Just Another Mytake On Signs He Is A F*ckboy

Ladies and gentlemen, we have heard this one before yada yada yada but I would like to add on how to spot a Fuckboy. He can look like Keannu Reeves or the guy next door but if he pulls these tactics, he is a Fuckboy.

With no further adieu, let's start counting:

Just Another Mytake On Signs He Is A F*ckboy#1 He claims he is not a fuckboy.
When he says he isn't. HE IS.

#2 He asks for nudes all the time.
His brain is on ADIDAS mode and every time he talks to you or the rest of the girls he's fooling with, the only thing that interests him to talk about is your nudes.

#3 He's shallow.
He only sees the surface of everything. He only likes what he sees on the outside if your booty's thick, your boobs a handful, your make up on point or your head game is mind blowing. He doesn't give an F about you as a person or what's the reason behind things in general.

#4 He takes selfies.
When a guy takes selfies like it's a career, then nothing speaks volume of how narcissistic he really is.

#5 He craves attention.
He lives for the likes, reactions, the views from different girls online and irl who's fool enough to believe his games.

#6 He never asks you about your life.
He only cares about what moves you going to pull between the sheets. Nothing else.

#7 He gets bored easy.
Whenever you start talking to him about your life, your problems and you getting emotional, he starts getting agitated and bored to the point he'd tell you he needs to bounce. He doesn't care about your problems! He just wants out!

#8 He says to keep your "relationship" on the DL.

He'll act like a boyfriend but doesn't commit. He's there when it's convenient for him. He tells you to keep your "relationship" a secret. He has other girls on speed dial who unknowingly thought they're his only girlfriend too. Yikes!

#9 He has a fuckboy squad.
Birds of the same feather flock together.

#10 He talks smack about his exes or girls who rejected him.
He never takes the blame why all his relationships failed. It's always their fault. Never his. If he can't stop talking smack about another girl, it's because she kicked his supersize ego so bad, he can't get over it. In his mind, nobody turns him down.

Just Another Mytake On Signs He Is A F*ckboy#11 He likes to brand people.
He has no problem dissing people calling them hurtful names especially females with the c word and other names in that nature. It comes so natural for him.

#12 He believes cheating is okay.
He is unfaithful in nature. To him, talking to multiple females all at the same time is pure entertainment and he doesn't give a damn if you cry yourself at night because he broke your heart.

#13 He brags about his manhood a lot.
Yup. This!

#14 He asks you if you're a virgin on the first date/when you first started talking.
He wants to add that accolade on his accomplishments if ever scored first.

#15 He asks about your body count.
Refer to #14. He wants to know his ranking. He wants to be first or the best you'll ever have. He needs to feed his ego.

#16 He has no manners/disrespectful.
He is plain rude to anyone, all the time.

#17 He uses sympathy to get sex.
He'd make up some excuses for you to feel bad for him and give him sex.

#18 He is an orbiter.

He has girls on hold and will get to you when he gets to you. So hang tf up.

#19 He ghosts you.

He's there when he feels like it and disappears like a bubble when he has his eyes on someone else and comes back after getting rejected.

#20 He says he won't do you like that.

And he does you like that.

#21 He feels entitled.

He acts like you’re his property and demands your undivided attention and expects you to jump on his every whim.

#22 He has you wrapped around his finger.

When he texts you “wyd” at 3am, he expects you to reply and cater to him.

#23 He only texts you after midnight.

He only thinks of you when his member needs some loving. Booty call hours.

#24 He throws a tantrum.

Like a big ass baby, he sulks when he doesn’t get his way.

#25 He will leave you like he never knew you at all.

You are nothing but just another girl’s name crossed off on his to do list.

Just Another Mytake On Signs He Is A F*ckboy

And so on, please feel free to add. Fuckboys, don’t have an age limit. He can be 15 or 35 and still be a fuckboy. If you checked off at least 10 of the signs, I suggest change your number sis and forget his ass.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the time reading.

XO's Pinay_Ako

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  • I feel bad when you post this shit cause I always comment about how these characteristics are like my ex, and I never talk about fh.
    That being said though, my ex never wanted me to post anything on FB or any social media. And I never said anything.
    So many of these speak to me, more than 10, but I'm not with a fuck boy now and that's all that matters


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What Guys Said 32

  • Here we have a woman accusing men of taking selfies and craving attention while she alone is a champion at this as a woman with her thousands of tinder matches, gag followers, instagram followers and all these other apps that elevate her vagina to astronomical heights.
    So he's a fuckboy. So what? You will fall for him anyway. Nice guys? Nah..."get the fuck out of here nice guy. You got a small dick. I want fuckboys"

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    • @Sspaulding728 Found the nice guy.

    • @sflonim123 Not sure what your implying there? Yeah i am a nice guy. But that doesn't mean i have a small dick.

  • Indeed a very nice article posted my dear.
    I agree with you, well with almost all of the points.
    In fact I do tend to do some of them even though am not one of those boys.
    For instance number one. Yes, I say it out loud, am not like that !!!
    Many other points.
    That is a decent post, yet, for women who really do not want to be with a guy like that, when, most women tend to seek guys like that!!!
    How do you feel if a decent guy was being accused of a boy like that?
    It hurts.
    Personally, I think postponing the special intimate time as long as you can girls, would be the best way to find out if that particular guy is after your pants or just another decent person.
    I am not ashamed to say that I have to mentally and emotionally connect with a girl before making any move or step further :-)
    On the contrary, i am proud of it.
    I always have good manners around women especially.
    I respect them a lot.
    The are to be respected the most after all!!!

    Not offending anyone here, not taking any sides either dear @Pinay_ako
    It is indeed a good article, and as you have mentioned yada yada yada...

    It is very simple, when you are meeting a guy or a girl, just cut off the obvious things a person could be after, and see how far it could go.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this post my dear, I enjoyed reading it as usual :-D

  • Here we go again with the bastardizing of the word fuck boy.


    I know it has fuck in the term, but come on people.

    Anyway, so for my own comfort I'll substitute your silly use of the word fuck boy for player. Because that's who you are talking about. How to spot a player. Why a woman would want to spot a player is silly to me... I mean I know why, but it's like running in a hamster wheel.

    Anyway (again),

    "#1 He claims he is not a fuckboy.
    When he says he isn't. HE IS."


    *Sigh* I'm just going to ignore that.

    2. Nah not really. An orbiter can get aggressive when he finally realizes he's friendzoned.

    3., 6., and 7. In essence we all are shallow. You only want a guy who fits certain parameters. Maybe that's that he's funny, smart, hard working. Just because you don't like what he likes in a partner and vice versa doesn't mean he's shallow. So again if anything you're probably just as shallow.

    4. LOL. 🤷

    5. Nah that can go both ways. More often then not all guys crave some form of attention from the opposite sex if he's into women.

    8. 😎 Lol nah a true player wouldn't say anything. He'd leave it open for discussion... but never have the discussion. You know that talk. You know what I'm talking about. The "What are we?" talk.

    9. 🤔 some players walk alone. Less competition.

    10. Lol nah nah. That's a transfer kind of guy. A white knight kind of guy. A true player will talk about his success. Not his failure.

    11. Many players move in silence. Many players say things in silence.

    12. 🤷 I'm not going to say it but you know what I'm thinking... hate the.. yeah we'll stop there.

    13. Okay sure, but that's a small percentage. Even smaller than the percentage of guys who are even players to begin with. The chances you'll even encounter that much is very slim.

    14. and 15. What guy ask that? Players surely don't. In fact a player wants a girl with experience because if she'll fuck a guy one time she'll fuck a guy again. Virgins may hold out. And body count matters more to women than men.

    16. You mean he doesn't white knight and kiss ass? Of course not. It's what separates him from the dudes in the friendzone. And once they are there when they become rude they stay because they are then seen as bitter.

    • 17. 18. 24. Nope. That's a white knight/transfer guy tactic. Players don't use that at all. Don't confuse the two. Orbiters are NOT players. But sure they can be undesirable to some women, but most women want at least one orbiter. Why? Because he'll boost her ego.

      19. 😎 this is true.

      20. 😂😂

      21.,22.,23.,25. Now you're getting to some truths. Players are confident for sure. I think 23 is circumstantial though.

      As for the age range you posted I'd say that's rather accurate. After 35 it all starts to go downhill usually.

  • I think woman are to blame for this type of guy. First off, why does it take 25 reasons to figure out someone? Most guys want sex, at the same time, woman are just as much to blame too.

    To be honest, I'm sick and tired of woman blaming us guys, for there own stupid actions to begin with. Blame your own insecurities, and not the whole male race! It's us as individuals to figure out who people are, because we are all different.

    • There's no blame. She wasn't putting anyone at fault. She never said all men were fuckboys as well. There wasn't generalizing going on... so why do you think she's talking about every guy? She literally just told us how to spot a fuckboy. If she was generalizing, she wouldn't need to give a whole list. She just would have made it clear that all dudes are the same. But she didn't, so what's the problem?

    • @Ellie-V the problem is, why have a whole list? And the list don't make much sense. #21 sounds like woman anyway. It would be nice too keep us guy's out of the equation to begin with. There are woman that do the same things too.

    • I understand that, but she's probably heterosexual and she probably isn't concerned with spotting "fuckwomen" or "fuckgirls" whatever. So... i do agree that her whole list isn't exactly spot-on, but just because she never mentioned women, doesn't mean she's denying that women aren't the same. I'm guessing she's straight, so she would be less inclined to talk about women in the same light, because it doesn't affect her personally.

  • There "ain't" no signs with me. They know I am one, I tell them I am one, and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

  • 1. Nobody claims they're fuckboys. I just every guys are fuckboys now. I wonder if that applies to girls who don't claim she's a gold digger.
    3. Because it's always a preference if you're being shallow but we are shallow if we are shallow.
    4. Ok cool. Then if she take selfies, she's a slut. Let's just talk about being narrow minded. A lot of those really apply to girls by the way and if you talk about being a narcissist then check the way you generalize men as if they don't really apply to you.

  • Maybe now women will stop falling for "fuckboys" so often. But we all know that'll never happen. Women tend to be attracted to guys like that, if they weren't, then there wouldn't be any "fuckboys". A "fuckboy" is only a "fuckboy" because they know it works.

    • Hey you got it wrong... its fuccboi... she's really too old to be saying it in the first place so maybe thats why she has the spelling off haha

    • @redrocket68 I'm not really very familiar with the term myself. I thought only teenagers on Xbox Live/PSN used the term.

    • No apparently women do too.

  • So, either we lie and say we're fuckboys, therefore you think we are.
    Or we tell the truth and say we aren't, but by your logic it's not true, therefore you think we are.

    What kind of gigantic bullshit is that?

  • Thanks for coming up with a list of all the things women find irresistible.

  • Im not a F*ckboy.
    (I really wanted to be).

    About your Take seems you are a little hurt... lol

  • I only hit two of the 25 so I guess I'm only 2/25ths of a f*ckboi.

    the points I hit is number 2 and 7.

    2 is because I just ask everyone (as long as they aren't underage ofc) to send nudes because it basically is a meme in my community.

    7 is because I tend to have an overstimulated mind but whatever right?

  • Girls do seem to fancy the fuck boy. I'm not sure why, except that they are very open about who they really are, and are available for sex any time. I know I'm guilty of being interested in a girl because of her physical features, and over sexualizing her. But I don't jump onto girls for sex, I make sure they have everything I look for before I pursue them. It's only fair so I don't hurt them later.

  • The term "fuckboy" is erroneous and stupid, and no one should use it. That's the only real answer here.

  • Every man is a fuckboy on the inside. Get that in your head. Good luck being single forever

  • 1, 5, 7(definitely), 8, 9, 12(ish), 18, 23(LOL @PrincessPie :P), 25.

    9 Things... phew i passed.

    • Is this a warning for me of fuckboys? or are you claiming to be one toasty ;D

    • @PrincessPie 😂 warning for you... number 23 thought we talked about this lol.

      And nooo I’m not, I only ticked 9 out of the required 10 things.

  • Can i even say something here? Its like a rhetorical rant, i dont feel like i could contribute to anything here

  • Thanks who ever shared this one cause this will actually differ the gentlemen type of guys from these cheap assholes

  • It doesn't take a genius to put it all together, most girls know what they're going for

  • But girls go crazy over fuckboys lmfao

  • Women do like these types of men, indirectly.

  • Ummm
    Someone seems a little hurt 😂

    • haha by who

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    • @Yesnomaybe85 Wow. . . . That is a REALLY shitty thing to say to somebody and you're kind of a lowbrow piece of shit. . . . Did you ever stop to consider : "What if she actually IS hurt and I end up making this worse for her?"

  • Thumbs up for the KoRn reference :)

  • Can you be a virgin fuck boy?

  • So, he's a woman?

  • I am not a fuckboy

  • Looks like I’m not a f*ckboy

    • Therefore, by her logic, since you said you're not one, you are.

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    • @Guanfei Its called womens logic. It doesn't have to make sense to us. as long as it makes sense to the woman dictating the logic. Also called a double standard. They do this shit all the time. True nice guys get a bad stigma because of this shit. They think nice guys can't fuck or defend ourselves and whatnot. because thats what society tells them. so they believe it. and its actually pretty pathetic that they do this to themselves. But eh. Its called karma for a reason.

  • This all seems true

  • Ha Ha Good read

  • @Pinay_ako where's the ladies' version at?

  • What happened?

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What Girls Said 12

  • I'm trying to think of how to word this without sounding like "hate the game not the player"...

    Nearly every guy I know has girls on speed dial he can text to give him a BJ in the parking lot if he has a bad day at work. 90% of those guys are married. They will all make their rounds at work competing to see who gets what girl... The girls know this, they still go do drugs with them and fuck them on the weekends. All of their free time is spent putting coins in the machine, they know it doesn't matter what they say or how they behave as long as they keep playing the lottery. Put another penny in, pull the bar, eventually you'll get lucky.

    You remove those guys from their interactions with women and they are good people, they work hard, take care of their families, have good relationships with friends, can hold conversation normally... Then the second a girl on the list walks by it all switches back to game face. The girls don't put up with it because they don't know they are players, it's because they know and they are playing the same game, keep putting coins in the machine , enough BJ's in the parking lot and eventually he'll want me. That is how it's played now. So "hate the game, not the player" I guess.

    • Wow. In what world do you live? BJs in the parking lot? Drugs? Takes one to know one?

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    • That's not how we all behave!

    • @Gustafsone12584 If I was in a sexless marriage and not connecting to my wife anymore, yeah this would definitely be me. I learned recently that marriage is constant courtship that doesn't end in the ballroom. . . So that might NOT be me? I do wonder though, do I really want to get married knowing that?

      Also. Given the right circumstances? This can definitely be you. I don't mean that out of spite or rudeness, but I can already see a bit of my past self in you (though I could just be projecting?) Your response it's like. . . . Okay, not all of us behave like that but why do you owe some random chick on the internet that explanation? Why does she need to know that all men aren't like that? That you aren't like that?

      Well, if you get her approval maybe the right girl will have sex with you. . . Is actually what a LOT of people end up thinking. . . . and they end up sexless and eventually angry, frustrated or divorced.

  • Hmm... this sounds more like a girl than a guy you're describing to me.

  • This all describes my ex to a T. He's too old for that crap, too. He's 42 for gosh sake!

  • Some I agree with but if you never did any of these then good for you.

  • Oh my God a guy did this to me when I talked to him I liked him , he acted just like that... he was mixed black and white. Smh

  • I dropped my fboy. He popped pills... ew. he'll be unhealthy when he gets old

  • I got one argument to prove you wrong: @SngBirdy
    He does most of these yet not a fuckboy.

  • spot on gurl!! great take XD

  • Lol I'm so caught up in this take

  • I agree with some of these.

  • Nice take

  • Omg my bestie is a fuck boy


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