Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-


how many of us Ladies have faced an emotional crisis with our Boyfriend/ Husband, sometimes even Brother or Father ...

YES they have one thing in common ...


Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

Let's try to understand that Men (attention please) DO HAVE EMOTIONS...

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

But they show it differently ... or basically THEY DON'T SHOW IT AT ALL, but this does not mean that they don't have them ...

But why would I as a female know?

Well...I had a little help from my Male amigos on G@G because asking this question today on G@G, inspired me to write this MyTake, and you will see the comments that made ME think a lot, and i personally learned a lot from them, and I HOPE that you ladies will also learn something, and any additional comment to this is welcome..

DISCLAIMER: I would like to inform you that i have the consent of every G@Gster below to post their comments. I don't steal without asking (this sounded so wrong but OK you got my point)

So let's take NOTES ladies here we go:

Dargil Age: 26
Because many of us are far less verbal and don't want to stutter. mumble or sound like idiots.
Also, I think women are far more emotional by design.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

Imhotep99 Age: 18
Because they do not want others to think they are less masculine and less manly.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

Piluex Age: 29
Lets be honest here, most girls say they want men to open up... but once they actually get to deal with a men opening up and showing emotion, they realize they really don't like that at all, get turned off and think you're pathetic/weak/useless/clingy/all of the above.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

coolbreeze Age: 33
Because we have big egos and it makes men seem weak and less masculine that way. We have to stay tough for the girl.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

Cosytoasty Age: 28
It's because VERY few women are capable of handling a guy's emotions without being overwhelmed and turned off. Women don't want to be a mother to their partners.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

RedThread Age: 29
Because it usually isn't considered masculine. We all want to do it but we certainly won't share with other guys. One of a few ways traditional concepts of masculinity can be kind of toxic to men.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

ThisDudeHere Age: 21
In my opinion being seen as less of a man is probably the biggest reason. I tend to avoid opening up at all costs. I don't want to trouble other people with my own problems. Those are mine to carry.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

ak666 Age: 35
One of the reasons I think some guys don't express their emotions very well is because they're too emotional. At least that was the case for me when I was younger. I became much better at it when I became more self-disciplined and started thinking about the best ways to improve my relationships instead of just acting on my emotional impulses.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

FatherJack Age: 45
We are less emotional by nature & also social conditioned " society " sees men being too emotional as weak , BOTH genders are ruthless towards men that are deemed weak , even if they really are strong. Evolutionary biology at work , men used to do all the hunting , this is why men are more detached ( I am VERY much like this , as a FT working single dad , it's a good job too !! ) & also talk much less than women.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

Genuinely, I do agree with all of them, it might not make sense to some of us, but i think we should just respect their points of view and accept that MEN are just MEN and they don't really want to loose their label and pride by being all emotional.

If you ask me, it's better this way.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

This is why relationships are more exciting, the differences between two genders, or between two different emotions, carry relationships on different seas, and it all depends on how we navigate ourselves.

Sometimes they make us cry, sometimes they make us laugh, sometimes they make us just question everything, BUT if they want to show their emotions, they show it through actions - which do speak louder than words as we all know.

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-

Well at least something don't you think.. ;)

Bless you all

Natured <3

Men Are Not Able to Show Emotions? Not Really -Real Opinions by Real G@Gers-
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Idonthaveausername

    I remember watching my neighbor start crying in front of me one night. His friend immediately told me to leave like I was breaking some sort of unknown rule that I wasn't supposed to sit and watch a man cry, but my neighbor told him to let me stay. I felt like he wanted me to see him cry and his choice to let me see it showed his mad respect for me because I never saw him cry in front of any other girls (including the three girlfriend he had that year)

    I also remember my uncle crying when he told me how happy he was to see my face when he was lying in a hospital bed after having a stroke

    The main difference between how men and women express emotion is that women spread it out more while men bottle it up until they can't hold it in anymore, and all of it comes out at once. We are desensitized to watching women cry because women cry all the time, but we don't always know how to react when men cry because they rarely do it, so you know something heavy happened if you see a man crying. Men and women express emotions differently, but that doesn't mean either gender has more or less emotions than the other

    Women need to stop crying over broken fingernails and men need to start crying when their fingers fall off. (Seriously I know a guy who lost his thumb without crying--that is a perfectly acceptable time to cry.) Expressing your emotions is healthy, but you have to express your emotions in a healthy manner

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    • Peachman

      completely agree but long story short we don't express emotion because we are afraid of ether being rejected or not knowing how to properly

    • Imhotep99

      Correct. Is it weird if I cry alone in the bathroom? Not now but I used to, and then go take it all out on the punching bag.

    • Peachman

      @Imhotep99 i do a similar thing like ill occasionally cry going to sleep and wish I had a punching bag haha

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Most Helpful Guy

  • FatherJack

    Grazie !! Bravo , Women & men are complete polar opposites in most respects , due to evolutionary biology , good meme you put by my previous comment , it is true men are EXPECTED to " suck it up " ... if men don't like that.. then tough shit !! I have taught my daughter , Lucia , now 10 , to see the male POV , she wondered why I am so different in my attitudes than her mother. I told her my brain & her big brothers are wired in the opposite way to girls.

    Sadly many girls , mainly due to the anti-male " media " , feminist propaganda & sometimes own mothers , are taught to view boys / men as beneath them , men then respond by turning their backs on women...& the sad cycle continues !!

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    • natured

      Yes i totally agree, honestly, some women are trying to get all this equality thing going on, when sometimes in some cases we ALREADY have equal standards, but they just don't see, maybe it does vary from country to country, and it does matter from personality to personality..
      I just wish we all find our peace with this, and I myself did learn a lot, and i will put these things in handy, and i will respect a man's EMOTION !!
      LOL !!

What Girls & Guys Said

  • ThisDudeHere

    This was nice to read. But I assume that the women will probably disagree with your conclusion. Many will still insist "oh men are just too prideful/stupid. They should let go" and etc.

    • natured

      Well if women think that way, then too bad for them, i did understand this, and I am sure a few will understand this as well as they mature or as they get to know their man deeper :)

  • Tanuron

    Think it can be a lot of factors sometimes, you kinda always grow up with that mentality too. Women and children first. Men being forced to draft and fight wars. Constantly reinforced ideals that we are expandable, lesser value. Thus naturally our emotions would matter less too. I know I was told once I feel so little cause I feel so much, which I think is pretty too. It becomes a point where everything is just overwhelming that you just simply turn numb to cope. People have kinda always seen me as a stone, I felt like one too. Nobody can read my face nor tell if im angry, sad or happy. Its always the same face.

    And I know too I really never had much luck opening up to women for example, not entirly sure why but it just never seem to go good, it kinda always go bad, so naturally too always get reinforced that idea again that I should never share anything and just keep it to myself. Maybe its cause women maybe dont expect there to so much there, maybe they just dont know to handle it cause of it, since its a rare thing probably that they have to handle, thus less experience with it. Then naturally too, are many who rather just react rather than think too, so they end up handling the situation wrong again.

    Again, many factors and reasons, but in my case I sure know even though women in general gets labeled more as emotionally comforting and understanding, I really experienced quite a lot more the opposite, just coldness and cruelity, not from everyone, but certainly the majority. At times you can ponder if men actually have such intense emotions that in general many women seem cold by comparrison, which I kinda think is somewhat of the side effect of keeping things to yourself. You no doubt grow more intense. Thus maybe instead, we are the more deeper emotional ones, but rarely show it.

  • AintItSo

    All the "This is wrong and BS" guys are the same assholes who say that having emotions is a weakness.
    Grow up guys, you watched way too much He-Man for your own good, you don't have to be a muscly barbarian with no emotion who saves damsels in distress, you can a human being with the ability to feel emotion and still be "manly."

    I hate the fact that the suicide rate is 75% men and 25% female. And that's the ATTEMPT rate... Typically men die in suicide attempts 400% more than women. (mostly because men prefer guns and more 'messy' but lethal routes).

    This isn't from lack of emotion, this is from men being told they aren't allowed to show emotion. Of those suicide attempts, a minimum of 70% of women seek professional help, with numbers reaching almost 90% in some areas... For men a MAXIMUM of 50% seek help with a minimum of 30%.

    And not to mention that every time this is brought up, there comes a brigade of "boo hoo, poor men commiting suicide... You just want to drum up a sob story to make men look like some poor victim."

    And what is sad that women who say things like that are the ones trying to fight rape culture... while propagating male suicide...


    And whats the icing on the cake is these male comments, about "men having feelings is BS." Quit lying to yourself. It makes you sound like the "Why Rape Is Sincerely Hilarious" video. I really hope some brave souls watch the whole thing through because I was not able to.

    • natured

      I just don't know how all of this has something to do with suicide and rape, I was just gathering opinions, and this is not meant to be something SO DEEP, just some basic understanding...

  • ChocEyes1

    The point is not to "not show your emotions", but to be able to control them. To decide when, how and in which circustances to show them. Virtue is to be able to put your senses under the control of your reason ;) Right?

    • FatherJack

      Good comment , the late , great Bruce Lee wrote about harnessing emotions to the owners advantage , not always easy at times.

  • Jager66

    Men learn at an early age that showing their emotions leads to being shamed, rejected, ridiculed or ignored by both men and women.

    The only emotions it's safe for a man to express are lust and apathy.

  • GingerGuy

    The main thing I'm not sure if you touched on is we are "programmed" right from birth by EVERYONE NOT to show emotion. By other males, the media, even other women. It's not "manly" and shows "weakness". It's stupid, but it's the mentality out there and is not likely ever to change. You're 100% right about 1 thing though, we absolutely have them still. Just a lot of us hide them.

  • WaterRat

    That first quote... being far less verbal, some men definitely are like this. Our female ancestors usually sat around the fire and cooked and talked to each other and children. Men traveled, had to stay quiet while hunting and fighting and communicated with other men. Some men are difficult to talk to, but they are so intriguing to decipher.

  • OpenWine

    A great way to summ up all men into one ball is to let them show you the truth and replicate it. Indeed some men learnt that being emotional brought them a negative result and learn from it it's that some men really were emotional wrecks that just changed over time.

  • JDavid25

    Well, I've let my emotions out in front of others.. Felt good, and weird at the same time.. But I rarely do it.. I think guys let things out every once in a while... But anymore than that, and just naw.. Lol.. You make some pretty good mytakes, very inclusive and understanding..

  • HastaLaPasta

    Emotions do not make you female or male... it makes you human. If you cannot express emotions it is hard to see you as sane and capable of equality.

    • Imhotep99

      I don't understand. What do you mean?

    • "capable of equality"

      What does that even mean?

    • natured

      Sweety you know i respect every opinion of yours, but this one is a little weird, and maybe you are young, but if there was no difference between man and woman where would the excitement in a relationship be?
      I honestly prefer my men being less emotionally expressive towards me and our relationship, you know why?
      BECAUSE when he finds the moment to talk about HOW HE FEELS about me or about a certain situation it's JUST SO AMAZING, because when you get something less, you enjoy it more whenever you get it.. I hope you get my point.
      I still do love you though <3

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  • Imhotep99

    May I ask what inspired you to ask that question and later write this take?

    • natured

      I was just talking to my brother the other night, who has mixed feelings about this girl he is dating, and it WAS SO FREAKING HARD to find out what he really wants, even though me and my brother have a tight relationship and he tells me everything, but when it's about emotional stuff he just backs up, and sometimes my boyfriend does the same but not all the time.
      Then i wondered and i thought ok let's see what G@G says about this.
      And just like i Expected, you guys reacted the same way, and i thought since a lot of us women struggle with this, and have no idea what is going on sometimes.

      So seeing you guys similar answers, i thought okay, maybe us women do really need to LEARN out of this, so i made a MYTake, and since i love using pictures and i love writing, I JUST CREATED THIS MyTake really quick...
      Actually one of my fastest works so far because you guys just did everything for me basically lol..
      :) THank you

    • Imhotep99

      No problem.

  • lucasnabizada

    I like how women can suddenly tell what men think lol... Pretty funny that they would try. Let me tell you men are pretty easy to figure out. They like pleasure in all sorts, they like praise, acceptance, and they like not to be questioned about it. We're pretty rational in general whether in a good or bad way, there's no estrogen involved

    • natured

      Well maybe you didn't read the whole thing, but i used MALE examples in order to make WOMEN understand. The commenters above are all MALE... :)

  • levantine99

    women have perpetuated these toxic notions of masculinity as much as male peers did. emotions aren't a weakness but a strength if expressed in a loving manner that doesn't reduce and attack other people's personalities.

  • AlwaysBelieving

    I agree with @Piluex @Cosytoasty @FatherJack I'm silly and goofy around certain people and feel my most true and authentic self.

  • John_Doesnt

    Those are all comments from girls posing as guys. I know because I'm a doctor.

  • milamila

    Interesting, thanks for sharing :) some arguments are the same though.

    • natured

      Which makes it clear the MOST men have the same point of view in this, :)

  • Hidden_P

    I agree. But perhaps it's because I'm surrounded by men. I learnt this through life.

  • coolbreeze

    Nice mytake. Thank you for the shout out. And very well written as always. Liked how you added other guy's opionions.

  • ksoma

    I think the guys with closest to the view I hold to be likely correct are
    Piluex, and Cosytoasty.

    Men feel. They feel as much and as deeply as women, about as many different and varied things. And men do have outlets for emotion, we just show those outlets in different ways then women.

    But it seems to me that the message behind how men, as dictated by society, should handle their emotions, is this:
    You master your emotions, they do not master you.

    Men who express emotions, especially sadness, despair, depression, anger, and excitement, tend to be seen as either weak, or lacking self control.

  • Rloco

    This has been a huge problem for me with dating. I'm a rare type of guys who is in touch with his feelings and knows how to communicate them very well. This has made dating difficult for me. I have a ton of female friends but none seem interested in the least. I'm like by everyone just not in a romantic way. Lots of girls say they want a caring guy who is in touch with their feelings but I'm starting to belive it's not true. What you are saying is often true for majority of men. And for the minority it does not seem like a positive lol.

  • Leos123

    Because... Emotions are like money. You save it for the best and not spend it on useless things.

  • dolemite68

    even if i do feel kind of emotional i don't feel the need to express it like women do

  • PhilosophicalBull

    I think that a good bit of it is a defensive strategy based on a lack of trust.
    When conflict arises (in my experience) women tend to make emotional attacks, rather than physical or logical ones.
    If she doesn't know my soft spots, she will wear herself out making emotional attacks that I can simply ignore or laugh at.
    After she tires herself out, I can usually win the conflict with logic or persuasion.
    But first you have to be able to shrug off the emotional barrage.
    When things are good, emotional honesty leads to increased intimacy.
    Unfortunately, when things are bad, your partner still remembers those insecurities and won't hesitate to pounce on them.

  • BruceTrails

    Its sometimes difficult but I show my emotions more than enough.

  • Decentguy

    in my opinion. not everyone is worth opening to

  • ProjectBaby1K

    Not this shit again...

    Man, what is up with you Natured?

  • Browneye57

    Seems like re-packaged bullshit. LOL

    • natured

      Excuse me?

    • Browneye57

      Here's the thing...
      You took comments that were already made here - so they have already been posted and read, on an old 'take or question, and now trying to make something with them in another My Take. So just re-packaging stuff that's already here. Consider coming up with your own concepts, ideas, thoughts, etc. Not something you pull off the internet - this is the definition of a keyboard jockey. :)
      In other words, come up with your own content.

    • natured

      Ok mister since YOU ALWAYS have to cricisize whatever is moving around you let me tell you this, I DECIDED to copy these comments and before I did I ASKED THEM IF I AM ALLOWED TO, because i would not steal people's comments, first, second I MADE a similar question about this where THOSE guys responded, so it was my question, the guys responded to my question, i asked them if I could use them to maybe learn something out of it, and they AGREED, i messaged them privately every single one of them, if you don't believe me you can ask them.
      And seriously, QUIT being Mr. Perfect because it's getting old now, just PLEASE stop this.
      Thank you

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  • lifemaxingindian

    you put way too much effort into this BS

    • natured

      Well, I guess good for you that you are not doing this, I like to put effort in this it's a pleasure to do so :) Thank you <3

  • Anonymous

    Good mytake!

  • Anonymous

    It's not that we are unable to show our emotions; it's that we're not allowed to. That's not going to change, regardless of what women say about wishing men would show their emotions.

    Let's be honest here... women want their men to be strong. They want their men to be men, not women. Women who say otherwise are not being honest with themselves, and men who believe them are being set up for failure.

    Ladies, stop setting men up to fail. Stop just saying what you think you're supposed to say and be honest for a change.

  • Anonymous

    For me it's not about weakness, I think embracing your weakness makes you stronger. It's simply that I haven't had much positive experience with opening up, we become socially conditioned to not open up. The times where I did open up, people I opened up to weren't very recipient to it. For example I'd tell something to my parent and they'd be like "Oh that's a small problem, that's nothing and they'd brush it off". It would happen repeatedly, eventually I just stopped opening up to anyone.

    At the end of the day, my growing up experiences led me to believe that my feelings and what I have to say aren't important to people so I've become sort of stoic. I'm just pretty quiet and emotionally distant