Why I hate my gender: A look into my traitorous mind


Why I hate my gender: a look into my traitorous mind.

I'm a self proclaimed tom-boy.

I don't often find myseld with a bounty of female friends. I don't really like females. I much rather keep male company than females.

A mytake that @Chief16 made has inspired me to make my own. As well as a bunch of questions I've been seeing on here.

So here's why I hate[dislike] a majority of my own gender.

MOST women are catty:

A majority of females are unbearably catty. Y'all pretend to play nice with each other but then talk shit behind each others backs. I have lots of male friends and I almost never have been another male or a group of males talk behind each others back but any female "friends" that I've had almost always talk shit about each other. Its' completely ridiculous. How can you call someone a friend then deliberately talk shit BEHIND their backs, At least when men talk shit its to each others faces,

MOST women are "princesses":

Lots of females think they are entilted to everything. That because they have vaginas that men need to worship the ground they walk on. That even after a month or two of dating a man should be showering them with gifts and attention. Calm. The. Fuck. Down. Men don't owe you shit. I hardly ever expect my man to shower me with gifts. Is it a nice gesture? Of course! But do I demand it? Do I expect it? Fuck no. Especially without him getting anything in return. My boyfriend actually spoils the shit out of me, two months into dating he got me a bunch of stuff from Teavana, and if you know what Teavana is you know its not cheap. Was it a nice gesture? Absolutely. Did I expect it? Fuck no. I feel guilt every single time he spoils me because I'm a budding actress. I don't have a full time job and I don't have tons of money. Which means I can't spoil him the way he spoils me. He knows this and still chooses to spoil me {by the grace of God} And when I do have extra money I can spend I return the favor {which i suppose makes my gestures all the more meaningful} but if you don't do shit for your man how the fuck can you expect him to do shit for you.


I don't mean actual feminist. The good ones who are actually trying to make a difference. I mean the man hating bitches. Ones who cry "abusing women is awful" but cheer when a man gets beat by his girl for no reason. The ones who are against female gential mutilation, but are totally ok with circumcision of babies. Who claim we need fair wages but work "safe" cooshy desk jobs while men work "dangerous" blue collar jobs. ETC. and before someone out their says "women like that don't exist. They do. I've met some. In person. and they were dead serious.

A few other things that I'm not sure what kind of "topics" to put them into are:

-Women who constantly complain when men hit on them, but cry if noone is. (you are clearly being a vain selective bitch, the type of guy you want to hit on you isn't, and the type of guy you dont want hitting on you is)

-Golddiggers. Kinda goes with above. But if you want a boyfriend based on income and looks. You are one of the worst human beings ever. You should be with someone because you love them not because you'd make cute babies or because he makes bank. Especially if you the bitch that gets mad at a man for having preferences {ex. if he likes skinny chicks you yell at him for "hating" big chicks, but you'll only date a man with muscles, etc.. STFU hypocrite)

I mean the list can go on and on I think but my hand is getting pretty tired of writing and I don't want to bore you more than I might already have.

Just a few thoughts of mine. I really don't fancy my gender. Most females are kinda cunts.

if your wondering why I say most a lot. its because I know not all females are like this I'm not, and even tho it doesn't matter how many times I say MOST, because some bitch is gonna blow what I say out of proportion, and be like "not all woman are like that" but I still want to make it extremely well know that when I say MOST, I mean, NOT ALL, but a pretty decent majority. Maybe like 70/30. At least from my POV

*cue infinate hate mail from females who identify with this but are too proud to admit it, so they will yell at me for their downfalls*

Why I hate my gender: A look into my traitorous mind
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  • loveisbeautiful
    I'm not sure if I hate my gender per say but I will say it's very hard for me to relate to them because I'm just very different then most, so it makes finding common ground and connecting difficult. I do agree with what you wrote. I feel men are more self aware and their flaws are just known to everyone, so all the cards are just laid on the table. Where as women there is no self awareness because people make excuses for the things they do, even when they are wrong. So, with no accountability they just feel they are never wrong and everyone one else is to blame and that's not true.

    I also agree that not all women are the same but for people to pretend that the chicks you talked about don't exist, is very naïve because they do.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    Well. Thank you for the mention, first of all. I don't think most women are 'cunts'. Heard of the Pareto Principle? I think media and a few vain lost women give all women a bad name and misguide them into being misandrists, that they've been repressed for too long and its time to 'revenge' themselves against men. They don't encourage equality and freedom, they just demand privileges. What they don't understand is that two wrongs don't make a right. Good MyTake. But I feel it applies to the minority, not the majority of women.
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    • LilWeezey

      Personally I feel its majority.
      I rarely ever met a female that hasn't been a misandrist to some degree.
      But its just me I guess.
      Lot of females I personally know/knew fit into what I said.
      Even some current friends/family etc.

    • anymours23

      No, she's right... most women are cunts. You just happen to live under a rock.

    • Chief16

      @anymours23 ah sigh. Time to add to the blocking chop. Away with you.

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  • honeybones
    It's sadly very true, personally I am nowhere near being like this which explains why I only talk to like 5 girls and everyone else I talk to is a guy. Here's a funny story:
    When I met my now fiance in 2013 he always wore this tattered jacket and the first week I bought him a nice POLO sweater, I thought he was poor but it turns out he's über rich and being a girl who grew up high middle class I always had too many things. Well when I have told other girls what he has bought me they instinctively have told me to tell him to buy me a lot of things and basically act like a gold digger, much like you I feel extremely guilty but I get him very nice things too... Nonetheless and back on point it's disgusting how some women have this mentality that men owe them the world.
    All I want is his love.
    And in regards to femininazis they just make women look like idiots and defeat the purpose and mission of feminists.
    Also I don't understand why girls talk shit about their "friends" like seriously if you don't like them don't hang out with them. Simple.
    I like this myTake :)
  • ksoma
    Had a female friend. Bisexual but with a STRONG preference for women.
    After she and her girlfriend broke up, she had 3 boyfriends in 18 months, before finding the guys she is with now and making something with him.
    I remember asking her why she was looking for guys, when I knew how much more she really desired women. This is the text she sent me, copied from my phone:

    "Honesty? Women are back stabbing catty bitches. They never help when you need help, they're never honest, saying one thing to you and another to everyone else. Most are lazy, and so I pay all the bills because they figure they have a S. O. so they don't need to do anything anymore, and if [girlfriend she had just left's name here] was in a real cunty mood? She'd spend the day screaming at me and being real shitty just because she hated that I was prettier. It was like that with her. Like that with almost every female friend I've had, and I'm sick of it. So unless someone real special comes along, I'll never touch a girl again."

    Personal opinion? 2 of the three guys she tried to make something with were total dirtbags and I think she still might have been better with her female ex, but still, says a lot just how much most of what was mentioned in this MyTake applied to her in a big way. Even the phrase "catty," which was her first negative descriptor of how she found many girls, was the first point made here. Kinda shocked me.
    • ksoma

      Girl I mentioned was an AWFUL texter. Typos and short hand in abundance. She said what I wrote, nearly word for word, but I cleaned it up and added punctuation and things.

  • YepThatsIt
    Weeell, every female friend I've ever had has mentioned the catty part (as well as men being much more trustworthy) as a main reason to go for male friends instead.
    This includes my two sisters.

    I can't really speak for the rest, but that one is dead true. Men at least do tend to insult each other to the face.
  • samhradh_leannan
    There are awful men out there too, but that doesn't mean the whole male gender (or 70% of it, I'm sorry, huge difference) is worthless. This article is perfectly representative of all the unnecessary, counterproductive, spiteful conflict and competition that happens between the genders around here.

  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    Are girls catty? Yea, I think it's genetic. are we all princesses? No, Its how we were raised. Are all girls gold diggers? No, women are getting better jobs than men these days, we also go to college at much higher rates... there are many things wrong with males as well, like they have a prince mentality. Women are supposed to cater to them. anyway , both sexes have a lot of flaws and some are just what society taught us vs. What is biological
  • DooMguy
    + 1 respect & Allah Akbar


    little weezy for sheezy

  • cipher42
    This was me around Freshman year of highschool and before. Since then, I've realized that that mode of thought is in fact a load of BS, and due to internalized misogyny. I recognize that telling you that ain't gonna change much, as change tends to come slower and more gradually than that, but I just felt the need to put it out there. I understand where you're coming from, but it just ain't reality.
  • LittleSally
    Hmmm... then I'm not most women I guess.

    Cool you chose to share your viewpoint - I'm not a huge fan of people who are too chatty either. They're tiring.
  • tyber1
    You can spoil your boyfriend with backrubs. I've never had too many backrubs.
    • LilWeezey

      Except I suck at backrubs because I'm too weak to do any good.
      Backrubs for him prolly feels like I'm just caressing his back lol.

      But i mean yea i guess

    • tyber1

      I'm sure you can think of other things

    • LilWeezey

      Well yea.

  • AleDeEurope
    Though I know this doesn't apply to every woman, there are enough to consider this post relevant.
    Nice Take, you'll get bunch of hate from some women (proving you are right), but it's all good.
  • vonasaurus
    i love this, and i can totally relate.

    i prefer friendships with men because there's less drama/bullshit. that said, the handful of female friends i do have are a lot like me~ we have nothing in common with most women, and we all are in happy, fulfilling relationships with men who are our equals.

    as with most things, feminism started out with good intentions, but a few fundies caused it to veer from its original aim and started demonizing masculinity instead~ as someone who believes in equal rights for all, feminazis represent the worst of my gender, and they really annoy me.

    thanks for sharing~

  • AdamThomas
    When I look at other men's girlfriends and most of them are like this I realise how lucky I am to have one of the few good ones.
  • Jersey2
    My sisters warned me about women, especially in the work place. My oldest sister is an executive at a major fashion house in NYC. She says she would hate working for a woman given how they are such as backstabbers and petty.
  • thetundrawolf
    Women like you give me hope for the future. Thank you. I wish you and your boyfriend the best.
  • Tideo568
    Most females I’ve met gave terrible dating advice too me. They call men “Manz toyz”. Whenever I wanted to be nice to a boy I liked they always tell me to “put him too work.” I honestly don’t talk to them anymore.

    Most females make me want to get g meet reassignment surgery so I don’t have to acossiate with them. Can you message me? 😊
  • Panay
    The bitching thing I definitely get. Most of my friends at the moment are girls and they're guilty of this, but honestly they're not too bad, and many of my male friends say stuff behind each other's backs as well.

    I think some people might be a big mislead by the title; I'm guessing you don't genuinely hate all women, you're just pointing out some bad traits you've noticed in some.
  • ladsin
    Lol, I'd say that you don't hate your gender then, but hate certain things that tend to be associated with them.

    It was a decent read though! Thanks.
    • LilWeezey

      Well yea. But I can't be like
      "Why i hate things my gender does"

      Like that's not an appealing title.


    • LilWeezey

      Same thing with my dude take i can't be like "
      Why i hate things bros do"
      Thats not an appealing title either.

    • ladsin

      Haha understandable. when I read the title I thought I was going to have to come on here and argue with you, but after reading I realized what you meant!

      To be honest I don't have much experience with those types of girls. None of my friends that are girls are like that, and honestly I find it weird, because according to research girls are better at cooperative play, and work harder to seek validation when being ostracized, but I've heard that many girls can act like how you described so it's confusing to me XP

  • datgirl
    Each gender has their ups and downs. I have more guy friends than girls for some reason girls don't like me or the friendship dies even when I'm trying hard to maintain it. But anyway coming back to my point I hang out with a lot of guys and I love them, but man I really need a balance between men and women otherwise I'd go crazy. We all have our flaws. Basically I just stick to myself and hate everyone equally (okay, I don't actually hate haha) less trouble that way. Not a bad take I guess.
  • RJGraveyTrain
    Literally none of these apply to me so I am either special or a man I guess.
  • dominiquois
    Princesses are almost always insecure. That's why they inflate their ego to princess level to not feel so shitty about themselves.

    Catty women are envious women. They're borderline sociopathic because they're so damn fake. I've ALWAYS hated girls like this. I don't understand why they can't just be honest with other people. A fake person is an empty person and a HUGE coward.

    Can't stand feminizes either. Either they get help for their rape/daddy issues or MOVE THE FUCK ON. Nothing in America is really that bad anymore in terms of how women get treated.

  • hellionthesage
    Well the first part is true and scientificly backed (they think its a form of competition between women to acquire status while reducing another womans status in a way that is least likely to result in bodily harm (since a womans body is her primary currency ie reproduction) I would argue that feminist and femnazis are only different because femnazis don't pretend like feminist do (the fact is to believe in feminism you have to presume that all men oppressed all women historicly speaking despite all evidence showing that not only is it not true but it could even be argued the exact opposite) though i should probably not start up that argument here (I get blocked enough as is). I would say fairly accurate in my experience (and others from what I hear), obviously as you pointed out it is not applicable to all but to a large amount.
  • Dylanguest1989
    I hate my gender too

    Macho motherfuckers
    Sex sex sex
  • LovelyLolatheBirch
    I only have dogs has friends. I always has males as more then dumb bitches. that a learning disabilities. nothing wrong with having a learning. I already hate some female girls.
  • idkwtftoputhere
    mytakes really need a TL;DR
    If you're reading this admins, it's a good suggestion!!!
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    OMG, i think im in love with you. Will you have my babies?
    • LilWeezey

      No thanks.
      My boyfriend would appreciate that.
      Plus I don't desire to have children.

      But I'm flattered lol

    • LilWeezey


      Oh my word what a typo

    • Haha thats ok.

  • Belliebella
    Well.. fuck you too!
    • Truth be told, the qualities she listed are pretty annoying.

    • @Mesonfielde so thats a good reason for her to hate me and every other female in this planet? She has already decided that she doesn't like me just because im born with a vagina, Just saying

    • I think you misunderstood her post. She did say "most" and hate "majority" of her gender.
      If what she says doesn't apply to you, then there's no point in being offended over it. You might even agree because the qualities she mentioned are pretty annoying!

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  • mistixs
    OMGGGG you're so pathetic HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
    • Umm... No.

    • mistixs

      @YourFutureEx you are too omgggg

    • LilWeezey

      So are you. Because I figure your prissy because you identify with above

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    Well this doesn't pertain to me. Am I special? :3
    • LilWeezey

      Si senorita. if you truly don't apply to this then good on you. You aren't the type of female that men absolutely can't stand

    • Lol! Thank you!

  • ShayanMortazavi1
    You sir, deserve a medal
  • buttheadkakakak
    A few bad apples spoiled the bunch
  • IceEverest
    Nice take just like @Chief16 did...
  • Anonymous
    In America Male children are the prisoners of women. Over fifty percent of men are born into single mother households without a father or male authority figure present. Women who choose to keep their children’s father around, do so only on a provisional basis, with the legal right to separate him from his children at any time she chooses. For all intents and purposes, the children are hers, and she merely allows their father to see them.
    Even if the father is present, the nurses, therapists, school teachers, and caregivers around the child are virtually all women. The formative years of the life of the average American male are dominated and ruled by women. These years are marked by routine and institutional abuse that pathologizes masculinity and trains men to seek women’s approval more than their own joy.
    If a child is born male, he is immediately rushed from his mother’s arms to surgery where part of his genitals are cut off in procedure euphemistically known as circumcision. Circumcision is almost always performed without anesthesia, or only an ineffective topical anesthesia, causing the baby to scream in pain as the most sensitive nerve endings on his body are cut off and discarded into the trash.
    No medical organization in the world recommends this procedure. America is the only first world country to perform infant circumcision for non-religious reasons. The most common reason given is aesthetic preference—specifically the preference women, who frequently lack comparative sexual experience with the natural male body. Circumcision is the first and greatest change forced on men for women’s approval. The implication of circumcision is that the natural male body is disgusting and diseased, that men are born wrong and in need for fixing, and that the penis and male sexual pleasure is not important.
    This procedures teaches the child his feelings do not matter, and that his body is the property of others. While feminists prattle on about “rape culture” and “my body, my rights,” the boy will know on some level that his consent did not matter, and he did not have the right to his own body. This act of sexual violence will be spoken of only in joke.
  • Anonymous
    As much as this hurt to read, it's true. I agree with you because I've experienced it first hand being in a relationship with women. I'm bisexual and my worst relationships were with women and maybe a few guys. Women, it doesn't matter if she's a bull-dagger or a girlie girl, she can fit into one of these for sure. I've had my moments too. However, the beauty is owning up to it and realizing that you were wrong at the time and changing your ways, not bitching about it. Sorry, instead of using the word "women", I would've used the word "girl". Grown women should never be this devious.
  • Anonymous
    With all due respect, not speaking to you as an individual, but in general I've met girls who claim to "hate girls" for the reason of being catty and cruel, but then they are catty and cruel themselves to other girls. Again, not speaking to you as an individual, this is just my experience with girls who say that.

    I do agree with you to some extent, although both men and women tick me off. I would say what ticks me off about women (in general) is a lot seem to not think on their own. Their opinions seem to always be whatever the majority of their friends think - the road of least resistance. Hopefully you understand what I mean, I couldn't quite word it exactly how I wanted to.
    • LilWeezey

      I get it. Although I don't think I'm catty.
      Cruel is another thing. I'm an asshole in general and I don't and won't ever deny that. I tend not to deny my faults. Unless its over petty shit [like an argument i had with my boyfriend about a tv he likes but i hate, he's right but i won't admit it to him]

      And i think thats why i hate people who deny their faults and act godly. Which in my case its mostly females.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I totally get you. That irritates me too.
      For me, my friends are also all guys, and sometimes I miss the female company, because I'm like...50% tomboy 50% girly girl. Sometimes I want to explore my feminine side. But like you said, they either act nice to your face, then talk behind people's backs, or they just are bitchy from the get go because "they hate all other girls". C'est la vie.

  • Anonymous
    nice mytake I agree with you some girls can be not nice and mean sometimes I have a hard time being friends wth some of them online because some would bullie me online and call me things like fat pig and one girl told me I was trailer trash and one use to call me ugly whore but I prefer guys as friends because they don't cause drama or bullie me much
  • Anonymous
    I hate My gender actually.
  • Anonymous
    I do agree with you.
    To be honest I always wished I had been a man haha, but then again there are flaws in both genders.
    It's more about the women you surround yourself with.
    • LilWeezey

      I kinda wished I was a dude too.
      But I like being a chick physically and I like men too much

  • Anonymous
    Do you think this is gonna make men love you more? If so then it's pretty pathetic.
    • LilWeezey

      I take it given your posting anon, you identify with above.
      And no I don't think this will get men to love me more and I don't care.

      I've always thought like this. Ever since I can remember. It's not some new hip thing I'm trying out

    • Anonymous

      If you say so, just know it isn't working. Special snowflake status not achieved.

    • LilWeezey

      Actually due to my illness [myasthenia gravis] i AM a special snowflake.
      But I'm not trying to be.
      But thanks!

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