Within All Brown Queens :) <3

So, I've seen MyTakes about black queens, white queens, now as a South Asian girl, I think it's important I speak for my South Asian queens too! :) <3

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

1) Resilience

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

Malala Yousafazai for example, she was shot for going to school. For wanting the right to an education just like her male counterparts. After recovering from being shot, she wrote a book, and is now a women's rights activist and is fighting for the education of girls.

2) Power

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

Benazir Bhutto. The first woman Prime Minister of Pakistani, the first-ever woman to lead a Muslim majority country. Unfortunately, she was assassinated in 2007, however, when she died she died a leader.

Being a woman going for a leadership position did not scare her. She went for it, she got it and she died doing just that. Leading an entire nation.

Gone but never forgotten. <3

3) A Rich Culture

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

Within All Brown Queens :) <3
Within All Brown Queens :) <3
Within All Brown Queens :) <3
Within All Brown Queens :) <3
Within All Brown Queens :) <3

4) Beauty

Both inside and out!

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

5) Courage

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

6) Strength

I've given examples, previously such as Malala, Lily Singh, Benazir Bhutto and there are so much more brown women with strength inside of them! We all show it in different ways! :)

7) Diversity

We're everywhere, Britain, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, USA, Indonesia, Canada, and the list goes on!

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

8) Love

Love for their children. Love for their parents. Love for their significant other. Love for all their family. Love for their friends. Love for their pets. Love for animals. Love for themselves. Love to everybody.

Within All Brown Queens :) <3

9) Someone Hardworking

My auntie is a businesswoman. There are so many South Asian business women in my city, not to mention I've listed women of several different careers all of which require hard work to succeed! <3

In conclusion:

This was inspired by two other great MyTakes! Also, I just want to remind my brown sisters everywhere be proud of who you are, no matter how dark or light you are, just be proud in your own skin and don't hide it!

Because we're awesome! :) <3

Within All Brown Queens :) <3
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  • Shezadi

    I feel like us women are dividing ourselves in terms of our race and colour. I believe women are not that different from each other when it comes to female emotions. Humans are not that different from each other. Race is just a label. All the things you said can be said about girls of a different race. These articles are amazing but they are creating a sense of competition between women of different races when unity of women of all races is much more important. Women of different cultures can understand each other when it comes to emotions, they can understand each other as daughters, sisters, wives and mothers. Women of all backgrounds are Queens and all Queens must unite. They must support each other, motivate each other, defend each other, understand each other- one heart, one crown.

    • Exactly why I'm working on a MyTake celebrating all Queens ;)

      I just thought I'd write this speaking to women of my own colour because I've seen a lot of girls be ashamed of being of South Asian descent one girl who is my friend told me: "Nobody wants to be like us, [meaning brown women] we're shit." That isn't true. I just thought highlighting the accomplishments of our own women would help girls of our colour understand that we're actually pretty awesome. :)

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    • No, I don't think I ever answered a question about Iran.

    • Shezadi

      thanks for MHO little sis

  • Secret6620

    Beautiful My take 😇💜

Most Helpful Guys

  • Tdieseler

    im totally in for number 4... i dont get why men try to trample women, probable because they are powerful force to be reckoned with and only powerful men see that and want to work alongside them. look at Beyonce and Jay-z... both powerful... but made it work. and its working. Smart people know that when you see a powerful force... you go for it... insecure people try to put it down. Nuff said.

    • When men and women fight against, we both become weaker. Because alone we are strong but together we are stronger. <3

    • Tdieseler

      Amen to that... *bows* amen to that. sadly... many men can't see that and get intimidated, and many women dont see it too, feel like they are being oppressed.

    • Tdieseler

      MH!!! Yay... thank you

  • Hawky_

    Inspiring! Great piece 👍

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  • LogicBomber

    Within All Brown Queens :) &lt;3

    The only way women seem to feel good about themselves is by patting themselves on the back constantly.

    • J3nny


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    • Afrochick

      omg lmao

    • DianaWest

      @LogicBobber Well, a lot of females are doctors, cardiologists, nurses, lawyers, judges, on the Supreme Court, in government, police officers, and some even soldiers. stop being a sexist bigot because you popped out of one. we need BOTH men and women for the world to thrive. without women, the human race will die, and vice versa. and so you know: women have made many contributions, but of course they weren't as publicized back in the 1880s. I wonder why? www.one.org/.../
      Women invented stem cell isolation, computer software, space station batteries, dishwashers, and a home security system, just to name a few. and behind every successful man, there is almost always a woman. stop being so egotistic. you had a fifty fifty chance of being born with male sex organs. because you have them, does not make you superior in any way. why don't you let us know what inventions you've made recently? it wasn't a man who improved the world, it was a HUMAN.

  • Britantic

    Love it good take!! From a White Queen to a Brown Queen.

  • JDavid25

    You won't a myTake inspired by the original one, and didn't shout her out, nor did you actually comment on her take.. I would appreciate this more if you actually gave credit and support to the other one..

    • JDavid25


    • I commented on all the MyTakes, and I'm writing a new one as of now, which I'm shouting both of them out in :)

    • JDavid25

      Yeah, well I appreciate this one more than the "White" queen one..

  • J3nny

    My friends it has now become political.

    Anyway it’s true. Women always need reassurance. Some men do too but I’ve noticed it mostly in women. They want to be complimented or bragged about. They go as far as to bait people. “I’m so fat.” “I’m so ugly.”

    A lot of women have done great things, they’ve helped improve lives. But it’s mostly men inventing new things. It’s mostly men who are soldiers. About 20% are female according to statistics. So that means 80% are male. In the US 80% of our law enforcement is made up of men. A lot is really pushing it. Also there are only 3/9 females who are judges on the Supreme Court. We do need men and women but men dominate. Women are great too we’ve done a lot of things but we can’t take credit for things we haven’t done.

    I haven’t studied about very many women making any huge accomplishments. Also wasn’t it Martin Evans and Gail Martins who invented stem cell isolation in the 1980s?

    Anyway in the recent years I haven’t seen anything from women other than complaining.

    He wasn’t be sexist. He was being honest

  • gothgirl997

    Great MyTake
    However, not all of these women on the pics are brown skinned. Some of them have light/medium skin tone, such as Benazir Bhutto. Never got why that's considered brown 🤔

    • Sometimes, people just consider it a really light shade of brown. xD

  • dropkicknj13

    I don't understand this thing with calling random women queens, what are they supposedly queen of exactly? Lol

    • Random women? Or women who have made accomplishments?

      When you call a woman who has made an accomplishment a queen, it is just another way of saying she is amazing, inspiring, beautiful all in one. <3

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Thank you for sharing this with us and it was very well written
    I don't judge no one , no matter what Race, Gender, Sex Preference
    they choose to be that is their decision and I'm open to be anyone's
    friends and I'm so proud to say i met lot nice people on here from
    many Cultures and again i treat them like Gods Children and i do
    not judge cause they are a special person and I'm happy for any
    accomplishments they make in life. Many Blessings To You :)

  • Curmudgeon

    FFS, take those headscarves off and show off that beautiful long black hair!

    • why not show the inner beauty to the world. If only we focused on how we treat others instead of how we look , we would of created a better world to live in.

    • Curmudgeon

      @sarahburberryy I will say the ones I have met are delightfully beautiful on the inside in fairness.

    • You seem a bit surprised lol people tend to forget that we are ordinary women the difference is we have religious beliefs. You aren't opressed if you choose to believe in it, so i'm suprised everytime i read a comment like yours.

  • John_Doesnt

    The black and white queens weren't pretty and neither are these ones.

  • YvanKarma


  • sidvt

    Girls and ladies are always awesome 😉

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • smg99

    Great answer @DianaWest ;) 💕

  • up_64

    Some one made a black queen's one already...

  • Xoirwinkan

    Within all brown queens is curry.