Why I Hate Men: So Women Don't Feel Attacked

Why I hate men: so women don't feel attacked

I made a myTake about how I hate my gender and as predicted woman are upset while men love it.

As happy as that makes my cold heart, I simply cannot allow one side to be left out. I must offend both sides. [because I hate everyone equally] So for crabby ladies out there who got mad, especially that one anon chick. Here's why I hate dudes.

Pre note: i might not say it, but add the words MOST/SOME/ etc othet words that mean "not all"


Men seem to have a stronger sense[?], reaction[?], I don't know the word I need here, of homophobia than women do. Meaning they damn near refuse to be in the same room as gay guys. While most females have no problem being around a lesbian. I learned this when I went to boot camp, as all the females showered together without issue while the one gay guy in boot camp had to wait til everyone else showered for fear of being attacked. Not all men act like that of course some are chill but majority of men are kinda assholes when it comes to that.

Macho Attitudes/Not Following Up:

I don't know how to phrase this. But men act all macho and then they do things to counter act that. A prime example is my father, he is your typical mans man, yet he bitches that my mom "never spends time with him, pays attention to him, etc. Your either macho or you have feelings. Which one is it bros. I know its normal and human to have emotions but when you parade around doing the macho thing and claiming you don't have emotions then very clearly express them ita inconsistant and a bit frustrating. I call this Man-opause


As the same with my women post a lot of my complaints mostly revolve around people I know, and it just so coincidentally translates to men "in general". But men and their helplessness is kinda annoying. Ex. They wait for woman to come home and cook for them. They are giant babies when they get sick. Etc. You have two hands you can cook for yourself and everyone gets sick. Men do it more dramatically of course.

there's not much else that annoys me about men.

I could mention rapist/rapey/overtly sexual atttiudes but women can be just as bad. Although it is universally seen as a male only issue. And that does significantly annoy me. I get it. Sex is good. Its fun. But have some self control you fucker.

Again not all these apply to all men. Just like my women one doesn't apply to all women. Its just unfortunately like the women one I made. Its what I personally see the most.

I guess i hang around shitty people of both genders. Mostly shitty females seeing as that post was much longer. But here ya go ladies. So you don't feel left out. That's why I hate men.

Why I Hate Men: So Women Don't Feel Attacked
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  • Dulcedulcexoxo

    lol, science just confirmed men actually feel "Sickness" different from women. Men dont have estrogens that come from the sex organs or pituitary gland. Men all have a certain level of estrogen unless they transition than they have higher levels. Either way they dont have estrogen from sex organs and these estrogens makes one feel pain less. So men literally feel colds, flus... etc 10x harder than women. So, technically when they are crying like babies and pissing women off by not sucking it up they just feel it a lot harder than us. Some diseases and illnesses are proven to sexist. But yea the fact that they expect you to be their mom and cook for them annoys men when you have worked as long or longer than them

    • ManOnFire

      @Dulcedulcexoxo Females don't have much testosterone either, which is in the male genitalia. So of course males won't have much estrogen in turn. Furthermore, I have no idea where science comes to the conclusion that women feel less pain and men feel more. Do people really subscribe to this stuff? Pain factors are usually different for everyone, and for the most part I still see women react to pain much more than men do, yeah. Labor in pregnancy would of course be the biggest indicator of that.

      "But yea the fact that they expect you to be their mom and cook for them annoys men when you have worked as long or longer than them" - Both genders have expectations of what they want/need the other to do for them in times of need. When women are down, they want/expect men to take up the slack and come to their aid. Or, we can pretend that women are perpetual, unsung heroes that never need anybody in all their toil if you like.

      Would you like?

    • @ManOnFire why are you so anti science? Lol it's called a manflu for a reason.

    • ManOnFire

      @Dulcedulcexoxo Because science insults its own intelligence more often than credits it. 'Manflu' and all that other stuff I've seen you quote and give homage to is just a bunch of pop sci that only matters to youth circles, who are fine letting science make them their bitch. At the end of the day none of that stuff really means anything to anyone or impacts anyone, nor does it change what we already really know. The truth doesn't stop being the truth just because science begs to differ.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Mesonfielde

    I don't think this myTake really came from the heart. The female one was much more honest and much more straight to the point. I also think it didn't really capture the real issue even if it was mentioned, that "macho attitude" is a result of wanting to seem "manly" even though that just makes you into a callous social brick with no empathy.

    I would have added the men who think women are inherently designed to serve them ("the wife must do EVERYTHING, not because he can't, but because he is a lazy sexist bum"). And those who think it's impossible to befriend women, or that all women are irrational... It's actually very unhelpful, this notion of masculinity.

    • LilWeezey

      It didn't really come from the heart. I don't have that many gripes about men. To be honest.
      And the women do everything was kinda what i meant in the "needy" thing.

      I literally only made this to avoid having women be all like "shut up woman hater" "yadda yadda".

      Men admit to their faults [or the faults of their gender] for the most part. As shown by most of the male comments on here. So I'm cool with dudes.

    • CoolSky01

      well... you can't befriend women

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  • Humping_Tornadoes

    In regards to the homophobia: I give zero fucks about gay dudes, I don't praise gay people and I don't hate them either. I have dealt with plenty of gay people and one of my friends is actually gay. He came out of the closet just a few years ago and I gave zero fucks too. I still treat him the same way I did before. I just see sexuality as each person's business and no one else's tbh

    Would I shower in presence of a gay man? Fuck no, he is gay and he -MIGHT- be enjoying himself among other dudes so it's weird. No different than putting the ugliest chick you can imagine in a shower surrounded by naked dudes. It's just awkward, plus it's better to avoid possible commentary with his female friends, you know (we know gay dudes run off their mouths way worse than girls lmao)

    Macho attitudes? Hmmm I guess it applies in some cases. Then again the opposite of acting "manly" is acting "girly" so I guess this one goes both ways? I dunno, honestly I embrace my masculinity and even though I have trouble expressing myself (in a loooot of ways) I don't pretend to be a rock that gets completely unfucked by things in life, as a matter of fact I always try to be as expressive as I can.

    As for Helplessness, nah we know you're just squeezing whatever it's left from the sponge lol ;)
    If anything, men get sometimes a little bit too over-protective/caring when it comes to relationships. Also, at least personally speaking, I don't expect anyone to do shit for me. Then again I've been living by myself for years now so I've grown quite independent and self-sufficient. Sure, I get all whiny when I'm sick (it usually hits me like a bag of bricks), but I don't expect no one to take care of me. You'll see me taking my pills and watching series or movie marathons on my laptop.

    Nice try though, and by the way your other take is great! 👌

    • LilWeezey

      Well I created most of these with males in my family in mind. So it mostly pertains to males in my culture. I disagree with you still on the shower front but i wa stretching with the neediness one a wee bit.

      I mean I'm postive at some point in this i did say this list was harder for me to make than the other.

    • LilWeezey

      For the macho thing. I'm exactly talking about men who act like rocks, as you phrased it.
      Some men, men i know, act like rocks and then they crack. I get your a dude but come on your not unbreakable so stop acting like it

  • AleDeEurope

    I understand why you hate these things about men, and I sorta hate them too. But I'll explain why this happens:

    1) Homophobia: Gays aren't really seen as men by most people until this century. Most of our parents were raised to be against homosexuals, therefore that is passed on to their kids.
    As you know, men have to be men, so doing something that is seen as womanly (like being attracted to men) is gonna be shamed upon. That's why some men are homophobic, cause if they support gays, they may fear others questioning their masculinity.
    *I personally have NOTHING against gays. I've had a few gay friends, and 2 of my uncles are gay (one being happily married). So my family and I are perfectly fine with gays. I felt the need to clarify this cause it may have appeared as I am part of the homophobic men.

    2) Macho attitudes/Not following up: Like I said, men are supposed to be men, and act like men. We gotta be held at one standard in order to not be questioned because we're not man enough. That's how society wants us to be.
    Same with emotions. We're not taught to deal with them, we're taught to repress them, push them down and ignore them. Again, that's what society teaches us. But sometimes you can't just ignore those emotions and you just let them free, especially when you're around people you trust and can be vulnerable with.
    I hate that macho attitude, cause every guy is judging you, watching if you act macho enough.

    3) Helplessness: This just applies to few men. I personally have always wanted to live by myself, and do everything by myself. That's why I moved out when I was 17 and I cook, clean, do the laundry... all by myself.
    I know there are many men that act like how you described, and my guess is that they're used to that because their mothers did all that stuff for them. Not too long ago, the typical family was the father working outside, earning money, and the mother at home doing all the chores, so most of our parents are used to that, but with the newer generations, this is changing, and most men actually have no problem cooking and cleaning.

    I know you said the Take doesn't apply to most men, but I'm just explaining why that happens, so you may have an idea to why some men act that way.

    • LilWeezey

      The helplessness thing tho. Out of dudes I personally know and see on a daily basis [bfs/family] only one is self sufficient [my current bf] the exs and family expect[ed] me to cater to them and cook and serve them and clean for them etc like a little house wife [slave].

      Don't get me wrong. Ill do those things for a man. But only if he's willing to do the same for me. Which is why I'm gonna work my ass off to keep my man now. We either cook and clean ans shit together. Or he does it for me. I fucking love it

  • Crazyced

    Hehe on the 1st post though I don't think it's fair to compare men and women. Seems like most women are borderline bisexual compared to men.

    I mean how many girl here have french kissed another girl after getting a few drinks?

    Also arn't most women showers individually secluded? Most men showers are basically a big room with shower heads all around. Not exactly the same either.

  • damnwinter

    You post a mytake addressed to women, the reactions are crappy and women end up getting on your case. So why not get men on your case too? :

    You hate woman, you hate men... whom don't you hate?
    Both takes are faulty generalizations.

    • LilWeezey

      I dont hate noone.
      I hate everyone equally :]

      wait i lied. i dont hate my boyfriend. or my parents, or his parents :]

    • LilWeezey

      and men are not getting on my case because they agree and if they are getting on my case its intelligent arguments rather than "youre pathetic"

  • hellionthesage

    First one is not really accurate, most men don't care about homosexuality, its true that a man is probably more likely to care but that doesn't translate into the majority. Your second point is actually really terrible. A man can't be strong and have feelings? Its not one way or the other you can be strong and have feeligns, especially since you absolutely have feelings irregardless of whether or not yoru strong (barring some sever damage to your amygdala). Being tough does not mean not feeling and I think this is a horrible stereotype that convinces people they either cannot feel (which causes sever problems, most likely why men are 75% of suicide victims since as you plainly put it they are either tough and unfeeling or weak and so they bottle it up until they can't anymore) or your weak. Its just wrong and I think it says a lot more about you/women then it does men. Your claim that men are helpless is also flawed, by that reasoning women are helpless because they can't approach a guy and tell them how they feel, they can't initiate anything really, they can't pay for their own meals expect to be babied (ie romance, given access to the money the man makes (hence men still being the primary bread winner yet 80% of national spending (70% global) is by women) etc. As for guys getting sick they have actually done studies that suggest that testosterone actually interferes with the immune response system and as such when a man gets sick he is actually in worse condition then women. Though considering men have a significantly higher threshold for pain in all other regards one could just as easily complain about women being "dramatic" when they hurt themselves (ignoring the fact that they actually have more pain receptors and lower threshold for pain). Honestly only your first part had any real merit to it (though it was still a sweeping generalization). I don't know what your other take was so I cannot comment about it but this one is definitely faulty.

    • LilWeezey

      If you read my other mytake i touch on what you said about women.
      As for my second point I'm not saying men can't be strong/manly and have feelings. Im saying its annoying when a man acts so manly and claims he doesn't have feelings then shows them. why are you acting all hard for. there's no shame in having feelings. So given your response to that we are on the same page or should be.

    • Well I would say that we are pressured to hide a lot and your response does kind of show why. Its basicly saying either your a man and have no feelings or your a woman and do, at least thats how it came off as. So their is that to consider. Also like I said, when a man is sick he technicly is in worse shape then a woman since testosterone impacts his immune system (not unlike how progesterone affects women (ie less dense bones in general and ostioperosis)). But I suppose I can see what you are saying and wouldn't necessarily disagree but I do think that is as much on society as it is on men. (with telling them that men don't show their emotions (ironic since historicly they very much did through poetry etc) and then stating how men should be allowed to express their feelings like women (thus associating it with women rather then with a general human trait)) I will have to check your other take, I have not read it yet. Thank you for the civility as well.(it usually doesn't end that way)

  • Joc4Position

    Well I think women and men are the problem for men being homophobic. For one thing you've got the whole media crazed shit of like men getting raped in jail in the shower. Another example is when a girl breaks up with a guy what's one of the things she'll say: Either he's got a small dick, he hit her, or he's gay. If he doesn't like her then he's gay.

    Just like women feel pressured to look "pretty" men feel pressured to not be homos or look like they might be homos.

    Then there's also people who say there are more bi/lesbian females than bi/gay guys, but I don't know how true that is.

    I do know that being the shy, quiet, person I am I doubt I'd want to be naked in front of a group of my own gender even if I was a female.

    Your 2nd point is how everybody is. We all are masculine and feminine. Nobody is all masculine and all feminine. If so then they have some issues going on. Someone saying they don't have emotions is probably like someone saying they don't breathe. Yeah some people can't breathe on their own, but more than likely you are breathing. You're still alive aren't you? Same thing. I'm sure there are a few people who have no emotion, but that's a rare case. Something's not right.

    Interesting that you say this last point as I've always had to cook for myself since adulthood. Sometimes some else would cook, and yeah during family gatherings other people cook. However, I can survive off of cooking basic shit. I don't have a girlfriend or wife though so maybe that makes the difference. I love to cook though. Maybe these guys come home from working hard, and the female is a stay at home mom or something. I mean it's situational. Definitely situational there.

    I have self control. Females have done all kinds of things to get my attention to which some have went into desperation. So which is it? That or non self control? In other words,


    Sex is okay. Not something I'd care to have every day.

    • LilWeezey

      I know everyone is a mix of both but I hate peoplec who deny the opposite side [aka super macho men or superv girly girl

    • I feel you. Do you listen to little Wayne?

    • LilWeezey

      No I dont lol.
      Well i mean i dig his music but i dont listen frequently.
      My name is for Weezer.
      I am little and a weezer fan. Hence little weezey

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  • Tdieseler

    Lol... like you said... doesn't apply to all men. Because NONE of what you just mentioned above applied to me. A man's man eh? lol... or you could say "real" man... is just someone who lets women be women and bitch about everything while they pretend they are actually paying attention...

  • QuestionMan

    Homophobia - an irrational fear of men
    Machoism - this is just us acting how we're told to act, we later reveal our true feelings if possible
    Helplessness -I agree with you there

    "Sex is good. Its fun. But have some self control you fucker." Men are statistically more horny then women. The fact that women choose when to have sex puts men at a massive disadvantage.

  • Girl_Scout

    Why did you even bother?

    Sorry, super super lame take.

    • LilWeezey

      So women would be less bitchy that I made a post about why I dont like women.

    • Girl_Scout

      And you thought this would help? It's weak, seriously weak...

  • YourFutureEx

    #1. Almost every woman has a little lesbian in herself, even if it is in minuscule limit so, you take our homophobia seriously.

    #2. Isn't that a good thing?

    #3. Hmm.. we need each other. Do you "hate" us for that? Damn! :/

  • WombRaider

    Men are macho... what a surprise there.

    Homophobia? Nah, it's just being straight men, seeing gay men make out is not appealing. People throw around "homophobic/homphobia" far too often; in most cases what the person has said isn't offensive at all.

    To counter that point though, women will more than often call a boy/man gay if he doesn't give her attention, which is particularly sad.

    • WombRaider

      Also I really hate when girls/women say "that's so gay" or whatever.

  • tyber1

    The only thing I have a gripe with is the second thing. All men have feelings and emotional needs. The truth is that sometimes men just aren't able to express those emotions. We're expected to be tough and macho. Men and women alike don't like men perceived as whiney.

    The fear of homosexuals is really just a result of this macho attitude anyways. The main problem is that society wants men to act in a way that they really just can't maintain forever without experiencing emotional distress.

  • davidpossey

    have some self control you fucker lol that was hilarious

  • buttheadkakakak

    Hey. People? Yeah. Quit posting this shit. It's not funny. Everyone I'd being sexist now because some girl decided to says she hates men.
    Also all the butthurts can stop commenting. Adds to the problem

  • lopflodin

    "Men seem to have a stronger sense[?], reaction[?], I don't know the word I need here, of homophobia than women do. Meaning they damn near refuse to be in the same room as gay guys." i dont know anybody like this but i dont go out a lot

  • the_rake

    You seem to have captured the flaws of men quite objectively and fairly. I haven't read the other take but I will assume the same thing.

  • Jager66

    Great post, you had me at "As happy as that makes my cold heart," :)

  • DBsufc15

    There's no point hating both genders because of a load of generalisations and assumptions.

  • LittleSally

    I agree with the enumerations. Some men really are like this.

  • TheOldMan59

    lol at the gay kid not going into the shower for fear of being attacked. I would be standing as far away from him as possible. Homophobic? Moi?

  • chriss

    depends on the individual everyone has different tastes

  • GreatnessRevamped

    Since you don't know how men work, let me break it down. lol :D

    1. Straight men and gay men are different. I read a study that said that while women can watch all manner of porn (gay, straight, lesbian) and be aroused, straight men can only be aroused by straight and lesbian porn, and gay men by gay porn.

    2. Men have feelings, but need to get shit done, which doesn't require emotions. You mom, his wife, is the ONE person he allowed to be emotional with. She's basically his emotional holster. That's her privilege.

    3. Let me ask you this, if the man has to do his job AND HER job, what's her purpose? Might as well be single.
    Besides, women do house things better than men.

    • LilWeezey

      She has a job too.
      A lot more hours than he does.
      Why does he need to starve himself out til she gets home and expect her to cook after a long days work?

    • "Why does he need to starve himself out til she gets home and expect her to cook after a long days work?"

      because she's better at it.

    • LilWeezey

      My boyfriend is better at cooking than I am.
      Should he cook for me all the time?

      Chances are you'll say no, because I'm the woman and I should cook.

      Lol. He got two hands. And legs and a brain. He can cook for himself. he's just to damn lazy and thinks he's a king to be catered to

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  • Punkin45

    Too funny because it's true. You're describing my ex-husband.

  • anymours23

    Homophobia? I don't give a fuck if I went to a shower with a gay dude.
    Machoism? I follow up like crazy, I've cried to the Never say Never movie by JB, people looked at me and I act like I don't give a shit. A man expresses his emotions, a boy tries to hide them.
    Helplessness? I always help out when my baby girl's sick, I make her tea, I make her chicken soup, I've bought her cough medicine, hell I even bought her tampons once.
    Don't stand there and complain that men aren't busting their arses.

    • anymours23

      girl is*

    • anymours23

      Stupid feminists with stupidest posts.

    • LilWeezey

      I'm definitely not a feminist.
      I made a post on how I hate women

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  • skeptic007

    sorry this is dumb

  • AdamThomas

    This take hurt my feelings.

  • LateNightss

    Why I hate women: cause you're a stupid cunt.

    • LilWeezey

      Hey thats the summary of my why i hate my gender my take.

  • TheSpartan

    Homophobia--An irrational fear of Hominids.

  • SuperOzgurX2

    Pretty funny my take.

  • PT1911

    I know we're just the worst right?

  • IceEverest

    Nice balance with the last post...

  • Anonymous

    Go back to the Tumblr echo chamber. Regular people are tired of hearing that shit.

    • LilWeezey

      there's one on how I hate women too

  • Anonymous

    What is this bullshit?
    Homophobia: So what? Of course females don't have a problem with lesbians, females are raised very different from males. It's society's fault that males feel uncomfortable around homosexuals.

    Macho: That's what females want, isn't it?
    And don't tell me that that's wrong, every once in a while female friends of mine start talking about how weird they find it that they always think they want some normal, gentle man but change their opinion whenever some macho comes over and are more attracted to him.

    Helplessness: I and most people I know live alone or with their friends, there is no woman to cook for them, nobody to care for them when sick. Also, it is known already that for men being sick is worse than for women.
    And you know, because men are so helpless, we earn more than you females do.

    • Anonymous

      @buttheadkakakak looking at your username, your about me and combining that with your age, I am kinda sure that you'd be the only one here needing mental help.

    • Reread what you put down here

      At least my name is a joke

  • Anonymous

    You sound like a bitter jerk.

    • LilWeezey

      Bitter i am not.
      Jerk is fair.
      I'm an asshole.


    • Anonymous

      Doesn't make it any better. And you wonder why your petty ass won't get anywhere.

    • LilWeezey

      Lol who said I wondered why I won't get anywhere?
      I'm very content with where I am and where I'm going.

      But thanks for being petty yourself and proving my take about women.


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  • Anonymous

    I thought this Take would be bad, but I pretty much agree with it all. I don't do any of those things and can't understand them in other guys.

  • Anonymous

    When you hate women- you get praised

    When you hate men - all hell breaks loose

    I guess we can never win hm?

    • LilWeezey

      Only a few men have complained at the ones who sre complaining are complaining logically not attacked me so.
      I call this a win

    • LilWeezey

      All hell has not broken loose

    • Oh come on, just look at some of the female comments on the other take, calling her pathetic or telling her to fuck off xD

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  • Anonymous

    Amazing the crap that gets promoted, and somehow, not taken down, its times like this being on gag really does make me sad :(

    • LilWeezey

      Why would it get taken down.
      If you read all of my thing you'll see I made on on why I hate women. Which is WAY worse than this one. So its equal..

      I'm not saying anything threatening or murderous.

      Its an opinion. If you delete non harmful opinions you are violatining constitutional rights [at least here in America]

      If you don't identify with above there be no reason to be upset. If you do then.. Thats yoir problem not mine.

      Im merely point out seemingly universal flaws in both genders.

    • Anonymous

      Dont present opinion as fact. And just because they are "opinions" doesn't make them less hurtful.

    • LilWeezey

      How did I present them as fact?
      Lol and get over it princess.

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  • Anonymous

    Well dang way to generalize.

  • Anonymous

    I'm always amazed by the 'waiting for women to cook' thing.

    I have never seen this in real life! But i believe it, i think it's just really dependent on where you live.

    • Punkin45

      My ex was just like that. This made me laugh.

    • LilWeezey

      My dad waits for my mom. Unless he's starving an absolute cannot even then he doesn't cook cook. He makes leftovers or gets food out