My view on gender culture

Gender culture is a word I am using to describe categories that while is it not completely unique to each gender are some that I find define or likely fall into each gender category.

I am going to spend time talking about each. Starting with Guys.

1. Guys tend to like their football

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

Now I need to say this every time because I know it will come up. Girls do like football. It's a true fact. But rare is a time that I will hear a guy say they know nothing about football or not be able to state a teams stats. It also maybe not be football per say. It could be basketball, baseball or hockey but guys tend to have their sports niche. There is nothing wrong with it but it is a trend I have noticed.

2. Guys tend to aim for muscles

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

Girls do also aim to build muscles and not all guys aim to build their muscles either. But I would argue and guys that don't have muscles are jealous of guys that do. Muscles are not easy to get that take work and commitment. But overall I think guys tend to desire them and girls while not every girl like guys that have them.

3. Guys tend to like action movies

My view on gender culture

Girls do like action movies. But I aim to think that most guys that I know like action movies, it is rare for me to find a guy that does not. I feel like it is a part of guy nature to like action movies. Right next to beer and beef jerky.

4. Guys like to work with wood and similar projects with their hands

My view on gender culture

Girls like to make projects with wood too. But I think guys just like the ability to make something, kind of like a man's work of art. It is their act of love. It is something they are proud of. I have talked to many guys that have done wood projects and their is great pride behind them. It may seem small to outsiders but those that have put the work in knows the time and sacrifice wood working can take, especially when done by hand.

5. Guys look sexy in a suit

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

While girls look cute and can look sexy and confident in a suit, I argue that it is a guys niche. I think it is the one thing that really makes a guy stand out. From cocktail parties to board meetings to James bond movies, it is the one thing that a guy can wear to bring out the best in their appearance.

6. Guys tend to love their cars

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

Girls can love cars too. But it is rare for me to find a guy that can't tell you what the newest cars are right now or be able to tell you what his favorite car is. It is like in a guys DNA to know these things. In addition, all guys have basic car knowledge. In my mind, my the knowledge that guys have at AutoZone is not taught them, they already have that knowledge from when they worked on cars before. Basically, if it is a guy, they will know something about cars.

That is brief amount of what I call guy culture, now let's take a look at girl culture.

1. Girls tend to like going shopping

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

While guys shop too, just looking at a mall directory will tell you that girls like it more. It is less about being practical as in needing a pair of jeans it is more about the experience and being social with girlfriends. It is having fun trying stuff on and walking out in pride with having found a new item for their wardrobe. With some many clothing options it's hard not to find one to walk out of a mall with. Being a guy, I rarely stop in my tracks if ever at guy fashion but girl fashion can have that effect. Its not hard to see why clothes shopping can be fun for girls.

2. Girls tend to enjoy gymnastics and volleyball

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

I would like to think of it as a girls right of passage. In grade school you learn gymnastics and in high school you take up volleyball. These can and do carry into later years which can bring fond memories of the past at times. But it can be seen as a great time of bonding and finding confidence and grace in your own abilities.

3. Girls tend to like romantic movies

My view on gender culture

While guys can like romantic movies and some girls don't I argue that most do. Its the dream of that perfect relationship. The hope that one day the right guy will sweep them off their feet. Its getting a pizza after dieting all week and a nice bottle of wine with the girlfriends and getting out a box of tissues. It is cliché but I can almost bet it happens with most girls and marketing of various kinds leans in that direction, to mention examples girls enjoying romantic movies shown in various TV and movies.

4. Girls like working with crafts

My view on gender culture

Guys can like crafts too but whenever I walk into craft store nearly every person if not all are girls. There are so many options to choose from including fabrics, knitting, painting, and various examples of do it yourself crafts on various social media and as I have seen personally, on daytime tv talk shows. I am not saying that guys don't do it, its just not nearly often as girls.

5. Girls have many clothing options that can display their sexyness

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

While guys have suits girls have much more. Its honestly mind boggling if you sit down to think about it. A challenge in your mind to think about exactly how many options clothing are available to girls in a mall. It's not that from a guy's point of view easy but just taking in clothing terms... you can't go shopping in a girls section without having a wide enough vocabulary. It is similar to going to into a car mechanic knowing nothing about cars and trying to ask what is wrong with your car. There are so many terms foreign to most guys. It is honestly mind boggling. If you type in women's dresses then looking in the description... let me grab an example. "Women Sleeveless V Neck Wedding Dress Elegant Party Evening Slim Maxi Dress" or "Self-Portrait Women's Dresses – Cape-effect guipure lace midi dress Blue" It is a mouthful but it really shows the amount of detail that goes into describing girls fashion. All that to say, its no wonder that girls like shopping more than men do.

6. Girls tend to like using makeup and styling their hair.

My view on gender culture
My view on gender culture

It is a double edge sword when it comes to makeup. It make you look good but it also paints a false picture of what you really look like and its not natural. But overall it can be fun to experiment with because of all the options that exist for makeup out there. So many types and shades and colors. Given it is better to look for a safer makeup for the skin. There are so many options that can it be fun art to explore. Hair is much more accepted and their are so many ways and style you could go with it. Different colors, hair accessories, short or long, held up or spread out, there are so many ways you could take it. While appearance can be a pain, I would argue that their is a sense of pride when a girl takes time in the mirror before she heads out.

So I went through all this to say, I don't like sports, I don't intend to get muscles, action movies are too predictable and cliché, I don't like cars or know much if anything about them, and the thought that suits and muscles can be seen as one of the only major ways to be attractive as a guy is frustrating. I am not going to say that I could not enjoy woodworking but I would much rather go shopping in a mall, watch romantic movies over action movies and enjoy crafting over most male activities. In fact, when I was a kid in grade school I was briefly in gymnastics and I remember it being one of my fondest memories.

All that to say, I find myself liking girl culture a little better than guy culture. I am not going to say that I am not a geek/nerd or don't like playing video games/board games because I do which can be going against girl culture to some extent but I just find myself fitting into general male culture. Which does make me interested to get into a female relationship to see exactly how all this might play out. But I am not a traditional guy at least not completely. It is also hard in a world of traditional values and ideas that some might consider me to be like a broken toy, thinking something was wrong with me. It is honestly hard to put into words everything I am thinking and feeling. But in general I am just to trying to find with center with who I am.

Hopefully you enjoyed my points on different parts of gender culture. Do you think gender culture is a term or would you call it something different? Do you agree with the assumptions I made for each gender? I am interested to hear your thoughts

My view on gender culture
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ImagineSketchy
    Me and sports... I have knowledge of them, but idc about them unless I'm playing football (global version, not US) or basketball. I don't know players and barely know teams.
    Being jealous of a man and his muscles? I truly cannot relate. I'm a runner and speed and stamina are my focus.
    Action movies are fine. I prefer horror and comedy. I hate beer by the way. I would rather drink my own urine.
    I actually do some carpenter work. My grandfather taught me to be self sufficient and wood work along with fishing and hunting were some things he included. Ironically, I prefer to destroy things... Making things is okay, but to just decimate whatever is in front of you into near non-existence... That's so much more satisfying.
    Looking sexy in a suit? Sure. I look good in almost everything that I wear though.
    Car love? Eh. I use public transport mostly because the system is actually great. I can't really be about cars when they're just lunks of sheet metal.
    Welding is fun too...
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  • Gedaria
    Reading this just shows me why I hate being male. All the things you say guys do , I don't and most things women love doing I do like doing
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Most Helpful Girls

  • kymberz
    i think that you have nailed traditionally-accepted gender roles/identities to the floor. you are saying on this side of the spectrum is a female and on the other side of the line would be a male. and if you look at the line it makes total sense. just not anymore. not since we've remembered that lines don't work in the real world - only in math! but the male and female is more like a venn diagram with a large cross-over area. and it's only when we talk about the circles and stop thinking in lines that we'll ever be able to bring the circles back together again and learn to appreciate all of the nuances in the cross-over.
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    • Lightning8

      But don't you think that idea itself is theoretical? The most solid sociological findings show that the more egalitarian a society is, the greater the gap is between male and female choices/behaviors. In practicality, it seems like gender isn't a result of tradition, but that tradition was created to fit the sexes, so that their dynamics could work together the best way.

    • kymberz

      @Lightning8 nice reply! aptly named - yer pretty fast! and yes - i do agree that when people are completely free to just be whatever it is that they are - without any social constructs - without worrying about bills or daycare or hunting a buffalo - yes when people are free - they will definitely choose more traditional roles based on their sex because they will have the freedom to do so. but there will always be cross-over points - a really masculine guy who cares deeply about his cat would be a cross-over point. not because he's masculine but because he cares. and a feminine woman working in construction to feed her family because she cares is another. or maybe she just likes construction. but the point of what i am saying is there are no clear lines because of the way the world is today. we don't appreciate that we live in the garden of eden, we are terrible stewards, shame and guilt only exist because we believe in them and that's why things get so screwed up. but girls/women will always want to dress up as a man and go to a strip club with their man - it's naughty and fun! and guys that let women put makeup and jewelry on them are guys i call smart! if this is rambling nonsense and i have been accused of it many times and therefore will not take any offense - ignore it. but i hope you get the gist of what i am trying to say.

    • Lightning8

      @kymberz I get the gist. And I do think it is helpful to some degree, and it is certainly well meaning. But shame in some sense, or in some circumstances, helps us learn the useful wisdoms that our ancestors would want to and should want to pass on. We do appear to respond more strongly to negative emotions than positive ones unfortunately. So I do agree that shame can often be a harmful tactic, but it does help sometimes. And so then to your point, although I don't think we should completely get rid of shame, (and we can't; it's human nature) maybe we could shame less, be less ashamed, and help to heal self and others more.

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  • Kindofweird
    Well, children are given toys 'according to their gender' from very beginning... girls are expected to be a good homemaker and a boy moneymaker... which is gross. why we can't give cars and baseball or football kit to girls. why we teach boys to make food and craft... why we set stereotypes for genders... and if anyone goes against it than we see him as disgrace... people should really change their fucking mentality..
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    • And I like footballs, my baby my car, name any action movie i know everyone...
      I hate shopping, really don't like much makeup, don't have sexy dresses and I don't know anything about gymnastics and volleyball...

      Holy shit! now I know I am a boy...🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    • You don't give children those toys, most are attracted to them and voluntarily choose them, stop making shit up.

    • MrOracle

      No, you're just kind of weird.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • JackSmy
    JJ, I didn't expect a NOVEL, and especially about the things that are just known, and accepted.
    I think your assumptions and post, are aligned with social norms, and what is expected.
    What about those AMAZING ones, that challenge those norms, and don't accept that way?
    Women in sports, or political office? Guys wearing pink panties and dresses, just because they want to?
    So much of what you posted is status quo! I know you can do better, and I thought you were more 'edgy'!!
    • Texaskid1

      He is not giving us assumptions. He is giving us standard observations for each gender. This will ring true across cultures. As for people who do not align with cultural norms they are a tiny minority.

    • JackSmy

      @Texaskid1 'Standard Observations' and that seems like gender stereotypes!

    • Jjpayne

      I did this for the greater point at the end, that I'm basically none of those things. But here's the thing through, while people are chiming in about how they like the opposite things I listed, which is why said girls will like this every time I said a men's point, maybe stereo types are changing more radically but in a recent tv show on Netflix, all the girls decorated the tree while the guys watched football. That did happen. I'm not saying it's true 100 percent of the time but at least 60 percent. I will try a poll later to couple with my assumptions but I have a feeling others may only click if it's opposite to them..

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  • Pamina
    Well, if you enjoy "girl culture" (why is everything being called a "culture" now?) more, there's good news for you - most of what you listed are the most stereotypical things about each gender. They're so stereotypical that in the real world they hardly matter anymore. In the real world, men and women are WAY more diverse and non-stereotypical than that.
    • Jjpayne

      That is a really good opinion! One of my favourite one's! Thank you!

    • Pamina

      Thank you, I hope you take it to heart.

    • Jjpayne

      I do, it meant a lot which is why I responded back

  • PrimalInstinct
    It's not wise to stereotype, you may be sorely disappointed.
    I grew up in farm country on a farm where, as I said elsewhere, the closest town is still 1,500ish people some 20 odd years later.

    Guy culture
    I like sports. British football not American or rugby all the way. Hockey. I am currently having an ongoing season bet - to the victor goes the spoils (a pizza & $50) - with a friend about two opposing hockey teams (his favorite vs mine).

    I attend Crossfit gym. It's not a typical run of the mill bored to tears gym. It's tough. A friend owns it. Think I don't have muscle? I own horses, that's 1,500+lbs of animal to control.

    I LOVE action movies. Action, horror, sci-fi. Thriller. Jason Statham is one of the most constant action movie actors nowadays & I think I've watched the majority of his movies.

    There's a 50lb wood carving of a grey wolf sitting on my grandmother's front yard. Who do you think did it? Not my brothers. Took over a year.

    Not gonna broach suits.

    Cars. Who gives a crap about new cars. Most of them look the same anyway. Without the symbol at first glance a new $50,000+ BMW hardly looks any different from a peanut priced Toyota. Give me a 1967 Boss Mustang or a 71 GTO any day over some looks like any other car new model. At work the mechanic (general cars & heavy-duty, e. g. trackers, etc.) and I chat about what he does almost every time I stop by. He's not simply shooting the shit or trying to impress when we chat.

    Girl Culture
    I hate shopping for clothes. Hate it. My mother has constantly offered to buy me stuff at fashionable places & 1/10 times I may take her up on the offer.

    I play beach volleyball. Never done gymnastics & couldn't care to. Well if you count high-intensity Crossfit gym that could be a sort of gymnastics.

    I hate romantic movies. Hate them. Give me Hellraiser, Chucky, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, etc. any day of the week.

    I like crafts - photography, painting, graphic design not knitting or anything like that - but that's genetic has nothing to do with my sex. My father is very artistic, my maternal grandfather was very artistic.

    My typical outfit when not going to work is "cowboy jeans" and a baggy t-shirt. I ride horses. What good is a dress on a horse or high heels at a stable?

    Never used makeup in my life & I don't style my hair. Don't need to being naturally attractive. Most days I go out with my curls looking as if I just rolled out of bed with maybe a bit of finger combing.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    A lot of that rings true and will cover all 12 aspects.

    1. I like football a lot but love baseball more. I agree that I love football though.
    2. I would like muscles and strive for them but more so I'm striving for overall healthiness.
    3 and 4. I like action movies slightly better than comedy movies and like working with wood.
    5. That may apply with most men but I hate suits. I'm more of a sleeveless vest, shorts and sandals man.
    6. I don't care about cars much. Just a vehicle to get me places.

    1. Most women love shopping because of the options available and still can't decide.
    2. Women do look dang great in those short shorts playing volleyball.
    3. Women love romance because they desire male protection it impacts in the movie.
    4. I find it odd that women like crafts because it reshapes things and would think it would be something men like doing like arts but yeah, women enjoy it too.
    5 and 6. Yep, women love clothes and makeup but I hate makeup but it is still her choice to apply it to her skin.
  • CubsterShura
    Just regarding the clothing part, guys can look sexy even being fully covered in suits, whereas women so have a variety of options of sexy clothing, but they all have one thing in common: must show skin, flesh and silhouette. As a modest dresser I can't find a single clothing piece that's sexy except my bras.
  • humanearth
    I agree with it. But I can throw a wench in there. Let's throw in masculine crossdressers in the mix.

    Then lets see how it turns out.

    (Pretty much the same I bet)

    If thats the case. I just posted this for nothing.
  • douride2
    As for your lists for girls/women I hate shopping for almost anything.
    I don't mind volley ball.
    Romantic movies & crafts MEH?
    As for style I would rather jeans & a T shirt.
    Make I go without for the most part.
    • douride2

      Now lets look at the male gender list. LOL
      Football nah I'll take a hockey game though.
      Not much for muscles but I'm in great shape.
      Lets just bunch most the rest together action movies wood working & cars. Love them all.
      Suits never owned one. I could probably pull it off though. Maybe? LMAO.

  • The_man_whol_aughs
    Well I'm everything that you described about men except I like soccer and UFC more

    I believe we need gender roles but should not be that strict

    Girls can be and do whatever they want

    However I feel we need strict male roles for men
  • holidaze
    As I scrollEd through this thread I saw a lot to like, but the main reason I wanted to comment in here was to complement you on selecting the great pic of Sean Connery sitting on the DB5. Awesome!
  • wynn-ing
    Interesting take! Personally, I detest 'gender culture' because it puts an emphasis and a bit of pressure on individuals to follow the crowd of your gender and do what they apparently tend to do. It's extremely easy to be outcasted or ostracized in such a culture as the majority view can blind the seemingly minority view.

    For me, outlining the apparent tendencies of your gender does more restriction and generalization than the opposite.

    These can be true for some people, other way round for others, completely off for everyone else... etc. As long as nobody's pressured, forced or encouraged to take up things they do not care about just for the sake of gender, this is fine.
    • Im sorry but I believe it's a necessary evil especially for men

      Woman can do whatever they want

    • wynn-ing

      @The_man_whol_aughs Why do you think so?

    • It's necessary for society to progress

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  • Taylor_C
    I hate shopping and romantic movies and I love my car :)
  • OddBeMe
    Everything you listed will changed once Boomers die and Gen Z comes to power. The NFL is already making emergency plans. Also, gender has nothing to do with it. Nearly 100% of these attributes comes from how a person is raised.
  • MarkusCopeland
    There are so many broad generalizations here that it makes the entire post moot.

    Maybe 30 years ago these would be "Men" and "Women." It's not that way anymore and the fact that you think it is means you should probably spend some time adjusting to modern society, because it's complete nonsense.
    • Sounds like an extreme response. Most men are still like this just as most women are still like this. These roles stem from our biological roots.

  • mrrapperguy
    I mean, I think anyone could come to those conclusions, I guess the question is do they each inherently like those things you listed? Or are they coerced to like them from a young age? Not trying to be inflammatory, just posing a question I myself don't even have the answer to.
  • nerobyrne
    Damn didn't know I was a woman 🤣
    Honestly though I think people put way too much stock in this.
    To they point they will shame each other for calling outside these general trends
  • Femdomina
    My view on this (because I don't believe in so called "gender roles"):
    1. I'm not much into shopping.
    2. I'm not a fan of gymnastics but I like volleyball.
    3. Nope, I prefer horror movies.
    4. Nah, I don't like working with crafts.
    5. I don't like fashion, I wear casual and sporty clothes, but it looks sexy on me.
    6. No way, I kinda dislike makeup and hair styling is a bit too expensive, just a waste of money.
    As for the guys:
    1. I like football too, but real football (soccer).
    2. I go to the gym too.
    3. I also like action movies, but more like action/adventure, not war movies.
    4. Boring (yawn).
    5. Nope, I don't like guys in suits.
    5. Oh I love cars, and I'm an excellent driver ("for a girl").
  • AntiHunger
    I don’t like makeup, crafting, and romantic movies.
    I prefer comedy/horror movies
    Romance is too cheesy 😬
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I agree with much of what you said. Of course most people don't fit exactly into the cultures you laid out but they're pretty representative on the whole.
    Did my question inspire this mytake?
  • Interesting Take. Not all women are that girly, though.
  • I must be a girl then lol

    And my fiancée must be a guy then lol
  • Nadim171
    I have all the guy things Exept football. I never liked football
  • Dargil
    I like it.
  • derek2017
    I dont think everyone fits those stereotypes...
  • Deathraider
    I guess I’m not your typical guy then.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • itherzzzz
    I don’t like makeup, crafting, and romantic movies
  • Anonymous
    Most of those things are just stereotypes, they don't apply to all men.
    My point:
    1. I prefer basketball and handball.
    2. I go to the gym but I'm not obsessed with muscles, the thing is, I like watching fit girls working out ;)
    3. Not really, I like Science fiction movies... plus - I don't drink alcohol and I'm a vegetarian.
    4. Never, I don't like working with wood or any other technical/mechanical stuff, I'm not skilled in such crafts, and they don't interest me anyway.
    5. I don't like wearing suits nor ties.
    6. I don't even have a driving licence, I prefer walking. I like some cars but I don't think I'd be a good driver, I'm very clumsy.
  • Anonymous
    it's a long story but it bothers, enrages me, when people call it a learnable skill
  • Anonymous
    If you could stop leaving your gender fluid all over the place
  • Anonymous
    2020 says fuck you and how dare you to even think of traditional gender roles anymore.
    • AJC997

      Society would say man up