Eight of The Worst Things About Being a Man


Eight of The Worst Things About Being a Man
What do I think are the worst things about being a man? Oh boy, I can feel all of your eyes rolling back in your head right now and your fingers itching to write the, but you're just some chick, what do you know answer, but be assured men, of course you can pipe up and speak for yourselves in the comments. I mean, literally, how would I know. However, this is merely my outside of your gender observation and opinion. You're welcome to agree, disagree, agree to disagree because of course, you are the experts on this one.

1. People want to fight you (and sometimes you can't fight back)

When you hear the story of somebody in a bar getting their face bashed in with a beer bottle, most likely that person isn't a woman. Men want to fight other men.You guys even sometimes say it yourselves...unlike a lot of women who talk fight, ignore fight, gossip fight, you guys tend to physcially want to fight it out, and supposedly be done with whatever the 'it,' of it, is. Even if you don't want to fight, if you are challenged, it's seen as a complete weakness by many for you to walk away, especially if someone's honor is at stake or at least percieved to be. Men are also more likely to be physically bullied. I'm not a guy, but I can only guess that no man enjoys getting punched and getting his nose broken or his eye blackened or his ribs cracked . Also, when it comes to abuse, if that physical abuse is coming from a woman, you are not allowed to really defend yourself in anyway or we all know what will happen. I'm not advocating that either sex should be able to beat up on the other or anyone should in general just be beating up on someone else, but we have instincts for a reason. If we are being injured, our recourse is to try our best to defend against such abuse, but not being able to even use self defense is a tough one. People can talk about how much stronger and bigger men are then women so that's why, but if someone is battering you with a bat or kicking you in the gut, even as a woman, I know I would want to at least try and strike back to protect myself from more harm.

Eight of The Worst Things About Being a Man

2. If you're short, you're screwed

A tall woman at the very least can stereotypically play basketball or model, but a short guy, where is the, well, upside? I'm not saying short guys can't lead happy wonderful productive lives, but in the dating pool, short height is basically never listed as something women routinely think is attractive. Even beyond dating, men and society at large, tend to assign more power and respect to those men who are taller. We make tall men leaders, heads of companies, heads of militaries, stars on basketball teams.

3. Crying = Weakness

Men and women often view a man say, weeping or crying, as a sign of weakness or something to question a man's manhood over. When a little girl stubs her toe and bursts into tears, she is often held and cuddled until the crying stops, but for a little boy, even early on, he's more likely to be told to suck it up, or be a big boy, or act like a man. This sentiment carries on through the majority of his life. Even in moments that no one could possibly fault a man for crying, there is often this internal or external pressure on them to be strong and to not show emotion or to suck it up.

Eight of The Worst Things About Being a Man

4. You cannot fail

When you hear that a 25 year old woman had to move back home to live with her parents until she got back on her feet, there would maybe be a few grumblings here and there about her age, but switch woman with man, and it's crazy how many more people would fault the man for being "a failure," or for not being able to handle the responsibilities of being an adult more than they would a woman. Just as there is a never ending pressure for mothers to raise perfect kids and to take perfect care of them, there is a similar pressure on men to be the bread winners, to make sure they are heads of households and there is food on the table. A man must been seen as able to strike out on his own, and then be that same man able to keep the household together if he marries and/or has children. As modern of a society as we claim we are, these gender rules for both men and women, haven't changed much.

5. Sex Brain

You're wired for sex. You want it. You think about it. You're thinking about it right now. This brain function cannot seemingly be turned off. Dating can be like wanting a piece of cake, and then finding out that every other day or every day, the cake shop is just closed with no warning, no rhyme, and no reason. Women think about sex, but not on the same level as men. In our minds, you should be able to control that impulse better, but just as we can get crazy on our own set of insane hormones, you can too and I imagine not having an outlet, a release if you will, could be really really really frustrating.

Eight of The Worst Things About Being a Man

6. You have to stay in your lane

A man decides to take a ballet class. A man decides to be a stay at home father. A man tries on a skirt. A man grows out his hair down his back. Let's try this again. A woman takes a car repair class. A woman decides to be CEO. A woman tries on a pair of pants. A woman cuts her hair short. When a man does things that are traditionally seen as something women do or women's work, or whatever sexist terms are thrown in there, he is rarely applauded. A lot of times he is made fun of and told that old standard phrase, to man up and be a man, or called gay, or told he can't do what he's doing. When women take on these gender stereotypes, they are often applauded for their efforts and for breaking gender barriers. No one is going to question a woman wearing pants, but a man in a skirt...the sky is apparently falling. Women are more frequently "allowed" to challenge the gender roles set in place by society that men are not really "allowed" to do.

7. You can't raise your children

When it comes to custody, most likely the kids are going to go with their mother. Society feels children cannot survive as well without their mothers (in the case of babies, that is probably actually more true on account of breastfeeding), but that aside, fathers are rarely given full custody of their children even in cases where the mother is shown to be less than a good mother. This is completely aggrivating for those fathers who ARE great fathers and want a chance to raise their children in a safe, happy, healthy environment sometimes not available to their kids in the care of their mothers. It's one thing to have dual custody, but to have your children taken away from you and out of your care when you do want them AND can take care of them, is extremely hard and unfair.

Eight of The Worst Things About Being a Man

8. You will always be "the bad man" to someone

Having worked with children for a few years, I cannot tell you how many mothers and even some father's would point blank ask me who was that guy (meaning my male co-workers) standing around or playing with their kids, in that accusatory voice. I remember this one time, this lady was already trying to dial the police because she thought one of them was some type of creeper on the playground because he had a jacket on and she couldn't see his uniform shirt. Women in general have some basic and not so basic distrusts of men. I mean we're warned at basically every opportunity in life that men are rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and dangerous. You could be as nice as pie, but some woman, somewhere, some time, without provocation, will assume one day that you are evil or bad or a dog or the devil himself just because you are in possession of a penis. You could just be out for a walk at the park at dusk and the woman in front of you starts fast pace walk and looking behind her and running away from you because she assumes you're following her or worse.

There you have it. What do you guys think? Do any of these really bother you, annoy you, frustrate you. Do you feel like I have no idea what I'm talking about? I would love to hear from you, your own thoughts and what you feel are the worst things about being a guy.

Eight of The Worst Things About Being a Man
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  • Anonymous
    The first one I agree with most and scares me the most. Like yea we women can get raped, but the chances of getting randomly murdered are much lower than men. It scares me so much with my brothers and boyfriend. Like my little brother has always been really tall so when he was young he looked older and had to deal with that shit from 10 years old from teenage boys. Scares the shit outta me. Like we all worry so much about our daughters and sisters, but to me I worry more about boys. They just get killed, just from being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Number 7, dads aren't really kept from kids nowadays. It's changing a lot so unless he's actually done wrong, he'll usually get access to his kids through court. Every guy I know who's ex had tried to keep him from his kids has gone to court and been granted access, because you just can't do that for no good reason these days. Even guys I know who have been to jail or who smoke weed get to see their kids because the system is changing.

    8 pisses me off a lot. I know some great guys who are looked at or have been looked at as pedos just because they love kids. And i know one male childminder who quite a few dads have banned their wife from taking the kids to because "it's just not right"

    The rest of it is down to the individual though. Just like a strong woman shouldn't bow to society and feel low in herself for not meeting expected standards, neither should a strong man. It's important to make sure your kids are strong enough for that and to make them super confident so that shit doesn't affect them.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Lol at #8. One time I was walking to my car in a parking lot at night and there was no one but this woman who was walking towards me from the direction I was walking to. She saw me and darted her hand in her purse, I'm guessing she reached for pepper spray or a taser but she kept her hand in her purse so I never saw it. When she did that I stopped and darted my hand in my coat pocket (I grabbed for my knife that I USE for self defense). We both stopped and both ended up walking a huge half circle past each other to continue on our way while staring each other down the whole time with each of use with our hands in our pocket/purse holding our weapons. At the time it was tense but looking back on it I bet that would have looked very comical from a third perspective.
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  • Meesterlijk
    I think no. 1 is actually a good thing about being a man. Men can settle things just in 1 fight, most likely both survive the encounter and move on. - If women hate eachother the hate usually doesn't cool down until the one who outlived the other has spit on the grave of the woman who she had a disagreement with.
    • Anonymous

      Haaa, absolutely, but even in those situations, there is no part of me that ever thought, I think it best to punch this girl in the face to solve my problems. I mean as a society we don't condone violence because that could quickly get out of hand especially when someone does... and they do frequently... take it much further then just a few swings.

  • YourFutureEx
    • Anonymous

      Oh, you can cry if you're on Supernatural. They cry all the time. LOL!

    • Haha I don't watch TV. Seems interesting lol.

    • Anonymous

      it's a pretty good show

  • BigPunny
    I think this is a Pretty good, albeit very simplified, view of how the life of a man is. I recently did a myTake about how men are disposable, and a lot of these things are addressed, and they are addressed in the 'why' format, especially the parts of fighting and showing weakness.


    It's nice to know that there are women out there that realize life is much different for men, because a lot of women don't care how the life of a man is since they believe we're simply handed everything on a silver platter and we're immediately masters-of-the-universe, which couldn't be further from the truth.

    We have been trained at birth to be disposable. If you don't believe that, then read the myTake and perhaps you'll understand a little of the 'why'.

    Good Take, by the way.
  • Humping_Tornadoes
    I don't think you are wrong, but I'd say this is sort of a superficial view of the struggle of being a man. Also, point one we don't perceive it as necessarily bad, specially since we have the hormones, drive and often the strength and body to fight. I guess it's part of male nature to be warriors or hunters (however you'd like to see it). Also, you're mixing a lot of stuff here, from biological, social, legal.. At the end I kind of missed the point. Good take regardless.
    • Anonymous

      To some degree, it is superficial because I'm on the outside looking in and can't actually experience what it's like to be a man, but it's also from talking with male friends, my own brother, that I've started to see more of the issues they experience through their own perspectives. What do you think the deeper emotional point beyond what you think is the superficial, should be here?

    • Well damn, you got me there. I guess I'd just expand quite a bit on what you mentioned.

  • Anpu23
    Interesting my take, you missed a few, and didn't understand some of the dynamics. (A lot of this is much more complicated then you would think). May I address each one
    1 Guys fight, as women have a 1 in 3 chance of being assaulted in her lifetime that figure is roughly 1 in 1 for guys. There are many reasons for that, but a lot of it has to do with this idea that if I can beat that guy up, I must not be a (whatever word you choose). Also there is a lot of rage in the male psyche, he is expected to put up with a lot of crap in this world and can't respond so if he has a chance to blow off a little steam then...
    2 I'm 6 foot even, I honestly don't know about this one. But you seem to be correct
    3 This is a place that women miss the point, guys do feel, but it's necessary to be able to put those feeling away, why because of the first point. Guys need to be able to be stoic, be able to repress fear, anger or even sorrow so that they can continue to get things done. I wrote a mytake about this www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a24324-men-s-emotions-toxic-masculinity perhaps that will help.
    4 I'm not sure that this is as true as you might think, most successful people have failed many times, and recognize that in others. It's more about how you recover from a failing then the fact that you failed.
    5 This is pure myth, guys do think about sex, and probably more then women, but it's not an all day all the time kind of thing. Guys can have varying sex drives, and can have times that they are just not into sex.
    6 Not for me, hell I wear a kilt most of the summer, I have worn makeup, and own a few sets of heels. Most guys don't care honestly. If anything it's an excuse to fight, but that's just the same guys who are looking for a fight anyway. The biggest response I get is harassment by women, I've been cat called and groped in those times.
    7 Damned shame here, the other side of this is that parenthood is strictly a decision of the mother, a guy can not decide for himself to be a parent, nor to disavow his children even if he was raped by the mother.
    8 This is the result of propaganda. This "a girls got to keep himself safe" thing, while ignoring the fact that it's much more dangerous to be a man. There's also many laws that reflect this belief.

    There's other issues as well that you missed, I just watched a great YouTube video about this very subject and I will share it with you if you want. But ultimately good mytake.
  • hellionthesage
    For number 3, I think that this is true and also at the same time not as bad as its made out to be. Now I am not saying a man shouldn't cry, he should its normal and healthy but their are benfits to being able to control when and where he releases his emotions. I think when in moderation it can allow for him to deal with his issues first (if its frustration or what have you) deal with the problem and then he can express the emotions once the problem was/is dealt with. Obviously their are circumstances for which immediate response is perfectly exceptable but I think its a little overstated that men should be able to cry, we hold back for a reason some of them beneficial, its when it happens constantley that its an issue. For number 5 I will say that yes men do think about sex more then women but not as much as people are lead to believe. In fact men also think about food and sleep more too. For number 6, its true but I also don't think many men really want to do those things, not to say they shouldn't be allowed to if they want but that their is no push by society to act like the opposite gender like their is for women (women are conditioned from the get go to emulate masculine traits like carreer promiscuity (though this is more percieved trait in my opinion) clothing attitude etc) I think in part because society has demonized female traits almost as much as the masculine ones. Basicly I have no problem with being a male I see nothing wrong with it so I don't see the appeal of acting like a woman, ie whats wrong with acting like a man, but if some men want to do that then I see no reason why they should be punished for it (especially since as you pointed out women are applauded for it). But overall I think you are pretty much accurate with your list. I would point out the irony in the last two, that is that statisticly women are actually more likely to be violent towards their spouse and child then a man is (though as you also pointed out a man is far more likely to be violent towards another man) I would also add that the societal view that men cannot be victims while women are always victims even when they clearly are not. That and the 4x higher suicide rate for men and the fact that over 70% of the homeless population is male (all due to what you previosly mentioned) But yeah, good take thank you for writing it.
  • dartmaul15
    You know what's funny/scary about the whole deal with society blaming guys for being rapists, bad, and you know it?

    If everyone say you are something, treat you like you are something... then it wouldn't make a difference if you are. This is dangerous because it severely shortens the step to become that.
    to put in context; if thet loner in the neigbourhood was teated like a rapist, called a rapist, and all that... he'd have a severely elevated risk of becomming a rapist.

    So to pull it even further. the monesters among men are created, not because they were monsters to start with, but because others turned them into monsters. This is not always true, but it does happen.
    And a down to earth example is this; why should you bother with being nice when everyone claim you're an asshole, and treats you like one? You can just become an asshole, and take/get what you want. You're aleady treated like if you're an asshole, so nothing will change if you decide to act like one.

    Welcome to basic psychology. The world where you ask "why" a person is like he is. And the world where the answer to that "why" might change everything you know about humans.
  • blondfrog
    Some of these are cultural though. Like #4 "you can't fail" in my culture its okay for a man to still live with his parent's after the age of 18. And #1 in some cultures its actually encouraged to fight for your honor or to fight back when someone picks on you if another man does it like how you said a man picking on another man at the bar. In Mexico machismo is really encouraged.
    • Anonymous

      All very true.

  • jman46241
    There's also the fact that we can't cry to try to get our way or get out of something. Asking women out can be real fun sometimes as well lol. Yep women have it pretty good, but I couldn't imagine having a period every month or being pregnant..
  • akadatank44
    I agree with a lot of this. I hesitate to say sometimes that I love kids because I don't want to come off as a creep. I just like seeing them grow and learn. I used to coach sports at the local y. It was so fun.
    • Anonymous

      When I was younger, I used to work for the Y, and let me tell you, we all had to attend this like 2 hour training class on appropriate touch and behavior with children, and it seemed like it was targeted at men. I had a really young group of kids, 5-6 year olds, who were naturally very loving and hugging, and would want to crawl in your lap, and my male co-workers would have to like throw them off and push them away which to me seemed so extreme to the kids because they just were trying to be affectionate, but these days, there is no such thing. No kid within 10 feet of you practically or you could get sued or fired.

  • Hal2002
    #5, has to be the biggest BS thing females are tough to believe.
    It is amazing how hormonal changes that happed at puberty, and rule for a few teen years. Has become sex is the main thing men think about.

    Got news for you, when men get together and start talking. We talk about sports, a lot more than we talk about women and sex.
  • UtopianLobotomy
    Thanks for understanding. I am dealing with number 7 right now, I absolutely hate this one because I absolutely love my kids!

  • DizzyAster
    1. Men love to fight, it's evident in boys. Hell, I think it would be beneficial for men (and women, too) to have some kind of outlet for their aggressions, but in a structured, rule based syste--- oh, yeah, Martial Arts, Boxing, UFC, etc.
    2. Most guys are screwed being guys, but they take it in stride and make it work. Tom Cruises, Usher, Prince, Robert Downey Jr. are all under 5'9" or 5'10", but that didn't stop them from being great.
    3. crying = weakness: it does, ok. I can’t find a logical reason for the emotion other than it’s a temporary release of intense emotion. Other than that, no. However, the emotion I find completely useless it fear.
    4. As far as I’m concerned, as long as you never stop trying, you cannot fail. But yeah, it’s hard for some guys because this stigma is so prevalent.
    5. Women are horny too, get over that stigma.
    6. Well, fuck those who try to keep me in my lane, because I’ll just step on or over them.
    7. True and it’s BS. Forget breast milk, we have formula so there is no excuse why a man can’t raise his kids if need be. I’m sure he didn’t go into the relationship thinking he’d have to make this decision but still
    8. true, I kind of hate how some don’t think women are pedos too.
    Apart, I learned to embrace my dangerous-ness. Step to me and you will be stepped on. Lol. To a certain extent, men should be dangerous, there are a lot of dangers in the world. However, men should not lose control of their dangerous nature, as in beat people who are not a threat.
    “You could be as nice as pie, but some woman, somewhere, some time, without provocation, will assume one day that you are evil or bad or a dog or the devil himself just because you are in possession of a penis.”
    Well, that bitch is crazy. Lol.
  • Braveheart4321
    Pwrsonally I don't see #1 as a downside, in my experience there is no faster way for two guys to become friends than to physically fight. Also it actually feels good to get hit every so often, it reminds you that you are alive, and a hell of a lot more durable than most people think they are. Now I'd never hit a woman, nor do I use my fists as a first defence, but when a fight goes down I get genuinely excited.

    Then again maybe I'm just weird and the only one who thinks like this
    • Anonymous

      You've probably seen "Fight Club,"... like a lot

    • Actually I've only seen it once, and I did enjoy it, but it's far from my favorite movie

    • Yeah, I've seen guys bond over fights too.

  • ManOnFire
    You have a few good points, but overall it seems to be a post made as a guide for actually revelling in these disadvantages you perceive, and of course other females are going to agree with you.

    Being hard-wired for sex and wanting it so bad that your stuck in a rut if a woman doesn't want it, is typically faulty female logic. It doesn't really work that way, and where one woman doesn't want it, there's always another that does.

    For me one of the biggest sucky things about being a man is not having people respect you or taking you seriously for what you think, especially if it's about women and relationships. We even see it here on GaG. Females get many more up votes and agreement for what they say, even if they're really wrong, while people just tune us out and don't really respect our perspective. The mindset in society is that females are right just because they're females, even if they're very wrong.
    • Anonymous

      I don't understand why you think I'm reveling in the disadvantages. I can more than assure you, women have their own serious disadvantages to their sex, but this is not a competition to win the battle of who is more disadvantaged. Do you want to win that? These are merely, as I said, my outside your gender observations which it seems a lot are agreeing to, to some degree, even yourself. As far as the lack of respect you perceive, I've written this with the knowledge that I may very well be wrong on several things as I'm not a man, but I CANNOT tell you how you feel as a man and what you go through. This is the same for a man writing about a woman. When you write a post such as this, you cannot then proceed as many have, to tell the other gender what they are, think, and feel and ignore them telling you how it really is for them because of course you are not the one experiencing whatever it is.

    • ManOnFire

      Right. So I just told you. That's how it appeared to me.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry you personally felt that way, but that was not my intent, just observations and opinions, and yes, opinions can be wrong.

  • funny_strange_man
    I am short and never had a problem with dating which I do not do anymore. I am with an amazing lady who is 13 years older than me. I have never been told that I would be looked at as being weak for crying. I have been told by many that it is okay to cry.
  • meatballs21
    Bravo. I cannot fault this Take. Excellent, insightful stuff.

    3 and 4 to an extent go together. You cannot admit weakness. Even if you show a bit of it, and are told it's okay, you worry that your reputation and value has fallen in their eyes. You feel bad that you cannot meet the standard you feel has been set. It's an awful feeling and as a result you feel isolated and trapped since you don't dare seek help or even to vent about it.

    8 is also very true. I hate the feeling when I walk home from the subway and worry I'm causing unnecessary stress to a woman walking in front of me. My girlfriend works in childcare and I am uneasy going to pick her up from work in case an edgy parent (and I know she has some) takes exception to my presence hanging around waiting for her to finish packing her bag, because we might both get in trouble for whatever reason the parent's imagination comes up with.
  • thewanderingme
    the last one is understandable. you can't deny that more men are violent. it's smart to be cautious around them, especially for your children.
    • Actually if you look at child abuse cases in the US when parents abuse their children 22% were abused by both parents, 23% by just the fathers and 50% by just their mothers (the last 5% is unknown.) But sure... men are more violent...

    • @dragonlance5 this wasn't about child abuse.

      violence committed against strangers is almost always by a man.

    • and your statistics don't even add up.

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  • KawaiiPie67
    Irl, I've seen the opposite of all of those so many times. It could be my general age group, but I don't know any guys who have problems with these especially the top 5.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    Half of these are pretty much invalid in the 21st century. They'll be completely invalidated when all the generations before Gen X die off.
  • Scottyboy160
    You do have some very good points and are probably right but there is still no way in hellllllllllllllll that I'd ever want to be the opposite gender.
  • Ashely_Princess
    Good take, you should do eight of the worst things about being a women too 😛
  • TheSpartan
    Number 2 is one that partially applies to me, although I'm on the edge of short and average (I'm 5'7).
  • skeptic007
    its good I would fix a few things here and there but most of it was good
  • babu_001
  • Omar5881
    Very good take 😃
  • Daniizaguy
    i agree
  • dwiller943
    Sadly, those are very accurate.
  • Nik1hil
    Excellence at its peak
  • daxluthom
    erm... no, in your culture maybe.
  • Anonymous
    Stop sucking up to menscum
  • Anonymous
    Yeah it's much harder being a guy. Women have it a lot easier when you think about it 😒
    • Anonymous

      It's seriously not a competition, and if you want to win the battle of "who has it harder in life," by all means, take that trophy, but what exactly are you winning?

    • dwiller943

      No we don't.

  • Anonymous
    What about looks and weight? Men seems to get the
    short end of the stick when it comes to that.
    • Anonymous

      How so? In a side by side comparison with women, women are pressured practically since birth to keep their weight down and the older they get, the more and more pressure is put on them to stay beautiful and to look as young as possible. I'm not saying men don't experience any pressure to look good/tall/muscular, etc. but I think there is far more pressure put on women to do so.

    • Anonymous

      More fat women go on dates, more fat women get asked out. And lets not
      forget more people look @ fat women as the victim but if your a fat guy
      no one cares.

    • Anonymous

      Well if that's how you personally feel about it, then maybe that's what you are seeing and experiencing, but from my experience fat people... in general... get the short end of the straw when it comes to dating. My overweight friends complain all the time about it, both male and female. I personally still think society places much more pressure on women to be skinny and are much more accepting of a man who is fat, than a woman who is fat.

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  • Anonymous
    None of these have been a problem for me but they are stereotypical male problems. I disagree with 5 though, women want sex at least as much as guys, just the way our society is women are thought of as slutty if they want sex a lot where as guys are thought of as cool. So women pretend to not want sex as much and guys talk about it and pretend to want it more
  • Anonymous
    Don't forget that guys are still primarily expected to be the ones to put themselves out there and approach, make the first move, be the initiator
  • Anonymous
    Some of these are true, some not so much. As far as the whole fighting bit goes, it all depends on the level of maturity. I mean yes, fights can still happen, but usually the older people get, if something bad happens between two guys, they usually argue at most or just stop seeing each other to avoid conflict.

    As far as staying in your lane, I would say that more males are becoming nurses and it's not being frowned upon.

    For the crying/appearing weak bit, I couldn't agree more. I guess this could fall under that category but a lot of times no matter how much the guy has been wronged by females, he's expected to man up and move on otherwise he's seen as weak and lacking confidence. And another thing that could be a disadvantage is that how men are expected to initiate conversation with women but if the women doesn't like him back, he's seen as a creep which can hurt his chances with other women.
    • Anonymous

      100% agree with your crying weakness bit. I mean if a guy and a girl are both in a relationship for 10 years, and it ends, the girl can become a total mess and her girlfriends for sure will rally behind her, let her cry it out, let her be depressed and help her get out of it, but guys seem to have this reaction like you said, don't be weak about it, just suck it up, and get out there and start sleeping with other women to feel better. Ten years is a long time for anyone in a relationship and you've got to sort out your lives and such, but we don't allow men to go there. They just need to forget her, not cry, and be 'a man.'

    • Anonymous

      Yeah and while I haven't been in a relationship yet, I can sorta relate to it as I dated a girl who ended up using me as a rebound a few years ago that went back to the same ex she complained about. I didn't really cry but I did feel empty, depressed, and confused as she manipulated my emotions and threw herself at me but the moment I showed interest back, she acted like I was super clingy and then just disappeared without any closure. Yet when I was talking to people about it, they're just like dude, move on or there'll be other girls, quit being needy, etc. That was a slap in the face and it made me feel like I was crazy.

      End rant.

    • Anonymous

      Emotions seem to be assigned to the realm of being a female only for some reason. Maybe it's evolutionary. A guy friend once told me, men can't cry from an evolutionary standpoint because in battle, on a hunt, being consumed by depression and a lot of emotion could get you killed. If you're crying and what not, you're not watching your own back or the backs of your buddies hunting or in war, and that's a problem... so it's just been passed down that you suck it up and move on even though most men, at least in the US, aren't engaging in war or battle or hunting these days for survival.

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  • Anonymous
    I agree with most of it. The height thing is so true - tall girls are glamorized as models and ideals of beauty, they're desired for their long sexy legs and can give a man tall children, but there's just no upside - not one - to being short for a guy.

    Overall I still think it's easier to be a guy. I wouldn't be able to deal with some things girls go through.
    • There are many sports short guys can excell at, and when you excell at something, you will have an advantage in the dating world. Think about BJJ in the lower weight classes, F1, horseriding, breakdancing, soccer (offence), rugby (hooker), weightlifting... Besides, there will always be girls who are shorter than you, who are intimidated by very tall guys.

    • Anonymous

      @Meesterlijk you're right about the sports listed, and as I've said, just because you're short doesn't mean you're doomed, but if we were to hand out a survey to BOTH guys and girls and have the guys list physical qualities they want to have and girls, what the want to see on a man, short is not going to be one of them, I all but guarantee you that, and there are literally dozens of studies that routinely show that taller men are given more power, more respect, higher salaries, and fair better in the dating pool. There will ALWAYS be exceptions to societies so called rules.

  • Anonymous
    yeah the world is unfair and fucked up. but it still riocks being a man. jacking off. peeing where i want. not having to bleed and hurt for a week every month. can succeed easier n the carreer world. not being objectified that much. and so much more. in your face!!
    • dwiller943

      Damn... I wish I could do those things. 😂😂