Why Do Girls Scream?

As Jane Fonda once said, "A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming."

I couldn't agree with her more. Any spider larger than my thumbnail can get a hair-raising shriek out of me. Same reaction is portrayed from cockroaches, large bugs, dead animals, or any of the other disgusting items that one would have to eat or crawl through on "Fear Factor." We belt out screams of excitement when we are reunited with old friends and surprises can also beckon screams from our vocal chords.

"Women are vocal. Screaming, for us, is for attention out of fear."

We'll scream with glee when we get proposed to, with delight on a roller coaster, and with fear during horror movies. Angry screams come out when our sister borrows our favorite shirt without asking.A few years ago, I shared an apartment with a roommate. My most vivid memory of living with her was the night that a huge, hairy black wolf spider scurried across the tan carpet. Boy, did I scream! And lucky for me, she didn't mind killing the spider.

Women are vocal. Screaming, for us, is for attention out of fear. Screaming actually assists us in calming down from the event that brought out the scream. Our screams are usually followed by tears, over-dramatic behavior such as breaking dishes or slamming doors or a laugh, chuckle and sheepish smile, surprising ourselves that we could scream that loud when we aren't being physically attacked.

Horror movie screams somehow make the movie less scary. It's something to distract you and laugh at when you're watching Saw III. Screaming also brings humor into the day or unexpected event, such as the spider spinning a web in front of my face as I cruise down an interstate highway. The scream is a healthy way of letting out the aggravation, fear and stress, versus driving into a tree or getting into a wreck. One woman totaled her Corvette when she thought a spider was on her windshield. I wonder how she felt when she realized the spider was not inside the car!

When my sister's cat brings home lizards that aren't quite dead, she screams out an opera while her husband saves the lizards from her feline pet. Last week, her scream was particularly noise-shattering when she found a green lizard minus the tail in her bed! We thank our lucky stars for husbands and friends who can discard of the culprits that enter our comfortable abodes.

"Guys, trust me, when we're in pain, we scream!"

And the last important reason why girls scream - accidents! These can range from anything to accidentally bleaching your favorite shirt to wrecking your car to falling down because your high heels and the steep stairs don't go well together. Guys, trust me, when we're in pain, we scream! However, don't think that that's the only reason why we scream and the next time that your mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife gives a blood-curdling yell, consider the possibilities for the sound and be patient and thankful if she isn't hurt!


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  • i think I know why they do it. It's because they are childish and lame. They think theyre cute when they do it and it's a trend amongst girls. Just as it is with Justin Bieber, a trend.


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  • I suppose, though personally I'm not one for screaming.


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  • I know guys how scream if they see a pink dress or make-up

    it's not only girls who scream

    the boys scream even more

  • Thanks for the insight but this does not explain why girls scream. It explains when girls scream. I think there is something deeper, maybe genetic or biological. I am curious to find out why girls scream.


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