Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

1. Within every White Queen there is Grace.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

There is so much grace within White Queens.

2. Within every White Queen there is power!

In 2019 more white women have risen to the top as leaders, CEOs and politicians than ever before.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

3. Within White Queens there diversity and no two are the same.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

4. Within each White Queen is Beauty.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

They say White Queens are the standard of beauty and I guess thats maybe been true for a few thousand years.

5. Within each White Queen is Imagination.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

6. Within each White Queen is so much cultural heritage.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

7. Within every White Queen is a loving Mother and Wife.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

Conclusion: Just a short little Mytake inspired by another just to encourage my White sisters to stay the course and be proud of ourselves as we are unique and beautiful. Much love to all my fellow White Queens.

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍
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Most Helpful Girls

  • AuroraRoseat

    If this is a gaff, cool. If it's an honest opinion, cool. But the standard of beauty is based off historical racism in which whiteness is praised and everything isn't (which is there are movements that show the beauty in other races).

    It's still so sad today that so many people want to identify as white because they will be seen as better by society. For instance, I was talking to a dark skinned Asian about going to the pool and she said "Asians don't go out in the sun. We want to get white. We drink things to make our skin lighter".

    ... The fact that there are people who feel that they are too dark and will thus not be accepted by society is sad.

    • Britantic

      White women have been desired by everyone from Persian kings to chineese emperors. African pirates used to raid European coasts in search of white girls to be sold into slavery, blonde & redheads would be worth the most as would blue eyed girls.
      Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

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    • cavmanier

      @markscott the dumbest thing he did was when he criticized McCain's military past. Trump was clearly threatened by his jealousy. This is really old so I don't remember what I said exactly. I'm not saying Trump is the best guy. I don't think I was trying to claim that lol. I do think it's important to be consistent when it comes with comments that can be seen as racist though. I don't believe it's okay to criticize one races skin but not another's. I'm not going to make a racist comment towards a black person just because I don't think they are a nice person. I don't justify bad behavior like that. That's my personal take though.

      I believe it is worse for liberals to criticize Trump's skin color because of how they tend to have no tolerance for things that can be seen as racist towards minorites. I guess I'm a "right-wing racist for thinking that though" lol. I'm a "classical liberal" and not one of these modern identity politics undercover racists that treats groups of supposed privilege worse than others.

    • i agree your a racist ..
      but if beauty standards in the west offend you.. you could move

  • Sophie_2301

    White, black, Asian, Latina. All women are awesome❤️❤️

Most Helpful Guys

  • MLGbreezy

    This is hilarious you white women wanna copy black women so bad that it's sad and funny at the same time the only queens there'll ever he are black queens and that's because they understand the meaning of what it means when a king and a true king calls them by there title I'm not even mad this post is just sad what's next white king's or maybe you'll try to say how braids where always a white thing you people need to stay in your lane and us black people need to make sure you stay there cause this is getting ridiculous

    • Britantic

      We've been calling ourselves queens since the English language was invented, sounds like you guys appropriated that part of our culture lol.
      Also if black women like Beyonce can copy us why can't we do the same?
      Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

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    • white women are REAL QUEENS ... QUEEN ELIZABETH who did she copy?

    • grega239

      Braids aren't a black invention. Most tribal (barbarian) societies in Europe had them. Dreads too. And yea it's quite pathetic how you people can't get over your own races as if they have any meaning of value.
      Speaking of Beyonce... why did she bleach her skin?

  • MackToday

    Obviously our women are the best for our race. I can not say they are the best for other races of men as they lack the evolutionary adoptions that such men would be drawn to. Also in our culture do we not refer to our women simply as women? Calling to them as "queens" comes from another culture and another race. Keep it white is the best motto. There is no upgrade for us as only we can be us.

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    • Britantic

      Calling women queens originated in my culture. Also an English man's home is his castle. Also the saying EVERY PERSON IS KING IN HIS OWN HOME is from Europe.

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    • Britantic

      @RolandCuthbert true they are not the same as the old country, but they are there own unique distinctive groups.

    • Of course. Their Americanized version. They are not traditional Chinese. The movie was done decades before Crazy Rich Asians. It is a far superior movie in my opinion. Because it truly shows the different generations and stages of the Asian-American experience. It shows different generations interacting and dealing with issues. From those who are newly immigrated to Chinese who had been in America for generations.

      And now in America, we have advanced so far that east Asian people lose their cultural distinctiveness. That's why you have movies dedicated to Asians instead of specific cultural groupings. You also have situations now where Asians actors with specific cultural backgrounds play an Asian from a different cultural background.

      Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

      Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

      Lucy Liu played a half Chinese/half Japanese assassin in Kill Bill.

      Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

      Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh and Gong LI, all of whom are Chinese play Japanese characters in Memoirs of a Geisha.

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  • EmperorOfRussia

    B... b... but are you White and don't hate yourself? How dare you! - would say the Liberal PC thought police.

    Nice post, be proud of yourself and our heritage! We already have all the diversity we need!

  • Justacatlady

    I guess. I’m all for woman empowerment but this seems one sided. White woman have not been put down like woman of color. White women experience privilege still. So to create a one sided Mytake towards one race is kinda lame. While I appreciate the time and effort you put into it, I believe all woman are queens and ALL should believe in themselves and want the best for their life and those around them

  • ZeussLightningBolt

    Well, not all white queens are loving wives and mothers.
    But aside from that, good take.
    I'm glad to see someone on here honoring their white heritage. But it's kind of difficult to do these days without being accused of racism.

    • Britantic

      I agree. I've been accused quite a few times here.

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    • Yeah, I am not sure why I am concerned about lineage over what a person thinks of his/her heritage.

      How can you understand someone if when they open their mouth to tell you about their group identity, you cover your ears. Most people are very rational and knowledgeable about their group identity.

      It would be like trying to convince a Dominican person that they are "Black"?


    • JackSmy

      @RolandCuthbert I see where the confusion comes from. I am saying 'race' as in 'Human race' defined biologically as the species Homo sapiens. In this way, we are all genetically virtually the same. Just tiny changes in little bits of our DNA gives us the plethora of diversity, physically, that we see, among the 'race' definition, that I think you are using.
      I think maybe you are using the distorted, social definition, that serves only to divide people by skin color, eye shape, geographical region, and any other way to separate us.
      Saying that we are more alike than different was a true statement, genetically speaking, and also within most cultural norms. Most cultures share some basic similarities, and these are things that should help us accept, and understand each other, more, rather than seeing them as differences!
      Once there is a basis of understanding and communication, the 'differences' the various unique ethnic, or social things, can be a point of interest in mutual understanding, and unity.

  • someginger

    Ok but why does it matter that there white? These are all things that any women of any race can do?

    • I think the post is a response to all the "black queens" posts.

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    • someginger

      Nope BC it's DC so I new it would be shit

    • Britantic

      Cheer up.

  • Kurαȷ

    - Claims Slavs aren't white
    - Claims Slavic cultural heritage as hers in 4 images out of 6.

    In the name of Slavs, I will kindly ask your ugly celtic mug to crawl back to your inbred isles.
    Thank you.

  • JDavid25

    This is good in all but you didn't really need to make a mytake like this.. Nobody puts down "White" women.. LOL...

    • Britantic

      Actually soceity does.

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    • JDavid25

      @Afrochick Right.. Lol.. That's how it be though.. Although not everybody is agreein here.. XD..

    • Britantic

      @Afrochick The woc ones aren't being promoted right despite GAG promoting them. I invited about 100 people including yourself.

  • kelsey_disney

    I love showcasing powerful women, but I don’t think you should specify white women. This is really racist, especially since women of color are heavily discriminated against.

    • Britantic

      Celebrating white queens does not take anything away from women of colour. The only place women of colour face discrimination is in the middle East, South East Asian and Africa.

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    • @Lilypad1223
      true im only half white and i get it from both sides

    • I’m a halfsey too, totally understand what you mean about getting it from both sides. I feel like I get more shit for looking white than anything though, at least online.

  • KenMacMillan

    There are at least two mixed women in your pics, Jennifer Lopez & the ballerina. If you want to stay within your color that's perfectly fine. Just recognize that there's no inherent superiority and scientifically speaking there is only one race, the human race.

    • Britantic

      Agreed. Just checked the ballerina is biracial. J Lo is Purto Rican and as the descendant of Spainish colonists is white. Jessica Alba too is white.

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    • @DiegoO
      wow your so full of crap Muslims are Colonist like every race on earth
      and they did a still do have slaves

    • @DiegoO
      what a load of bull crap your history need work

  • hahahmm

    As soon as a woman calls herself a queen or a princess, I know she’s looking for a man servant.

    We know the game.

    Now, is it okay to be confident? Sure

  • normalice

    some of them queens have too many burgers within them..

    • Uru_DS


    • Britantic

      @Uru_DS well burger queens be dating burger king lol
      Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

    • Uru_DS

      I had a semi laugh attack. Thanks 😂

  • Jaye234

    Nice!! I was waiting for the backlash to occur but there is hardly any! I am amazed!

    I'm white and I'm proud to be white.
    I married a white man i knew all my life and we have one child who yep you guessed it is white too!

    Being proud of being white means nothing but you're just proud to be white. There is nothing wrong with being white, or for that matter any race,

    • Jaye234

      Sorry wasn't done but hit send too early:
      We're raising our daughter to be proud of who she is, a beautiful strawberry blonde with bright blue eyes. Even though she's little we're teaching her about her roots, the good and the bad.

  • Pink2000

    Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍

  • Exterminatore

    I’m glad you have the “balls” to express “white pride.”

    Apparently for every other race it’s ok to be proud of their race and heritage, but if you’re white and express such ideas... well then you’re an evil monster and a vile racist.

    I’m proud to be white also. A white “king” if you will.

  • Horror_lover

    Nice take. Never heard of a white queen. So I guess every race for females are queens.
    But yes white women are beautiful, and white men are handsome. Even I like white guys. My boyfriend is white and I love the way he looks especially his red hair. I will agree with this more than hearing this from someone, I forgot his name but he's really known I guess, I really hate that he said, " never trust a blue eyed white devil " I consider that as being racist and hope no one agrees with that.

  • VaIiant

    LMAOO. Jennifer Lopez is NOT white😂Sit the fuck down, and write about every woman. Don’t segregate.

    And yes, I’d be saying this & more if this was “black queens” or “latina Queens”

    • Britantic

      In the 2010 United States Census the total of Puerto Ricans that self-identified as White was 75.8% or 2,825,100 out of the 3,725,789 people living in Puerto Rico.

      Inside of Every Black Queen <3 ↗

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    • cavmanier

      Jennifer Lopez is likely heavily European. Look at her facial features. There's no such thing as Hispanic in terms of race. A person is either European or indigenous American Indian. Jessica Alba identified as Hispanic but when she took a DNA test she was over 90% European. People just don't understand this. It blows people's minds people like you so they get defensive on their entrenched belief system. Up becomes down and left becomes right so people don't know what to do a la allegory of the cave.

    • JDavid25

      You definitely are.. That's not my style, and it has never been.. IDC that you won't debate me, I'm trippin on why you say you won't, which is a bold face lie.. I've never done that.. I like to prove people wrong, not insult them just because they have a different opinion from mine..

  • ChocolateBrowny

    Haha sorry but if you put beauty before brains then it's just silly. Women constantly seek validation that a man likes them for who they are rather than how goodlooking they are. Not so long ago a president of a football governing body made comments about an aspiring female employee's beauty and was criticised. Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder, if you try to look like the magazines you read you won't succeed.

  • StingRayxoxo

    There is definitely something to celebrate in all women. Thank you a positive take that doesn't hate on anyone else.

  • chris_987

    Lol I don’t think white people are allowed to have white pride.

    Lol but do I find that republican girl attractive and I don't know why

    • Britantic

      I think it's her hair, it's magnificent

    • chris_987

      No it’s definitely her political views, she not afraid to get spit on and yelled at. That to me is real woman.

    • Ouuuuuu... i like it.

  • MissKittyz

    I'm mixed but my mom is white and I do think she is a white queen for sure ☺️ nice mytake. Every woman needs validation and know they are queens no matter their race, culture, religion, etc.

    • Kaytiee

      You're probably the most least controversial comment here yet have two dislikes? wtf...

    • MissKittyz

      Ya, don't understand why but oh well. Sadly, I Can't please everyone no matter what I say lol

  • HereIbe


    Okay, laugh time over.

    It's a good post.

    PS: My wife is a Black Queen, but I still like your post.

  • Guanfei

    I kinda find it funny that people have a problem with that take while the same take for black women was praised.
    Seems like there is racism, indeed, but not from the side people pretend it's from.

    • JDavid25

      Probably because this take was only made in response to that take.. Obviously there is an agenda.. LOL..

    • Afrochick


  • GiveMeAllTheCookies

    Why am I the only one realizing this is just a funny response to Inside Every Black Queen MyTake?
    This is hilarious and thank you.

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    I love European women! <3
    I have Spanish and Italian Ancestry, shout out to all the beautiful Mediterranean women, I love you <3

    Preserve the cultural and genetic heritage

  • Phanta

    What makes them Queens? According to that criteria I'm sure I could be considered a King.

  • AlphaGhost

    I never understand the supremacy part by the White-racist cuz
    1) White people don't have anything to be proud of historically like Mesopotamia, Egypt or Persians
    2) There is no military supremacy (for stable) either to exert dominance.
    3) White woman are not dominating anyone in politics or neither did the Eu for that part.
    4) The entire white race is just the off-shoot of the Middle-Eastern Arabs population and nobody want to be called White apart from the British population and they are not white to begin with,
    Greeks want to be called Greeks
    French are french
    Russians consider themselves central-asian which they actually are...
    Germans are very d/f from a lot of Eu countries.
    Greeks are 99.5% identical to the Middle-East or Turkey and only 80-75% related to the British.

    • Britantic

      I agree I dont understand white supremacists either.
      Greeks once ruled the middle East, & built most of the cities in the southern Mediterranean in Spain, in southern France, Italy, Scilly, the balklands, Asia minor, the Black sea. They also built the first cities in central Asia, they built cities in India, had a city in libyia and a settlement in Egypt
      Russians don't consider themselves central Asian because Russia is not in central Asia. Russians consider themselves slavs.
      Most of what today is Turkey was conquered from the Byzantine roman-greeks by the Turks coming from central Asia, the Turks took a lot of Greek women as wives and over time diluted their ethnicity to be more Greek than Turk.

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    • your people have no historical achievements

    • what a load of bs white people are not connected to the middle east

      whites are NOT Aryans no whites are Aryans. the rig-veda Sanskrit which is the oldest Sanskrit mentions anyone who ain't Brahmin north Indian would be a mleccha meaning a non Aryan a outsider and whites have nothing to do with North Indians as myself. word of advice be yourself you ain't ancient and east Indians do not interrace with white people.

  • Nadim171

    White women are indeed queens (even toug I'm middle Easter (Christian) I prefer white women on other women)

    • Nadim171

      I'm just curious, becasue most people on here got it wrong. Does this post mean to promote white supremacy?

    • Britantic

      No but some haters have a problem with White people and white people's culture.

    • Nadim171

      If arabs, Asians, Hispanics, blacks are all allowed to be proud of their culture and white people aren't then racism is actually against white people.
      I have many European conservative friend that are often accused of being "white supremacists" actually, they've accepted me more than anyone else even toug I'm middle eastern. I really admire white culture!

  • Jean-Marie_Céline

    I met lots of white queens, but sometimes they turned into nightmares.

  • PrincessGrail

    My boyfriend in high school called me the Snow Queen.

    So does a guy I talk to on here.

  • MarketData

    I like white girls but with the exception of Emilia Khaleesi (soon to be my wife) these particular white girls are all thots.

    • Britantic

      Dont disrespect white queens.

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    • MarketData

      @DianaWest My Thot Detector is off the scale.

    • DianaWest

      ah i see. so is my idiocy scale.

  • Salmon4056

    Interesting take. It's good to love yourself. First time I heard someone say "white queen".

    • cavmanier

      It's interesting to see because usually whenever somebody talks about white positivity there's a high possibility that people are going to be outraged and claimed racism. The exact same thing for any other race would be praise though of course.

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    • cavmanier

      @VIVANT I'm not sure what you mean but I will not treat or think of people differently based on their ancestors. To me that is discrimination and racism.

    • cavmanier

      @Salmon4056 That's a beautiful thing. It's impressive when people can look beyond society trying to make us compensate or displace inconsistent treatment to anyone i m o.

      I think if we want to move beyond discrimination, we actually have to do that instead of treating people differently because certain groups need extra sensitivity and certain groups need to deal with more grief.

  • ex-gager

    Probably this is the first my take i read and really good. I would write a my take on the white king if possible 😁😁

    • Britantic

      Please do...

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    • Just so you know they actual did say that drinking milk is racist ill get the news article if you want

    • Britantic

      @Iamagoodguy... another one is the correcting of grammar and spelling

  • curiousnorway

    They're beautiful women, but not all of them are white or looks white. Jessica Alba could easily pass as a Latina/Hispanic woman or someone from South-America. There's also people in the Middle-east, North-India etc. with similar features like Jessica Alba too, not only South-Americans. They've usually dark brown eyes, black or dark brown hair and a pigment rich skin. Getting a few blonde high lights in your hair won't automatically make you look white. The girls in a dark blue coat and with red lipstick just looks South-European/Mediterranean, basically a brown girl from Europe. Being of a lighter shade doesn't equal white and she's still pigment rich. I just pointed this out because of you're talking about whiteness.

    • Britantic

      South Europeans are white.

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    • You could say "Caucasian Queens" or "Beauties of European descent". Many brown people doesn't identify themselves as "white".

    • Britantic

      Many brown skinned Caucasians don't identify as Caucasian.

  • OfDeath

    Oh wow. I agree white girls are gorgeous and so diverse

  • WolfGirlLove

    This is true but we are all queen's. Not just for white women but for black women as well. Now if you are meaning white as being light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. Then yes women of all origins and cultures are white queen's. But men should also be considered in this as well as they are all white king's in the same meaning

  • Xoirwinkan

    Never heard the term White Queen before, and I dislike the idea that every woman should think she's a queen. It can be a problem when girls are treated like princesses as kids and spoiled. Then they act like they deserve special treatment and privileges just for being a woman. That explains a lot of single-mother 'Welfare Queens'. But you're allowed your fantasies.

  • J3nny

    Listen I love white people as much as the next. But you're either incredibly narcissistic or incredibly insecure.

  • DiegoO

    *Jennifer López is a mix, Jessica Alba is a mix, Latin America is a mix, in The Americas, most people are a mix.

    Been white, been black is a social construct. Caucasian is also a flawed concept. Populations change, in reality, we are all mix, there is no pure blooded Native European, Africans, etc, but I agree that every woman is a queen with a distinctive beauty.

    • Wishfire17

      According to Ancestry DNA, im only European.

    • DiegoO

      @Wishfire17 DNA Ancestry doesn't go far as the beginnings of humanity. The data they collect is more recent than that.

  • Muhammad1999

    Basically any woman is a queen if she is respectful and kind.

  • Marcuslrh

    That is true but for every women in the world they are all the same and equal to me

  • dublin_sexyeyes0

    It makes no difference to me if a person is male or female, black, white or pink with blue dots... its whats in a heart that counts. Except religious people... theyre just nuts.

  • urlittlepony

    >>In 2019 more white women have risen to the top as leaders, CEOs and politicians than ever before.

    why is it so hard for white people to see the connection between conditions and results?

    • tell that to Asians that will out preform you... its not a conspiracy
      dna is an important factor

  • ManOnFire

    This has got to be one hell of an Aryan joke. White Queens? Lmfao. I don't think so.

    • yeah i know like European history... White Queens are real
      stupidity strong with this one

  • Grobmate

    Picture 5! Where is she? So hawt! Someone get me her number!

    Great mytake!

  • Bismarck_96

    Always had a thing for Russian women 🤤🤤

    “Ra Ra Rasputin lover of the Russian queen”🎵♾

  • hisokadb

    I am still waiting for a blue eyes white (dragon) queen with all what u say up there ☺

  • Physics-Man

    White European women are indeed stunningly beautiful and angelic! But I think all races have beautiful women, just not in equal amounts. I've seen pretty Arab, Latina, Asian, black, and mixed girls.

    Unfortunately for me to say, but in my opinion, I think attractive black girls are in shortage. It explains why some white dudes get upset when a black dude dates a white girl; because they drool over white girls, but we don't feel the same way about their girls. They're generally seen as undesirable. Essentially, it's a one way street.

    • Afrochick

      "They're generally seen as undesirable"

      Which is why I don't understand why people are up in arms when we praise ourselves lmao.

    • Show All
    • @Afrochick v facts 100

    • @Afrochick
      1) I'm bald because I had a haircut 2 days prior for Army drill; I can grow my hair fully, but it's not in accordance with military regulations.

      2) I'm not fat at all, it's just that the uniform is very baggy and I have chubby cheeks. I scored 111 push-ups in 2 minutes the APFT recently, and I don't know any fat guy who'd be capable of that.

      3) I've already told you I don't have any problems with attracting women.

  • bhavy24

    All women on our planet has all qualties mentioned above irrespective of their race.
    Nice take 🙂

  • omgjassy

    I find this racist

    • Britantic

      Well you are mistaken. It concerns only one race and nothing derogatory about others.

    • Show All
    • omgjassy

      @Guanfei “OMG she has an opinion different from mine, let's call her stupid!"

    • Britantic

      Agreed let's...

  • up_64

    I can already smell the people complaining about the lack of muh diversity. Nice take

  • Pinky_what_why

    Why you all about white people?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Britantic

      White Queens need validation too😊

    • Show All
    • you'll never win with all the professional victims on here

    • @hughjanus1990 what do you mean explain.😅