Attention All ANIME Fans!!

Attention all ANIME fans!!

Okay, so this ANIME is pretty popular and it's called "Charlotte"

It starts off pretty dumb, in the first 2 episodes, because the main girl is so damn hateable. But then, out of nowhere, the anime turns, AMAZING!!!! It's got it all! Drama! Comedy! Incredible acting! And its intense and can touch your heart as well, And it has goodlooking and addictive characters and story lines that would appeal to boys and even girly girls, because it's super cool! The story line really turns out to be one of a kind and you've gotta watch every episode in a row!! This ANIME blew me away, you've gotta watch it, if you haven't already! And don't bother reading any of the rubbish about it on the internet, just get right to watching it with popcorn. Believe me, it is well worth it!

Also, I'd like to make some honorable mentions of other beautiful animes...


Has amazing voice acting in English dub, and a beautiful soundtrack, with a story line with a great ending. This anime centres around the lead male character.This anime made half my classmates cry. Its really underrated in anime society, even though it has such high quality, and was made before clannad. Attention All ANIME Fans!!

Quick Trailor I made for kanon

Sola is an anime involving characters who are immortal, but in their teen years. It is one of the most emotional stories I've ever watched in anime, and the soundtrack was so good, it could win an Oscar. It's so deep, yet, can be light and easy to watch. A great ANIME for girls and boys.

Sola!! Trailer

And a song from the soundtrack just to prove how intelligent the anime is

The main point in this take was for Charlotte though!! So Enjoy!


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  • Eh I don't like the modern anime art style. I also like more of the stereotypical boy animes. Things like Macross or gundam or Cowboy Bebop

    They are making a new season 2 of FLCL which I'm really excited about.

    • Boys would love these animes. They all have male-leads

    • Oh it's not about it being a male lead just the overall stories. I don't mind a female lead.

    • Any guy who watched haruhi suzumiya and enjoyed it, would like these animes

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  • OMG!! I watched Charlotte and I understand how you feel. Charlotte is so much underrated. The entire story was awesome be it plot or art or character development. Rarely an anime like it appears ^^

  • dont let the main bitch bother you... AHEM hiyoru AHEM

  • Oh I'll give it try later lol!


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