Celebrating All Queens :) <3

Okay, so there's been these three MyTakes:

Inside of Every Black Queen <3></3> - By @LuvAsh

Within every White Queen🧡🧡🧡🥒👌😍 - By @Britantic

Within All Brown Queens :) <3></3> - By me ;P

And I planned after I wrote mine, to write a MyTake celebrating all queens:

Brown Queens:

Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai
Benazir Bhutto
Benazir Bhutto
Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh

Black Queens:

Ophra Winfrey
Ophra Winfrey

Angie Thomas
Angie Thomas

Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar

White Queens:

Emma Watson
Emma Watson


JK Rowling
JK Rowling

Yellow Queens:

Jean Yang
Jean Yang

Constance Wu
Constance Wu


Mixed Race Queens:


Naomi Scott
Naomi Scott

Lana Condor
Lana Condor

I could go on listing women from all around the world, and the lists I have listed I could expand on those like mad fire but G@G has a limitation so...

The point is you'll read these MyTakes and they'll all be saying similar things.

The truth is all queens regardless of race are smart, strong, hardworking, beautiful individuals and they uplift each other because sure, we're strong alone but as a force together we're even stronger. Everything each MyTake says, is in all queens. Regardless of colour or race.

Each woman I've listed above is a queen in my eyes because they have accomplished something and they have worked hard to do that. It isn't easy to be a Hollywood actress, an author, a professor, a businesswoman, a self-made internet personality, a singer, a politician, an activist. See all those professions I just listed?

All these women inspire me as a young girl today because right now, I know I want to be an author and right now, I'm at the bottom of my game. So were these women at one point. Now, look at them. They're either at the top, been at the top or still rising. None the less, they've all worked hard to do so.

I want to do the same. And I want all my sisters to do the same thing too! Let's all a piece of the crown and rise! <3

Queens for the win! <3 :) :P

Celebrating All Queens :) <3
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  • motownplayer2000

    Love the way you have put celebrities, or people in high esteem out here. I don't view them as queens.. although some have worked hard, others have had good fortune to be born into rich or upper-class families. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't view them as queens. My queens are the very day people that don't have much, work even harder than people that had there opportunities and good fortune and still are struggling. Women in my community that work 2 jobs, go to school full time, all the while are married have 2 kids and still muster the energy to be kind and pleasant individuals.. THOSE are my queens and the people I look up too. None of the women on that list I actually like up to as examples

    • I have put pictures of a few celebrities up here. It isn't exactly easy to make it in the showbiz industry so for that hard work they have done. They are queens to me. Women you have mentioned are also queens to me too. :)

      But note I've also put up, activists like Malala, who was shot in the head for going to school, and instead of backing down she came to the UK got an education at Oxford, written a book, and is now fighting for the right of education for girls.

      Benazir Bhutto- The first woman PM of Pakistan.

      Ophra - She started from the bottom and has worked her way up to the top.

      Angie Thomas - The author of "The Hate U Give" which has been adapted into an amazing film, in NY two of her books were bestsellers at one time.

      Ilhan Omar - A Somali woman who is now in American Congress.

      JK Rowling - A woman who wrote the Harry Potter series. Now I'm not a huge fan of that genre but you can't deny her successes. She was rejected 12 times from various publishers she didn't give up though, she went to the 13th and her book was finally published. She went from a single mother on benefits to a best selling author.

      Jean Yang - A professor, who wrote her own programming language.

    • All well and good. I salute those women for there accomplishments. But it's easier when you have had opportunity and were lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family. Now, I don't know all of there stories.. which is all well and good, but I'm just saying for me, those women don't hold a candle to the queens I know I'm my community struggling to make it everyday... those are the true gems and queens in my book.

  • MrCKF

    Seriously Emma Watson? She is honestly not a good example who works so hard from the bottom. She is from a upper middle class family , and she has been so bright since she was young. Her appearance and education gives her the golden ticket to access to most of the opportunities in the world. Regardless of what she has achieved today, her life has been easier than any women in the world.

    • The way I see it, yes she's from an upper-class family, but she could have chosen to be a bratty rich kid, and mess around and just wait for her inheritance at the end of it, but she didn't.

      She's only bright because she chose to study and pay attention in class. She could have easily been a muppet and just messed around in class, but no she knew she had it good and took advantage of that and got the best education she could.

      For that I applaud her.

      Not to mention, the killer speech she delivered at the UN which I found really helpful when studying speechwriting in class. :)

    • MrCKF

      That's a very American point of view, emphasizing freedom and pleasure.

      In UK, the posh family in order to maintain their standard, the parents will push their child to attend to boarding school and best uni in the country. So the rich kids are actually pound to be educated and getting high grades.
      Therefore from my point of view, which I am from UK, she is just following the same pattern of the traditional UK elites, fulfills the conditionals to maintain her poshness.

      Yes what she is doing now is good, but hardly can it be qualified as "hard work from the bottom".

    • I am from the UK too, and I'm from a working-class area. My school was rated the worst in my city a few years back.

      I understand what you're saying with the whole "posh family" thing , but it was her choice to study none the less. She could've just acted like a lousy rich girl, like these reality TV people for example. And Emma Watson knows she is privileged, she said it herself in her speech at the UN.

      And instead of wasting that privilege she's using it to convey a good message and help others.

      When I say "hard work from the bottom" I mean, at one point nobody knew who she was, hence career wise she was at the bottom.

Most Helpful Girls

  • sarahburberryy

    You have a good way with words ! i've read 3 takes so far and i appreciate your work !! keep up the good job, and don't get discouraged by some fools in the comments. Alright? ;)

    • If they think a few negative words can discourage me, then girl, they've got another thing coming ;)

  • Britantic

    Yes be proud of who you are and where you come from no matter how many try to shame you. This white queen always will be.

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  • Sweatyotterr

    Women aren’t queens just for being women that’s stupid, you don’t hear men going around calling each other kings

    • It's not just because they're women. It's because of what they've accomplished in their lives and careers.

      Men don't call each other Kings but you have other ways of complimenting each other. Calling another woman a 'queen' is just a way of complimenting her for her achievements.

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    • Aight

    • 007-Tarzan

      Lol @Sweatyotterr... yeah I know what you mean... that queen thing gets used too much and it does feel a little cringe..

      What's really strange is... all these people have achieved great things... and we could have just left it at that... just great human achievements... but instead women themselves choose to engender them by using "queen"... and isn't that counter intuitive to gender neutrality anyways? Talk about double standards lol...

      Anyways I'm not here to take a dump on this MyTake... just find it odd how many times it's been done for so many races lol... and now its still going on...

  • morrowlow

    don't forget this queen.
    there's something that women of all races have in common and that's their big ego and arrogance. you'll never hear men talk themselves up like this

    • ronaldo75

      And any time a man has anywhere near this type of arrogance society puts him down QUICK. I can't wait until this fad is over. I think it will end when the new space age starts and robotics become huge. That world is going to be led about 85% by all the men who today are studying while women amp up their egos. There are a SHIT TON of scientific discoveries on their way and most will be made by men that will be getting HOARDS of attention.

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    • morrowlow

      @ronaldo75 that's all political B. S

    • @ronaldo75 I suggest they send all feminist into space... via catapult and no spacesuit.

  • kelsey_disney

    Great take!!! All women need to band together to oppose the patriarchy ✊🙌👌💪💪💪

    • Yes!! Alone we're strong but together we're stronger! <3

      By the way, is that you in your profile picture because if it is you are soooo pretty! :) <3

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    • @paul_george_13 Of course it does! If it didn't people wouldn't be fired up about it! What makes you think it doesn't exist?

    • Celebrating All Queens :) <3
      You are part of the most entitled, protected, and privileged group of humans to ever exist... SO stop believing in fictional monsters.
      Celebrating All Queens :) <3

  • Afrochick

    All because of one take about black woman this shitstorm began.

    We truly do have some type of power.

    • I loved the black queens take!☺

    • ronaldo75

      "We truly do have some type of power." - You really dont. people are just sick of hearing "YAAAAS BLACK WARRIOR QUEEN" from a group of women who are at the bottom of almost every statistic on earth. If the black woman is the "Black mother of the earth and womb of humanity" with all this cosmic power then clean up your fucking communities, raise some decent kids and start economies without white feminists and government holding your hand at every turn.

      Start there then we can talk about your superpowers.

    • ronaldo75

      Like seriously black and latina women are the only group in this country that get a bullshit college degree and their own apartment then walk around like they're taking over the world. It's so sad.

  • LogicBomber

    Celebrating All Queens :) &lt;3

    "Who's a good dog?"
    "Who's a good dog?"
    *pat pat*
    "Here's a treat for no reason."
    *pat pat*

  • Sevenpointfive

    who is this?
    Celebrating All Queens :)

    • Oh, she's an internet personality, an Australian YouTuber. She has approximately 1.36 billion views and she has her own music too.

      I just think she's worked really hard to get where she's got today, so that's why I have listed her here. :)

    • she's very attractive in my opinion

  • RolandCuthbert

    Good job! Nice take! I guess in response to the "White" queen thread.

    I don't have an issue with that thread by the way. I just found it hilarious they claim that Jennifer Lopez is "White".


  • Clo917

    Well said. Nice take. :)

  • brokenheartgirl

    Malala is Queen?
    Can you use Google? try get some facts.
    She is just another whore.. a failed one.
    who ever funded her whole set of 'events' should come up with some better script.


    Lana condor is not mixed, she is pure Vietnamese and adpoted.

    • Kaytiee

      No such thing as 100% certain race in 2019, not even in the royal family.

  • JDavid25

    Great take!.. And nicely written.. I apologize if I seemed harsh on yo other one..

  • MackToday

    David Duke has a thing for Ilhan Omar. I have to admit, I like some of the things she says.

  • Massageman

    Too bad you ruined am otherwise good take with winfrey and omar.

  • PrincessGrail

    Awesome ❤️

  • LuvAsh

    Great mytake!!!😊😊😊

  • Nadim171

    Women are queen!

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • YvanKarma

    Malala ❤❤

  • sean1234

    Woman is just woman.

  • John_Doesnt

    More queens and I'm not into any of them.

  • Thatsamazing

    Malala is an angel.

  • Ordinarygurl_

    Yessss awesomest Queen My take ever 💖

  • meenarai

    You're such a sweet girl. Nice Take.

  • Gottabsavagee

    I am a queen too and you haven’t listed me 😕

  • Muhammad1999

    Lilly Singh is so attractive wow

  • OfDeath

    This is racist.

  • SuccessfulHornDog

    So, that would make us all kings

  • bigbang101

    Im from Pakistan! Yaaaay Malala! 😚😚😚

    • Yeah!☺ I'm British Pakistani☺

      You know Benazir Bhutto was the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan?☺ And I'm glad Imran Khan is the leader of Pakistan nowadays, he's so great!☺

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    • Why not?☺

    • bigbang101

      A hypocrite he is (excuse my language) lol...
      Taking several "U TURNS" about his statements and then backing it up... No wonder why women can't stay with him for long... 😂


  • Twenty2

    Who are these people?

    • Authors, actresses, singers, politicians, activists, businesswomen, one is a professor too. Women of many professions.

    • Twenty2

      Why haven't you written their names with their pics?

    • That's a good idea actually, I'll do that now, thank you. :)

  • a23242

    none these ladies are queens