Young men of today have to pay for the sins of the old white knight!

Whichever side of the feminist vs MRA kvetching you are on, you have to admit that there is a lot of discontent surrounding gender issues (in the western world), today.

I won't put on the broken record and elaborate upon these gender arguments. Instead, I want to mention my hypothesis as to what is an often overlooked root of some gender conflicts of today: white knights. I have become convinced that white knights, especially the old farts carry some kind of guilt from the past.

Young men of today have to pay for the sins of the old white knight.

To me, a white knight isn't limited to a moron trying to get brownie points for sex. I consider a married man that actually believes what he says when he demonizes the male gender as a white knight. The same goes for a divorce court judge that gives away everything to the woman, facts be damned. That's a white knight with authority. One of the worst kind. Very often, the older the white knight, the more irrational and absurd their mentality.

I had a professor in college that layed down the hammer on anything that resembled the slightest criticism on the altruistic perfection of the female gender. The girls could brutalize effigys of the rapist-male all day long, but the moment I suggested that indoctrinating boys to be obsequious to girls was counter-productive, it was a red alert. At the end ofo the day, the typical response to that was nothing but stupid, knee-jerk reactions and thinly veiled aspersions which wouldn't hold the test of time.

And try getting anywhere at a divorce court judged by some self-righteous, biased buffoon white knight. In many cases it appears that it doesn't matter what you say or do. It's the man's fault and he has to pay up and/or lose access to children because the "hero" with state violence behind him says so. And then paternity enforcement? This is basically the gist of that:

Young men of today have to pay for the sins of the old white knight!

With a typical, programmed response to that being "don't want kids, gentlemen? don't have sex!" Would that have the same effect in reverse? "Don't want to be forced to carry a pregnancy, ladies? Don't have sex!" I'm sure that would go over well, right?

I even remember in 10th grade, some girl simply suggested that I was staring at her ass, and that was as good as fact to some piece of shit male teacher. In school, boys are also encouraged to bugger each other senseless, because we are stupid brutes, after all. Your purpose as a male role model is to either harass the troublemaking males into submission, or to harass the decent ones into toughening up, so they can keep the troublemakers in line, in the long run.

Young men of today have to pay for the sins of the old white knight!

Back when the show Mad Men was reality, when quaalude-rape and ass-slapping the secretary were just terms of endearment, these scum had the time of their lives. The rapist Bill Cosby trashing on these 'no-good punks' of today not respecting women. This fucking cunt drugging women and raping them as a hobby, lecturing anyone on how to act? I can just imagine these old farts in power slapping their secretary's ass, back when they could, then telling us young men that we are disrespectful to women because we don't put ourselves over a puddle they can walk over, never mind our jackets. These old farts feel guilty and want to punish the next generations for the crimes they never saw any consequences over. Fucking assholes. I can just imagine some smarmy faced old white guy trying to be our daddy, lecturing us that we should "respect women". Fuck off, cunt. Us younger men never grew up under normalized rape. We don't think that way. Stop trying to shoehorn consensual drunk sex as rape. Stop trying to indoctrinate women that rapists are a tradition, so they need to engage all males with the fierceness of a harpy. Stop enabling the nonsense that overhearing jokes not directed at you warrant a sexual harassment case at the office. You old lechers abused the little women at the office in your day, now us young men have to live in some slow witted pseudo-matriarchy environment at work, walking on egg shells? It's the environment that has to cater to the women, not the other way around. After all, when a man has a disadvantage over other men, all of society suddenly stops to help him. Schools must cater to girls, and now they do. Boys are now failing more than girls at school. This is a fact. Those misogynist males should man up, right? Die. Listen, old men: rape and sexual harassment was your tradition, not ours. You pay for it, not us.

Young men of today have to pay for the sins of the old white knight!
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  • bobbydigitaloa

    No Young men today are paying for the sins of current white knights who waste their time on social media telling the even most basic chick their beautiful. Messaging random girls creepy messages, or always siding with females on issues and bashing his own gender because he somehow thinks it will get him a girlfriend on here.

    So fucking cringe worthy when I see it in majority of male populace on gag. Women by in large work collectively to shut down any negative stereotype thrown at their gender. Meanwhile men today will bad mouth and talk shit about their own gender and praise how AWESOME and PERFECT girls are because they think that's what girls want to here.

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    • I can agree with this that there is no unity among men.

    • red324

      This explains a lot right here, no wonder even just the average girls stick their nose up at me. You're right too many guys give out undeserved compliments. Now at the same time, we have guys who will poke their dick into any girl that will give them the time of day. Which is why girls give us the bad reputation we have today.

    • BigJake

      Most men are so hard-up and sick with jealousy of other men that they'll take any chance they can to pile on another guy. This is why men are falling behind women in nearly every regard, education, wealth accumulation, overall health, and mental well-being. No one is advocating for men at all, and anyone who tries to do so is invariably labeled a loser or a whiner. It needs to stop, and, as you said, the first step is to stop putting girls on a pedestal they don't deserve.

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  • homper87

    I agree with this!

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  • brain5000

    I found this an excellent essay that does a fine job of explaining why men should join the feminist movement - to ensure equal standing between the genders. Unfortunately not many men or women understand this is the goal of the movement. You might consider submitting this to jezebel. com and see what kind of response you get.

    • brain5000

      Sorry, I wrote "genders" while I meant "sexes."

    • Stephen10

      Only weak pathetic men who hate their own gender join the feminazi movement, a cult that hates men and destroys families.

    • brain5000

      @Stephen10 The people you describe, who do exist in real life and practice what you suggest, aren't real feminists. OP is right to assert that men are also entitled to equality and dignity, and real feminists would agree.

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  • ThisDudeHere

    Bravo, sir. Bravo. The truth has been spoken.

  • Lonewolf_1296

    I just skimmed through it, the comparison is completely retarded about the deadbeat dad and the pro choice.

    Abortions do not happen in married couples and if they do, they are so rare that the numbers are insignificant. And most of the times these happen because the guy behind it was a rapist, by no means looking forward to be a dad.

    • Anonymous

      Married couples? That's a very dumb comment. I can't decipher the relevancy.

    • I can't decipher that you're a trumper aka a republican aka not the smartest cookie.

    • Anonymous

      You're right, You can't. Nobody said anything about trump or republicans. Keep making yourself look like a fool.

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  • GirlsLie

    I agree with a lot of your points. I can't understand why people don't realize that "white knights" don't actually respect women. They think if they favor women, even in situations where women are blatantly wrong then they have a chance at getting laid, that's the complete opposite of respect.

    The only one I don't really agree with is the abortion point. Whether or not it's morally right or wrong, women need to have more say in pregnancy because it directly impacts their health. Both people should take responsibility for a pregnancy, I think men just have to be smarter in certain situations because their end of the responsibility falls sooner rather than later. It's just that way because of physical differences.

    • Anonymous

      I could use that same argument in forcing paternity on men. You don't think that could impact their health? And if a doctor says a woman is healthy enough to give birth, it's a weak argument, anyway.

    • GirlsLie

      Women would have to carry the child for 9 months and risk going through the same physical/emotional issues after the child was born, so they still bare more burden in the end regardless or at the very least risk a higher chance of baring more of the burden.

      I don't morally agree that men shouldn't have a say but I feel like physically women need to have more of a say. Could you imagine the mess it would cause if men forced women to carry their children if they didn't want to?

    • Anonymous

      You're a woman and you feel women should have more say. No conflict of interestt there.

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  • HikerDude

    I would agree with this. I experienced this in my own home growing up. My father had the most cloying, overripe sense of White Knightism that I've ever seen in a man. He treated my older sister with kid gloves while treating me as a junior criminal who had to be kept in check with violence and threats thereof. My sister got into long, drawn-out arguments with him that would have gotten me a beating. My sister used to tell me I was getting fat any time I had an extra serving of mashed potatoes, but the one time I bagged on my sister's acne to get back at her, my father threatened to send me to a military school to straighten me out. After that experience, I came to detest white knights and their sad and myopic veneration of women.

    • Anonymous

      I was raised by a single parent and my mom was the same way. I marked high in aptitude tests when I was very young, so I was nagged and harangued by her because she thought that's what I needed. My sister got treated like porcelain.

  • RationalLioness

    It makes no sense to get someone pregnant and then say, "I don't want the kid" while expecting to be looked upon with favor. You made that choice to not put on a rubber (unless if she poked holes in your rubber). There are plenty of guys who get cold feet, I do understand, but you still participated in the act.

    Also, there are guys who PREFER to shower women with everything from head to toe (white knights). Seriously. There's a group on another site with tons of men saying that they love to do this. That is fine. Every woman should NOT expect every man to do this though, because not all men are like that.

    • Also, no. At some schools, it guys may be encouraged to act like buffoons---though why, I don't know---but I haven't ever seen nor heard about that, ever. Like another girl said, those guys don't do their work and act silly. There are plenty of guys who don't. Same as everywhere else. There isn't some mystical force or secret society that's planning on keeping guys dumbed down for women to succeed. Besides the stereotypes being reinforced in plenty of homes (Guys rough-house and play sports. That's what they do), there's enough evidence to support that plenty of guys are not as such and actually excel in plenty of areas (the majority of scientists and doctors ARE male, are they not?)

    • Anonymous

      You think all those guys that get suckered into paternity payments just forgot to put on a condom? Wow.

    • Someone lacks common sense. Who said that? I clearly said that there are women who try and trick men as well.

      I dont feel sorry for any man who chose not to wear a rubber and gets stuck with making payments. shouldn't have been stupid.

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  • gaaxure
  • Hezigrimm

    These men who were thought as "gentlemen", which they weren't, are actually trying to keep you from being the idiot jack asses they were, which in all honesty isn't really working, and teach you how to acctually be a gentlman. Anyways it all boils down to respect, and no one in this day and age has it for anyone at all. Not even themselves. The thing about this so called women have it easier in school makes me laugh. I had the exact same opportunities as they did. I just chose not to take them.

  • Scrambledagain

    The way some of you dudes go on about this shit is entertaining to say the least. It's like you gearing up for the female apocalypse or something.

  • Joc4Position

    I'm surprised I didn't write this... no I'm GLAD I didn't write this. This is perfect. I couldn't have wrote any better. 100% true.

  • John_Doesnt

    We all have to pay for the sins of what our ancestors did. It sucks, but the only real way to overcome it is to be really ballzy about it and say "Fuck everyone who wants me to be punished because of what some punks did before I was born". Is it really worth it to be politically correct in order to please a bunch of butt-hurt politically correct feminists? No! There's 3.5 billion women on the planet, so if a few don't want to talk to you then ignore them because you don't need them.

  • Mysterio421

    We can thank the single mothers, the sexual revolution and the extreme feminists for this. A lot of guys are raised by single mothers that don't have dads. So they grow up being feminine if you will. by the way, children raised by women are more likely to be criminals. People today always play the victim and don't accept responsibility. This is the result. I am tired of hearing the deadbeat dad nonsense. You know what, WHO PICKED HIM? They didn't think about that before he stuck it in. Now someone else has to pay for that? Not me, I can tell you that right now lol.

    • Anonymous

      I was raised by a single mother, and I utterly rejected that idea by my late teens.

  • bluenose1872

    Cowards the lot of them. Too scared to stand up and say this is what I believe in so go fuck yourself if you don't like it. It's a big world. Why the hell do we all need to sing from the same hymn sheet? The world's in hell right now

  • QuestionMan

    Wow well written I fully agree.
    I learned 2 new words today from your take obsequious and smarmy.

  • ObscuredBeyond

    Clearly, the term "white knight" has undergone a change of meaning. Because it used to mean just a man who will come to a woman's rescue if he sees the need to.

    I'll still protect a woman if she's evidently in the right. But will come to the man's defense almost as quickly if I feel he's the one being wronged. Attitude is usually the big giveaway to me as to which party is guilty.

    Yeah, I'll defend a woman I'm attracted to more assertively. But if she's clearly wrong, I'll also correct her privately and respectfully. What color knight does this make me?

    • Jager66

      A typical White Knight.

      This is why,
      " Attitude is usually the big giveaway to me as to which party is guilty. "

      it's feeling based not fact based and vulnerable to huge amounts of manipulation.

    • @Jager66: Exact words used indicate attitude as well as tone of voice in a verbal confrontation. The problem with the modern usage of "white knight" is that it implies hypocritical misandry and a cynical longing for a sexual reward. A more traditional knight will inquire a little deeper before passing judgment. First priority is restoring the peace. Second priority is seeking justice.

    • Jager66

      I stand by what I said.

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  • Bluemax

    I sort of agree with the child raising part. More on that later.

  • DodgersGM

    Okay, so I agree that men who regularly denigrate their own gender are very strange. I don't take them seriously, and to be honest I kinda feel sorry for them because they're fighting a losing battle.

    At the same time, though, your cartoon about pregnancy is irrelevant to this mytake. There is really no such thing as paternity enforcement. When you have sex as a man, you understand that there are risks involved. She could get pregnant, and she can choose not to terminate the pregnancy. That's just a fact of life and no amount of complaining about it is gonna change anything.

    • Anonymous

      No amount of complaining is going to change slavery, or segregation, or child labor! Just live with it.

      Listen, just because you accept the status quo that I have very succinctly presented, where women are the only ones that get to make a choice between abortion and forcing the man to pay, it doesn't mean you have some golden halo of altruism around you.

    • DodgersGM

      Comparing pregnancy and a woman's body to slavery, segregation, and child slavery? Seriously?

      So what alternative do you propose? That a man should have power to decide if a woman aborts or not?

      I mean, it's her body. You cannot force her to have a child (or not have a child) against her will. Is it 100% fair 100% of the time? Probably not. But that's how nature designed things, so there's no point in complaining.

    • Anonymous

      If she wants the baby, and he doesn't, he shouldn't be on the hook. There it is in plainer language.

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  • OrdinaryGentleman

    There is no unity among men.

  • SIGguy

    Sexism is sexism, no matter who it's against.

  • Anonymous
    Many women are coming back to the idea of traditional gender roles and want a traditional man.

  • Anonymous

    I dont Bill Cosby was actually a rapist

  • Anonymous

    Hey look! Another whiny male blaming everyone and thing for his own shortcomings 🤔😏

    • Anonymous

      Hey, look! Another clichéd, one liner troll with nothing of value to say. 😴

    • Anonymous

      I snoozed first 💤💤💤💤

    • Take a Midol honey and find a boyfriend.

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  • Anonymous

    I work at a few schools and the reason more males are failing is because they don't do their work or come to class. Plain and simple. No one else's fault but the kids. Also it sounds like you don't want to learn from the past. Whether someone committed a crime or offence and wasn't punished for it but they tell you not to do it. It's because they don't want you to face the consequences. Basically like the program "Scared Straight".

    • Stephen10

      The education system has been feminized and women get more help and support.

    • Anonymous

      @Stephen10 Okay. So blaming women for an individuals lack of motivation is where the world has come to.

    • Octavius

      "because they don't do their work or come to class. "

      But the question is why?

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  • Anonymous

    This kinda reminds me of those rape workshops. Just a bunch of do gooders who think telling young men the obvious actually does something. If they actually want to help they should volunteer to help victims or something.

  • Anonymous

    I think it's feminism vs anti-feminism. I don't think MRAs are really the other side of that coin. Also, it's at a point where any criticism of feminism counts as anti-feminism, so I'd say a lot of it is feminism declaring war on everything and making enemies rather than having natural enemies. Like if your campaigning for equality then why would you have a problem listening to the ideas of MRAs? You wouldn't unless you're a cray feminist.

    • Because plenty of MRAs are sexist. I've went to numerous websites and while some of them had good points, the rest were bigoted.

    • Anonymous

      @RationalLioness I didn't find bigoted opinions, but either way there is absolutely no shortage of retardation coming from feminist activists.

      And even if they seem bigoted, it's the only the rights they campaign for that need to hold up.

    • Then you aren't reading with an open mind. There are irrational people in all ideologies so your point is?

      By bigotry, i mean asinine assumptions like your first post. You said "If you dont listen to the MRS, you are a crazy Feminist". Nonsensical especially since there are nonFems who tried to hear them out and didn't like them.

      Its also crazy how many people are using anecdotal evidence to support their argumeny which shows bias.

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  • Anonymous

    Blaming those old men at this point is pointless. We should be blaming the feminists who claim the sins of our fathers are our fault.