I have no respect for people who want to be "rated"!


I have no respect for people who want to be "rated"!

Now that I have your attention, here's a serious question to ask yourself: How is validation from a stranger on the internet really going to help you? People who ask for ratings are either self absorbed, or have ZERO self-esteem, in my opinion.

Most of them do this because they let other people affect their own self worth, or they think they can't get a date simply because they are "ugly". Well let me tell you, the reason you can get a date is your attitude!

It doesn't matter how "hot" you are; if you act like a selfish pig, a disrespectful child, a liar, or a whore, no one will want to take you seriously, unless they're getting something else out of it.

No one wants to date a depressing downer either. If you don't love yourself, and you spend your time believing you are ugly and worthless, how do think they will feel after investing their time and feelings into you? They'll feel like a worthless failure too, because you keep telling them you are miserable, even when they're standing at your side, trying to lift you.

Confidence plays a huge part as well. If you're too shy, quiet, and scared to speak up, how is anyone going to get to know you well enough to find out if they like you? Take a chance, and face your fears! This one is on you.

If someone pays you compliment, accept it, and believe it. You are not them, you cannot see what they see. Obviously they DO think you are worth a second look, and you have no right to tell them what they are allowed to believe.

If someone is with you, dating you, then obviously you are worth something, especially to them! Unless they are acting suspicious, and hiding things from you, stop digging and trying to figure out why they are with you. The answer is, they want you!

Sure they may look at other people who you think are better looking. That's normal human nature, and it doesn't mean anything. That other person may look hot on the outside, but they might be ugly inside.

I look at cheesecake, but I don't always eat it. I know it's bad for me, even though I get that short moment of pure bliss! The zuchini bread may not be as tasty, but it's still sweet and delicious, much better for me, and less likely to give me a heart-attack later on.

Your looks have nothing to do with the kind of person you are. Stop worrying about how "hot" you are, and just try to be a good person. That's the most desirable trait you can have.

I have no respect for people who want to be "rated"!
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