The "White Knight" 💁🏽⬅️🏃🏽

Welcome to another controversial myTake where a woman writes to men! πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ˜‚

LOL oh man, the shit you guys label each other with, I love it. I’ve seen this around a lot lately, and every time I do, I’m thinking "what the hell is people's problem with this kind of guy?" All you need to do is look up "white knight memes" and see my point lol.

As some of you may know, I don't believe in the whole alpha/beta thing. They're just Greek letters people. πŸ˜’ The "White Knight" is no different: it is a new label on the rise. For this take, I'm going to go with the logic that this 'type' of male does exist and still argue that overall, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a white knight.


A Definition:

Let's pull out the one from the oh so reliable and accurate Urban Dictionary. ❀️

White Knight: A person (usually a male) who sees the typical maiden in distress, and believes that he can help her. A male version of the "mother figure" that some girls become.

Sentence examples

1. "Why is he going out with her? She's broken, and a little crazy."

2. "The fool's just being a White Knight."

Okay cool. So far, we understand this definition as: a man who likes to help and/or defend women, and kind of a dad figure. The sentence examples imply that he's also a man who can be 'too nice' indicating a lack of individuality for the sake of dating a woman. It also implies that women who are "broken, and a little crazy" are not date worthy, hence, any man who dates or defends a woman like this is... excuse me, a pussy. Finally, the other example states that he is a 'fool'.


So far I haven't found the problem, so I kept looking for one.

The Psychology and Character Traits of a White Knight:

This 'type' of male is commonly known in psychological discourse to have the 'rescuer personality'. Still no problem yet. Any male or female who has an issue with this is only so far up their own ass that the thought of reaching out to others selflessly seems abhorent.

The "White Knight" πŸ’πŸ½β¬…οΈπŸƒπŸ½

As I began to search more, I realised that a #WhiteKnight is, in a nutshell, an exaggerated version of a 'nice guy', who also happens to get shit from some males and females, which is a WHOLLEEE other issue in itself. Know why? KNOW WHY? because a 'nice guy' is considered... wait for it... BETA. LMAO! πŸ˜‚Little nicknames for every damn thing. #nicknamesforevaa !!!

If we were to summarise the 'white knight', how would we do it? Here's something I got from Psychology Today. . .

A white knight typically has many of the following character traits:

  • Fears emotional distance. βœ”οΈ
  • Is very emotionally vulnerable and sensitive to idealize the partner. βœ”οΈ
  • Has an extreme need to be viewed as important or unique. βœ”οΈ
  • Tends to be self-critical or reactively blames, devalues, and manipulate others. ❌

In relationships, a white knight tends to show many of the following behaviors:

  • Is attracted to a needy partner or a partner with a history of trauma, loss, abuse, or addiction. βœ”οΈ
  • Fears being separated from the partner, losing the partner's love or approval, or being abandoned by the partner. βœ”οΈ
  • Engages in controlling behavior, often under the guise of helping. ❌
  • Maintains or restores connection with the partner by being extremely helpful or good. βœ”οΈ
  • Responds ambivalently to the partner's success. βœ”οΈ
  • Describes a sense of "oneness" with the partner. βœ”οΈ
  • Fails to recognize the partner's manipulative behaviors. ❌
  • Is seduced by the sexual or dramatic behavior of the partner. ❌
  • Evokes strong feelings in the partner in order to avoid his or her own emotional discomfort. ❌
  • Maintains hope for a gratifying relationship by denying the reality of the partner's issues. ❌

--> NOW we're getting somewhere. NOW I've found problems. As you can see [if you can see emojis :P ], anything I've ticked βœ”οΈ is something that shouldn't or wouldn't be considered an issue to MOST women [except those feminazis who think a man opening a door for them is sexist. ugh]. Anything I've crossed ❌ most likely would be an issue, or destroy his individuality. There are different explanations for each of those, but believe me when I say these have been carefully thought out, and if you have questions, just ask without being rude. -.-

Ok, we now have negatives and positives, and as far as this list goes, they're pretty close. So what now? Is the "White Knight" still a good thing to be, or is it just one of those personality types no one should ever try to achieve?

The "White Knight" πŸ’πŸ½β¬…οΈπŸƒπŸ½

Let me say this. ANY positive or negative personality TRAIT can belong to ANY personality TYPE, so first we must realise that all of these points do not apply to 'white knights' alone. We must also recognise that the positive aspects of this 'type' of man are incredibly attractive, and can even inspire in the long run.

>>>> THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A GOOD FUCKING DECENT HUMAN BEAN. CAPEESH? This is one of the primary reasons I defend the negative connotations behind this label. He isn't a player. He isn't a heartbreaker. He isn't shallow. He isn't selfish. He isn't inconsiderate, egotistical, arrogant, and rude, and these are all some of the WORST flaws any human can have.

The negatives of course, could use a lot of work. Things like manipulation, failure to realise that you're being used, devaluing others, etc etc, are unacceptable from anyone. One should remain self aware, no matter how far you come in life to ensure you stay grounded. If he's a bit of a pushover, so what? Is it your business? If he thoroughly enjoys helping women and defending them, so what? Or would you rather him add to the increasing figures of domestic violence internationally hmm?

What exactly is it that you guys want from each other?

When you spot a dickhead, you ridicule him, and when you spot a sensitive man or a softie, you ridicule him. What gives? Make up your minds.

"We should aim to be somewhere in the middle". Yes I hear you, but if this is really your response, have you not at all considered the vast spectrum of personality types? And who are you to even say which is more superior? And what authority do outside influences have on your life or anybody else's? If you strive to be a man who won't be manipulated into believing that your gender operates like some kinda wolf pack, then that includes the media by the way, stud. 🎩

We're all very slow to focus on people's qualities, and incredibly, disturbingly quick to point out their flaws. Best to look at your own and stay silent before you embarrass yourself.

The Last Word:

  • So I searched and searched beyond the sources I showed you of course, and realised one thing. The only problem with a "White Knight", is that he has flaws... but wait. That is actually NOT a problem because every single human being has flaws. 'Problem' eradicated.
  • A white knight is nothing but an exaggerated nice guy.
  • There is no reason why this stupid label should exist, but even though it continues to, it should never be used condesendingly. If it is, then people who use it that way have no idea what they're talking about. It's like saying "You should never eat pizza". Dude what the hell? -.-
  • Telling me I don't understand male behaviour, classification and psychology because "I'm a woman" will only strengthen my view as I'm not an idiot, I read a lot and I observe what goes on in my life. Thanks.

But most of all...

I strongly believe this so called "White Knight" has amazing potential to become a Dark Horse. #LookOutStud

The "White Knight" πŸ’πŸ½β¬…οΈπŸƒπŸ½


The "White Knight" 💁🏽⬅️🏃🏽
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Mesonfielde

    ""A white knight is nothing but an exaggerated nice guy.""

    You kinda missed the actual problem with "white knights". The actual problem is that White Knightsβ„’ and Nice Guysβ„’ are essentially egocentric passive narcissists who try to manipulate Women to get them to like them through dehumanizing acts of benevolent sexism.

    They're "nice" to The Girl because they want her to be emotionally indebted and guilt trip them into a romantic relationship; but to them, she's just "the love of their life" while they have minimal to zero actual ability to connect with them - all they see is an ideal they get to "love" (read: idolize and put on a pedestal).

    They fake their actions, and deeper inside, they're just sexist scum who are also needy and desperate. For example, they shower the girl in flowers, but he doesn't care if she likes flowers or not. He has no idea. He just wants to make her love him, by indulging in behavior that he assumes that "girls like". In reality, he is just doing his own thing - he is too egocentric to be able to understand and connect with the girl.

    He is just a creep.

    Is this still revelant?
    • A group of people so ostracised that they have their own trade mark.

    • @Jayded1 "Being nice" is a part of general courtesy and is basic social norm. People are generally expected to not be dicks. You don't really deserve a cookie for not being an asshole, beyond that people aren't assholes to you in response.

      @astrOnaut01 they definitely put a whole lot of effort into achieving that.

    • TheSkaFish

      What would you say is "zero to no ability to connect" with a girl? I once was getting to know this girl and we used to talk all the time for hours, used to share our real thoughts about things, she used to say all kinds of sweet things to me and acted genuinely interested in my life, like she really enjoyed our talks - in fact she said so. I didn't know at the time, but I guess she thought I was a "white knight". But it sure didn't feel like "zero ability to connect" to me.

      In my case I'm nice to people I like. To me, if you like someone and enjoy having them in your life, then being nice to someone you like and care about is logical. Pretending to be uncaring is just hot-cold, push-pull games. Doesn't sound like much fun to me.

      On the one hand, maybe no one deserves a cookie for not being an asshole. But on the other hand, a lot of guys get cookies exactly because they are a "cool", "tough", "edgy" asshole. The person who deserves even less actually gets more.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Holygirl01

    I don't like white knights. I believe everyone should be treated equal regards to their strength, sex and social status, sexuality and so on. These are the types of men who tend to get into fights with men for swearing at women and so on. They claim that women are weaker and therefore should be given leniency but what they don't realize is that everyone is of different strengths. They are just simply brainwashed by the society, they can't be helped.

    Is this still revelant?
    • not all of them do that of course, and as i said, men who aren't 'white knights' do the same and worse.

    • Holygirl01

      You would be surprised how many would.

    • im not surprised. I'm just telling u it ain't good to generalise, because that's the very issue in the first place.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Octavius

    The thing is I think you're using a definition that is different from how most people use it. Let me give a scenario.

    Say a guy and girl are in a relationship. The girl is abusive both physically and mentally. She spits on him all the time and slaps kicks and straight up socks him in the face whenever she get annoyed. Say one day they're in public and for whatever reason the girl flies off the handle. She start beating him senseless. Full on punches to his face turning him to hamburger meat and swearing and cussing him out the whole time. He finally tries to defend himself and simply pushes her back a little just so he can create some distance and run. But before he can do that some other completely random dude comes out from nowhere and starts wailing on the first guy. The second guy does this because he saw the first guy put his hands on a woman (even if he wasn't trying to hurt her and was just trying to get away) so now the second guy is beating the hell out of the first guy simply because he thinks a woman is always the victim and it's always a mans fault and he wants to get in the good favor of the woman.

    This kind of guy that will attack another male and "defend" the female regardless of the context or how malicious the female actually was is what people usually mean when they say white knight. Which is very different from what you described. I see that definition on urban dictionary that you used but I've never actually seen it ever used in that way.

    • Octavius

      I think there's just a miscommunication. When a guy says white knight you're thinking of one kind of guy when they're actually referring to a completely different kind of guy. I do understand though that some guys abuse the term and call any guy that will take a girls side ever a white knight but they just are the opposite of the dbag white knights and instead of thinking women are always right always they think they're always wrong always.

    • nothing works with u guys lol. nothing i write works. but okay, thanks.

    • Octavius

      I'm sorry :/

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  • RaggaMon

    The main problem I have is the insincerity, it's a dude who lacks so he can't just be honest about things like everyone else- all that fucking clean-cut sweetness and mild mannered meekness. It's like they've been taken over by a horrible creepy little pretentious spirit, they need an exorcism, and by exorcism, I mean beating.

    • RaggaMon

      @Jayded1 you don't begin a sentence with "and". Really you're just full of bullshit and assumptions, where did I say being nice must be an act? How do you know being nice is alien to me? How do you know I couldn't best you, tie something round your ankles, hoist you upside down, bleed you into a bowl and make some boudin noir? You know nothing, you just assume all this shit because, well, look at you. Being nice is fine, if it's genuine, if it's not- you're a white knight. I never said being nice makes you a white knight, you jumped to that conclusion. Within the context of the Take my comment refers to white knights, not people in general. Fucking sensitive, over the hill marital arts practitioner. (don't get butthurt, this shit isn't as serious for me as it is for you)

    • i can see your point but id appreciate it if u worded it nicely.

    • RaggaMon

      I'm sorry 'nANNAz.

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  • lumos

    With "white knights", I understand how they can be annoying in the sense that they're just being nice or helpful in the hopes of getting laid. However, I see this term get thrown around A LOT, like even if a guy just shares the same opinion as a girl, suddenly he's a damned white knight. As if you're not even allowed to agree with a girl without it being some kind of scheme to get brownie points? Or as if the opinions of girls are always, somehow, invalid.

    • yeah I'm basically on the exact same page. it's really irritating.

    • lumos

      Yeah. It's pretty obvious that those who are quick to label others as white knights, are bitter. Like they can't even handle seeing a guy wanting anything to do with women. Lol.

    • Funny thing is how much this applies to people in general.

      Go argue against conservatives, or liberals. MRAs and Feminists. You'll immediately hear them call you the opposite of what they are in order to difference themselves from you as much as possible.

      It's a tactic people use so that they have an excuse not to empathize or feel compassion.

  • TheSkaFish

    To me, a White Knight is just a regular guy, but who derives a lot of their identity from their high morals. This has become ever more challenging in a society that seems to place ever more value on "edginess" and mocks morality as lame. It's not that I'm moral because I'm too afraid to be anything else. That's not it at all. I'm moral because I was raised that way, and now that I'm old enough to compare it to other lifestyles, I choose it. It makes sense to treat the people I care about nicely.

    I'm also moral because the "bad boy" lifestyle has always seemed like a dead end. Why start down a path that I already know most likely leads to prison or an early grave? How is that worthwhile? Seems like a waste.

    I would say I'm a nice guy, but I don't call myself a "Nice Guy" or a "White Knight" because I don't like to draw myself into a limiting box. The only "bad" things I've ever really done are smoke weed (which I quit over 3 years ago) and psychedelics (which I've never had often, and don't believe are "bad"). Other than that, I'm nice and friendly to those I care about and at least neutral to anyone until they give me a reason not to be. It just gets frustrating when everyone thinks you're a pussy because you want to live in a nicer, friendlier world instead of a heartless, hyper-competitive macho one, in a race to the bottom to see who can be the lewdest, crudest, trashiest. That sounds like a miserable world.

    I believe it's very possible to be interesting, confident, fun, attractive, and still sweet, friendly, and nice. That's what I aim to be.

    • TheSkaFish

      So in conclusion @justbanANNAz , thank you for speaking up in defense of people who are just trying to be decent in an increasingly cynical world. Maybe if more people thought this way we could turn culture around cause it's getting really mean-spirited these days but I don't think it has to be like that.

      "But most of all...

      I strongly believe this so called "White Knight" has amazing potential to become a Dark Horse. "

      I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Maybe it could be your next Take!

    • this input is invaluable, thank you.
      i appreciate the kind comments.

    • jacquesvol

      Shame on you!

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  • ConsultantIsBack

    WKs are just pathetic because they refuse to be themselves in order to get attention from girls online because they are introverted and have no interaction in the real world.

    That simple really lol.

    • LMAO bruh!!! finally someone gets it

    • @Mistnigqa808 hahaha that gif is just, everything <3

    • Every time I see a #WK he always seems to be ugly as fuck, fat as hell or weird as fuck IRL for some reason LOL

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  • pavlove

    haha you made a critical error in judgment when you decided to write a decently lengthy take aimed at a specific type of male on site who don't actually read

    Next time you're talking to this group, I might suggest pictures of blonde girls with huge tits to reel them in and about a picture to sentence ratio throughout the article should be a safe bet.

    • i wasn't really talking to this group tbh. i was actually addressing every guy or girl who has a problem with this group.

    • pavlove

      no, i mean the guys on here that talk about being alpha and put down any guy who advocates for girls or is a male feminist as just a white knight looking for p***** don't really read. They just read the first sentence and then post non related pics

    • oh yeah, that/them dude fucking pissed me off. it's hopeless. i take time to write this shit and nothing comes of it.

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  • I_am_repulsive

    I would never limit myself; I simply use whatever has been given to me as best as possible and so I don't ever believe in alpha/beta shit, as well as out of someone's league. If you already think that way and believe in that shit then obviously you stand no chance whatsoever with that said person you desire and/or you'll always be a beta. I think most people via the guys here in gag, has labelled me as a "White Knight" many times and has used my username to try and insult me; it was supposed to be ironic, but it failed on my part I guess. Having said that, it doesn't really bother me at all and I could also out troll and out insult just about anyone out there. In any case, there is a difference between white knighting and kissing someone's ass and most of them that do kisses someone's ass are that self proclaimed nice guys or the push over ones. Going back to the topic, there's nothing wrong with defending someone from an asshole, specially those who doesn't deserve it in the first place, but most of them white knighters out there do have an ulterior motive and I'll leave it at that.

    • love this a lot.

    • TheSkaFish

      " I would never limit myself; I simply use whatever has been given to me as best as possible and so I don't ever believe in alpha/beta shit, as well as out of someone's league. If you already think that way and believe in that shit then obviously you stand no chance whatsoever with that said person you desire and/or you'll always be a beta."

      Good on you for saying this, and for staying a good guy against the tidal wave of douchebaggery. The "league" system and "alpha/beta" is a trap.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Being a decent guy is becoming a bad thing lol

    This Alpha- wannabe doofuses will get laid a lot, Not by any real quality women... But they will crush a lot of desperate, and horny skank tail.
    These white knight guys will eventually find the right woman, Never give upon the good guys i guess!

    • PREACH IT. see down votes by ur own gender just proves ur point hah =]

    • loofah


    • I think "white knight" was a term coined by Feminist , To describe disingenuous "nice" guys lol

      But has never been used properly, And has now been hijacked and used as a bully and trigger word. Usually when someone they deem as a nerd or dork is doing good with a woman they dont deem so lol

  • KDA20

    I think you summed it up nicely when you say every personality type has its positives and negatives. I agree the "White Knight" backlash is being fuelled by the "Alpha" culture which I find funny because I always say on here if you have to say how "Alpha" you are, you come across to me as distinctly ahem "Beta".
    As you say absolutely wrong with being a decent/nice guy, in fact I think more people should try it.

    • thank you for actually understanding what I'm trying to say.

    • Bluemax

      "I find funny because I always say on here if you have to say how "Alpha" you are, you come across to me as distinctly ahem "Beta"."

      True dat. Thanks for inspiring my next question.

    • KDA20

      @Bluemax Look forward to seeing the question

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  • Matt2k

    I feel like men get judged on every behaviour too much and there's too much contradictory stuff from women.

    We're nice, we get called white knights

    We're not nice, we get called assholes

    We're somewhere in the middle, we get called boring

    We have a taste in women that is not typical, we get called liars

    We have a taste in women that is typical, we get called shallow

    If we like how a woman looks and point it out, we are 'thirsty'

    The masculinity minefield of 2016 :D

  • Jayded1

    What a mostly great take. I consider myself the "white knight" type. I've been called it for years, it isn't new. These days however many people call it sexist so it is getting attention. Id like to touch on parts I disagree with. Remember I agree with lots of this just I wouldn't be able to comment so much with 2500 characters. So let me explain from the mind of a white knight.

    First off it isn't a "maiden in distress" it is anyone in distress. We are protective of everyone. The more unable to defend themselves the person is the stronger the urge to help becomes. This much stronger when it comes to family or partner but applies to complete strangers. So the reason it is sometimes seen as maiden in distress is because it is mostly likely to surface when we see men assaulting women.

    I am self critical but I blame myself and not others. I do not manipulate, in fact that is the opposite of me. We are NOT Beta. Would a beta guy put himself in great danger to protect someone? Let me assure you if you get jumped by 6 guys in an alley and you are male or female and a white knight sees, the white knight will try to help you, The white knight trait is stronger then fear of anything. That is Alpha. The reason white knights are seen as beta is we tend to be pretty passive and understanding, when it comes to ourselves which is most of the time, that however is confidence. Confident people are usually passive, they don;t need to prove themselves to anyone. That again is not beta.

    On a side note think of the white knights you may have known in your life. We share many things. I am betting they all have taken some form of self defense classes for example. We tend to work jobs that bring this personality trait out, firemen, cops, bouncers, security, social work, volunteers, generally helpful occupations.

    One thing you mention is trying to be this personality type. Here is the thing. We all are who we are. We can't be something else. One reason we get flack is many guys think they can get laid if they are seen like this. So they fake it. They get exposed as the douche bags they are and it devalues the real ones.

    Guys will hate on us mostly because they assume its fake, or they want it to be fake because it emasculates them. Lots of guys believe being a douche is what being a man is. So we threaten that. You can be nice yet still be strong and a man? Crazy.

    • Jayded1

      It saddens me how many guys on here think being nice is an act to get pussy. Are true white knights really this rare?

    • Jayded1

      @ConsultantIsBack keeps sending me trash talk messages then blocking me so I can't respond. How sad. I am not reading them, just deleting. I don't get dragged down to your level. So please stop.

    • 0112358

      I don't think you understand what the term means.

      'White knights' are like 20% of the male population in most websites.

      Being a strong backboned reasonable person who stands up for what's right is not being a white knight.

      White knights don't stand up for what's right. They stick up for women right or wrong.

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  • GirlsLie

    White knights stick up for women, even when women are blatantly wrong, just because they want to suck up to a girl for being a girl. It's not being a decent or nice guy, it's trying to get something from women. White knights are actually insulting to women because you're being treated like someone they just want to sleep with.

    • Hjagsjaj

      I think you put it plain and simple. Your exactly right. A white night would say a man should never hit a woman.
      That statement is sexist but it becomes a bigger problem when a woman is the aggressor and the white night still says it. Dafuq?

  • Unit1

    Got called a white knight for loving females. I don't give a fuck about it.

    First of all, I don't believe in that bullshit alpha-beta male concept because it's not true and just plain bullshit.
    Secondly - dare I say so - many of these self proclaimed alphas or guys, who think they are alpha are in fact VERY insecure, who need to prove their masculinity and alphaness by bashing others, especially those, who have some business with girls which makes them just dickheads. No one in their right mind wants that toxicity in their life.
    Thirdly a white knight has an unstable meaning and can be passed from one to another like STDs for simply as much as interacting with girls in a humane and gentle manner.
    Fourthly - That term white knight used to describe guys, who do anything for girls including worshipping the ground she walks on and protect a girl even when she is the attacker and her victim is male and steps right up in her favor and expects sex as his reward.

    White knight is not a term worth using.

  • JuicyBrain

    Yes ! I am a decent human bean !


  • davidpossey

    white knights are men who think by being super nice to a women and catering to her every need they will get some pussy cuz in the end they are being super nice to you and treating you like a princess for the same reason why the other dude is being an ass hole its to get pussy and girls use this guys as emotional tampons and personal atms

  • Rloco

    I like how the guys who don't like this my take are the typical douches. While it's not appealing to be worshipped or smothered I thinks it's ok to want to help or do nice things for people. Being stepped on and willing to put others first sometimes are two completely different things. We should stop judging using labels. They are pointless except for discribing someone in a shorter quicker way.

    • u noticed it too? so it's not just me.

    • I believe the problem us "douches" have is the blatant misrepresentation. She's taken one interpretation - hers - and applied it to the opinions of people she doesn't agree with, so it was easier to disagree with them.

      A straw man.

      I can actually agree that it's nice to be nice, to a certain degree.

    • Rloco

      Its called a "my take" which implies opinion. You can agree or disagree. But you can do both respectfully andlearn from reading it.

  • HikerDude

    The issue that guys have with so-called 'white knights' is that they're enablers, what they enable is female entitlement.

    Most young women in American society have a powerful sense of entitlement, a deep-seated belief that they're deserving of Cadillac treatment simply for having female sexual organs. The seeds of this belief are planted first by dad. Too many dads today are almost scared of their daughters, they having been brought up to fear female tears because girls are sugar and spice and blah blah blah.

    Once girls reach high school, if they're even reasonably attractive, they have guys from 14 to 55 falling all over themselves to get with them. Many of these guys are white knights who've been indoctrinated with this false belief that girls are a special category of humans deserving of special of consideration. These guys are the ass-sniffers who follow these girls around telling them how wonderful they are, and how men aren't even worthy of her.

    All of this attention and, well, sucking up only reinforces their sense of entitlement and exceptionalism. These girls then end up as the undatable little princesses who will likely remain beyond redemption until they've gone through a long growth period.

  • gaaxure

    Your take is based on wrong assumption. Whiteknight isn't a guy who "who sees the typical maiden in distress, and believes that he can help her." and he definitely isn't "A male version of the mother figure" neither is he "a man who likes to help and/or defend women". Well, at least not out of goodness of his heart, but rather because he thinks it'll earn him favors with women.

    • gaaxure

      @Jayded1 Of course it's an act, albeit be it a subconscious one. When you run to defend a complete stranger, in a situation that in no way warranted your intervention, you're either a moron or have ulterior motives. Latter is far more likely.

  • AleDeEurope

    A White Knight is basically a guy who will take the girl's side even when she's in the wrong, just so he can get something from her, they're basically the Internet equivalent of a nice guy.
    How can someone respect a guy who will go against everything he stands for just to get some "online pussy"?

    The problem is that some insecure losers will call a guy White Knight whenever you take a girl's side.
    Like when there's those women-hating questions here in GAG and you call them out on that, you get labeled a White Knight. Ridiculous.

    I have nothing against the use of White Knight, after all, it's just a way to describe one type of guy, but it does irk me when people don't know when to use it.
    We're gonna end up calling a guy a White Knight even when he defends a girl that's getting beat up... tsk tsk smh

    • This ^^

    • I agree. Spot on.

    • i didn't use that definition, but apparently it is a well known one. i just don't see how a guy on the internet got his own label. who said he'll necessarily go against what he stands for? who said he ACTUALLY wants to get laid? how can u tell? i think that's just judging them because they're nice. It's more up to the girl to decide what his intentions are, not any other man to label him that way.

      yeah that second part is basically what I'm getting at. the term is too loosely thrown around, and it's a term that makes no sense.

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  • SweetHomicidalQueen

    I love this lol I've seen lots of "Oh look at this white knight" comments like
    isn't being a white knight a good thing? i see nothing wrong with it.
    besides, when is being a white knight considered equal to being the fool for their queen?

    • read my post and you'll see why MEN and WOMEN alike should hate their (white knights) sexist pseudo nice asses now ^_^.

    • so well put, i agree.

    • immaterial

      Being the white knight does seem like a good thing. One imagines the use of terms like white knight or sjw as pejoratives may have grown out of an inability on the part of such terms users, to accept that others may act from non selfish motivations. To me it brings to mind the old quote: A light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehendth it not.

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  • HookingSwan

    Couldn't have said it better

    Hearing that term also annoys me

    A ma shouldn't be a pushover, but he also shouldn't be afraid of being ridivuled by others if he shows the slightest sign of sensitivity

  • MyMintFrappe

    They say chivalry is dead but looking at a lot of the comments I'd say so is just general respect. It's one thing if they have different opinions from you but some are just being downright vulgar about it.

    • yeah man, some guys are really really rude.

    • fortunately I think this site just attracts the vocal minority that are frustrated. At least a couple of them tried to be respectful about their disagreements.

  • RonG96

    White knights judging from my perspective and what a lot of the guys here wrote is a male that sucks up to you in order to get in to my pants pretending to be nice

    • okay, but i went with a different definition.
      thanks for the input =]

  • BellePepper

    Good work! This really helps put words to some the eugh feelings you get with some guys and it gives them good goals to identify and work on in themselves. Awesome job!

  • QuestionMan

    White knights pamper women and give them a sense of entitlement to being treated like princesses. This ends up ruining them for other men.

    • who's to say that every woman who is pampered will have that sense of entitlement though? it's a very strange conclusion to make.

    • Well Chris Rock explains it quite well

    • Jayded1

      Maybe those other men should learn to treat the person they love the best they can?

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  • I think the problem with rescuers are that they try to exploit women who are in a vulnerable position and get into a position to control the women.

  • JSmuve

    My biggest problem with white knights is their tendency to treat women better than they treat men. They assume that women should get some sort of preferential treatment to guys just because they're women and guys get relegated to being second class citizens. I can't stand that way of thinking. I've been on the receiving end of that treatment several times and it pisses me off. I always end of feeling devalued.

    White knights end up giving some women a false sense of their own value relative to every one else and it needs to stop.

    • thank u for wording that civilly.

    • JSmuve

      I'm all about civility! You know me 😝

    • i totally do, and i admire that a lot.

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  • AndrewTroy

    I think the issue isn't that the White Knight is a male that has feelings of empathy, but rather that it's a sort of "identity strategy" to get laid. Many women see through it too, because the male that uses it gets emotionally invested in his "target" too quickly and it doesn't make sense to her (i. e. why do you care? you don't even know me!)

  • SomeOtherGuy

    Men caring about what men think when it comes to how to treat, date, and respect women is pretty ass-backwards.

    If you want advice on how to handle and attract women, take advice from women, not guys. Most of them are genuinely interested in having their needs fulfilled, and will explain them to you in no hidden terms.
    Just remember every person is different, and raised differently. If you want a specific woman with specific interests, find out what the women in that circle are like and what they think.

    But don't go putting weight into advice from dudes on how to handle women. That's absolutely counter-productive.

    • we're basically agreeing. yeah.

    • Yea I'm just saying this for the guys in this thread. They need to not put weight into how other dudes see them when it comes to how they treat the women in their lives.

      Seriously, if you're a dude, stop taking advice on how to treat women from other dudes.

    • oh ok. well that is good advice. I've always said this and never understood why some men ask about something relating to women, then don't listen to the advice of women lmao.

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  • Chief16
    • Chief16

      Well, your understanding of the male psyche is a little idealistic, I feel. We ridicule other guys because we don't trust their motives, we know their motives because we are guys and vice versa. It might sound ironic, but the truth is we men condescend each other because we understand each other. We are more akin to a pack of dogs really. See a fresh juicy piece of meat? All we care is whose belly its gonna be in, might as well be mine. Some have a different approach, but at the end of the day we understand why we do it. When you're a guy. There is no middle ground. Its take or have it taken from you. Why do you feel guys are so competitive? In reality we just want to have the biggest say. You read and observe, that's good. But if understanding a person was so simple, the world would be a much better place. When you find yourself on the road often, you'll see how idealistic your books are. Men are simple yet brutal. That's why I like being a man. I don't think a lot.

  • Polocrew

    Lol this happened week before school

    Me and my friend shewbatski was having fun with people we know standing by locker in hallroom, He grabbed some chicks ass randomly (someone he know and is his friend). She pushed him without turning back to see who he is but then when she figured it was shewbatski, She told him that she was just not in mood and didn't meant that but some little nerdy dude showed up in this situation and tried to push shewbatski. Shewbatski is also 6'6 230sh and that nerdy dude was like 130 pounds or something lol He tried pushing shewbatski and then when my friend pushed him back, He came bak for more to push him again. Shewbatski just grabbed him and kinda threw him on floor and then that nerdy dude started bitching about how he got bullied when he started fight lol and they both ended up in counsellor office

    That's a white knight and It happened wayy too fast for me to react but if it happen again, I know I am kicking that kids ass cos he had no business coming in lol

    • We've all had an experience with the dreaded white knight. Mine came at a frat party a couple months back. Been gaming this chick all night, we leave and go to my car - and find a Hyundai blocking me in.

      Cue kicking off, 'whichever cunt owns the blue Hyundai outside, move your damn car' being yelled through the karaoke, and general pissed off-ness. I figure whoever it is probably just arrived after me, parked there without thinking and is now too lazy to move it, so I crack a beer and decide I'll gather some dudes to lift his car outta the driveway in a few minutes. Still with the girl by the way, she's getting annoyed that I won't leave my car and get a cab, but I need my car for the morning so I'm between a rock and a hard place.

      I get a tap on the shoulder. I turn and see some skinny, Shaggy-from-Scooby-Doo-looking dude. 'What's up buddy?'
      'I blocked your car in, I saw you pull up in it so I know it's yours, you were gonna drive with that girl drunk'
      'So what, why's that your problem?'

    • 'You shouldn't drive drunk and I won't let you endanger this girl's life'
      'You better shut the fuck up and move your car buddy'
      'No, I did that to stop you breaking the law and harming this woman'
      She then says 'Just move the car you scrawny fuck'
      Still refuses. Argument ensues. Kid is clearly trying to run some shitty game to steal the pussy, but it's not working.

      Eventually we lifted his car outta the way and kicked him out of the party, but it ruined what should've been a sick night.

      TL;DR white knights ruin everything, and they don't even get laid from it.

    • Polocrew

      @TheHooptyMiata lmao who invited that nerdy ass anyway lol Inb4 TKE, shouldn't have rushed there brah lol ded at "just mvoe scrawny fuk" lol

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  • GreenTiger

    Your take turned to bullshit the moment you bolded your thesis. Move along everyone.

    • not my fault u don't like reading beyond bold font. this doesn't phase me at all.

    • GreenTiger

      If you're truly open minded, then watch this video. An older mature man named Owen talks and destroys a typical white knight that tries to bring Owen's self esteem down:

    • ArtDent

      That mangina can't handle his alcohol

  • ejx629

    Guys are insecure and competitive with each other, especially about women. These labels are a way for guys to hate on each other and no matter what we do or what we are like we just can't win with these labels, we get criticized regardless. I say we toss the labels, be ourselves, and let things turn out how they will.

    • ArtDent

      As long as being yourself means minding your own fucking business and not butting into conversations then there is no problem

  • TheBraveLion

    White knights ok so they're good, kind and nice etc but they act that way to get laid and are generally insecure and lack confidence. But there a lot of guys out there who respect women and stand up for women of course and HAVE individuality, confidence and assertiveness blah blah. I guess you could use the term White Knight for the try hards who like to suck up women simply to get laid xD

    • This is exactly what a White Knight is. Not what the MyTake owner has presented.

    • @justbanANNAz Very good my take by the way, a lot of points are true and I agree with also.

    • @astrOnaut01 They do seek to get laid it's the main reason why they act like that (Most anyway)

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    I've given up on trying to save white knights from themselves.

  • BroadMajesticShannon

    The problem with White Knights is that they'll literally break their backs to come to a woman's aid. I am all for helping my fellow man and woman out they need help and I show common courtesy to both genders but the White Knight really takes it to the extreme. They behave as though women are so fragile that a brief gust of wind will send her into orbit, there's helping a woman out and then there's treating her like she is some kind of God-Queen.

  • the_rake

    I loled because not every guy that's being good to a woman does it out of manipulation. That's just something to be self-aware of / watch out for. Also you can seek out a woman that appreciates the attention /pampering you give her without finding someone that's emotionally broken, lol. I'm not sure if that's more offensive to the man or the woman, if this is what you're inferring!

  • astrOnaut01

    Of course you, as a woman, don't see anything wrong with a white knight.

    • 😴 😴 😴

    • Also, you're pulling a straw-man. You're completely misrepresenting what "anti-white knighters" are saying.

    • i don't give a shit to be honest. most of them are pointing out their opinion absolutely horrendously, so I'm not gonna respect anything they'll have to say till they know how to talk properly to someone.

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  • Phoenix98

    Well your article is wrong about a couple of things, but your mytake is overall right.

    Unfortunately we are what society and the people in it, label us, I didn't ask to be given a kind heart or to be labeled a 'white knight', I am however no white knight, I do however do respect those with that kind of mentality if they aren't acting like idiots. There's a lot of controversy, stereotypes, idiocy and the like surrounding them. That need to be put to rest, some of them will be after this mytake is read, hopefully people will read it and heed it.

    This is a good take on a somewhat touchy subject with a lot of good information in it and of course it's good to see that someone at least someone doesn't have a negative view towards the actual good ones. In this day and age of insufferable and egomaniacal people, we need to be thankful for the actual good people in it and instead of being mean and cruel to them we should instead educate on how to better act well towards both genders and encourage them.

  • oddwaffle

    The only problem with White Knights is that he tends to force his values up on other people and the rest of the world. He fails to see that there are 2 sides for each coin and you can only pick one.

    He gets angry when stuff doesn't go the way he thought they would be. When bad guys aren't really bad guys but just people terrified, marginalized, hungry and desperate. He can't see that for each and every maiden in distress there is a dragon that has a life of its own, not just the prison guard.

    The white knight is a knight type. I never like these types. They are born as servant to others. The type too simple minded to make the decision necessary when shit hits the fan. The white knight is the worst of the lot because he can't get off his high horse and see the world from the eyes of a peasant. The type getting sniped from a well hidden position or just stab lowly peasants with his spear.

  • DEEEE2

    I don't think sticking up for people in and of itself is a bad thing, be they male or female.

    The real question is, are you thinking with your dick or with your moral compass?

  • AlphaAussie

    Well, Ted Bundy was a White Knight and you could say so was Hannibal the Cannibal towards Agent Starling. Two personalities women probably should proceed slowly with when dating.

    That, in a nutshell is the problem with White Knights, THEY ARE FAKE. They are unable to muster the courage to ask women out, so fearful of rejection they try to curry favour simply by always agreeing with women, being good beta resource providers and attacking normal men. The Norman Bates character in Pyscho was a White Knight to the nines. Deep down so fearful of women he would do anything for "Mother" or any other woman until his rage exploded in femicide. That was a movie but also a dead wringer for Edmund Kemper, the "co-ed killer" of six young women.

    Now of course I am not saying all WKs are serial killers but they all to varying degrees have a deep seated fear of women and loathing for their own gender. It's not uncommon for WKs to come from single mother households where they grew up with a mothers passive resentment and her poor opinions of males.

    You should be extremely careful of White Knights cause they have a lot of issues hidden under their servitude towards you.

  • Mistnigqa808 nice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I wouldn't mind them if they actually helped out both genders while going about their "white knighting" in this or that situation. Since currently, all they seem to do is take the woman's side 99% of the time without any questions asked. Like how in the hell could I respect that type of guy? And most only seem to do it now, because they're hoping that "said girl" will give them some "internet kisses or sex IRL".

    • I liked the take tho ^_^

    • You're exactly right. A lot of them guys try to exchange dignity for pussy.

    • Polocrew

      They all would probably not do shit irl and prolly bitch about getting bullied if did lol

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  • Joc4Position

    White Knight didn't necessarily come from males did it?

    I don't believe in the alpha/beta thing either, but I do believe in ego which is something I for sure have. So I just don't quite understand guys who are overly submissive to anyone let alone women.

    Also, I've noticed something. You criticize men for using labels and yet you use them yourself.

    "Nice guy"

    What's a "nice guy"? I really don't think that most gender specific labels are one sided in terms of who uses them.

    • I'm using it because that's the term u use. let's not get confused lol. please don't try to assume I'm using labels that mean anything to me here.

    • So I shouldn't take what you say as anything of value?

    • trust me when i say being a smartass won't work with me. ur wasting ur time. I'm not going to justify your childish thinking with a response on the same level.

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  • Rei02

    I think That White knights like charming princes are Just a myth, lies nurtured since generations ago because women independence Was limited. Those stories were just to disguise the truth to their children about relationships: that the guy or girl chosen for them Was the perfect match, the "true love", flawless. In reality, the "chosen one" Was whose union With the son or daughter was benefit for the parents and/or society.

    The positive things, however, are related to hard work and determination in a goal which is not necessary a relationship.

    Nowadays, women have become more independent, so a more modern White knight version could be a guy Who is human With both positive and negative traits. But most importantly is that both can help and support each other in the adversities and to grow up, no one is over the other.

  • ArtDent

    I liked the part when the females typed words as if their opinion in this mattered.

    This is guy stuff.

    • give me one reason why it doesn't matter. or is the very core of this white knight label unrelated to women at all?

    • ArtDent

      well, for one thing it's a little self serving for a woman to give white knights positive reinforcement in every way but the one that really matters, sexually.

    • ^^ oh shnap!

  • d3adn1nja

    In context White Knights and Mr. Nice Guys are on equal field here. With Knights being more fucked up vs nice guys, both parties bitch and cry and do everything for one thing only "to get laid". And then they bitch that girls don't want nice guys and bla bla bla. Nope. Girl's don't want a spineless piece of shit that can't stand their ground. A woman/girl is another human being, if you don't like something you say it. They dump you? Well to bad, that's life, at least you acted like a man and expressed your opinion.

    Now it doesn't mean you have to be an asshole/bad boy to get woman. In fact being a decent guy will do the trick with not only women but with the rest of the world. Being just a decent person can get you far in life.

  • ArchDruidMordred

    The only difference between white knights and pussies is that white knights defend their woman from all forms of anyone standing up to them for ANY reason without even looking at the situation in the hope that she will one day hand him her vagina on a silver platter.

    A real man does what he feels is right regardless.

    • Jayded1

      And yet another douche bag who thinks a guy being nice must be an act. You really can't wrap your head around a guy actually being nice because it is so alien to you.

    • Ok, ok. Lemme just copy and paste an opinion I made on a white knight question.

      Where a real man respects woman while keeping his own self respect and the respect for his own gender, a White Knight treats woman like gods and other men like oppressive rapists either because he wants to get laid because he's such a nice guy or because his mommy raised him with a "the woman is always the boss" mentality.

  • But men are also looking for their version of a white knight in women: someone who can take care of us when we're injured, cook for us when we're sick and give us excessive sympathy.
    Both genders want someone who can look after them in different ways.

    But most important of all: The Black Knight always triumphs!!!

  • NotTheFBI

    'I like Nice Guys/White Knights' (Friend zone's Guy) 'I hate Assholes/Alpha Males' (Has sex with Alpha Male) Please, don't sell me bullshit so early in the morning I've not had my coffee yet.

    A 'White Knight' is not a good person and I don't think you understand EXACTLY what that word means. It's a derogatory word used to INSULT the creepers that come around playing 'possum' to catch the girl who falls for the 'Nice Guy but Not Really' move.