The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

With us White Queens so much crap online I thought I'd give some of those butthurt guys some advice if they hope to one day conquer the heart of a White Queen.

1. Passion.

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

I'm not talking about the sexual kind, I'm talking about passion & enthusiasm for living their lives. This manifests in their daily lives in their work, their chores and hobbies like woodwork, fixing cars, mountain climbing, gardening, surfing.

2. Kindness.

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

A guy who helps his own community and others is so attractive as he's actively doing his part in making the world a better place. A guy who does volunteer work for the salvation army, Habitat for humanity, St Vincent Dr Paul's, Unicef, YMCA, church charities and soup kitchen.

3. Confidence

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

Confidence is always attractive, a guy even if a little cocky or bravado is so sexy to every White Queen.

4. Honourable

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

The dictionary describes the word as, honourable:
bringing or deserving honour.
"this is the only honourable course"
morally correct, honest, moral, ethical, principled, righteous, right-minded, full of integrity;decent, respected, respectable,venerable, virtuous, good,upstanding, upright, worthy,noble, high-principled, fair, just,truthful, trustworthy, trusty, law-abiding, incorruptible, reliable,reputable, dependable, faithful
"he took the honourable course and resigned"
illustrious, distinguished, eminent, great, admirable, glorious, prestigious, noble, notable, creditable, renowned, esteemed. What woman wouldn't want such a man.

5. Tall.

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

Everyone is different but tall guys are coveted by most women. I've always been attracted to guys over 6ft, I know that makes me a super hypocritie as I'm a short oompa loompa at 4'10 but i can't help it.

6. Masculine

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

I'm talking about guys who aren't trying to be like us women. Guys that like to hunt, fish, camp out, work out, martial arts, ride motorcycles, nights out with the lads and other silly stuff guys do. You might be pissed at them for their recklessness or stupidity but at the same time inside your smiling.

7. A Fighter.

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

I couldn't think of the right word to sum this up but man who knows how to handle himself and protect his woman is always attractive. I'm not talking about a thug who beats up on those weaker than himself but a guy that stands up for himself & his own, and knows how to do it. It could be a guy who grew boxing or wrestling, street fighting, jujitsu etc. My guy is big into MMA allow he doesn't get in the cage anymore I always feel safe with him because I know whether it's some wannabe gangsta thugs in London or gang rapist in places like Birmingham or Rotherham or some obnoxious aggressive twat in a club in Manchester that won't take no for an answer he can handle it. I think this is important to many women as if we are to marry & have kids with a guy we need to know he will & can fight to protect his family.

8. Athletic/ Strong

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

Guys who are athletic and strong are always attractive to White Queens, they just get our blood pumping.

9. Intelligent

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

A college education isn't always a gurantee of intelligence as some of the smartest most successful people have little education but It can be a real indicator. Personally for some reason I have always been attracted to men that are smarter than I, not that I'm a brain surgeon.

10. Financially secure/Ambitious

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

Not so much money but financial security and potential. Like I'm not going to date some guy with no ambition that's going nowhere who will waste years of my life as he gets high all evening in his parents home after working 25 hours a week flipping burgers for minimum wage. A woman is most vulnerable when she's pregnant and still very afterwards so we need a man that can take care of us during this time espicially if a mother intends to stay at home with her kids until they are old enough to go to school rather than pay babysitters, nannies and nurseries to basically raise their kids. We women are told we can have it all but the truth is somewhere along the line we make sacrifices big and small usually dictated by necessity.

11. Sense of Humour

A man with a sense of humour is very desirable, life can be hard and a sense of humour and fun goes a long way.

12. Family oriented

A great indicator of your future life with a guy is how he is with his family, if he looks out for them, looks after them and is always there for him, unless his family are just terrible people. But a guy who disrespects & abuses his parents (if they are good people) is not a guy I want to be with.


I'm sure I can go into the experience I'm talking about, you guys can guess.

12 Blue eyes/blonde hair (optional)

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

I've always been attracted to blonde haired blue eyes guys, my guy has blonde hair and blue eyes. If single I'm sure if make allowances for guys who are not.

13. Handy

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

Guys who can fix things around the home are attractive.

14. Drives a nice car

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

I know this juvenile and school girlish of me but i love a nice car. I love BMWs.

15. Has his own place.

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!

Again hypocritical of me but sneaking around your parents house or up to a secluded spot in your car just is a mood killer.


A man who has many friends and can converse with in most social circles with ease.

17. Loving

I dont think I need to elaborate on this but it's probably the most important.


Everyone is different but they is just this White Queen. Please no hate. To be fair a lot of this describes my man.

The kind of Man Every White Queen wants to be her man, to be her King!!!
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  • Lliam

    I met my wife through a dating service. One thing on my profile that she always says motivated her to respond to me was something like "I'm looking for my queen." lol

    I think your MyTake list is interesting and well written. Thanks or sharing. Those are good traits. They show that you are pretty bad ass for a 4'10" sprite.

    Obviously not all women are looking for all those things and not many men embody them all. But it's nice to see your honest preferences. It shows that you like real men.

    • Lliam

      Thanks Britantic. :-)

What Girls & Guys Said

  • These are all great ideals, but I dont think all of them are absolutely necessary, especially that he be tall.

    • Adam_INTJ

      Most are unnecessary because she's delusional. She want to date someone better than Brad pitt!

    • Britantic

      @Adam_INTJ brad Pitt is a geriatric

  • pervertedjester

    I fail to see what the Guy gets out of all this.

  • coachTanthony

    Ha Ha Ha... good luck!

  • devilman666

    The kind of white queen every king wants:
    1 supportive, a supportive woman is the best because she will be there through thick and thin.

    2 kindness, specifically a woman who puts in energy to helping her family and community is attractive.

    3 confidence, insecure women just yell because they never know what they want or how they feel. Confident women will let their man talk because she knows she will get a turn to talk, but if she just starts shouting then it will become a fight.

    4 pure/innocent, no one wants a woman who has been with hundreds of guys, plus it would be dishonourable to the man if he married an impure/indecent woman.

    5. Short, specifically being below 5'6" is preferable for most real men, because it makes him feel more masculine, fake men will date tall girls because they dont want to be masculine.

    6 feminine, she has to be supportive, pretty, innocent, and act like a lady, no one wants a woman to cuss like a sailor and look like an ogre.

    7 a cheerleader, she has to give people close to her the emotional boost they need, she has to be there to stitch him back up after he gets into fights.

    8 skinny/pretty. Obviously I want someone aesthetically pleasing and there is nothing wrong with that.

    9 intelligent (but in different ways from men) women need to be responsible with money and wise, because we all know that women run the house, and without wisdom and intelligence then she will surely let her house and family crumble around her.

    Financially secure, because it is so damn unattractive seeing 20-30 year old women rushing to get married. Just get a better job? But no, many just go and move in with her boyfriend after 4 months because she can't afford her own rent. My friend actually has a girlfriend like this, I get annoyed everytime I hear her say that she would be living on the street without him, like get a job? Grow up? Men aren't the only ones responsible enough to work. Also, it really isn't about money, I value financial security (aka, I just dont want to marry a woman who will make me poor)

    11 a sense of responsibility, a woman who takes the lead and takes the blame instead of kaking excuses is very desirable.

    12 work orientated, I might expect her to be a good mother and house keeper, but ofcourse she has to work hard too, she can't just focus on family all the time while I focus on both.

    (Optional) white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, smooth skin

    13 good with children.

    14 wear attractive outfits

    15 lives with parents, no man qants a woman who is too independant.

    Jesus this is still going?

    16. Reserved, a woman shouldn't have too many friends.

    17. Loving

    I feel kinda bad now since you asked not to be mean, but I'm going to post it anyways since its already typed. If this is just supposed to be your ideal man then whatever, I thought you meant to imply that being a white queen was kind of like being a high status woman rather than an average one. So I tried to parody it.

    • Britantic

      Dude why write this here, write a my take of your own, you already have most of it written and it ain't bad. Add some nice pictures and you are golden pony boy.😍😍😍😍

    • Because I was just parodying what you wrote. Also, did you read it? What is nice about it?

  • Browneye57

    You're living in a dreamworld honey. And not one single thing EVER anywhere that you've posted about what you bring of high-value to a man, or a relationship, or what YOU would do for your man. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
    This is full on narcissism and solipsism on display. The typical navel-gazer.

    • up_64

      Apparently she's taken already if she's telling the truth.

    • Britantic

      It wasn't about what I bring. Feel free to make your own take about the kind of qualities guys like you look for in a woman

    • Browneye57

      You're barely past childhood, and clueless, but here you are spouting off. You and your 'white queen' bullshit. FAIL.

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  • I can't get it why there are many people throwing negativity at you. Instead of ranting, they just should use this as a learning experience to know better what traits women generally find attractive on men, it's natural that women feel attracted to men who show leader characteristics, wealth and power. I always advise young men to develop such qualities, especially since it would make their own lives interesting, too. Make your life better and you will make the lives of people around you better as well.

    It's also worth highlighting that we ALL have to set high standards for relationships, if people think you are too demanding, it's just because they never have seen my dating requirements list when I was single. Lol. I thought I'd never get married because of it. We aren't really exclusive about some of these "requirements" as it could see when we talk about it, I always said I'm mostly attracted to brunettes, but I married a blonde girl. But with one's moral faults we shall be ruthless and rule weak-minded people out of our lives.

    We are supposed to love ourselves and have self-respect, we want a better life for us too, how could we do it if we accept to be in a relationship with an uninteresting, failed soulmate with whom we would date for pity or for having no other option? That doesn't make sense. In short, I agree with you and I think your Take is great.

    Having said all that, I'd just advise guys here to learn with your Take, to inspire themselves to make their lives better, to put their honour first in whatever situation they find themselves in, to honour and love their wives and girlfriends. But make no mistake, I'd say 98% of White women today are not worth of love, respect, validation and any kind of attention, because they have nothing more than their holes to offer. And they offer it to everyone and lose their only "value" in life. So it demands a great amount of good will from guys to make them think that those women (in the 98% side) are better than, let's say, prostitutes. Just don't be afraid to look for the 2%, fellows!

  • motownplayer2000

    I can dig it. However a lot of that applies to a woman as well. Most women have this thing in there head that they would love to marry a rich guy and have that man carry them through life.. truth is, no man (unless he has a mental disorder) wants to carry a woman through life. A true man wants to know, if anything happened to him, will she be able to land on her feet? Or will she have to depend on another man to carry her. So this list does women a grave injustice. Women should have the confidence instilled in them, should know how to be handy, should be able to make there own money and not want to "marry rich" for obvious reasons. She should be able to make proper decisions to secure her own future, be intelligent, be an honorable woman and best of all, have a passion.. which isn't just to have kids and raise a family (in my opinion, that's what society ingrains in women.. and that's very detrimental) the rest or qualities you want.. and that's fine. But most of that, can be achieved by the women, for themselves! And they need to prove they can do that time and time again.. if they want a man to hold up there end..

    I had an ex, who talked about marriage. She had over $30,000 dollars worth in debt, yet she wanted to stay at home and be a housewife/stay at home mom. And said it would be my responsibility, if we were ever to get married. Needless to say, I ran from that super fast.. her responsibilities are hers. I can help, but I won't shoulder the weight just because a woman wants to do what trash society has taught her.

    • Britantic

      You should write a similar take

    • I should. But it's not really that much of a big deal. When it comes to this, I know what I want in a woman. So I'm not going to advertise it to the world... if she has what I want or has the potential too without realizing it. Then that's more genuine then someone looking up what I posted and trying to fit themselves into something they aren't... easier to figure out, red flag and walk away from that way

  • Phanta

    Women need to have humility, need to stop identifying as queens in need of a king, and need to get rid of their arrogance.

    • Britantic

      INCEL guy perhaps?

    • Adam_INTJ

      A sane guy. Entitlement like that is a symptom of arrogance and narcissism. A trait which most people do not tolerate in people that they choose to associate with.

      Kill your narcissism, THEN enter the dating pool.

  • lucasnabizada

    Any girl who calls herself a queen... Is definitely 100% assured not a queen
    Real queens don't have the arrogance to call themselves that or have the arrogance to demand a one sided half abusive relationship where guys will bend over and accept to be fucked (virtually) and ask for more. Those girls are the ones you want to avoid

    • Britantic

      You seem butthurt?

    • At what? I'm giving my opinion, if you don't like it it's your problem lol

    • Britantic

      Its just you sound mad. Is everything alright at home?

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  • “White Queen” What?

    Also, what was the point of this? To show how conceited and shallow a person you are? Jesus, GAG, you never fail to showcase crappy people.

    • Men whine when rejected and then attack women. A white queen means a girl with standards and is a catch. She's tiered of being harrassed.

    • Or a white queen is a conceited person taking unnecessary pride in their race. On top of that, shallowness seems to be at play here, which leads me to believe that this person might’ve not have been raised right and associated with the wrong people.

    • @EmbraceThePain you're a good guy with self respect and respect to others. I've talked to you about the harassment I get for having standards it's bad.

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  • White-American89

    Very high standards for any guy to live up to, sounds like your guy is a winner. Good take

  • RetroAlpha

    I have every one of those traits, except that I'm a scary looking black guy. Why to Black Kings get so much hate? :p

    • Britantic

      The crime rate maybe

    • RetroAlpha

      Well, the crime rate would be proportionally lower if cops and the courts treated all races the same. But yeah, I guess the fact that "some black guy" committed a crime is good enough to lump us all in.

      I guess that makes all white guys Jack The Ripper, by that logic :D

    • Britantic


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  • BadApple1

    Very good! I see value in all the attributes that you have listed... it’s very likely that many men have them all but does help me understand why I have been so lucky at love through out my life. I have many but not all. Very nice writeup! You said this describes your guy, then you are a lucky girl.

  • why do you invite me to these 😂 i’m not white. also you can find these in Texas. best state no cap

    • Britantic

      You don't have to be white be proud of who you are.🤗

    • true but it’s legit about white queens 😂

    • Ámayas_20

      It's about dating standards. Also the term 'white queen' has nothing to do with race.

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  • No_Archons

    Fair enough, this isthe best a man can be, now lets talk about what a woman needs. Oh wait, most men aren't that picky... but I am... maybe i shud write a take on what a woman needs to get this, the most rare and coveted man

    • Britantic

      You should. I've advised many men with a similar opinion of the same thing. Drop me s line when you do.😊

  • fauchelevent

    Just curious and not trying to start any fights but do you only view white women as queens or are all other women queens too? 😊

  • Inneedofusername

    I don't give a shit about height. He can be tall, he can be short, whatever. I just want a very handsome face and body.
    And I definitely don't want a family oriented guy. I would really love it if the guy hated and despised kids just like I do

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    European Beauty and Virtue <3

    I am trying my best to fulfill these points.

  • BluesheepOwl

    We have the same taste 👏👏👏 great take! But is it really possible to meet someone like this?

    I once went on a date with a guy who told me he couldn't protect himself, he's not a fighter even if his life were in danger and he doesn't know how to fight and he wouldn't be able to protect anyone. That was very disappointing and I like knowing my guy can protect me. That same guy told me he screams and runs out of the room when he sees a spider.

    • Are you serious? Wow you might as well just limit yourself to pro mma fighters/boxers if this matters to you so much.

    • @young_and_confused a lot of weak guys out there

    • Well unfortunately for you most guys don't think being a hardass is important but the good news is there's plenty of fighters out there who are looking for girls like you.

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  • Passinggas

    It is extremely ironic that I fit much of your fantasy list to some degree irl but if I had a choice, I would select the peasant girl over the queen.

    • Britantic

      Even a peasent girl can be a queen if Disney has taught us anything 😀

  • But if a man writes a similar list for a woman, it's absolutely despicable that he could have such unrealistic standards and should just marry a feminazi landwhale.

    • Britantic

      Agreed. You better get your harpoon ready if you hope to marry

    • Oh God no! Help!

  • DianaWest

    wow, a woman with standards is apparently "narcissistic." but a man who wants a 110 lb d cup woman with long silky and glossy hair and 2 metre long legs is just being a guy.

    • nathanp97

      Never heard a guy say he wants that before

  • HungLikeAHorsefly

    Damn. I got all those except my car sucks, I'm only 5'11" and my hair is brown. Such a failure. So loser.

    • Britantic

      Agreed. Give up and move to an isolated part of Siberia

    • I'll do ya one better and go be MGTOW in Siberia. Maybe I'll even start making fodder for r/inceltears

    • Britantic

      Sounds hood. God speed😀

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  • HereIbe

    So, you're saying that "white queens" are all childish bitches with no sense of reality but a LOT of entitlement.

    • Britantic

      Why are you mad.

    • HereIbe

      I'm not mad. I just live in the real world, where whiny little bitches get spanked once in a while. And I am the SPANK MAN!

  • cavmanier

    Does your boyfriend have all this? If so congratulations on finding the 1/2% of men that do.

    • Well if you try hard enough you can minus blonde blue eyes my ex boyfriend was completely like that just had Brown hair Hazel eyes but really handsome.

    • Britantic

      @Cute_syrian why did you let him go?

    • He moved to Germany he can't be in a Long distance relationship he have plans to become mechanical engineer germany have one of the best college for it.

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  • can we agree as GAG to stop with all this "queen" and "king" stuff. for real its cringy and desperate.

    • yay... good for you... ig? what make you any different than everyother white girl out there? just because you are whiteand confident doesn't make you a queen, it makes you a person. you have to accomplish something great to be a queen. i. e. helping many others, holding others up, etc. i dont call myself a white king just becase i have a dick.

  • omeglemissy69

    Some ideas are spot on but others aren't
    Everyone has a different type but it's balance as well. Sure people can want most of those but they need to have balance in the matter.
    I would appreciate loyalty without having to

    • I would appreciate loyalty but I would not look through someone's phone for it. That's just crazy. And you can't be demanding for attention when someone is busy with other stuff. I would love to think 2 people can come together and be friends and lovers while still having a life outside of things and not being obsessed.
      And it's not just the looks and what car they drive and whether they do a couple of hours of charity a month either. There has to be some sort of connection there and if there isn't then what's the point. You're just trying to force things based on some mental checklist against a partner. You might miss out on the best thing in your life because they've missed out on a couple of things or end up with the biggest dickhead or bitch ever just because they've ticked the boxes...
      You can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase

  • crazy8000

    Do you have own created fantasy ideals or do you adopt all the ideologies that you get bombarded with through media books movies and TV

    That you put up sounds like the last one that 75% of female population adapt.
    Many off them sounds very shallow and some other's is creepy in a bad way to want. doesn't surprise me if you are that yung that you haven't developed past this.

    Good luck whit that and hope you get past this phase fast for your own sake.

  • Neelie1x

    Now where could such a perfect man be, who will be my king? Guess I'll remain unattached till he walks into my life some happy day.

    I love a man to be chivalrous, one who looks after me not only as a woman but also treats me as a lady.

  • Adam_INTJ

    "Though you might think that this guy only exists in your mind
    but guess what?
    You're right.
    If you want love,
    lower your expectations a few because Prince Charming would never settle for you"

    If a guy had a laundry list like this, he'd be lampooned as shallow and a misogynist.

    Do everyone a favor and stay single forever.
    No guy should have the insanity to humor your ridiculous laundry list of desires.

    • Adam_INTJ

      You call yourself a "white queen"--they only thing fitting about that is that a a blank page is also white and basic like you while you can also claim the nobility of royal failure

    • Britantic

      You seem angry at yourself rather than me. Cheer up butterfly, life isn't so bad.😊

    • Adam_INTJ

      I get angry at significant people. You just annoyed me.

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  • berrybush

    I think your list is bit too long.
    Also you should stop playing second life.
    Cuz you won't find any man to fit this list.

    • Britantic

      I already have. The list is based on him😀

    • berrybush

      That's one rare catch then. Most of us aren't superman, we watch him on TV.

  • bamesjond0069

    Sounds exactly like me for the most part. I like someone very traditional who would make a great mom and wants a large family. Someone sweet sweet sweet and very feminine. Young and preferably a virgin or at least very very selective. That would get me and I would bet many other men like me. Is that what a white queen is?

  • Ufff... you dream... I mean you really , really dream. What have you been smoking? Let me share with you the reality of most men :


  • AynonOMouse

    Lol, sounds like someone greedy that brings nothing to the relationship and certainly embraces her female privilege. A good White man would likely avoid a woman that expects all of that because she could never come close to being good enough for him.

  • Rushabh52

    Your list is nice... The way you list down the qualities that you want to see in ur man, same way, guys also have a list of qualities that he wishes to have in her queen... obviously it differs from person to person... So if you want this than you must have something (qualities) for that guy also...

  • normalice

    I don't see butt sex mentioned. You are no queen of mine..

  • MackToday

    Excellent take, good to see a white woman who loves white men and white culture and won't genocidaly race mix. Ideally no one would. 14 words sister, keep up the good work.

  • Hawky_

    Spot on. I'd better drag my sorry ass back to the gym...

  • I like a woman that knows what she wants that’s awesome im happy for you by the way thanks for the insight it’s great

  • Pejtu

    I got all of these except only 2 things and only 1 woman in the world got me and that is my girlfriend

  • TsukiXTaiyō

    What is a white queen, I'm lost is this a new term or something?

  • wingattebaby16

    wow.. fantastic My Take..

    I agree 100%... men like this are so hard to find.. and when you find one, they are usual taken.

  • Renee93

    An honorable man for sure. Looks are merely icing on the cake for a man who is honest, faithful, trustworthy, etc. Give me an honorable man and I'll be one happy gal 😁😘😘

  • All this for Fat white Feminazi White Queen 🐖🐖👠😂😂😂

    • Britantic

      No I'm in good shape

    • Hmm Then You are A Feminazi lol

    • Britantic

      Not even a feminist lol. Just a White Queen

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  • laurieluvsit

    OMG! What a great myTake!!

    I could have written this one myself, we are so much alike!

    This one I wrote many months ago and is so similar to what you have in yours it is amazing.

    Things That I Find Attractive On Guys ↗

    Anyway, thank you for taking the time to write this. I know how many hours and days go into a good myTake like yours is Ms Britantic! :)

  • I don't know what white has to do with this but I fit most of these things

    • MoneyBeets

      no back home to Jerusalem since you love Israel so much

    • Britantic

      @MoneyBeets Jersusalem is a great place, probably the only place in the middle East where a woman can freely walk around alone without ggetting gang raped or where the gays aren't thrown off tall buildings.

    • Jerusalem for me, is the holy land. Yes I wished I lived there, really wished I was there now.

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  • Hurdleez-Swampede

    The only queens I recognize and protect are on chess boards.

    • DDpsy

      Sometimes the smartest move is to even sacrifice those. 🤣

    • Phanta

      @DDpsy : The comments from you guys are so good that I think it's going to give me good luck today.

    • Phanta

      Excellent. I prefer Shogi (Japanese chess). There are no queens; the most powerful piece is the dragon king.

  • nathanp97

    What the hell is a white Queen? Also what are the odds a guy like this would ever settle for you? I'd say I fit a good amount of the criteria, yet I would still refuse to date any girl who had a list like this. It shows close mindedness. You focus so much on certain traits that you dont even see the person as a whole.

    I'm not saying knowing what you wants is wrong, but I just think this kind of list is a little extreme. I see lots of girls on here say they can't find a decent guy, and my takes like this explain a lot. There aren't many guys that fit the list, and any that do won't date you because of the personality and mind set that is required to come up with a list like this. I'm not going to tell you not to make lists like this or that it's wrong, but I just think it is a bad idea.

    You should listen to the song "lower your expectations" by bo burnham 😂. Hopefully you will find it funny.

  • DWD94

    Women calling themselves 'queen' is so cringy. Its on par with guys calling themselves 'gentlemen' or 'Nice Guys'.

  • Jackblue

    Well, this does not describe me very well so I guess I will never attract a white Queen. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves.