What I Hate About Women


"I have an idea that the phrase weaker sex was coined by some woman to disarm some man she was preparing to overwhelm." – Ogden Nash

Disclaimer: This is a lengthy MyTake. I do not write out of a sense of entitlement and where possible, I shall endeavor to include facts and figures to illustrate what I intend to convey. This isn't a Hate Take. Rather, its just my outlook, into what I hate about women. Also please note there's a sea of difference in the sentences:

Why I hate women.

What I hate about women.

See that? Aren't they two completely different sentences? One has four words. The Other has Five. Now please reread those sentences, its very important you understand my intentions. I am writing about the latter and the former is just a myth. Even misogynists have a hard time truly hating women and have to accept at some point that women are absolutely essential and invaluable to the growth and continuity of humankind. End disclaimer.

Obviously, this will touch lightly on feminism. It can't be helped. Seeing the flood of feminist MyTakes here. I'd really rather not write one, because its a lost ideal. It has collapsed by its own standards. Enough said. Moving on to the main topic at hand.

What I Hate About Women.

1) The Double Standards.

This table pretty much sums it up.

What I Hate About Women

Its tough being a man in a woman's world.

2) Feminism....

You knew this was coming, first of all I don't get the word at all.

What I Hate About Women

Feminism. A long time ago, in the 1960s, a few brave women stood against a predominantly patriarchal society and demanded the same rights for women. And the movement was such a success that it somewhat revolutionized the preconceptions of gender roles. Women were encouraged to be more independent, intellectual and free. But today, feminism is a shadow of what it was. Reduced to bitter women seeking for an upperhand in a pretty much, but less rigid patriarchal society.

What I Hate About Women

Todays generation knows nothing about the hard won rights the previous generation had toiled so much for. Nowadays feminism has pretty much been reduced to a sense of entitlement for closeted misandrists who march out like they're representing all the women in the world.

Feminism is a first world problem. Period.

If you were to travel to a third world country or Africa. Africa, especially, where women are quite literally treated no better than livestock, you'll see where feminism is required the most. Can you really call for equality when there is none? Seeing as how 70% of women population belong to the Third World?

3) The Great Violence Against Women Issue

What I Hate About Women

Domestic violence is the sad face of the ugly truth around the world. And its undeniable that women obviously suffer more greatly than men. No country being the exception. To view it statistically let's consider domestic violence in the UK.

What I Hate About Women

A whopping 63% of the total reported domestic violence victims are women. On the other hand men stand at 37%. By 2013 reports. Obviously women have it harder. And its much more likely that an intense case of violence is more fatal to women. Also, let's consider some cases which are not reported. Only adding to the woes of domestic violence victims.

However, you only see how brutal men can be against women. Its always on the news. Men being shoved into police cars, drunk or outraged or both. But what about violence against men? How often, if at all, have you seen a woman being towed away in police cruiser for violence against men? Chances are very slim, I'd wager.

What I Hate About Women

Whereas women who experience domestic violence are openly encouraged to report it to the authorities, it has been argued that men who experience such violence often encounter pressure against reporting, with those that do facing social stigma regarding their perceived lack of machismo and other denigrations of their masculinity. Additionally, intimate partner violence (IPV) against men is generally less recognized by society than IPV against women, which can act as a further block to men reporting their situation.

I have seen some women here claim that they have never seen a woman slapping a man. I take it they've lived very blissful lives. Violence is an innate trait of humankind, be it men or women. Its undeniably more amongst men but it also means a significant number of women also wittingly or unwittingly engage in violent behavior.

What I Hate About Women

Violence against men does exist, it might not be as pronounced as much violence against women. But it has a strong presence. One in every three domestic violence victim is a man. How? Do you believe abuse between a man aand his wife is restricted to the woman only? It extends to children too. Do you also forget that everyone has a childhood. Think only girls have daddy issues? Think again.

What I Hate About Women

What I Hate About Women

If a non violent census is to be reached, both sexes must agree that violence has a whole, exclusive of sexism, racism and other prejudices must be stopped and at the very least prevented.

4) Slut Shaming.

What I Hate About Women

Elizabeth Armstrong, a sociology and organizational studies professor at the University of Michigan, said in a release. “By engaging in ‘slut-shaming’ — the practice of maligning women for presumed sexual activity — women at the top create more space for their own sexual experimentation, at the cost of women at the bottom of social hierarchies.”

Contrary to popular belief, slut shaming never started with men in the first place. It started with women being insecure about other women. This has little to do with patriarchy. Surprisingly, why? in a society where some men are willing to pay for sex would ban a promiscuous women. Degrading to men, I know. But nonetheless why would they shame a woman offering easy sex? Doesn't make sense. Does it?

High-status women employ slut discourse to assert class advantage, defining themselves as classy rather than trashy, while low-status women express class resentment—deriding rich, bitchy sluts for their exclusivity.

This is a form of sexual privilege.

Now I'm not saying men do not shame. They do. But I believe the people who started must end it and not blame the ones who are foolishly catching on to the bygone practices of a ridiculously prejudiced society.

5) Entitlement

What I Hate About Women

A women may be misinformed, mislead, unclear, misguided, and even downright stupid..but she is never ever wrong. Know what I mean?

I might have all the facts with me, and all the obvious evidence in the world that I'm right. But I'm not. Why? Because women say so. No, they'll boil you, grill you, even make null and void of hard found truths. But they will never ever admit to two things. Guys being right and them being wrong. For some women.

They're entitled to never be wrong, they're entitled to never pay for dates, they're entitled to be sexist, they're entitled to be cruel, they're entitled to take a man's money at divorce, they're entitled to take his house, his car, his assets. Saddest of them all, they're entitled to take his children. Why?

Are kids property? Are they something dividable? It took a man and a woman to make a child. Why is the woman entitled to tear a child from their father? If equal rights are advocated then joint custody is a no brainer. A child needs both a father and a mother. Any woman who feels she's entitled to keep children from their father is amongst the most wretched and miserable of her ilk.

Once this sense of entitlement ends can women truly progressive towards being truly independent.

In conclusion, I don't blame women or hate them at all, I just concur I do not understand them. As one wise feminist once said

"I’m a woman.. I’m smart. I never lose an argument. I can cook. I like to read fashion magazines. I love to be right. Men don’t understand us. We must have secret powers, because I don’t understand us, either."

Thank you for reading this long haul of a Take. Ciao.


What I Hate About Women
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  • AleDeEurope
    True to this, especially the violence against men. We're always treated as the bad guys even when we haven't even opened our mouths, but there's always that thought in the back of their mind that says "he's a man, he's gonna hurt you", while women basically hurt as much as men.

    It's still wrong for women to hit men, just yesterday a woman was arrested cause she hit his husband after he got her nothing for Valentines (this also shows the entitlement you mentioned). She left him unconscious after hitting him with a mini baseball bat.
    I'm glad she got arrested, but would have she been arrested if she just punched him? I know a man would have, but a woman? I doubt it.

    I can live with many women being entitled, sure it sucks, but ehh, it is what it is, but when it comes to violence, no, it has to stop.
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    • most of the time that you exist, what is your greatest fear of what women will do to you? Do to men in general? The answer is humiliate them. That is what men fear most from women. You know what women have to worry about? If a man is going to kill them. That is their greatest fear. Sure if you search around, or get into long conversations, men are worried that a woman might kill them, but it's not the #1 fear on their mind. Just humiliation. The worst we worry about is if they are going to humiliate us. Every day, every woman, has the actual fear, that a man, one they know or a stranger, might kill them. What sort of society do we live in where women must fear for their lives at the hands of men, but men are scared they might get their feelings hurt? A messed up rape culture society. Like I said in my response to the post itself, insecure men just need to step aside and fade into obscurity, and let us confident and respectful equals of all gender identities inherit the earth.

    • @OarengeAeyt What kind of crap did I just read? You sound like a girl in a guy's account...

    • Chief16

      @AleDeEurope that's why no one takes Xper 1 seriously.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Shutupman
    I agree, these are the kinds of things I have been pointing out to both boys and girls too. Men shouldn't allow shitty women to treat them like that. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Some women expect equality but do not give any to others.
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  • SilenRose
    If feminism isn't needed then the MRA isn't needed as well. I expect there to be a "What I hate about men" myTake appearing any day now since this is the second one I've seen today.
    • altair212

      sorry women are beautiful unless welll... unless your a feminist. change title to what i hate about man hating nazi feminists such as this "girl"

    • Chief16

      @SilenRose there will be a what I hate about men take.

    • SilenRose

      @altair212 Reverse that and say "men are beautiful unless well... your an MRA". Sounds just as nice, correct? Awe, you think I'm a feminist. How presumptuous of you.

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  • dominiquois
    #1... I agree with the vast majority of those examples
    #2... We've NEVER had a female president in the west. In fact most positions of power such as Presidents, CEOs, Military personnel, etc are MEN usually white. And its definitely because of some bullshit reasoning such as men are naturally more competent
    #3... True
    #4... Most humans are monogamous and biologically built for it for chemically bonding with one person. Monogamy only benefits the CHILDREN period. Monogamy ensures they grow up in a stable environment with BOTH parents given that the one or both parents aren't psycho. Sluts destroy the family dynamic and resources of CHILDREN. Women don't hate other women because of their sexual expressions but because those women are possible threats to the life stability of their children. There's even a species of bird that kills the females and the eggs of other females of their own species for this reason.
    #5 Only women that are raised without any fair-thinking are like this. They were usually spoiled children.
    • *definitely NOT

    • Chief16

      Yes, the bird is known as Cuckoo. I'm really glad you read this through. But from what I've experienced, the opinion about a promiscuous woman is kinda divided among men, some just wanna get laid, some have holier than thou attitude, and some are just assholes. But it really is women who put the slut in slut.
      When women hate, they hate with a passion.
      On #5, I did put the picture of spolit kid. I thought people would understand. Sorry if it conveyed the wrong message.
      As for #2. Hmmm. Power at the top belongs to the best. Examples of women who lead are Indira Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, Melissa Meyer of Yahoo. Hilary Clinton maybe. Who knows?

    • Women slut shame other women to protect their children and families. There literally is no other reason. Men don't slut shame because they just want to spread their seed so obviously why would they slut shame? A woman HAS to protect the resources for her children so that another women will not steal them. A woman who has her man taken away from her will have to fight for money and time for her children with another women and HER children. You're lucky women just call each other sluts (which they do to get the other women to see what they're doing is wrong) in the past women would just kill each other.

      Yes, power at the top belongs to the best but the best aren't only men. There are many more competent women than the ones you mentioned, hundreds and thousands more but they are blocked from achieving this because "ALL" women are "supposed" to stay at home and raise children. The reason why this world is so unfair and warlike is because there is a disproportionate amount of men on top

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  • OarengeAeyt
    Women are amazing even though men have oppressed them for so long. Insecure men just need to step aside and fade into obscurity, and let us confident and respectful equals of all gender identities inherit the earth.
    • Chief16

      Which is exactly what I've said all this Take.

    • What you've said is that there are a bunch of double standards that make it so women have it better, but that it seems like they're oppressed. It's all bull. For example, your exposure to violence chart doesn't say who is exposing them to violence. The majority of the men in that study are exposed to violence and sexual victimization by other men, while the women are as well. The men are the ones creating the violence, and perpetuating it. This is why feminism is so important. It's to show that all this stuff you posted is crap, and that men and women need to be taught from a young age that they need to be good to their fellow humans, that they can be who they want, show emotion, pursue any career, and that all genders should be treated equally. You have to realize that MEN rule the world, and that MEN set in place the rules and regulations that perpetuate the problems in our societies. So it should once again be MEN that STAND BESIDE WOMEN as allies, and fight for them to be equal.

    • Chief16

      Lol. Go back to the 19th century.

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  • Notreallyhere
    Not bad.

    You know what would really be progress? If we just stopped calling people men and women, call them people because all people should be fucking equal.

    I've seen all the support groups there are for girls in bad situations. They don't have them for young men because they don't ever go, they just try to tough that shit out and it's not good for them. Guys need to learn that it's ok to not be a fuckin he-man all the time.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    That table is so ridiculous, biased, and not really true it's not even funny lol

    I'm not surprised this take is so popular seeing as there are so many women haters on the internet.
  • CoolSky01
    I agree with pretty much 99% of what you said, these are problems the first world is facing these days, women are getting bored with their lives and are wokring hard to create drama since its what stirs their world.

    Iam not the oldest nor the most experienced regarding the right way of treating a woman, i know something i know that women are human beings and should be trated as such, i also know that they are different from me and they process thoughts differently, i also acknowledge that i need them... With all that being said, regardless of what any woman says i will treate women as i see fit and appropriate iam not going to listen to how women want to be treated cause lets face it, they dont know what thet want from life, therefore i am not going to be sitting their listening to their thoughts and angry ideas i dont take most of what they say into consideration when it comes to my behaviour around women, because i had to learn the hard way that what i knew and what i tried to apply to women in my life did not work and had an opposite effect, so excuse me ladies but iam not going to ask a woman how to treat a woman !!

    Also you're right they want to win most arguements and it shows in the comments they always have something to say... shit some girl even claimed that we should stop calling men men and women women and call them people, and be like " Dad iam marrying people !!"... yeah
  • Octavius
    I don't hate these things about women I just hate these things about society. Many women feel the same way about these things as you and do care. I think it's just a matter of finding the right woman who treats you how they like to be treated.
  • ClariceOwen23
    I actually thought this was going to be a woman-hating take, but you brought up some really good points.
    • Chief16

      Well, I've had the good fortune of knowing a few wonderful women in my life.

  • LovesTVDx
    The first table is a load of biased bull.
    Everything about this Take is biased, both genders have it bad in different ways.
    • Chief16

      Exactly what I've said. I take it you haven't read beyond the table.

    to be honest , i have women issues manly cause my mother used to beat me when i was young and would demean me to no ends, i think a lot of what you said was very true, i feel that people are focusing so much on the table that they forgot what you wrote in the first section. was a good read thanks for at least trying to show the hypocrisy with this problem
  • Girl_Scout
    In sorry but the Table was just so full of shit I didn't make it past there.
    • detlef

      Scout how can you be dismissive of a guy who obviously gets so much tail?

    • Girl_Scout

      @detlef I know I know... because I'm a nasty mean girl? Yep, must be that...

    • detlef

      I think the girl in the "slut shaming" pic is very pretty, Scout. And I love the hat.

      Too bad about her predilection toward entitlement and violence.

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  • UtopianLobotomy
    uh, bro... you forgot that men can't raise their kids if they find out a bit too late that the mother of their kids is a psycho or sociopath, or has severe PTSD from childhood trauma and rape and then gets a wild hair and a knack for revenge on you because she is mad at YOU so now all she has to do is manipulate the courts, which is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY easy for a woman to do, thus the man can basically NEVER NEVER see his kids or have any say or authority in his own children's lives.

    Some of your stuff was over the top, but hold on: The fact that over 50% of children today do not know their biological father or have him in their life in any significant manner at all (or any significant father figure) is what perpetuates nearly ever societal problem you addressed relating to gender relations.
    • Chief16

      Over the top as in?

    • Just the "double standards" list. You see different standards should be expected (generally at least) of men and women. So you began your argument where the feminists and post-modern existentialists (gynocentric lemmings in other words) want you to, on their initial but faulty premise.

      It also reeks of victimhood rallying, you know - that icky stuff that masculine values reject.
      There are also some funny equivocations in it that are just plain whining and not "manning up". Men and women are not equal in every way and beginning the argument on such false assumptions will not do anyone any favor nor address a reasonable compromising solution.

    • That's right I said "man up". Don't let our hijacked academia own our language and redefine the terms, we as men should man up and take our language back from these gynocentric brainwashed pansies.

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  • bluenose1872
    Most women I've ever known are too stupid and pathetic to lead anything. All you ever see these days is it's too white, too many men. It's doing my head in. they need a good slap and get told to fuck off. Women are like poison in the water supply. They fracture things they don't bond them. I've never seen a woman boss who wasn't hated by everyone. They're cold, bitter cows for the most part. You get the odd rare one who's dynamite but they're few n far between
  • ManOnFire
    It doesn't seem hateful to me, but you'll be met with whiny assault from the ladies. Or they'll just "ignore it," as if it really changes anything.
    • Not all women are the same. I fully agree that it doesn't seem hateful and actually it's a very valid point.

      Just wanted to call you out. ;-P

    • ManOnFire

      @Smmyskittles Haha. Not all women. Just most women. Lol.

  • ashisimo
    "Africa, especially, where women are quite literally treated no better than livestock" that's as far as i got:
    africa is the second biggest continent and you're grouping it in one category? ur ridiculous lmaoo
    • Chief16

      Because most of Africa has the same pro government and anarchist rebel factions fighting each other every day. Its usually women who pay the price. Mass rapes and mass murders are a everyday thing there.

    • ashisimo

      rape and murders happen everywhere, my friend. africa is not the only place that holds unstable countries.

    • Chief16

      My friend, I suggest you read what mass rape and genocide means. Its not common. Its the most in Africa. I don't have time for your ignorance.

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  • Possible_Mate
    really good, take, you pretty much covered everything, and had the proof and reasoning. although i don't buy 100% of the double standards. i agree with you that there are a lot of inequalities that men face today and things are more women oriented in some ways. i also like how you mention that there are still places in the world (like africa) where women are still treated like livestock or worse, so they DO need feminism, which is a point that a lot of men who write these takes seem to miss. i also agree with you on feminism in first world countries, it was needed when it started and i appreciate the hard work and effort that women of that past did so i could have the freedom and quality of life that i do now, but first world feminist are not needed anymore.
  • Hope96
    I think this MyTake is logical in my ways. Generally, many MyTakes that are against women are published by some bitter men, but it seems like you know that the world is not black and white. I understand that this MyTake is not putting ALL THE WOMEN in the same category, and all of us know that there are some women who don't support unequal advantages that a woman may get due to continuously changing laws and world. The saddest point is how men really can't take a stand against the domestic violence that they face for a number of reasons. Feminism wasn't a bad movement, but not it has been misused in a number of ways, and many girls are trying to become superior to men, when it was actually supposed to make both the genders equal. I support equality now.
  • Yeahno12
    You took the words right out of my mouth- great article although a bit lengthy.
  • heroine_VS_heroin
    Dude all of this makes sense I hate this stuff about girls too
  • sp33d
    I enjoyed reading it. The double standard sheet made me laugh so hard :). However, it's just entertainment value to me.

    "but she is never ever wrong. Know what I mean?"

    no, I don't.
  • dwiller943
    Oh. I must be a man then. Because as long as I'm the pretty shy girl, guys will be too scared to go after me. And for the rape thing, we are CONSTANTLY blamed and doubted.
  • Cusco_Othriyas
    I hoped all the girls actually read and understood the entire thing. Guess it's hope misplaced.
  • DizzyAster
    This has little to do with women and more to do with assholes who start these movements and idiots who follow along.
  • idkwtftoputhere
    You made many good points, I agree.
  • IceEverest
    I love the chart in 1st point.
  • Scrambledagain
    I love that table man ha ha. Truth.
  • BangBadBxtches
    Lol at Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • danzeen
    cool story bro... men aren't oppressed.
  • Anonymous
    Bro if you get your ass kicked by a woman, there are bigger issues than the violence. The bigger issue is you are a bitch. If you can't whoop her then run and if you're too slow to get away, you deserve that ass whooping.
  • Anonymous
    Good Take, bhai.
    And don't you think Indian girls here think they can get away with hitting men and then play the victim card in front of the police?
    And guess what, the media supports them.
  • Anonymous

    Why patriarchy exists and why the west is no longer a patriarchal society
  • Anonymous
    I see more myTakes about men hating women then i see about feminism.
  • Anonymous
    That table was absolutely brilliant. So true. Western society seems to really hate on men.
  • Anonymous
    This is some pretty major generalisations here.
    Just remember that a lot of women are egalitarian or at least believe in the older objectives of feminism, and not what feminism has become.
    • Chief16


    • Anonymous

      Because that's very constructive.
      I feel like you've had some bad experiences with women which you've allowed to cloud your argument.

    • Chief16

      No. I'm not gonna even bother. Thank you.

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  • Anonymous
    someone curve that take on a golden plate. you just summed all te problems with feminism and unfairness in the gynocentric society.
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      thanks for the upvote 👊

    • Chief16

      The same is true for men.

    • Octavius

      Marilyn Monroe never said that. A womens studies professor at Harvard said that but she wasn't attractive or popular enough in the eyes of people who like this quote so they just decided to slap this quote to Marilyn Monroe giving her credit for what someone else said.

  • Anonymous
    Women didn't start slut shaming. Just look at the Old Testament that demands a woman be stoned if she's not a virgin on their wedding day. Guess who wrote the OT? Men. It's a way for men to ensure their own paternity (since if a woman is promiscuous he doesn't know for sure that a child is his own; therefore, he could possibly be wasting his resources.)
    I think slut-shaming is half&half.
    • Chief16

      Guess who existed before the bible? Men and women. True, men wrote the bible. There's still an abundance of evidence to support who started slut shaming. See the Greek and Roman empires.

    • Anonymous

      The Old Testament was written before the Greek and Roman empires.

    • Chief16

      The Greeks existed in the 11th century BCE, were even quite well established having fought the Trojan War around the same time. 11th Century BCE is about the same time manuscripts of the Hebrew bible were written, apparently.

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  • Anonymous
    It seems women get a free ticket into the dating/mating game
    • Anonymous

      Basically, hate the gender role, always have hated it, that us guys have to approach and make the first move, be the initiator, lead the interaction, etc.

  • Anonymous
    Never believe a statistic you haven't forged yourself. Mkre men are affected by domestic violence than women.
    And what's more important is that feminism should be punishable by death for trying to impose a gender inequality in law and society.
  • Anonymous
    Slut shaming is put in place by women to allow them to get commitment. Easy sex decreases the value of sex from other women and lowers the chance that they can get commitment from high status males.

    Today girls are more promiscuous than ever. Men have the stance why buy the cow when i can get the milk for free.

    Girls are complaining now about men not wanting to court them and being content with ONS, and friends with benefits arrangements.
    • And kids grow up without dad, yep... sounds fucked either way you look at bro, we are all fucked by social engineering we are now the animals in the zoo that the ultra elitists have always wanted. Crush the alpha male spirit, allow for betas and fake alpha psychopaths to roam the land in droves and droves reeking havoc like lemmings and apes.