The Things I Hate About Men

"To every guy who tries to say that we have already achieved equality for the sexes, if this were true, you wouldn't be told to "man up", "be a man", "stop being a p*#%y", "harden the fuck up", "toughen up", "boys don't cry", "don't be such a girl", "stop being a wimp". As long as this type of language still exists in our society, then gender equality, my friends, has in fact not been achieved after all."- Miya Yamanouichi

Disclaimer: This will be a somewhat lengthy MyTake. I especially don't write this out of a sense of entitlement, being a guy, after all. I write this Take in context to my other Take

What follows is what I feel is wrong with men today and somewhat has been for a long time coming. So sit back, read and enjoy.

The Things I Hate About Men


1) Ego.

The Things I Hate About Men

There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance: one is when you're wrong and you can't face it; the other is when you're right and nobody else can face it.

I think men were great once upon a time. Unlike today, they shared a sense of true brotherhood, respected their women, and desired that the next generation exceed their own. But suddenly they had the feeling that being right was everything, and so they stopped listening to others and started listening to themselves. And became so obsessed with themselves and their views, they just shut others off. And became too isolated to really learn anything truly. With this loss of humility and mutual respect, everything became harder to do. To learn, to coexist, even admit they were wrong to the ones they love. And hence men were labeled stupid and simple minded by their fairer companions.

Obviously this has gotten worse through the ages. And now we have this.

The Things I Hate About Men

On a serious note, I think a man's ego is his biggest problem by far. Some people mistake this with confidence, some with pride, some think its 'swag'. But I think its the true measure what man is truly capable of. But today we tightly embrace it as a means of self identity or individuality.

Time and time again does the pride of man influence his very own fall. While denying it, one gradually starts to believe that he is the authority, or that he possesses great moral dominion over others, yet it is spiritually unwarranted. By that point he loses steam; in result, he falsely begins trying to prove that unwarranted dominion by seizing the role of a condemner. This is not to say that women don't have ego, they do. But I think they're more tame than men.

This is the basis of all the other things I list out from here on out.

2) Traditional Double Standards.

The Things I Hate About Men

This holds true that while women have more sexist double standards, men have traditional double standards. What is it? It is the ancient prejudices that men still entertain against women for a long, long time.

Do you really believe ... that everything historians tell us about men – or about women – is actually true? You ought to consider the fact that these histories have been written by men, who never tell the truth except by accident. The bitter truth is that most of the masses following are lead by men. Jesus Christ for Christianity, Prophet Mohammed for Islam, the two major religions in the world today. I don't think think the original intentions were to debase women, but through the flow of time, as faith was led by men who claimed to be men of god and were hence absolutely righteous have bent and twisted ideals and equality to actually enslave women.

The Things I Hate About Men

Throughout the dark ages, middles ages and until the advent of modernization, the gradual development of women's rights and freedom was very slow, retarded even. I mean women could officialy only vote first in 1718 in Sweden and only in 1920 in the United States. Not even a century ago. Whereas men could vote way back dating to Ancient Greece, which birthed the first republic. It took millennia for women to vote and this is just how ridiculous the double standards were. And its just an example of the numerous double standards out there.

The only women who couldn't be completely touched by double standards were the rich or upper class women. Being in a position of power these women were practically untouchable. Then too. A majority of women had never got equal rights and more often than not even fundamental freedom.

Another example? Why was Polygamy only restricted to men? In some parts of the world, its still legal. These are the double standards that boggle my mind.

3) The MRA (Men's Right Activists)

The Things I Hate About Men

Wait? What? I thought it was some WWE Tag Team Stable. Well...

Most MRA are people who join because of failed marriages or particularly misogynists, people who outright hate women.

Now to be fair, the MRA started out as a backlash to Feminism. And to an extent, its was valid. Seeing as how divorce skyrocketed during the peak of feminism.

The Things I Hate About Men

That wave during the 70s and the 80s did cause a reason to panic. When Feminism was becoming more of a fashion statement than an ideal, which was how Feminism started declining in the first place.

But today as feminism has declined. Are MRAs really required? I mean this is still a patriarchal society. Has Feminism really changed the top order of society? Its my firm belief that the most capable should lead. Be it a man or a woman.

But some of the issues of Men's Right Activists are quite unreasonable. Things such as education measures for boys, owing to the better academic success of girls in general. Or the governments structured around men and boys. A radical notion to derail the women rights movement.

But like feminism's decay, there is no need for MRAs if we are to have a true Egalitarian society.

4) Pseudo Machismo

Now Macho or Machismo is a widely misused and misunderstood word. What it really means is

"a man’s responsibility to provide for, protect, and defend his family."

But what it has become, in the words of Celia Falicov, PhD, author of Latino Families in Therapy,

“the better man is the one who can drink the most, sire the most sons, defend himself the most, dominate his wife, and command the absolute respect of his children. It is also part of the configuration to have strong sexual drives and seek variety in sexual relationships, while being possessive and jealous toward the faithful wife.”

The Things I Hate About Men

This isn't purely restricted to Latino ethnicity, this exists universally. Don't tell me you don't know any men like these. They're a minority, yes. But there's still many of them and I feel like its a growing culture in nations where women are still repressed. This is what leads to domestic violence in the first place.

The Things I Hate About Men

Domestic abuse of men on women is widespread, all around the world. On the basis of physical strength alone, a man is capable of crushing a weaker woman physically, mentally and emotionally. To beat a person into submission is amongst the cruelest things to do a person. It can leave them scarred for life. Men are supposed to be assertive not aggressive.

5) Insecurity

While insecurity is somewhat a common trait among both sexes. It is more pronounced in men. An Insecure man is the biggest potential threat out there because he allows himself to be manipulated to do anything by a strong willed person.

The Things I Hate About Men

Low self esteem, lack of self confidence and general disbelief in self causes a man to freefall to the bottom of the barrel. As you lose self identity, you're desperate to seek validation. Or you adopt an aggressive stance to show strength. If ego is the beginning of a circle then insecurity is what ego becomes when it makes a full round.

The Things I Hate About Men

Insecurity makes a man do foolish things, like making his woman feel inferior to make him feel better about himself, severe insecurity even drives men to be obscure to reason. Obsessive cases often have fatal consequences. A crime of passion is not uncommon.

A man feels insecure when he feels his partner better than he is or if he doesn't feel he deserves them.

This is just insecurity about your partner. There are numerous other places in life that we feel we aren't worthy or we aren't just ready for something. And this causes quitting more than anything else or even giving up before trying. And that's something I can never accept. Of all the people I feel like I hate the quitters the most.

The Things I Hate About Men
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ManOnFire

    The girls are certainly gonna eat this one up and agree to the roof, but cry out about sexism when vice versa is written.

    Having said that, I do agree with some points you make. I myself am not even into that MRA stuff, I was when I was a teen, but eventually I saw that it's really no different than feminism and uses victim-osophy no less. But I disagree about the male ego because I personally think the female ego is far bigger than the male, which I plan on posting my own Take on at some point. But I certainly do agree that there are still some issues with our gender that I don't like either.

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    • "The girls are certainly gonna eat this one up and agree to the roof, but cry out about sexism when vice versa is written."

      LOL did you even see the female responses on his previous take regarding what he hates about women? Many of them agreed.

    • Chief16

      Also you forgot to mention, I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this from men, particularly misogynists.

    • ManOnFire

      @idkwtftoputhere I did see some of their agreement, yes. But if you put it in a different light, they would've hated it.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • SilenRose

    Nice myTake. It was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. ✌

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  • Privilege

    Love this myTake.
    Experienced it personally many times both from men and women. I've been told I'm not manly enough. That I'm "best friend material". I've been rejected for the same reasons.
    Why? Is it wrong for a man to have a sense of style? An opinion when it comes to fashion? A love for theatre? A preference of an emotional relationship before a physical one?

    I want feminism because I won't have to act like someone I'm not to be "date-able".

    • Chief16

      You mean the old feminism.

    • Privilege

      Maybe. I believe that feminism today is not something as black or white as it used to be. It's more of a grey topic these days. With both its pros and cons.
      Men and women still have room for progress and growth, but not as much as they used to.

  • Anpu23

    Wow, where do I start? I am a very vocal anti-feminist, as if you follow any of my my takes you probably know. But I will use each of your points and respond:
    Ego, I'll give this one to you, as I do not know enough to argue inteligently
    Double standards, there are more laws benefiting women then men, and the concept of "male privilege" was disproved by a feminist who took on a man's appearance to experience it, and her conclusion: "women are much more privileged then men"
    MRA's why is it that feminism feels that they are the only voice for gender issues? Why is it wrong for men to address their own issues and problems? What is wrong in pointing out problems for men (including the higher suicide rate for men)?
    Psudo Machismo two separate issues first the concept of "primary aggressor" has been disproved, see the second is this whole "toxic masculinity" come on, why is it so hard for people to understand that guys and women react to emotional stimuli differently see my my take about this for information and sources
    Insecurity? Are you really telling me that men are more insecure then women? Do you even pay attention to the questions posted on this site? Both genders have insecurities, and are insecure about much of the same things.

    • Chief16

      More men are insecure than women doesn't mean they're more insecure, more men, more secure, see the difference? How do you explain that 70% of the domestic abuse victimes are women? Emotional abuse could be met in kind. What escalates to physical abuse? Women are privileged than men? True. But if we want have equals, both MRA and Feminism have to go. And that's my point. I also said women have sexist double standards but men have traditional double standards. Am I wrong?

    • Anpu23

      No 70% of all domestic abuse victims are not women (please state your source), in most every domestic abuse situation the fight is MUTUAL as in both parties fighting, and if one party is not fighting back, then 70% of those situations the victims are men not women.

    • Chief16

      Now I'd like you to state sources.

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  • AmongTheApples

    Yeah, I didn't read that wall of text after your initial quote. Some people say the exact same things to women but just use different words (don't be a bitch, don't be so sensitive, just tell me how you feel already, why are you so cold, etc.)

    Those people are called idiots, and there are plenty of them in both sexes and all races.

    • Chief16

      Indeed. Exactly my point.

  • hellionthesage

    1. EGO
    No idea what your trying to get at, however I will say that women have egos just as men do, and that truth is actually more important then accepting a lie because its more convient then truth. So how do you dictate that men have greater egos then women? Why are women the fairer sex while where at it? Sounds like pandering to me to be perfectly blunt.
    Yes history is (usually) written by men however claiming that, to quote: "You ought to consider the fact that these histories have been written by men, who never tell the truth except by accident." is sexist and also illogical since its a presumption that cannot be verified. In fact when we look back at history we use multiple techniques to verify the veracity of written accounts like cross examination of events (who is writing it why they write it and who else is writing about the society/event) analysis of archeological evidence etc. further again, your claim is that men are sexist and we know this because they are the ones who wrote history and they never ever tell the truth because their sexist. Its circular reasoning and illogical. We know that women have been in positions of powe through out history we know that men died of violence to a far greater degree then women ever did (or have). We know by legal documents the responsibilites men had, for instance as you pointed out women where subserviant to men, but you conviently ignore the fact that the reason women where not allowed to control their husbands was because he was the one responsible for her well being, basicly it would be like a private having the power to argue and ignore an order from a general, it would defeat the purpose of the organization. So to with marriage a man could not be responsible for her while having no authority. As for religion, you also neglected to mention that the closest people to them where women (for jesus his mother mary, mary magdalene etc, for muhammad Fatima Maryam)
    You also neglect to mention the extreme rigidity within which a man was forced to operate ie dying in the place of a woman.

    • 3. MRA
      "Most MRA are people who join because of failed marriages or particularly misogynists, people who outright hate women." This is an attack and is presumptions plus it is by design meant to dismiss the arguments of the MRA by claiming they are "misogynist"(strange that every one knows this term and sees it as an insult yet its male counter part is ignored?) How are we a patriarchal society exactly? Women, in the U. S. are responsible for 80% of domestic spending (hence advertisers using the same tired trope of the idiot man and the smart women to pander to women, the ones with the buying power) Men make up 75% of all suicide victims 80% of all murder/assualt/mugging victims, over 70% of homeless are men, 80% of divorce is filed by women yet 80% of all alimony and childsupport is paid for by men. Men have no reproductive rights, women have all of them (and rights over the mans as well) we have laws that only benefit women, none that benefit men. So I think the claim that we have a

    • "patriarchal" society is erroneous at best. If your going to claim their are more male politicians, thats true, they make up less then 1% of the population however so to say all men have power is like saying that since 1% of the population is filthy rich all people are ie its an illogical argument. Also it ignores the fact that women made the choice not to go into politics. Otherwise we would be screaming about the sexism of the educational system (almost entirely female and by its own admission designed for women hence the higher male drop out rate and the fact that 63% of all college graduates are women (and the number is rising)) and in phsyciatry and social work etc etc, all of which are dominated by women yet unlike all male dominated fields (except for all the dangerous and physically demanding ones) have female quotas, something of which we do not have for female dominated fields.

      So your quoting some one who is himself making a fallacious argument, and attributing all negative aspects in society to men and men alone while praising women (seems hypocritical to claim that we are all equal but only men are bad and only women are good). If this was the cause of domestic violence then that would then mean that women would be the victims of domestic violence more then men. Yet every study has shown that this is actually the opposite that men are in fact more likely to be abused by a spouse then women are. 70% of non reciprocal violence in intimate relationships is perpetrated by the woman, in reciprocal violent relationships its 50/50 except while violent relationship is an indicator of past and future violent relationships for women it is not for men suggesting they instigate it with verbal and emotional abuse of which 80% of is perpetrated by women. So clearly the data does not match your conlcusion.

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  • Careless_Whisper

    I thought feminists were bad but white knights are just unbearable. The ignorant drivel that you have displayed is appalling and pitiful. This is probably the most stupid and most sinister mytake I have ever come across.

    • @idkwtftoputhere I can't prove that he's a white knight but he sure sounds like one. Either way he has posted a load of sinister elephant dung and it doesn't surprise me that someone with your intelligence would embrace it.

    • And you come across as an idiot by throwing the words "white knight" and "feminist" at anybody and anything that gets you butthurt. I'm not embracing shit

    • @idkwtftoputhere Go away feminist, you're annoying.

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  • gaaxure

    Either this or you're a huge mangina and need to consider eating a bullet.

    • Chief16

      I always eat the bullets. Thank you.

  • IceEverest

    Loved the take but...
    I am not a MRA but I think the education system should change.
    Its all sedentary work and no creative skills needed and Women love sedentary work... so they outperform...
    I want education system to be 50% practical creativity and 50% theory...
    So will you call me sexist?

    • IceEverest

      Hey give me some reply...

    • Chief16

      No. I don't. But in life, men are actually more successful than women. You see, while women excel here, in academics. Men simple take risks, face rejection, overcome great obstacles to achieve something great. That's simply something the education system doesn't have. Its just too 'safe'. For men, I think, real education is self education. Educational systems will always be flawed. There's no reason for us to think outside the box. Think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg for that matter. They've done academically but at some point they must have felt there's a better way to do it.

    • IceEverest


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  • OrdinaryGentleman

    Men are thoughtless aliens centering around the belief that if you are not alpha, you are not in the "in". Men don't have emotions and if you do you are considered a woman, but if you dont show much emotion they consider you a psychopath... fuuuuuuuu

  • Minxxie

    Oh my god this is GAG we are not allowed to talk about faults of men! This is a woman bashing only zone! lol

  • IndianGirl01

    Great mytake! Proud to live in a world where guys (that too an indian guy) like you exist. Thanks!

  • Notreallyhere

    That one was good too👌🏼

    "It's your ego, he said calm your tits" bustin a gut ova herexD

    • Chief16

      What I cannot deny is that most men on G@G are very aggressive. Not even defensive.

    • I don't guess I've been here long enough to notice. I do know that some people REALLY hate Muslims up in here, and that everyone is obsessed with sex.

    • Chief16

      Lol.😂 You catch on real quick.

  • ClariceOwen23

    I agree with both, this one and the one about women. This was well-written.

    • Chief16

      Well, thank you. Its like 90% guys on G@G hate men for pointing stuff that's wrong with men.

  • Silver119

    I didn't read it all tbh. I will agree that once upon a time men shared a true brotherhood but these days there's so much competition between them concerning girls that ever "friends" end up turning on each other just because they think they're in with a chance of getting laid. Kinda pathetic really.

  • takumii

    Is it just me , or did everyone found the memes fucking hilarious !!

    • Fugue

      Just you, I guess.

  • bluenose1872

    You need a fanny pad. You sure your a guy? Idiots like you think the world's a fair place where there's a seat for everyone and justice for the masses where the good guy wins through and the baddy is shot by the sheriff and put in jail. It ain't like that pal. It's a dog eat dog world and men have bigger teeth. Women only get rights these days coz the politicians are wise enough to know they make up roughly half the votes. The money men behind the politicians lobby for equal rights as a popular platform for their horse (politician) so they can impose more money making laws and bylaws on the people. You honestly think the world is fair lol. The only reason you and I are alive is because they haven't figures out a profitable way to kill us yet. They will though. Wake up.

  • ConsultantIsBack

    Hahaha. Funny memes

  • DizzyAster

    hhahahahahaha equal rights, hahahahaa... and lefts.

  • Zombie-Killa

    That's a lot of man bitching and man-ragging :|

  • Revengercm

    I agree but not all of them are like this.

    • Chief16

      No. They're not. But these flaws none the less.

    • Chief16


  • This_is_my_username

    Really good Mytake... :)
    Take care

  • Femaletoo

    Men are assholes.

  • Anonymous

    Soooo I know you're getting hate from a lot of guys for writing this but thank you

  • Anonymous

    Things I hate about men :- Allowed on GAG. Promoted by moderators.

    Things I hate about women :- Not Allowed on GAG. Instant warning or ban.

    • Anonymous

      Wake up!!

      Men are oppressed second class citizens in the west... we face daily discrimination like this... And you hate on people who say that men should have equality and rights?

      Shame on you

    • Chief16

      I wrote a things I hate about women. There's a link right there.

    • Anonymous

      I'm impressed... in the past many milder posts about women were removed for being antagonistic, offensive or whatever... I don't know but they were removed.

      Your statistics about domestic violence are way off, women have been shown to commit the majority of domestic violence in hundreds of studies. 40% is just the number of police reports

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  • Anonymous

    First, Timothy 2:11 does not state that , I wish atheist would stop googling Christian scriptures your going to get the old testament which was European washed. History hasn't been written, most things we consider history is just good guesses and they sound accurate. Yes, most history is told by males but we seem to forget a lot of history is told by stories and music Which generally women where in charge of. But wouldn't saying men are bsing all of you be sexist? Most scientist are male so would that also mean we shouldn't pay attention to them?

    • Chief16

      Science and history aren't the same thing. Read the bible again.

    • Anonymous

      lol, No duh science and history aren't the same thing did i say it is? And I actually looked in the bible and it says no such thing in my bible Timothy2:11 starts on page 333 to 334.

    • Chief16

      Your bible. I have a version of the King James right here. You're comparing historians and scientists.

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  • Anonymous

    equal rights and lefts buhahahaha! i should make that a tshirt!