straight up to the girls and break out my Aussie accent, while all the local guys just watch from afar. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
  • GoodDogNigel
    Who's the guy on the left?

    He's hot, no homo.

    But seriously, who is he?
  • Kuraj
    Sounds like the Brazilian guys just want a hoe, the US guys actually want to know you better. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
  • KidanisCortes
    Hmm in the usa I've seen pretty straight foward people both guys and girls.

    In Puerto Rico (where I live) guys and girls both hit on each other, the people here are very blunt (if a native puertorican tell you you are fat you can bet your ass its true, same for skinny beautifull, ugly, tall you name it) It's culturally aceptable to give the reason why you reject you (I have a boyfriend I dont like your looks, blah blah)

    Typically the guys go for really blunt sexual adavances like Opening the car door to a pedestria and if he/she is interested they get in and get it on. Also note that people here openly cheat and openly admit to it to their friends and if you are with someone in a relationship is safe to asume you should cheat because your partner more often than not is also cheating.
  • DenisSuciu
    For exemple in Romania we have the both examples mentioned above. I moved in uk recently i don't know how things work in here , it's been a short time and i'm forever alone 'til i start school. The point is that i have missed 2-3 relationships for being too slow and other for being too straight to the point. I was like i like her , but i don't want to look desperate and that's how i lost a relationships and other times i asked them out and get things like ok who's coming? Giving tips to him , to tell him that you like him but with tips nothing too obvius would make the thing better for you i think. except if the guy is a fucking moron and he can't see what are you telling him like i did sometimes.
    • JustinX9

      There are a lot of beautiful girls in Romania, is it true?

  • cinderelli
    Guy somewhere in between would be good. 😊
  • alonzoslade
  • Anonymous
    Every guy is stupid and weak. But girls like dumb, weak guys, so eventually all guys will get laid. Girls are dumb because they can't tell the difference between a guy and God.
  • Anonymous
    It's simple. Men in the US are afraid of being labeled as creeps/abusers/rapists by being direct and open (because, well, frankly--they are labeled those ways if they are direct).

    There's nothing surprising about this.
  • Anonymous
    Keeping it slow. You should live in Asia, precisely in south/south-east Asia :P
  • Anonymous
    Why can't people just walk up and say, "Hey, wanna fuck?". Why all these BS games we all go through, all this obfuscation, no matter what country we're in.