Why I think women hate men, and why I won't let it bother me


Women hate the part of us that makes us men. They are repulsed by how it looks. I have never and will never send a dick pick in my life, but I had no idea women found them so hideous. Whenever I ask about this, women will say "why do you care if we think it's ugly", or, "why don't you just cut it off then." I'm not ashamed of my sex just because women find it repulsive looking. Just like women are proud of their breasts because it's a sign of womanhood, my manhood is what made me grow into a man, literally, through hormones. Being proud of it doesn't mean I think men are better than women at all. Women are amazing and beautiful. I'm just sad that it is so ugly to women. I've heard women say you don't have to be attracted to penises to be attracted to men, but that's the part of my body that makes me a man. I think breasts and a woman's sex are beautiful, and they're just a dome with a nipple and a crack with petals inside. It's okay that you think dick's are ugly, but you get so angry if you get an unsolicited picture that you go on social media and say, "ATTENTION ALL MEN, YOUR DICK IS HIDEOUS AND NO ONE WANTS TO SEE IT IN ANY CONTEXT!". Can't you control whether or not you see a picture on Snapchat? If a stranger sends you a photo, just don't open it and be scarred for life.

(I know that the videos are about dick picks, but does seeing a dick really scar you so much that you need to tell all men that they are hideous. If you call the thing that's part of who I am hideous then you are calling me hideous.)

I don't have much space left, but I'll say that the MeToo movement on Twitter seemed to just be a list of terrible things that men have done over the decades. Why? Any decent man knew that Harvey Weinstein and any of the other guys who were sexually harassing women were scumbags. When you tell all men that they are shit for something that not all of them could control, the men who don't do those things feel terrible and the creeps keep on being creeps, though it is good that the harassment and abuse comes to light. Twitter is a haven for women to just spout hate about men. Just the other day a friend from twitter posted, "All men are ugly to me. You're all awful!" I don't think anything bad happened, she just struggles to find a long term relationship. I've also heard a woman say "the best and most loving sex I ever had was with a woman, I wouldn't be surprised if women dropped men. Which leads me into my next concern.

In general, men love women. They have a power over us and I could never be happy without women present in my life. Women seem to be much less dependent on man when it comes to attraction (or maybe not at all). Reading up on women's sexually, it seems straight women are actually into watching other women when it comes to porn. I could understand if they were just watching cunnilingus videos, but I was surprised to learn that they also search for tribadism videos, which seems way too intense to me for any woman watching that to be straight. One woman said. "I'm straight, but I just like to imagine the friction they're feeling "tribadism is two women rubbing the vulva together". I'm hoping it's rare for straight women to be into that but I'm not sure. To me that is like a guy saying "I like to imagine the feeling of being inside a man's butt, but I'm straight!". I wish women could enjoy the male anatomy as much as we enjoy women's anatomy, but some women prefer seeing a vulva over seeing a man's hideous body parts. Even if women still have sex with men, most women can't orgasm from penetration, so men drew the short end of the straw when it comes to being a source of pleasure.

The thing is I think that in spite of all of this, we guys need to love women and be kind to them. I've been terrified of women for a long time, but I need to remind myself that women kind be kind and that they are gentle and should be treated without any malice, only kindness. And even though I'll never believe that men can be worth anything to women, there are other ways to enjoy life than being with a woman, and women are great friends! And just because women think that men are not visually attractive and even ugly, I can still take pride in myself in understanding that there is nothing wrong with being a man despite what women think, and that manhood is nothing to be ashamed of.

Why I think women hate men, and why I won't let it bother me
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  • Unit1
    So let me get this straight: the sole reason why women could potentially hate us men... is because of something as insignificant as our genitals located between our legs? Really? Of all the things, that women could hate us for (history of men and society, our behavior, "patriarchy", mansplaining, loving porn/sex very much, not giving them our passwords) it had to be our genitals.

    Our penis itself is a tiny part of our body, that solemnly will be taken into consideration by the women.

    Ja, you are right about one thing. Our penis "should" stay concealed. It goes without saying. Not because it's ugly or anything but because it's the law. But law besides I do conceal it anyway in order to protect it since that's our vulnerability point.
    Women have to do the same because it's the law. But law besides they conceal their breasts and vagina still because they do not want to attract any low life, creep or F-boy.

    Nonsense. Yet another seemingly centric topic about penises and women.
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    • I meant for it to be about more than that, but I lost my train of thought. You're right, just because women think dicks are ugly doesn't mean they hate men. But female comedians use that ugliness factor so much in their comedy routines and women in general point it out so much that it really makes some men afraid of their own body. And I know it isn't right to treat women that way even though their bodies are beautiful, so why is it okay to point out how ugly men's bodies are so much?

    • Unit1

      Best way to go with that is to treat everyone how you want to be treated. Can't go wrong here.
      But at the same time do not hand respect over just like that.

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  • Anonymous
    You love dick. We get it.

    Look guy, women don't hate all penises. They just aren't happy to see one on a stranger. To you, maybe all dicks or boobs are awesome and worth seeing.

    A girl has to know AND LIKE the guy before seeing his dick will elicit any pleasure.

    You seem to have a fundamental problem grasping this very simple concept that non-creeps mastered around the age of 5.
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    • Very funny asshole, but the point I was trying to make is a lot of women can be very critical toward men in general and sometimes people don't hear the positive side as much as the negative and that can cause self-esteem issues. People seem to find this post very "dick-centric", which I didn't intend for, I just realized that my rant was going to be too long for people to read so I stopped it early. The main point was women seem to be very critical of men and there isn't a lot of positive stuff about men to kind of counter it, so I was mostly hoping people could cut back a little on criticizing men overall and focus on the creeps.

    • Anonymous

      You didn't intend for your post to be so phallocentric? I bet you didn't. It smacks of the subconscious coming to the fore.

      Get off your knees, stop thinking all women hate men or despise them, stop trying to be a sub to some non existent domme, stop being so obsessed with porn that you can quote a womans views on tribadism (a word most people have zero use for knowing it's existence) and for pity sake have a long conversation with yourself about your love of the cock.

      And remember - no dick pics to any women who haven't explicitly asked for one, or who haven't been intimate with you yet.

    • HikerDude

      white knight

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Ellie-V
    Sounds like you’re saying that because a lot of women aren’t super attracted to men physically, that means those same women hate men.

    That doesn’t even make sense. No offense, but I find your argument kind of stupid.

    And everyone has the right to get upset when sent unsolicited naked pictures. Guy or Girl. ESPECIALLY when it happens often by multiple, random people.

    It’s like sexual assault on the eyes.
    I don't know why people in general think that shit is okay. Things like this is just the tiny stepping stones that lead to real physical encounters where one keeps making sexual advances without the others consent. Aka rape.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying random dick pics is rape or anything like that. But the fact that people think there’s nothing wrong with it only gives the green light to sickos in the world who want to rape.
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    • I didn't mean that dick picks are okay at all, in fact I said I would never send one and I don't know why anyone would.

    • Ellie-V

      Yet you have a problem with people reacting the way they do

    • I understand being angry and upset, but I didn't know if men's bodies were so hideous that they should hide them even in consensual sexual interactions, or if women say they are hideous out of anger.

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  • SarahsSummer
    I couldn’t read all of your rant but I’ll just say we think your unsolicited dic pic is hidious. That entire statement is what makes it hideous. I personally like the look of my guys hard coc but Nobody ever congratulated the creepy guy in the trench coat flashing women on the street or invited him out on a date for the same reason. If you can’t see how asaulting us with an unwanted picture of your penis is disgusting, then you aren’t ready for women, or society in general.
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    • I understand why women don't want dick picks, I was just saying that I wish they didn't have to try and tell all men their members are hideous. But maybe that is the only way to get the trend to stop.

    • Repeat after me... Unsolicited dic pix are hideous.

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  • passinby
    I agree with your take for the most part and generally, women do hate men. It seems they detest their place in the reproductive cycle and that men are the cause of their predicament. They essentially blame nature on men. Feminism has exploited the innate hate that women have for men to expands its ulterior motives and it has amplified their hate for us significantly. The internet has direct-wired these individual hate centers to create an overall man-hate cult. The penis is definitely the center of their hate because it represents his virility, masculinity, and the perceived free ride he gets in the reproductive cycle. Most women have come to hate the idea of making a baby, which undeniably takes part of their life and abortion is nothing more than a birth control pill. Men are blamed for this and hated for it and should pay with their lives per their hate. The feminist man haters want to reduce the male population to 10% and some feminists were pushing for a law that would make it a right for a woman to murder a man. Woman’s hate for man is widespread and increasing to the point that it is eating them up. They have become so toxic and legally dangerous that men really are starting to avoid them in spite of their sexual instincts. So about the only thing you can do is treat them, at least as good as you treat other living species but at the same time simply view them as another species.

    That all said I have genuinely been involved with a few non-hating women and when they are into you, they do admire your penis-one would hug it and always hold it even while I was asleep. There are a few and you will never find one on the internet, so forget that. These women have the common sense and intelligence of self-analyses and accept their womanhood and nature but adjust it with self-improvement consciously to enhance their compatibility and these women genuinely love men. Few women just have an evolved brain and most do not. Most women are easily herded as a mass and innately hate men and that is why feminism flows so well.
  • englisc
    This isn't the reason women hate men. Women who hate men have usually had a lot of bad experiences with the men in their lives.

    More often than not they either had no father around because he ran off and abandoned their mother, or their father was a piece of shit. Their father is their biggest male role model. He's the main guy they learn about men from. If he's a piece of shit, they're more likely to start to view men in general as pieces of shit, especially if their mother bad-mouths him in front of her.

    There are also weak fathers who maybe are there, but they don't give any guidance or put any effort into teaching their daughters anything. Often this can be partly the woman's fault when she undermines him and he's too much of a pussy to assert himself. Other times it's just that he, like many parents today, just can't be bothered and doesn't care.

    Statistically, children who are raised in single mother households do worse off in comparison to children raised in stable families, because of the lack of a strong male role model. They're more likely to take drugs, get drunk, commit crime, have sex at an earlier age, be promiscuous, and for girls - get pregnant as teens. They make bad decisions in general.

    The father, because he's the main role model and her main example of what a man is, also changes the kinds of guys she goes for. Studies have shown that when a woman has always had a good relationship with her father, she chooses a man with similar characteristics when she becomes an adult - obviously good characteristics. A woman with no good father has no idea, so often she makes dumb choices in men. Those men fuck her over, then she develops even more bitterness towards men than she already had towards her father.

    They might say all of this other shit e. g. "men are awful I prefer women", but that's just a sign that they themselves are damaged. It has nothing to do with not being attracted to a man or actually finding men disgusting.
    • Spawnface

      G@G is great for the downvotes.

      You get my thumbs up bud!

    • englisc


      Thanks mate, yeah, they have no argument.

    • Spawnface

      Lol, your pretty generous to assume they can get that far, lol.

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  • Spawnface
    I hope I didn't miss much from skipping the video links because Im just not interested to get that far.

    I also had troubles finding any reasons or explainations to why women hate men. Seemed it was more a list of responses to things you've seen or heard.

    There's plenty of explainations, one that I will offer is envy. Penis/Vagina envy. Women envious of men and men envious of women. It's rather straight forward and self explainatory. Women and men as children compete for attention and for resource from their parents. They often are jealous of one another. Women will hate penises because it's a method to exagerating ones own catagory of gender. To hate a penis is to say "I am not a man". This is due to the parent having preferencial treatment towards the gender of their children. Women most oftenly favour and imitate the mother.

    Another part of this is that men have been absent for most of civilizations history in child rearing. Women were the primary care takers of children and women were oftenly mentally ill, as were with the conditions of the times. Mothers oftenly had sexual relationships with their children, molestation was a very often occurance. Women likely developed nuerological traits associated with this, including boys especially with their fascination with dominitrixes, which are mother entities. Womens sadistic sexual tendencies are also probably associated to having to bloodlust one would find in the mothers of those times, witnessing and internalising abuse and reinacting those abuses by mirroring their abusers.

    Thats about it for now though.
  • Repa33
    Lol no. People may hate you, but most of us dont hate you
    • Well. okay. Did you watch some of the videos so you can understand my insecurity? Especially the last video.

    • Repa33

      Nah. But to be fair one of your points is that women dont like unsolicited dick picks.. which somehow means we hate dicks? No. Its rude to send them so we're gonna be rude back. Guys make fun of girl's bodies too so some random people doing it online doesn't mean everyone does

    • Alright then. That makes sense.

  • ADFSDF1996
    The mainstream fringe elements of society have turned many women (but not all) against men by making many women believe that men are the “enemy”. Men are always portrayed as violent, oppressive, sleazy, perverted, ugly and rude. These fringe elements have also instilled self hate and male guilt in some men who in turn exhibit sycophancy towards gynocentric social movements. This is why many younger women don’t seem to care about men anymore and even show passive aggressiveness towards everything that is considered manly.

    Unfortunately what happened was that the noble cause of ending the oppression of Women, caused one evil to be replaced with another evil in the form of gynocentrism. Which is on the verge of turning into a matriarchy. This is what happens when people don’t learn from history and fail to acknowledge that there are oppressors amongst the oppressed.

    I especially agree with your last paragraph, we should still treat women as fellow human beings just don’t show sycophancy. Winning women over is one step forward in trying to fix the relations between males and females. Perhaps future generations will see males and females reconciled as a whole.

    By the way, I don’t hate women. There are many women who I respect (mostly older ones) because they still have respect for men.
  • Puppylover_129
    I think women have hurt the image of women for many years now. Same does for men and men. But, the truth us, just because a handful of the millions of people in the world behave like they do, don't speak for the millions of others out there. I love my bfs penis, his hairy body, his deep voice, his strong hands, warm hugs and all the things that make him a man. The problem begins when we let the assholes of the world get what they want and make people feel bad about themselves and shame others.
  • strawberrysouffle
    Listen, if I'm attracted to a guy, I will worship his dick.
    If someone I don't know sends me a dick pic, I won't like it. If I don't want to have sex with you, then yes, seeing your dick is gross. And I don't want sex with a stranger that sends me a dick pic, for two simple reasons. He's a complete stranger, and he thinks it's a good idea to send me a dick pic, which shows that he is very inconsiderate and just really horny and pathetic.
  • DianaWest
    maybe she was a virgin and the pics traumatized her. seriously though, it is inappropriate and degrading. i think it is idiotic for anyone (girl or guy) to send pictures of themselves naked. not to mention how pictures like that can bite you in the ass later. who knows, it may fall in your employer's hands. wouldn't that be wonderful?
  • winterfox10
    I'm not sure what to tell you, man. The women I've pulled my shit out on haven't had anything negative to say, most of them wanted to have a second look. I think it's more about the man it's attached to than the cock itself. Guys like boobs because they're boobs and they look sexy, but a woman likes a man's cock when it's inside her... she's not planning on spending much time looking at it.
  • LuWe22
    Women hating men and Men hating women coming from bad experiences, prejudices and frustration. One bad ex can ruin dating life for you and even make it impossible to move on or you don´t even having luck in dating at all and never had a partner.
  • CT_CD
    They call penises ugly but act like vaginas are such beautiful things. Most look like something that got spit out by a meat grinder. Nothing makes me softer than staring at a vagina. Would rather have a nice, clean wiener in my mouth and I'm not even gay
  • megaman242
    I have had several woman who loves how a dick is and some that don't, but they all love how it feels. But it's also connected to how they feel about you and the situation. There are some vagina out there I find ugly and some I find atractive, but im more attached to a vagina of girl I like then of someone I don't like. And it is also depending on the situation. A beautiful thing is just sometimes beautiful in the right situation that is all to it.
  • atheistaredumb
    I don't listen to women they are stupid
    women lie

    men are more honest
  • yasii
    Just because we don't want random dick pics doesn't mean we hate all dicks and how they look
  • itsmatty
    well, if you believe sigmund freud's theory, women are just jealous because they don't have dicks. they can't get turned on easily like men and they have to sit down to pee. i personally don't buy it, women are just wired differently.
  • simpy3
    From my perspective (as a bi guy), dick pics are usually not exactly attractive because it's just some randomer going "oh here's my dick" and that's that. I love a nice looking dick but you've got to put in a bit more effort than that. Your dick will be a x100 more attractive if you get to know and get closer to someone first.

    The problem is not with the dick (dicks are never a problem for me haha), but with how it's delivered.
  • B15H0P
    Well aren't you a strong independant man. You go, boy!
  • MlleCake
    It's not that dicks are ugly. It's that dick pic guys take shitty pictures, in poor light, at a bad angle and shove the pics at you like a religious nut with a Bible tract. The internet has turned every* male above the age of 12 into a lilly-waving pervert. Back in the day you had to actually put a trench coat on and go out in public to flash women outside the grocery store.

    (Ok, not literally EVERY male, but enough.)

    You know when I want a dick picture? When it's a souvenir of a memorable dick I got to play with. And put some production value into it, for God's sake.

    If you want to know how to do a dick pic right, visit Mr_Cocky on Fetlife. com

    Dicks themselves, when attached to someone I like, are fucking fantastic.
  • Pamina
    Nah, women just hate you.
    • I mean, you don't know me. I get along fine with women that I know in my everyday life. But I see a lot of negative stuff about men and I'm curious what the general population of women think so I'm throwing this out there to see what different women have to say on the matter.

    • Pamina

      So that was your intent here, I see. What a great strategy.

    • Ghost285

      He got triggered. Good one

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  • SweetEvilKitty
    There is a difference between wanted and unwanted dick pics.
  • Poormanscomedian
    I agree with the women , they are ugly. Kind of like the Alien baby that pops out of people's stomach. If one of those things came through a hole in the wall , I would run.
  • NoDrama84
    I think pussy looks nasty. As long as it doesn't smell, Im down though.
  • 9teen
    How do you think it makes us women feel when you send unsolicited dick pics? It makes us feel cheap and disrespected. It's degrading. Like all we are good for is to satisfy you and we are beneath you.

    Dicks aren't ugly, it's the intention which is. As long a guy isn't romantically involved with me, he shouldn't bother. I demand respect. I'd only accept and even love it when I'm attracted to the guy and when I love him. Dicks are generally sexually arousing and pleasant to the eye of a woman.

    Women would fire back resulting in lowering a guy's self-esteem when he makes them feel cheap.
  • Lance1965
    I have heard many women say dicks are funny or weird looking. I have never heard one say they are ugly.
  • dantheman1118
    I, of course am on your side on this one. I personally think unsolicited dick pics are tacky AF. But on that same token, a lot of dudes are straight up creeps with those things. Those same dudes write "Yummy" on chicks pictures. You can spot them from a mile away. I really don't think all women think they are gross or how ever you put it. But I am pretty positive it's probably exhausting having to deal with that daily. I get tired of it just scrolling through other sites. I totally get it that you will see a few when scrolling just as you would boobs or whatnot but some days or times a days your swimming through a sea of dicks just trying to get to the other side. But to end this comment. I totally agree with you.
  • Vegeta01
    What do I care? I don't even talk to women in real life. You just do you fam don't worry about others.
  • Haileylovescamo17
    I don’t think dicks are ugly. I don’t know who told you that women think dicks are ugly...
  • JimboGB
    The amount of generalised questions/statements on this website is quite staggering.
  • Philyouup
    OK then... that was unreadable for anyone reasonable..
  • Jackblue
    I don't think women think dicks in themselves are ugly, they are just grossed out by the intentions of men who send unrequested pictures of them. When women say they think penises are ugly or that all men are evil they are just ranting. Believe me plenty of men say horrible things about women online. In most cases I think those people are just having a bad day. I admit to being a little confused as to why women prefer lesbian porn, but I guess women understandably just feel more comfortable regarding strange women than strange men. Women in general prefer Romance novels as this allows them to become familiar with a male character.
    • Jackblue

      @iliamilik I will eventually. Right now I a, m too drunk.

    • Jackblue

      @iliamilik Clearly he is still upset. He might be getting over it he might not, but it is probably best to give him some space.

  • Aphrodite8789
    You unattractive insecure men are very annoying.
  • Pink1996
    Listen, all dicks are ugly except my mans dick.
    • simpy3

      I'm a bi guy and I love a nice looking dick.

  • smg99
    Who said that? You are totally incorrect
  • Wtf did I read
  • The_Revolver
    Women hate men
  • aja32234234
    I just hate ugly men, not all men
  • Anonymous
    I think they are jealous because they don't look as disgusting as pussies.
  • Anonymous
    I think it becomes more attractive to the girl if she likes you a lot, random ones are quite ugly. I don’t know how this works it just does.
    • Q-tipBoy

      Then why do women get involved in casual sex?

    • Spawnface

      Sending a thumbs up in spite of the haters.

      Ill answer you Qtip. Despite being repulsed by penises a girl will still commit to swallowing one because it is a means of fulfilling a need. There can be many reasons or different needs to fit the situation of the person but generally its that same thing. Those needs are often to ask the question "Am I only worth sex to you?" often asked by somebody who has been through some form of abuse or neglect. Even though the answer often confirms the awful answer, it is how somebody might recognize "love and affection"

    • Q-tipBoy

      You mean in casual encounters women are not attracted to the person , still, they have sex with them only for the purpose of having sex with someone?

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  • Anonymous
    I sent my huge black dick to a Ukraine model and she liked it
    • Anonymous

      Some girls like it. I have whites and Latinas asking me for a dick pic

  • Anonymous
    Funny how a group of people who have what looks like an infected ace wound between their legs, think that the penis is ugly.
    Yeah we are more visually stimulated than them and therefore we admire the mangled meat between their cheeks, but seriously... if you have a mashed burger between your legs, you should be the last person to make a statement about another sexes parts.
    • I don't want this to be a battle of the sexes I just wanted to let people know what other people are saying and if they think it's true. No fighting back and forth be nice to women.

  • Anonymous
    No, I don’t think you understand it.

    Male sexuality isn’t ugly. It’s -threatening- When men or women see a vagina, they’re not terrified it’s going to vacuum things up. Dicks are different. At an emotional level, everyone knows a dick wants to fuck someone.

    So is that exciting or horrifying? Well for that you need to consider how mating worked for most of evolution. For men, a random woman willing to have sex was a good thing- one more shot at having a child. For women: random men wanting sex are horrifying. They might monopolize the woman’s reproductive ability for the next year and a half or more and if they’re not a great choice, that’s terrible.

    So on average male sexuality is threatening. Women don’t want sex with random men. So they don’t like seeing random men’s penises. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to see - any - man’s penis.

    I’d roughly break women into three groups:
    - a significant minority really doesn’t like seeing penises just “likes what they do” with their man.
    - a smaller minority loves penises and actually sort of likes random dick pics - certainly from any decent looking guy
    - the largest group, and probably a majority like to see a hard dick of a man they are sexually attracted to especially when they’re turned on.

    I’ve sent a few women dick pics and always gotten extemely positive reviews. It’s basically always been sexting and I’ve always hinted what I wanted to show them first and the odd one has declined (group 1 apparently). The rest all told me how hot it was and got more excited. Some told me they kept looking all night.

    So women are selective about dicks. But they like them.
  • Anonymous
    Dicks maybe weren't meant to be viewed.
    And while i really don't want to look at one, I am perfectly ecstatic to have one inside of me.
    • Do you not like to look at your partner's dick when you are having sex?

    • Anonymous

      only as a part of the whole function. I guess i really do like to watch, if I can when he is moving in and out of me. But I just don't sit there and admire it as if it were a piece of art or something.

  • Anonymous
    I don't Think dicks are ugly I just don't want to see a strangers dick. And yes having a dick is partly what makes me attracted to someone but not Only. I don't wanna see any naked picture of anyone unless it's my husband that doesn't exist lol
    • Anonymous

      And I've reslized most women who hate on men have been raped or molested which bring them to that behavior. For example Zara Larsson is a famous man hater and she was raped. There are Always reasons behind behavior but it doesn't make it an excuse. When we know why we can start to solve it. And because many People who are insecure hate just kill them with kindness. Unless it goes really far then you can report or block them

  • Anonymous
    "Women hate the part of us that makes us men" Exactly!

    And they start complaining that we are not "real men".
    • Anonymous

      "Women seem to be less depending on men for attraction (or maybe not at all)"
      "I wish women would enjoy male anatomy as much as we enjoy female anatomy"

      Bro You're a genius for pointing out these things.

      I have been pointing it out myself for months now.

      We are just paintings for women.

    • I don't hate a man's penis. In the right situation I find them rather delicious. Dick pics in my inbox aren't repulsive, (unless from a man far older than I) they are just uncalled for.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, I didn't agree with his mytake completely.

      One more thing, penis doesn't make us a man. The line which I quoted, I wasn't talking about penis.

      Even though penis is not repulsive (time and place matters), women are not sexually attracted to a penis.

      Men r sexually attracted to vagina but woman r not sexually attracted to penis.

      That's what I was pointing out.

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  • Anonymous
    Interesting MyTake. I don’t agree with a lot of your stances but appreciate the efforts you took to bring this together.

    Women don’t all necessarily hate the way dicks look. At least not all of the straight women. The main reason why women tend to hate unsolicited dick pics is the fact that they are unsolicited. Unexpected, unwanted sexual images are a form of sexual harassment. If you can’t understand the prevalence of this issue or why it is wrong and not something that women should have to just shield their innocent eyes to if they did not like it, then I can’t help you.

    The MeToo movement brought light to the dark actions of powerful men who behaved poorly. It is necessary to shame the wrongdoers (negative reinforcement) in order to bring about more appropriate treatment of women by their peers and superiors (positive reinforcement). This is how most people are motivated to make changes through these reinforcements of their behavious. The MeToo movement never blamed all men for all that is awful in the world, that is just your interpretation of things.
    • But it does blame all men. When you state "teach men not to rape", your literally blaming all men. Their is no way around that. Also the #MeToo movement did not bring to light the actions of powerful men, it accused, at random, many many different men with no evidence and in many cases where not even sexual harassment or rape. It also made sure that it was ONLY men who where accused as in several cases when women where accused it was brushed under the rug, the men who made the accusations where accused of lying or accused of trying to shift the movement away from women (instead of focusing on victims of sexual harassment and rape) and in the case of one college feminist professor, the people of the metoo movement actively defended her when she was accused of sexually harassing one of her male students.

      While I agree dick picks are wrong (and like the poster stated, not sure why any one would send one), if and when women do something similar no one freaks out or accuses them of being ugly or of sexual harasment (I am not suggesting its not sexual harssment to get unsolicitied sexual images, just that it seems perfectly acceptable when women do these things (or grope a guy when he doesn't want to be groped (happens a lot more frequently then women like to admit)).

    • Jackblue

      @hellionthesagereborn I never heard of the MeToo movement defending accused females, can you send me links?

    • @Jackblue Obviously I don't have every single one (nor would I include the ones that call her out but try to lessen what these women did (which are far more numerous) but here are two: www.thewrap.com/.../