How to really get a British boyfriend

How to really get a British boyfriend

What i write here does not generalise all British men, they are all very different and are individuals but it's mostly what been noticed in "British lad culture" and is just a bit of fun as there's this really big misconception of British men but can't be further from the truth.

1. They don't have style

How to really get a British boyfriend
Most British guys do not have the first clue when it comes to fashion and don't dress smart at all like the British guys in the media for example Harry Styles think more Eminem.

The stable uniform usually consists of 40% off at JD sports Nike or Adidas tracksuit and trainers along with a tiny man bag to carry their vape kit in and they will be rocking a "meet me at McDonald's" hairstyle, basically if you look like an extra from Peaky Blinders it will pass.

More reserved shy British men will more likely get their mum's to buy their clothes for them from Tesco's F&F range or primani (primark). It's all about comfortability over style. But In every British males wardrobe there will be a Ben Sherman shirt and shorts British men love shorts and will be seen wearing them in ANY weather condition even if its snowing and their favourite football teams shirt . Either way ladies he isn't coming shopping with you.

2. Were can you find a British lad

. McDonald's

. Sports wear shops e.g JD sports, sports direct etc

. Job office (sad but ture)

. At home playing xbox or ps4

. Grans house

. Chicken shop

. Football club

. Pub gardens

. Their Social media

Most British guys will have Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. They can use social media to post pictures of themselves and their mates sitting besides a expensive car which actually isn't theirs holding bottles of Lambrini they stole from their mums drink cupboard doing the signature "who farted?" pose which is basically them pointing to one of their friends, cover their faces.

It also a place they can show their sensitive side by posting emotional quotes calling out their ex girlfriends and how they will never leave their boys behind. Their snap chat storys are just full of clips of them vapeing in their mums car with a dog filter on with some smooth R&B playing in the background..

How to really get a British boyfriend

3. How to talk to a British lad

. Avoid sports, politics or flims especially star wars if its not your best topic

. Don't take everything they say seriously its banter not them being rude if they start to tease you

. Bring up simple things like food, British men love their food and its something we can all relate too.

. They tend to be very shy but hide it and will tend to talk to you with a friend of there's if they like you to encourage the conversation more

. They like to joke around so if you have a good sense of humour your definitely in with them.

. They may also swear a lot but that doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing, they just use that in their everyday language.

4. British lad starter pack

How to really get a British boyfriend

. Lynx Africa

. Nike, FILA, Adidas branded clothes

. Vape pen

. Man bag or JD Sports drawstring bag

. Can of monster or redbull or even lager depending on the time

. Cap or beanie

Are all key essentials

How to really get a British boyfriend
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  • This fucking made my day 😂

    American girls: Oh I love British guys and they're accents.
    Me being a British guy who would rather carry out seppuku than become a 'lad':
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  • Shark_61695
    Yeah... sometimes I despair about the lad culture.

    The rest of the time I've got much more important things to despair about.
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  • Mommy95
    LMAO YES this is so true
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  • Danny_dan92
    Go to Britain? I guess? Common sense
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    I had a brit