I hate when people ask another person if they are nice

If anyone ask me this question or i hear anyone ask this question to someone else, that person deserve to drink hot chocolate that made from water instead of milk. i find it a trap and a no way out. The reason is that there's no good answer to the person who is asking the question. Let me give you a scenario.

Lets just say that his person got relationship issues, family issue, socially awkward, etc. the other person ask the question to help and ask if he or she is nice. the most common answer is that person is going to say "yes, i am nice" or "i see myself as a nice person" what the asker said next is "You are not nice because the person who said they are nice, are not nice. I can see that modesty is way to show politeness and kindness but i see as a honest answer. What makes the person think that telling the honest answer is equal to not being nice?

Ok, lets just say the person is lying and said no to the question. if being modesty is key, then the answer would be different. right? no. it is not. the asker will respond "then there's your answer, you are not being nice to others" So you are telling me that yes means evil and no is just the same level as just being evil? Being honest or lying, you'll just going to be dictate as a mean person no matter what answer. Whats the real answer to this question? being silent? might as well since this question is a trap.

I hate when people ask another person if they are nice

The last thing im going to say is why do people bother asking this kind of question?


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