Hating Our Femininity

Girls are smaller. Girls are slower. Girls are weaker.

As a woman, do you feel annoyed by this? Does it bother you that the world has seen and still sees us this way? Maybe we should get buff, work faster and post videos of us lifting heavy things. Be it that way, the feeling of female inferiority still persists. But we shouldn't.

I am not ashamed to be smaller. I am not ashamed to be weaker. What I am ashamed of, is being told that my credibility is based on how comparable I am to a man.

Our world has taken a great shift from conservative perception, to a strongly liberal one. Certainly more freedoms and harmonic results have come out, but not without the cost of breaking fundamental strings. Overly subjective ideology has its corrosion on objective truths, which cast us into a hallucination of vague reasoning and living.

We may be convinved we are surfing the waters of open mindness, when really we are contained in a small display tank. Humans are the most valuable merchandise, organized neatly on the beastly retail shelves of society. Our relevance in existance is based soley on how much money we can put into the system.

Hating Our Femininity

Extreme trends scream money, and third wave feminism is only that - a lucrative trend. Not to be mistaken for the fight men and women undertook in years past to break "human merchandising," conservative ideas then, but the diluted retail construct pressured onto us, that we may conform.

Modern feminism, plays the catalyst in destroying valid female self identity, to build up a certain form easier to control and manipulate. In this case, it forces the idea that femininity is weaker than masculinity, or irrelevant altogether. A woman ought to be ashamed of being a woman.

Hating Our Femininity

1.) This Feminism...Is Misogyny

I am still wondering where the grand counsel was held, making it law that masculinity is the epitome of human existence.

Stigmas like this are a lingering symptom from the post hyper- misogynistic society before, which feminists swear the world will become if women are not as strong, authorative, and independent as men. This is strange, as perpetuating masculine based ideas actually supports misogyny, the idea that masculinity is superior to femininity.

Modern women boast or are made out to be non-authentic knock off's of the male identity. The idealized woman no longer being womanly, but aggressive, sexually driven like men, (or more,) built and authoritative.

Hating Our Femininity

She seems fierce and powerful on the outside, but suddenly becomes a competitor with men. Now, instead of being unified to males, males become obstacles rather than partners. More and more relationships appear with women screaming and belittling their partners, spitefully using the system to destroy men's lives, demanding men uphold their gender roles whilst completely destroying female relevance.

Hating Our Femininity

Men operate smoothly with femininity, women with masculinity, which is why the lack thereof impacts romance harshly. These women become hardened, obnoxiously opinionated, and lack basic social etiquette, especially regarding men. Their moral is exchanged for transient ideas that being severely headstrong translates to a woman of substance.

Your education, career, and chin held high, can not compensate for the pride driven, sexists dilemma you keep pushing, and hurting many along the way. In truth, its just an inferiority complex women have developed from being beaten with the idea that femininity is despicable.

Men are not our competition in the least, and harboring a sexist prideful view that we need to eliminate our feminine spirit to be better than them - by being them, just further pushes misogynistic brainwashing.

2.) The Feminine Touch

This misogyny happens largely due to the fact that we attach positive traits only to men.

Hating Our Femininity

Yes, men are stronger physically. Yes men are more "dominant," in nature, and yes men are to always be resourcefully independent. However, strength, authority, and independence manifest in numerous ways. Men take time to develop their masculinity, as do women in our femininity.

A very feminine woman is an extremely powerful woman. An example of this, is the woman you see everyday...your mother. Do not be offended in giving in to the subliminal feminist idea that mothers are weak.

Hating Our Femininity

Mothers die fighting, protecting, risk lives running through fire, work several jobs, barely sleep, endure various traumas, provide for their families, and love very self sacrificially. When mother's day rolls around, even the strongest men feel tears. Husbands entreat their wives, children make cute poorly drawn expressions of love and thanks to her.

Ugh, but she may have been just a whatever housewife, or gave up her schooling, or her husband makes more money than her. Sure, but her nurturing hand builds up merit for everyone involved.

Hating Our Femininity

Our feminine spirit is so powerful, that its the only other existing in balance alongside men's. It is equal, and manifest strength, independence and authority in its way.

Hating Our Femininity

A good observation is how guys feel intimidated by more masculine men. Similarily, women feel intimidated by other women, based on her femininity. She confidently embraces her beauty, is soothing in her gentle nature, firm in her authority and has a certain feminine sparkle other women enjoy and men adore.

Why feminists are determined to convince the world that femininity is bad, just shows a steep misunderstanding of their own feminine spirit. Maybe they feel ashamed from all the woman bashing society makes us do to each other. Throwing it in our face that we are less inventive historically, weaker, etc to men.

Hating Our Femininity

An anti-girly girl may talk louder and rock baggy clothes - but she can not compare to a woman who isn't defined by social constructs:

Hating Our Femininity

A man is not going to tell me who I am.

Neither is a woman.

3.) Feminism = Feminine

Is that not the idea?

Instead of killing girl ideology, feminism should be encouraging women to embrace our feminine side without feeling belittled or shamed. Imagine if sisterhoods formed that emphasized the female natures desire to heal and care; how powerful we would be, coming together not about a pay gap, but a real force in ending world hunger? How about using our voices and means for women still abused and uneducated in extreme sexist societies? Encouraging good manners, gentleness and respect in our households instead of demanding respect only for ourselves as women? Why are we forced to come together to tear down ourselves and others, instead of feeling secure in our femininity to build the world up?

Hating Our Femininity

I expect a sexist male to insult my gender for not inventing indoor plumbing, but not a woman to lay out a list or imply through her actions, that men are superior and how I need to reject my female nature to be "better."

Its all a delusion over liberated radicals have made for their lack of seeing the fish tank we are in together. There is an ocean out the window nearby, and its swimmable if one can brave the baggie fall - Finding Nemo style.

Hating Our Femininity

4.) Have No Shame

Men have their flashy "dominance," some women seem to penis envy, but love and even uphold femininity. They like our softer skin, smaller builds, sweet touches and all the grand detailed things we have done - be it maintaining the kingdom or going hungry to send them food on the battlefield. Every man heard his mother's heartbeat before anything else. They were nursed and felt protected in her strong embrace. As men feel it is important to watch over all, there is a feeling in us to console and care for all.

Hating Our Femininity

And I am not ashamed of that.


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  • Feminist-minded women cannot accept that men and women are not the same. I don't think it's always meant in a bad way when someone says girls are weaker or slower (though I've never heard anyone say they're slower), it just is what it is.

    Feminists are misogynist, yes. They're basically saying that everything female is sexist and that you should be like men or better. They're the ones who piss on real femininity more than men do! Most men still want womanly women, it's the women with feminist mindsets who don't.

    • Feminism is the movement to create economic and social equality between the genders, not rob one to give the other.

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    • I always love your honest truthful opinions.

      Well moreso fact than opinions.

      Lol I did co-ed track so we were naturally slower than the men, which they picked about playfully - not all tho. We could beat a couple of them, but they werent really fast humans anyway lol Usually it required 90-100% of female effort to do so, vs their 75-80% as our coaches measured it lol

    • Interesting. Females do have to put in more effort, and that's perfectly okay. I never pick on women for having less strength, speed, etc.

      You've seen me before? Lol. I don't know why I always think a lot of anons must be new to GaG lol.

  • Well that was the point of feminism, to destroy the feminine and masculine. You say that we attribute positive traits to men but that couldn't be further from the truth. We take traits that are masculine and demonize them to an extreme BUT when we apply them to women (we being society) it suddenly becomes good. That's why everything is a mans fault, because he is the bad guy and women are inherently more moral, more intelligent, and over all superior people. Feminism has always been about taking privilege and has never been about women. For instance how they argue about women being oppressed, the fact is women where never oppressed, men died for women, worked themselves to death for women, acted as living shields for women. What they say is female oppression was in fact male responsibility (every so called "oppressive" law placed more responsibility on the man then the woman, feminist tried to frame it as if these responsibilities where "freedoms", because clearly men wanted to work 100 hours a week (the norm for the industrial revolution all the way up until the early 1900s) and give all they had earned to their wives.) So them hating femininity is not something new, its always been. Their entire goal is subversion of our society, hence, again, why they state that everything wrong with the world is due to men but then turn around and demand women act like men while demanding men act like women. Its their goal to break society. Women where always revered, that's why the statue of liberty is female, why freedom is represented as a woman, same with justice all the noble goals of humanity are all represented as women, clearly we cannot view the feminine as bad or weak or inferior. The reason why they attack women who are feminine (and yes, femininity and masculinity are made for each other, they complete each other not oppose) is because they are bucking the system that feminist/post modernist are trying to create. " As men feel it is important to watch over all, there is a feeling in us to console and care for all." This is very true. Their are always negatives to each gender but the strengths of the one cancel the weakness of the other which is why we are better off together then apart. If you will, men protect the body, women protect the soul. This is why they try to drive a wedge between us, because this is our natural state and once we realize that they have no more power to manipulate and control us.

    • Yes, it confused me as to why such a movement became female based, when original movement for women's rights was both men and women.

      I say its an inferiority complex western women have developed to think challenging male authority makes them better lol its weird

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    • I fucking knew there was a conspiracy behind it.

    • Well those are what many have come to the conclusion to, and the socialism angle actually does have some credence (if you look at how they operate and their philosophy). But again, they are just theories, though I do believe their are elements of truth in them. Its a shame too, being feminine makes women happiest and being masculine makes men happiest and makes us both work together better and want to be with each other more. Its also allows us to admire the good traits in the other and brings us together making a healthy society. But until people start seeing that we will continue down this statistically provable unhealthy path. Anyway thanks for the MHG.

Most Helpful Girls

  • I agree with you on the premise that women are often told that femininity is weak, and that, instead of trying to be more like men, we need to embrace and cultivate feminine traits. I disagree with you on who the culprit is. Feminism, to me, is about equality. How this should be handled and fought for today is vastly different from a hundred years ago. There are women who put down other women for being feminine, it has happened to me as well, right on this site, in fact, but those are not real feminists. They are usually women who think of themselves as independent but don't actually know or do the work. Misogyny as such still originates with men. Women may put each other down, but we are not the culprit of our oppression. That is called internalized misogyny, something which many of us are affected by.

    • Yes yes yes! I posted the picture of the blonde girl crying while girls talk bad of her in the background, to demonstrate that.

      I've met really awesome feminists, in pencil skirts and ruffled blouses - one is a housewife even. This third wave feminism makes no sense to them.

      "My husband is my ying and Im his yang."

      Lol thats what she lives by xD

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    • Right I 100% agree that there's more to the pot than water -

      As I mentioned the lingering misogynistic ideas that have strangely leaked over into SOME branches of feminism.

      I distinguished it, as I know women on here are sensitive about being lumped together with the misguided sexist women claiming (and ruining) feminism quite frankly - realistically I get the difference in those groups.

      Believe me, there's about 80 female post declaring they aren't apart of that group - okay okay lol

      Men are not innocent, hence the "a man nor woman will tell me who I am,"

      In truth, gender based groups are like race based groups. They hold an internalized biased that manifest itself in destructive ways though a positive drive.

      Imagine if it was not feminism, but simply a unified group of men and women concerned about the political, social and economic health of a humans.

      Feminists say they are equal, but the crazy anon fem even stated "for equality of WOMEN" exclusively.

      Its contradictive.

    • I chose you as MHO for being the most realistic feminists on here.

      You get it.

      I am a very brash person so excuse me for treating that one "feminist" harshly - she doesn't fully comprehend.

      Im very much an anarchist if having to be defined, so I dont believe nor support organized social groups that put power into an individuals hands based off race, religion, gender etc

      Its pointless, hence why success for rights was always gained through a united human effort rather than one specific type of person.

      White men, white women, black men, black wen, latin, Asian etc - all fought, some even dead for women's rights, race rights, religious freedom etc.

      When we come together as one human force, change happens.

      No need to isolate races, genders or religious beliefs lol

      But thanks so much for an honest position, helped me see a better side of feminism

  • Unfortunately in this world I feel embarrassed to admit that I want kids, that I want to get married, that I'm happy with gender roles. I feel almost ashamed and have to add qualifiers up the wazoo and I STILL get looked at funny. I wish I could just want what I want without feeling like it's some huge taboo.

    • You're beautiful.

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    • Is this really how things are going though? I barely know and "tomboyish" women. I mean, most women my age and such enjoy casual sex and stuff but that's pretty typical really. Hell, my girlfriend is one of the most cheery, cute feminine women aside from working out and being able to drink me under the table but then, I can't drink worth crap anyway. She even wants kids and I want kids and we both watch rom-coms and stuff.
      Honestly, who's making fun of you for wanting kids? Most guys and girls I know my age want kids.

    • I completely agree. I am a strong, independent woman and I take care of myself just fine, but a want to get married, have kids, and be a stereotypical 1950s house wife. I am feminine and love dressing girly and will never be ashamed of it. Why do people have to judge me for being feminine when it's not affecting them and it makes me happy?

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  • I cannot agree with you more

  • You are a wise woman but still delusional, nobody in the world need your protection. The real problem is western media that portray as they were mercilessly murdered,
    like if there is Rape in Muslim country (1 per year, which is very bad) it will be portrayed all over the internet. While the amount of rape in US is like 56,000 cases per year for 300Million population but people won't see their shit, they will always complain about the Asia.

    I would say "People see un-educated woman" caring for her children but fail to notice man is un-educated too but still he is working his ass-off and he will stay there with her entire life and die with her and watch their kid growth.
    Femi shit say those woman are useless,
    really I mean She care for kids, manage full household and its not 21st century. She is even responsible for feeding animals and their care, She cooks and even ferment stuff like butter and even have the time to craft handicrafts like and make a living along her man. While he worked his ass off in farm, She did the same in house and they respect eachother.
    Man will put down a woman, if She give him suggestion on dealing with farm issue but if the same man try to do something related to household stuff, she would beat him and whole society will laugh at him cuz HE CAN'T DO IT
    The point of discussion is Woman there have insurance man won't leave them, won't cheat cuz you know the honor killing thing (rape have grave consequences there and public killing or execution) is only thing you will get and you will be lucky if gov found you first cuz girl family will probably beat you to death (not good at all cuz girls even lie after being caught) and he will not mingle in your affair or you can beat him for that.
    Now western Femi tells them, we are better cuz we got that and that but Femi fails there WHY?
    1) Who the hell are you to tell her what to do?
    2) She looked online and find woman doing absolutely nothing productive like science (very very very few)
    3) Man fucking and dumping woman, woman crying at 30's

    Result = after all that drama churn up by west, they defend the man and be with them cuz She knows whats best for her not you.
    like West was crying for woman right nobody give a damn but When woman in Arabia decide they want to drive and campaign for it, Sauda king surrender and now they can drive cuz these were his own people asking for it.

    • I mean femi is a way west use to bash Asian woman,"we are better" but She got to decide for her not you and people listen to them !
      and bashing her believes will never help just like now, nobody give a damn instead they put those monster stories about west woman in mans head. like She is whore and stuff like that. If you tried to research why Muslim man always run to their homeland and leave western girl or cheat cuz
      his mother, sister and family don't approve of you and go as far as to force him to second marriage.

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    • It's interesting that a man would get upset at the suggestion that he might need protection, especially from a woman. There are many instances in which women do protect men, they just aren't hailed as obvious as the other way around.

    • @cherryphi82 lol I am not upset to me its enlightenment cuz they can see through the shit and decide for them.
      I am looking at the shit society, where woman are used as sex prostitutes, male can degrade and get away with it, leave his kids, divorce for nothing, he got no responsibility and can do everything as he please with them. We got kids that grow with-out parents, nobody is there to stop them using drugs, cancer and stds, hepatitis and Eu got top in Carcinogenic disease, fertilization 50% ratio below normal and yet we attack people that don't have it.

  • The inherent flaw in your logic is an obvious contradiction. You say you don't want to contest men in their masculinity (arguably a good thing), but then you go on to say that you want to empower women to feel strong and proud and shameless in their feminity. The contradiction lies in the fact that the VERY DIFFERENCE between masculinity and femininity is competitiveness vs complacency. Men see the world in hierarchies. The moment you build a society of women that strives to help women increase their status and power in society, you create a female hierarchy for power that necessarily contests that of men. Essentially, you are doing the exact same thing you advocated against.

    I know I will probably get flack for this, but the inherent problem with this whole thing is that people can't seem to accept the fact that masculinity IS about power. It's an essential, inseparable part of it. Every single effectice female politician is as ruthless and cunning as her male counterparts, and doesn't have a drop of feminity in them. That's just one example.

    And I'd just like to add that the constant victimhood complex you women have is pretty fucking annoying. Yeah, I know men who demean women behind their back. I know sexist men too. I don't know a lot of men (practically any) who would tell you you are not good enough because you have tits. Misogyny is far less common than you want to believe. I'd contest there ARE no truly misogynist men, jut deeply disappointed men. Because a (straight) man will always like women as a concept. And even if he gets burnt so many times that he grows resentful, that's STILL not dislike or hatred, but shitty behaviour. Sexism, that's another table. But show me a woman who has never been sexist before! Some of the most disgusting, deepest cutting insults and demeaning comments I get, I get it from women who don't know what it's like to be punched inis the face, and have no social awareness whatsoever. Men don't typically insult each other like that, because it carries the threat of violence with it. Women don't pick up on this, so they cuss you out, and you can't do anything about it.

    Anyway, this is my opinion, deal with it, bitch.

    • Was with with you until your last word :(

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    • Right.

      I believe our idea of equality is what is obscured here.

      Basic rights are obvious, so are basic freedoms.

      But digging into the gray area is where unequality starts.

      Equal means balance.

      A 100ibs of bricks vs 100ibs of feather.

      Both are completely different but carry the exact same weight.

      Thinking a feather has to be as sturdy as a brick to be equal, is forcing the feather out of its element.

    • Very insightful. But what do you do when certain feathers really want to be bricks?

      But seriously, from what I gather, you are essentially saying we should accept some gender roles. I personally would be OK with this. But how do you deal with the millions, even billions of brainwashed men and women who think traditional gender roles have to be destroyed at any price? How do you deal with people who GENUINELY want to do the other gender's job, ad feel discriminated for it?
      I am not shitting on you, I feel like we agree on many points, despite my initial miscommunication, but I feel like these are very important issues. Especially because this is why feminism exists.

      Additiomally, my initial comments about male nature are very important - the fact is, career women all over the world fail at establishing stable relationships EXACTLY because of what I said - men don't feel comfortable with more powerful women. How do you tell these women they have to chose between family and career?

  • I think that women really misunderstand how men see other men. We don't level ourselves against other men, were more likely to pass them off as dickheads than we are to be intimidated by them, at least in the context of what your speaking about. It may be my own bias speaking here but 'as a man' I'm more concerned about being the best i can than i am than i am being as good as someone is, my way of thinking doesn't have limits.

    That's the issue with feminism as i see it, it sees masculine traits as desirable, strong ones and feminine ones and women should show that they have those so they're on the same level as men.

    I challenge anyone who says that women have spent forever 'just looking after the home and kids' to try to do what a housewife pre 20th century had to do on a daily basis. For those who don't understand ever had damp in your house? imagine having to deal with that on a daily basis without central heating or gas, or try and cook a meal with no cooker or running water. And on the flip side men haven't spent eternity sat in air conditioned rooms sipping brandy and smoking cigars.

    • 21 year old student, living with a roommate in a flat, we do the cleaning and the shopping in weekly shifts, while essentially working. Tell me again how that's a full time job. Yeah, making a warm meal a day is time consuming. Yeah, tending to kids is hard. But nobody asked you to do that. You can make simple, quick meals while working. Yeah, kids are a bugger, but most societies supported mothers since forever.
      I hate that every time women come up, someone has to say "women did hard work in the past you know!" Who cares? Honestly, historically living sucked, regardless of whether you were a man or a woman. No need to hand out medals.

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    • by the way
      „For those who don't understand ever had damp in your house? imagine having to deal with that on a daily basis without central heating or gas, or try and cook a meal with no cooker or running water.”

      I’ve actually had the chance of spending two weeks in a traditional, 200 year old Austrian house during the winter – no central heating, just firewood; the stove also worked with firewood. We had electricity, but there weren’t any appliances. Point is, it is actually pretty fun to make stuff the traditional way, through admittedly slightly combersome.

      And damp? Come on… It gets damp here all the time. Nothing a little acid can’t solve. Plus people back in the day used calcium hydroxide to cover wall ESPECIALLY because that prevents damping.

    • @Benedek38 Going and spending a couple of weeks today in a house thats 200 old is not the same. I mean i wasn't going into a big discussion about what life was like there because you apparently don't care.

      How am I comparing apples to oranges? Someone says something like women haven't been able to work forever and i state how through the majority of human history lives been too shit for anyone to get that luxury, sure that's just how it was. So your saying that forever just means today?

      The thing your against was my response to the claim that women through out history have sat on their arses an done nothing because the men didn't let them, honestly I think this is just going to go around in circles from here so probably best to agree to disagree.

  • The first part is wrong. The reason women don’t post videos of themselves lifting heavy weight is not because they’re not allowed to do it, it’s simply because they can’t. On average, women ARE weaker, smaller and slower. You’re not up against a society that is holding you down and not allowing you to be those things, you’re up against your own biology. Now, I’m sure there's a woman out there who can outlift a man, but that’s an exception, not a rule

    • Did you really dislike my comment? What did I say that was inaccurate?

    • There are videos of women lifting heavy, especially dead lifting. Those videos pop up a lot on feminist forums.

      And yeah, women aren't biologically built for superb strength lol

      Calm down, people will downvote yoy for literally no logical reason

    • I know some women lift like that but an exception isn’t a rule

  • "This misogyny happens largely due to the fact that we attach positive traits only to men."

    Ironically that's exactly what feminists do. 24/7 comparing women to men, disrupting masculinity in men while trying to make women more like men.

    • Its insanity. We are two different genders, its like comparing apples to oranges, but painting oranges red and telling them to be apples lol

    • I like my apples green you applephobe.

    • Lol with caramel I hope

  • First off nice mytake

    Also a little insight with the whole thing about feminism.

    a lot of people particularly women are extremely misguided when it comes to defining feminism. As many mistake feminism for egalitarianism. When in reality feminism has little to nothing to do with activism for equal rights for all.

    Feminism in its own title and name is promoting and pushing for "female rights" nothing that has to do with equal rights for all.

    If you really wanted equal rights for all one would declare themselves an "egalitarian"

    ALSO there is a really big difference between modern feminism and femininity. My suggestion is to avoid the former its alright to be girly just dont align with the modern era of feminism. As they have really loos their identity as a group. As many modern feminists dont know how to be subtle and negotiate. As discussions are so black and white and broad and often generalized. That its really hard to effectively discuss topics as the majority of their responses from the modern feminists are so generalized that they become more toxic. On top of that as well those statements are often taken way out of context. Because modern feminists seem oblivious on how to phrase their claims/opinions in a coherent objective matter that. doesn't come off as though they are the aggressors.

  • I feel there needs to be a balance. Femininity needs to be there. However, I feel like men and women for the longest time have been disconnected. I like the trend moving forward that girls like movies, playing video games and other things her boyfriend like to do. Not pretending to like them but actually liking them. I don't want to see the whole female race go back to stereotypical poetry and losing themselves in female maintenance to the point where there is a clear division of men and women. I think the aim should be for both to meet in the middle. I'm not saying all women should be mechanics but I think it would be fun to come back to what made us all the same as kids before puberty. How are we the same, not how are we different. I think we should strive towards what makes us connect better. I don't want girls to start pushing away doing guy things but I don't want them to push away doing girl things either. I guess part of me also feels that by pushing away guy things that also means pushing away guys. I personally feel like I connect with women better than guys so does that mean that I am forced to except my masculinity if every girl accepts her femininity? Am I being forced into only accepting my male side?

    • I don't think that's what she meant. I think a certain adaptability is part of femininity. That said, I never heard of a woman who doesn't like movies. Video games, especially first person shooter games, I really don't see why anyone would or should like.

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    • No problem. You're welcome.

    • @cherryphi82 :)

  • My girlfriend's a real feminist. Real empowering for woman, men are inherently evil and all that Which I don't get because then she'll turn around and do a 180 and say I'm her angel and all that, which I can't be if men are inherently evil. And she'll want me to do some very explicitly non-feminist things to her in the bedroom. But then when we're together out in public, she's a strong, independent woman who doesn't need a man and is my equal in every way (to be fair, she does work out and is pretty strong). But then suddenly when there's a big ass spider I'm the man and it's my natural duty to apparently protect her. She has a bug as a pet so I'm sorry if I see a spider, I'm letting it bite her.
    I don't get it. I was a virgin before I met her and she can still show me her tits and I'm entranced and at her whim so at the end of the day, yes, girls to some extent do have power and strength over us... with their clothes off or a certain body part in their mouth. Was that too misogynistic? Honestly at this point I just smile along and nod.

    • Her ideals aren't syncing up with her female self.
      "Honestly at this point I just smile along and nod."

      All men do.

    • @DamnMan NONE of them do.
      Jesus you should hear her sister, she's worse.
      "I like him to treat me like his toy". But yet she wants to be treated as an equal?
      God damnit girls pick ONE.

    • People are different during sex than they are during their day to day.
      It's just how it is.

  • I've never understood why a woman would feel inferior to a man. We complement each other.

    • Exactly!!! Its so weird.

      there's a poster on here from Egypt who says non western women laugh at westernized women, because this thinking makes absolutely no sense.

      Then again, they also value the home, education and child development much more than western culture. I grew up with an East Asian family, and though some women did not work, it was never mocked of them or they were made to feel less than or bad.

    • Excellent point. Taking care of kids and a home is not inferior work, nor is it easy. And what about being pregnant giving birth? Very difficult physically and mentally.

  • Insert feminist take number 5,703,209 on GAG here...

    eugh... so boring

    • Insert non-chalant this is so boring but actually interesting enough for me to post on take #10,789,475

      But thanks for the bump lol

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    • Lol why are you still replying?

      Feel a little butt hurt for looking like an idiot?

      *yawn this is so boring, but Im going to post it is boring instead of anything relevant because the world revolves around my discontentment.

      But your a 19yr old millenial, so thats what y'all think anyway.

      can't put together anything remotely intelligent because your snapchat post about what you ate this morning is more important than the reality you live in.

      Lol little kids these days.

    • ''Little kids'', Cute, you're a couple years older then me at most, Get of your high fucking horse mate.

      Haha, Im merely saying your entire topic is beating a dead horse, Thats been beaten a million times before. And its boring as fuck.

  • Interesting take.

    For the pic of the female bodybuilder (I'm still rinsing out my eyes):


    • Lol I forgot her name, but she is female - has a husband and a daughter

    • That's cool that she does. Just not for me though. Yes, I realize has their own preferences.

  • Being a woman isn't what feminism tries to put down, but the traditional ideas that make women be subservient to men, so being submissive for an abusive husband for example, but feminism also tries to put down ideas that have made men feel superior, like the idea that men need to be tough and never cry. Its a movement to end all those bad cultural expectations. Now if you're female and don't want to become strong then great, what we want to end is the expectation that women shouldn't be strong.

    Its more saying we shouldn't culturally expect women not to be those things, if men want to be less authoritative, strong etc. then that's their choice, same with women, but if a woman so desires she should fight and be strong, and she shouldn't be put down for that. If your woman becoming strong and independent destroys your relationship maybe you weren't meant to be together, and in the end your personalities just don't work together. As a man, I have certain feminine traits, and there's nothing wrong with women having masculine traits

    Mothers aren't weak, but if you become a mother only because you are expected to then you are psychologically weak even if not physically so. Positive traits are not only applied to masculine things, its more like we live in a time where things that are traditionally masculine are seen as neutral, like strength and independence. As a feminine male, yes we are a sort of counterbalance, but there's no reason these traits need to be applied to one gender. Also I am more attracted to more dominant and, as you would put it, masculine, women myself. Noone should tell you who you are, but you are kinda also guilty of this crime.

    You bring up the pay gap here so I feel the need to say that they're more saying that we should end this cultural expectation that women shouldn't get higher paying jobs, not that if you want to be a house wife you shouldn't be, but that you shouldn't be expected to go either way

    Feminists do fight for women all around the world, but they also live where they live, and so focus on that place. Also just because the sexism isn't so blatant, dosent mean it dosent exist culturally.

    Noone should have shame, including the more feminine males and the more masculine women. You putting down feminine males and some putting down feminine females are both very harmful. We as a society need to end all gender roles rather then continuing this worthless fight. Everyone should just be themselves, and not have any expectations.

  • The real woman period was in ancient Greece , the feminism idea (not the feminine part of woman are big fail. When in modern history everybody struggling for no real ideas and equality they making just the 5% of the idea. I tell you an example the hard part how worked the equality in ancient Kingdom of Sparta , the man life part starts a he's when he was 6yo every man goes to military school until he's 18yo before any Spartan soldier to be ready go to war he must be married and have offspring/s otherwise he will stay home. The woman part was school , have a profession take care the house while the man is on war. Woman had hard part in life (while man was away) sound some unfair but woman in Sparta have the same vote with man and there was woman politics in parliament , it's started at 2000 B. C and it worked great before rome empire. The most part of man life was war and the security of the kingdom the death for man was a big honor, the woman part everything else , the financial income was from the kingdom there was 3 levels of payment's the soldiers , the politics and the farmers and and. Before any misunderstanding , i believe the feminism are edited bad as idea without any real goal i tell it generally because it's a big conversation. So how is possible when you have 100% worked formula for thousand of years, you bring me the feminist of hypocrisy and fail ideology. Read the book by Plato "Republic" everything is there! How everything can work great.

  • Yes! Exactly! Thank you!
    Feminity is what makes ladies so wonderful! Saying that they need to be masculine to be worth something is complete BS. They are feminine. They are perfect just how they are.
    We need ladies to be ladies. And men to be men. That's how everything fits together. We can't lose feminity. That would take a huge toll on both genders.
    You nailed this on the head. Perfectly. Thank you. Great take. I could not agree more.

  • Women have this amazing power of child birth, the power to create children and family, yet so many women scoff at that and try to become more like men. A strong female energy keeps society balanced. Too much female energy and you end up like Sweden, too much male energy and you end up like Russia.

  • What an amazing post. well written non biased includes visuals and facts to back up what you are saying. The intelligence from this post is oh so nice. there are a few generalizations but they are certainly deserved and this was one of the best things I have read in the last 5 years. If my brain could express physical things it would be smiling right now lol.

  • Feminism is a misguided perception of how things work to begin with.
    almost EVERY strong, driven man had a woman behind him. This trend has been evident throughout the centuries, despite the effort to keep it under wraps. The most distressing part is that it isn't only men trying to keep it under wraps but there have been women as well doing the same. Both parties did it to "maintain the power balance". The men doing it to maintain public semblance of power and the women to maintain the secretive influence available to them.

    I for one like women that can stand up for themselves and not hide in the shadows. Hiding is my forte, damn it.

    • I noticed that an even number of people (men/woman) didn't like my standpoint. That just serves to prove my point. I was actually very glad to see that the majority of votes were supportive of me.

  • That picture of a woman in a tight, red, leather skirt is powerful.

    Beatiful MyTake. Thank you.

  • Tbh, no man ever asked a woman to look like a man. The problem isn't from us, but from modern feminists who consider that anything a man like is something to destroy. Even if it's women themselves.
    Yes, women are smaller, weaker, that's a fact, but it's also a characteristic, not a flaw. That's how you should take it. Like saying you're blonde or black or white or have blue eyes. That just is.
    The problem with your take is that you seem to make men guilty of that situation when we didn't even say a thing. Like, we did nothing but somehow, it's still our fault.

    • they don't tell us to look like men, but to be in some aspects masculine, yes. Women who "kick ass" and prefer masculine hobbies generally get hailed by guys, since they want someone to be "one of the guys" in a way.

    • No... I think you misunderstood.

      Other women are saying that women should be manly

    • That's what I wanted to know. I wasn't sure.

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  • I don't get annoyed about that you think the whole world sees women as weak, I just disagree. I don't know what country you live in, but I live in Scandinavia, and I feel like I can be whoever I want to be. Most people here aren't like you. They don't define people after what sex they are. People here are more free, and if people talks about "men's jobs" and so on here, people think they're old fashioned.
    I have nothing against having a vagina, but it doesn't define me as a person in any way. I'm not manly because I use like all of my time and money on clay pigeon shooting, hunting and fishing. Because my vagina doesn't define me as a person, these interests only makes me a human being who are able to do whatever I want to do with my life. And because of that men around me doesn't think i have "penis-envy" (whatever that is) they just think I'm awesome. I just think It's so strange that some people just can't understand that we are all people and we are all different, and no one should live their lifes in a specific way just because people like you expect them to do so. People should do whatever makes them happy, and shame on you for shaming people that chooses to be free.

    • Yeah its a ridiculous mentality developed over here for some reason.

      I blame USA for still being a young country lol we are still growing up ha ha

  • Women are not necessarily weaker or slower, stop degrading yourself. The main problem is "girly girl" mentality implanted by patriarchal society. Feminists are not misogynists, that is the dumbest thing I ever heard, you obviously confuse feminists with mgtow and femi-nazis (two of the most pathetic groups in human society).
    Women can be strong and powerful, don't act like a wimp, you're only pleasing chauvinists.

    • I agree with you that she is pandering to chauvinists, but to say that girly girl mentality is implanted by the patriarchy is far off the mark. There are woman who are naturally more like that. There was a time when all women were expected to be girly and demure, but this is no longer the case. I think you are playing right into her argument that women today hate on women who cultivate a more traditional femininity, which is nothing but internalized misogyny. There is nothing wrong with being a girly girl. Your argument makes it sounds like we're all tomboys if we just let ourselves, which is blatantly untrue.

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    • But feminism is a social construct lol

    • Feminism is movement based on advocating of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

  • You wrote the MyTake I wanted to write and did it so well. Apart from certain aspects (eg. women as being non-authoritarian and non-sexually driven which I disagree with) I agree with you. I actually think you'd really like "the Second Sex" by Simone de Beauvoir which really goes into this theory. She also talks about how by creating a binary of traits, male and female, we can systemically degrade one side by considering it as the absence of the other, eg. strong vs weak.

    • The Second Sex heavily criticizes traditional femininity...

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    • ... better or more productive members of society. In that point, de Beauvoir contradicts herself because she plays right into the notion that only if a woman is led away from herself and participative in the process of what is associated as "manly activity" does she become a useful member of society. Our biology is part of this femininity or more accurately, our femininity is part of our biology, you cannot separate the two. And that's what I thought this take's author was saying.

    • Ooh I will def read this.

      Authority / dominance is a tricky sea to sail, because it has nothing to do with one having more power or control.

      Like king and queen. If the king steps out of line, the queen can arrange his execution, likewise the king to the queen.

      Both have equal power and control, but understanding the presence of male dominant and female submission in nature has always been mysterious to me.

      Male animals do not enslave females or control them, but take up "authority" somehow.

      My dad explained it to me as men feeling compelled to be the "wall" around the woman, to take the fire and hits before she had to, or to stop her from taking them entirely.

      I get it, but its still mysterious lol does the book talk about that?

  • I agree with you. It seems that now society is trying to make men and women equal are actually making them same. Society has a very degraded view on femininity abd superior view on masculinity. Balance and equality will come when femininity and masculinity are unified and given equal importance and respect.

    • Right, not even sure why masculinity and femininity is even a thing lol

      I blame the rise of narcissism forcing americans to define themselves for praise

    • Yeah exactly. Why can't people just accept themselves and others exactly how they are? It would a majority of us a lot of pain.

  • Thanks for the take! I am writing an article about modern feminism and consumerism. I'd like to know more about modern feminism's ideals. Do you know of any good articles on it, that can be cited?

    • https://spacefem.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=28

      Usually good articles or very debatable ones are put in these forums.

      Also can chat with practicing feminism to get a 3D scope of it.

      My preferred for articles is google scholar, since a lot of fem articles tend to be bias or lack references


      there's thousands of articles that will definitely get you quality information about modern feminism

    • I found 2 articles on scholar, but with difficulty. Interestingly, it 's not a subject that's been explored too much.

  • Why does it have to be one of the other? Can’t we embrace leaders in many fields who are collaborative, compassionate, caring?

    The world is unpredictable - having an education/marketable skill can help your whole family. You could “supplement” the greatest man in the world who gets cancer or in a car wreck. Saying women who have careers must be brash and competitive is as one-sided as saying homemakers are dull.

    Can w reject the idea that people have to be ruthless and greedy to be a leader all together? Instead of saying “don’t be in the activities with men, gals, or you’re masculine.” Maybe the world’s problems need a new viewpoint.

  • i. loved. this. so. much. you pinned it down beautifully. you shouldn't have gone anonymous, wish i knew who wrote this..

  • Not all mothers are nurturing. Back then women didn't have a choice. Many get pressured into having children and resent the path they needed to take to be accepted in society.

    • Thats a common misconception that women could only survive as mothers. Women were agriculturalist, business owners of various crafted goods, barren so they had no children but fine in society, and expected to have a supporting trade. Women were soldiers, which is why the women being in marines today is hotly debated, in politics, finances etc.

      Our society distorts history as if men just dragged us by our hair and kept us pregnant.

    • Are we talking exceptions here or the fate of the majority of women?

  • There is nothing, NOTHING to be ashamed of being feminine. Even though I am a feminist I totally agree that women are for things that men CANNOT do, and vice versa. And there is nothing to be ashamed of feminine power I personally believe it's actually the best part about being a woman. And we should never underestimate a mother.

    I personally never saw a feminist shaming these femininity traits though. If anything, then the feminist profiles that I follow on social media have full support for women who want to become homemakers or have more 'feminine' jobs like being teacher or nurse. As a feminist I always abhorred the act of forcing women to go to work.

    Feminist pages do support women who want to have a career, though. Because, what's wrong with it? Women being able to pursue their dream careers is an awesome thing and it does not have to be a competition against men. It doesn't equal hating femininity.

    • Right!

      Actual feminists are supportive of femininity as a whole. A strong woman also can have a nice manicure and heels lol

      Third wave feminists are the ones described in the mytake, supporting misogyny by oppressing femininity

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    • Right.

      Feminism is a social construct though. It didn't even mean what it does back when groups consisting of MEN and women fought for women's rights.

      Honestly it isn't necessary. It just gives an excuse for some sexist women to cause more problems for us.

    • It is still needed. I won't comment on Western nations because I have never been to any Western country, but third world countries still need it badly, at least MY country does. Did you find any news about a Sudanese girl names Noura on the Internet? If you did then you would know what I mean.

      One more thing, feminism was never welcomed. Do you really think when feminist activists preached about female education in past, people welcomed them with flower garlands?

  • As a woman, I find feminists annoying. Why is success intertwined with masculinity! the more masculine a woman is.. the more she gets the "you go girl" approval?
    there was a feminazi who said a prostitute is better than a housewife because a prostitute at least earns her own money! this is how sad they are.
    I am proud of my femininty! being treated like a lady!

  • This was interesting to read :) though I don’t agree with you on everything

  • I agree with some of your points but I think you are severely oversimplifying a complex problem. Part of the hatred of femininity stems from the fact that back when feminism gained a foothold the only way women could get respect was by convincing men that we could do what they could do. We've gotten past that point and need to start showing men that traditionally feminine things are valuable as well. But, pretending that that wasn't a necessary step in getting to where we are today is naive. And some women do like more masculine associated things. Some women enjoy bodybuilding and all that stuff. Feminism is about choice.

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    💎❄️ It's winter! ❄️💎
    💎 🏠👫⛄️👭🌲🏠💎
    💎 💭💭💭💭💭💭💎

  • I've never heart such designations from men just from females

  • I like being the weaker sex <3

  • I enjoy being a girl.

  • Nice take

  • I love being girly.

  • Great take! I love being feminine.

  • Great take

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