7 Types of Guys You Have to Stay Away From

1. The stingy one

Sometimes they won’t have enough money even for a cup of tea.

2. The extremely jealous one

They will consume you over time.

3. The one who always gives you subliminal messages

You must listen these kind of guys carefully.

4. The liar

No one likes liars.

5. The big head

They are always open for a second partner.

6. The psychopath

You may look attractive at first but you will encounter many problems...

7. The coward

Girls like brave guys.


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  • another anon... hopefully with a horrific event in her future

  • How do you know a guy is brave? Most guys act brave and they keep the charade up right up to the moment where they're in a life or death situation and then they look down and see piss dripping out the bottom of their pants. Bravery is really hard to know unless you experience it first hand.


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