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Top 8 guys to avoid!


Hey Gaggers I'm back with another Mytake I've been gone for a minute but I'm back! Please enjoy and respect each other's opinions thanks for reading.😘

Guys that get offended by this....you know your guilty.

1. The in and out guy.

Top 8 guys to avoid!

Dear Ladies, if your attracting guys like this. Then this truly has a lot to do with you. Not only are you letting him in and out of your life, your also letting it become a viscious cycle. Their so confused about their feelings.. Let this kind of indecisive person go. You will be waiting forever for a guy like this to actually make a final decision to commit to you. Most guys that become hot and cold either are in for a good time not for a long time. Ladies you deserve a man that knows how to commit and know exactly what he wants. (Vice versa) you will fill used and hurt if you don't let this person go.

2. The childish guy.

Top 8 guys to avoid!

Ok so this guy, yes there cute at first... .then ugly as quick as they where cute. These guys often act like boys still, They feel they can't do much for themselves. Even look childish for example why are you sagging your pants at 40 years old dude really? Gaming 12 midnight till 8am in the morning expecting there girlfriend to be there mother. Don't want much out of life, or can't get much out of life. Not good with communication, use lazy language, impulsiveness, just down right childish need i say more or less? These guys got a lot of growing up to do emotionally, & some...physically.

3. The player

Top 8 guys to avoid!

A lot of of us met this guy! He play all kind of games with your mind, time and soul. Just in it for the sex and nothing else not only just playing you but every woman he encounters. Calling you baby on the first date & touchy feely like, ALWAYS. So corny! that they make you laugh nervously....because yeah there awkward and nobody like players! They carry massive diseases okaaay?!?! Unless you get you a careful player.(WTF?) But, yeah being a player is a dangerous game soo yeah....moving on.

4. The married man.

Top 8 guys to avoid!

Oh ok, just great....some are good at hidding their marriage, actually nevermind....no man is good at this, it will eventually come to light how deceptive and dumb these kind of guys actually are. These man can carry those vicious diseases too. Ladies once you sense/find out the man has a wife. Please leave or you will be stuck in a toxic affair.

5. Never available/busy guy

Top 8 guys to avoid!

Always making plans.....but not with you. Rather hangout with his boys or just always making up excuses on why he can't hang out....and yes this always can mean other things as well. These guys are mostly emotionaly unavailable...but physically AVAILABLE. Kick this non-existent guy to the curb!

6.Control freak

Top 8 guys to avoid!

This guy will try to control your life baby girl let me tell you, its his way or the highway huh! Just so in tuned with controlling any and every situation. He even has the audacity to control what you can do, wear, even SAY! Some can be violent and abusive if they don't get there way! These kind of guys can make you feel less then if you let them! Dealing with these narrow minded kind of guys will have you misarable!

7. The runner

Top 8 guys to avoid!

They run away from their feelings they can't take the looove so they ruuuun straight for the hills. Bht most look back trust me....and they always try to sneak back into your life just so they can...Ruuuuun for the hills again. I also notice this guys seems like the in and out guy.. but sometimes the runner stays away..So don't become the chaser, ladies please don't run after him! It ain't worth ya time!

8. The sweet talker

Top 8 guys to avoid!

Just try to sweet talk you out your panties! They say everything sweet but do everything sour. Girl nothing wrong with a sweet guy but come on your already giving me sweet nicknames minutes of meeting me??! & yeah some may seem creepy, (It's in the eyes)...always talking sweet nothings. Try to hypnotize you with their words...yeah its an illusion. Don't trust them sweet talkers!


Yeah so keep the list going ladies, and to be honest we may have ran into some screwed up guys like this but I honestly believe you are what you attract. So if your repeatedly attracting guys with these behaviors then that may have something to do with you, yourself as well. Also take a look at your behavior or some things you may need to heal with in yourself then hey you maybe won't attract such guys. All these things I listed about some men behavior can be because of many things that I don't want to get to much into....but yes ladies take care of yourself and notice the red flags! Self love is the best love in the world with out it, you can't love anyone else. ✌.

Ps. I didn't make this Mytake to bash men. I have strong respect for men. I PROMISE. Express how you feel but please be respectful. If you don't have any of these behaviors that's fine. If you have a whole list to say about women I suggest you write a mytake about it. Thankyou

Top 8 guys to avoid!
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