The Problem With White Knights


I'll try to be polite when writing this take about white knights. The term white knight is used to describe men who betray their own gender and serve women. White knights talk smack about their own gender (male). To the misandrists, these white knights are simply tools.

The Problem With White Knights

Whit knighting doesn't pay off: White knights will always tell other guys "you are bitter that you can't get laid." It's ironic because a lot of white knights are single and think that saving damsels will get them a girlfriend. That only happens in a fictional movie. In real life, white knights are considered traitors to their own gender and are laughed at by women. Most people nod their heads in disapproval of white knights.

The Problem With White Knights

White knights are defeatists: It's obvious, white knights think "if you can't beat them, join them." They feel that they are powerless in opposing the misandrists. They don't have the courage to oppose misandry. So they raise a metaphoric white flag and betray their own gender.

The Problem With White Knights

They always take the woman's side, even is she's wrong: That's one of the main reasons why those white knights are a joke. If a woman and a man are arguing and the woman starts to physically assault the man, the man is going to defend himself, that's when the cowardly white knights will gang up on the man like a pack of wolves. White knights are too scared of getting in one on one fair fight. You've all seen videos of these incidents.

The Problem With White Knights

They "apologize" for being men: They Shame their own gender and masculinity, I've seen quite a few white knights that look effeminate and call masculine men "meat heads" or "wannabe tough guys" It's very sad. No offense to feminine looking guys though.

The Problem With White Knights

They are not fit to be around minors: I remember when I was in middle school, the principal was definitely a white knight. If some students(boy and girls) got in trouble, the principal would give the boys harsher punishments(detentions and suspensions) while he would let the girls go without any punishments. He would also constantly go into the boys restroom to "make sure nobody was causing trouble". In middle school was when I realized what white knights and feminists/misandrists are, I just didn't know they were called white knights and feminists/misandrists. One day that principal showed up to school with a bruise on his left cheek, I wonder who gave him that bruise but he stopped being such a white knight. Thankfully he started to treat students equally.

The Problem With White Knights

White knights may not know they are white knights or they are in denial: If you confront a white knight, he will deny it, he will cringe and try to excuse himself by saying "I'm just trying to do what's right by helping the ladies" "Ladies first". Those are the only things these white knights say.

The Problem With White Knights

Now you know the problems with white knights.

The Problem With White Knights
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  • madhatters4
    you simply make a generalization about white knights based on your experience with a very VERY small few of them. it sounds to me like you maybe dealt with some jerks and unfair people but presuming that the characteristics of those few are characteristics of all is wrong.

    after reading that i don't know the problems with white knights. i know the problems you believe exist with white knights, based on your very subjective experience but not based on broader facts, statistics or universal truth
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    • ADFSDF1996

      There is difference between white knight and a gentleman. The gentleman sides with who is right and defends the person regardless of gender. The white knight always helps the woman even if she's wrong.

    • that's an opinion. not a fact... a "white knight" by definition is a person who comes to someone's aid. regardless of gender. they simply do what is right. they are chivalrous. and chivalry is not specific to a gender but rather doing good for the sake of doing good

    • ADFSDF1996

      That's only one definition, white knights have a bad reputation nowadays. They are often called male feminists as well.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • ElissaDido
    I used to have a white knight in HS and I liked him a lot <3 I still have a lot of respect for him, he used to defend me all the time against these 2 annoying popular guys who teased me all the time <3 He almost beat one of them once he got so furious and turned red he said "Leave her alone right now" ! When he did that I was so *__*
    White knights are not always pussies :p
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    • why, what did he get for doing all that though? Lol

    • ElissaDido

      @HonestWhiteGuy The 2 guys actually respected him haha :P I guess he kinda got the respect of the 2 guys and my respect <3

    • mikemx55

      Lol big joke

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  • NatashaJ
    Maybe stop being a douche and people will stop commenting on your comments and behaviour, if you act like a women hater then you be treated like one.
    • ADFSDF1996

      I'm not a douche I'm just stating why I dislike white knights. So much butthurt.

    • ADFSDF1996

      It's funny how many white knights and misandrists are offended, when the wasn't the intent. You don't even know me so refrain from berating me.

    • ADFSDF1996

      You already lost your credibility by insulting me.

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  • openthedoors
    A plus about white knights is that they have a shot of seeing me naked and you don't.
    • That was uncalled for. Explain your reasoning.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Who ever said I wanted to some random person naked? That's disgusting.

    • @FýrdracaDócincel If I understand it white knights are men who protect and care for women. Those are the types of men I like. Men who bash other men for protecting and taking care of women def have no chance with me.

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  • Phoenix98
    Lol look I'm no white knight but I don't see the issue in protecting a lady when she's in danger or being harassed and if I see anyone of those things I will intervene because I am capable. You should step up and do that if your capable.

    But just don't expect anything in return except a thank you sometimes not even that. You should do it because it's just simply the right thing to do, morally not because you might get a reward and do it because you think she'll be "grateful"
  • amarahorrorstory
    Not a fan of them, but I have a bigger problem with guys who blame women for everything and talk about how shallow they all are just because girls don't like them. They just say women are mean, rather than working on their really plain and tasteless personality first.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Guys and girls always call each other shallow.

    • Yeah, but usually it's more women who have individual problems for being a bitter bitch. Lots of guys just blame girls because their life is just uneventful.

    • lol some of the most interesting men in the world are single. being plain has usually nothing to do with it, as most women and men that date are superficial, plain and boring. it all boils down to finding a person with similar values that can understand and appreciate your gifts... .

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  • kambo_trick3y
    I hate that word honestly. Well, no, okay, I don't hate the word, but I hate how easily it's thrown around. Too many dudes have a fucking HAIR trigger on that word. I've seriously seen some dudes on here who go like:

    Dude 1: "Yeah dude, we should totally kill every chick on the planet. They're all gold digging bitches!"

    Dude 2: "What the... no dude, that's like, actually legit crazy man."

    Dude 1: "Fuck you white knight, lulz, you think you're going to get some e-pussy?"

    Like, I trash stupid people. And the great thing about being stupid, is that it is not gender biased. If you make a dumb fucking point, I will call you on it, whether you're a man or a woman. It just so happens that at the present moment, my target might happen to be a man making a dumb point about a woman, so as per my character, I will call the dude out on it, and instead of introspectively thinking if I may have a genuine point, he'll just throw that word out as a self-defense mechanism.
  • AleDeEurope
    The problem with White Knights is that they think they can get pussy that way... or think their worth is based on female validation.

    I think the words "White Knight" isn't used correctly most of the time though, as admitting a real negative male trait is gonna cause you to be accused of being a White Knight, when in reality is basically thinking women are above men, and you will side with them no matter what, even going against your morals, just to get "pussy points" you will never redeem.
  • Jxpxtxr
    Except they get the girls while you (misogynist) don't 😂
    • You're getting white knights and guys who simply defend women mixed up.

    • ADFSDF1996

      I'm not a misigynist but I'm guessing that you are a misandrist.

    • ADFSDF1996


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  • flypaper
    Betray there own gender? Not every one is participating in this war so many of you seem to think is going on so there is no betraying anything but even if there were your team is the entire male gender? I think it's all kind of silly and a way to shut down someone who doesn't agree with you or that you don't agree with. People are aloud to have any kind of opinion or believes that goes against the grain... I mean what' the point if you have to march the the beat of someone else's drum or fight for causes you don't care about or ignore ones you do! Everyone is different an we should be welcoming the difference of thought in my opinion.
    • ADFSDF1996

      "Everyone is different and we should be welcoming the difference of thought in my opinion" I disagree with white knights, why don't you welcome that "difference of thought"?

    • flypaper

      Oh no I do... did I say I didn't. Just limiting the amount you can grow I guess as long as your good with it then go for it. Your opinion doesn't effect me or mine-lol.

    • ADFSDF1996

      "As long as you good with it go for it" What do you mean by that?

  • castratedwhiteguy
    I think the term "white knight" is a code word meaning "left wing male feminist" who's desperately trying to score pussy points. The "white knight" acts like he does because he has a political ax to grind, while the gentleman acts the way he does simply because he's trying to do the right thing and for the right reasons. There's a big difference, but that's the real reason why we hate "white knights".
  • Editor
    Really it's just the white part that's offensive. Why's it gotta be "white" knight? That's straight up racism right there. And what about this "knight" shit? Knights are by definition warmongering males well known for privilege and srxism, raping and killing whenever they wanted. I'm offended.
  • Tanuron
    In this day and age this word gets thrown around a lot, I been called as such several times for some reason. Cause it has flipped all around too. Like the "real" white knight who defend a woman for example who is clearly wrong, where they only defend her cause she is a woman, many male seem to throw this term around if the opposite happen too. If a guy is clearly wrong, and you side with the other side, who happens to be a woman, you are a white knight too.

    Over used term, hate the word really. And no doubt hate the guys who stab their own gender in the back to impress the ladies, is pretty pathetic. But is nothing wrong with simply defending a girl/woman overall sort of if its simply morally right to make it simple. Its when you growel to them, try to weasel your way into their hearts in hopes to get laid or bashing your own gender to relate or choose their "side" to get close, simply cause they are females is where yeah, it gets too much.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Yet nobody come to the aid of a man that is being assaulted by woman.

  • objectivetruth
    Lol very true in all counts. There are plenty of those douches on here, and all of them act and look like virgins. They have the mistaken belief that pandering to the interests of the opposite sex will get them the female attention they always hoped for but couldn't ever get.
  • 10dsw
    I think white knights are the scum of the earth. I wish we lived in a society that appreciates kind, loyal, gentle men, but let's be honest, we don't.

    We live in a society that praises cold callous men, and hey, I ain't complaining!
  • Theodorable
    Dude, I don't care about making homeboys. Other men are my competition. We're competing for women, we're competing for jobs, and we're competing material possessions. I'm interested in women, making women happy, I'm interested in making money, and I'm interested in beating my competition, i. e., other men. It's called natural selection.
  • CisScum
    The problem with white knight calling these days is it is used WAY TOO MUCH. Even if you defend a girl you automatically get called out even though it isn't white knighting. You can't even defend a girl these days online especially without getting called out for it. It's stupid.
  • Mesonfielde
    Favoring the female sex just because they're female is benevolent sexism, yeah.
  • Gommers
    Most of them are virgins or gay. They have no concept of the damage that a woman can do emotionally or monetarily.
  • datgirl
    @kelvinmed always defends me on here when assholes try to come at me. I respect him a lot for it and he's not doing it cause he has an ulterior motive r becaise he believes the ladies will love him more. He's doing it cause he sees the shit the other guys say and won't stand for it. That's a good friend in my opinion. So white knights keep white Knighting! There is nothing wrong in calling people out for their bullshit. That means even if it is again your own gender. We're not in 2nd grade. C'mon now.
    • ADFSDF1996

      There is a difference between whitecknights and gentlemen.

    • datgirl

      Of course, but these poor gentlemen get accused all the time for being white knights.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Ever thought that perhaps they aren't gentlemen?

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  • Unit1
    I'm no white knight but guys love to brand me one.

    but yes, the intense white knights like these are pathetic.
  • Rawrzz
    I guess they don't see the irony in treating women like they're helpless, thereby being sexist.
  • Idontknowyou2
    I read through the comments and discovered a serious problem as to the fact that most women can't tell between white knights and good people. A good guy defends all people being picked on. A whiteknight will always defend the lady. A lady trolls u for being the last kill in the game and u retaliate they defend her. If all the policemen and judges in the world were whiteknights there would be no women in prison and most of the male population would be in prison coz which guy has never insulted a woman.
  • John_Doesnt
    You keep saying how "This only happens in a fictional movie" yet you sound like a guy who gets all his girl info from a movie.
    • ADFSDF1996

      "Girl info" Who ever said that I'm a expert on women, nobody. You sound like if you've white knighted before.

  • Raymond_Reddington
    The things i find weird about this take:
    1. You said "Whit knighting"
    2. Since when do people nod their heeads when they disaprove of something?
    3. Kanye West's smug face
    4. I dont know what "defeatists" are. Please explain.
    5. You said "is" instead of "if"
    6. You said "fight" instead of "fights"
    7. You said we've all seen videos of these incidents, but i haven't.
    8. Why would what you said offend feminine looking guys?
    9. You said "boy" instead of "boys"
    10. Your principal sounds like a pedo
    11. That boys shirt

    That is all. Aside from that its a good take.
  • supernerd99
    white knights as in all stereotypes dont exist. only humans with similar behaviors. but then again who are we to judge... .
  • Mrwoo99
    I got laid more ever since by being a misogynist and chauvinistic bastard.

    ... true story bro
  • rose004b
    Okay, I got it. However, a distinction needs to be made.

    Testosterone fuels protectiveness. There is a difference between "white knights" and men who stand up for someone because it's the right thing to do and because it's IN THEIR NATURE even if that someone is (GASP!) a woman.

    Some people have become so resentful towards the opposite sex that they look down on any man who defends a woman, regardless of the circumstances and ask "what does he get in return [for standing up for her]?". Well, decent people don't expect a reward for behaving like a decent human being.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Here is my reply to someone else comment "Do you know the difference between a white knight and a gentleman? A gentleman has respect for everyone that is worthy of respect but doesn't bow to anyone. A white knight bows to misandry and helps every woman even if the woman is wrong, he has no respect for himself."

    • rose004b


  • mits777
    I agree partially with you. A man is a man and doesn't need to be a pussy and defend woman when they are wrong, or be needy. BUT a man doesn't need to be a JERK, it is way better to be a white knight sometimes and beat the fuck out of people who abuse girls then to join them. I act only sometimes as white knight because I am not a jerk. If someone messes with my girl I beat them to death, otherwise if I don't agree with something my girl says I state my opinion and don't agree with her or accept anything girls say. Everything is about balance
  • Flurr
    Yeah these guys just kill me. Makes me wonder who the fuck raised them?
  • anonman32
    They are scum and traitors not worthy of my time.
  • VictoriousSausage
    They're just people.
  • Adigelunar
    cool one-
  • Marinepilot
    White knights are manginas.
  • bloodmountain1990
    Who calls themselves a white knight?
  • HookedOnSalt
    The generalizing in this comments, lmao.
  • Anonymous
    My main issue with White Knights is that in defending a woman who just plain bad as a person. he is enabling her to continue feeling entitles, giving her someone to hide behind, and giving her not reason or motivation to change.

    I do have a particular someone in mind as I say this. Her name is Allie Cross Coffee of Savannah GA. She is married to a former friend, Michael Coffee of Athens GA. Allie has never held a job in her life. She is obese, doesn't take are of herself, and wears old clothing that is worn thin, has holes, hangs loose off her body. She is obviously very unhappy with herself, but rather than try to fix herself, she is emotionally abusive and controlling of Micheal. She has run off any roommate that might actually be able to help them meet their bills, and I've seen her wake him up in the middle of the night to clean up a spill caused by her pets, and he was late to work that next day having slept through his alarm.
    Now, Allie isn't the first woman like this Mike has been with. He's still in debt from the first girl he tried to save. Assexual feminazi, Tamar Benes of Richmond Hill GA. She has accused 2 different 5 foot tall men of trying to rape and impregnate her to trap her with them. Even after such accusations, Mike still stayed with her, and even allowed her to treat him the way Allie now does. Both women have raised firsts at him, just because he refused to do what they told him to, because he refused to blindly agree with them and take their side in pointless arguments. But had these arguments been against other people, and not against him, his position would shift immediately to match hers.
  • Anonymous
    White Knights are pathetic little tools.
  • Anonymous
    Not entirely accurate, but pretty accurate.

    A key component is one you glossed over. The white knight thinks his behaviour will make him valuable to women - ie. get a girl, and get laid, get a wife, whatever.

    There are plenty of times I stand up for women and their rights when I think they are being shat on. But not at the expense of slamming my gender, nor to somehow get a woman into bed. I know from experience it's my masculine traits that will get a woman into bed, not my overly rational sexless brain, and certainly not me apologising for being a man or males in general. That is just weak as shit.

    Lastly, girls (in my experience) don't treat white knights with contempt. They often like them well enough and might even friendzone them. But they will not find them attractive. And even if they do date them out of some kind of... gratitude, they will quickly cheat on them with an actual guy.
  • Anonymous
    feminist men are pussies
  • Anonymous
    so, would you say the same thing about black knights?
    • ADFSDF1996

      Sir, did you even read the take?

    • Anonymous

      do you even understand my question?

    • ADFSDF1996

      I do not.

  • Anonymous
    As much as I generally hate other guys, I'll never be a white knight. I hate both genders but I hate men slightly more.
  • Anonymous
    So what? They are better than you