A reality check and how an Anime messed me up psychologically...

So literally just yesterday, I finished watching the Anime Qualidea Code and it's only a short Anime, 12 episodes long, can get through it in one day if you binge watch like me.

Anyways, when I first heard about the anime, it was through seeing a scene on a Anime crack video, through that I searched up the character name and got the name of the Anime through that, I then proceeded to find a reliable Anime website to watch it on and when I started, it seemed okay, not the best I have watched and I would probably put it at a 4 out of 10.

Don't be tricked, it isn't what you think..
Don't be tricked, it isn't what you think..

The reason I say Reality Check, is because in this Anime, things got....Trippy...Very quick, and that is likely because there were few episodes for that build up but when they got to the part that was psychologically messing me up, I still find it difficult to consider it improbable or impossible and as such has led my own thoughts to question my worlds own reality.

A reality check and how an Anime messed me up psychologically...

I myself am a rather sceptical and paranoid person so when facing a storyline like this, it is much easier to get influenced by it than others may be, the storyline starts off as youngsters who have special abilities called "Worlds" and each one has stronger abilities. In the Anime the protagonist is a SUPER egotistical individual *Which is why I found it to not be that good* and all his comrades protect their town from "Unknowns" they literally call these alien things Unknowns, it is that simple.

A reality check and how an Anime messed me up psychologically...

But later in the Anime, one of them has the microchip on the back of their neck damaged and it alters their vision, making them realise that what they are currently seeing is not reality and that these microchips where used to alter the individuals mental vision of the world they are living in, what's worrying is the fact this is not impossible with modern technology which is why my current sceptical thoughts are all over the place.

But during the Anime, later on there was a moment after the microchip part where it all goes downhill and the characters slowly start to one by one notice this and explain to each other that this world is fake, which leads to mental insecurities in the characters in confusion of what world they should believe in.

I suppose that with this and how it is possible, it became a very unsettling thought because what if we are all in our own world, in simulators, in our own reality, while the real world is perhaps I don't know, destroyed and we are being flown to another planet while with these simulators to keep us from knowing the situation or what if the world has gone into total anarchy and ruin, leaving us with only the option of using simulators to escape the horror that we face outside of our false reality?

What if when we "Die" we actually are just waking up from the use of a simulator and have to face our reality?

This is why the storyline was so psychologically troubling and I think I will try to avoid any Anime like it to avoid this mentality in future....

A reality check and how an Anime messed me up psychologically...

I'm going to stop here because if I don't this will become too much of a psychological problem of itself so thank you for visiting and hope it wasn't too troubling on some of you if you think like me.


A reality check and how an Anime messed me up psychologically...
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  • BrittBratt2416

    Never watched. The anime that made feel close to that was shiki. Pretty much about entire village/small town were the residents one by one slowly start turning to vampires and the remaining villagers have to defend themselves from friends and loved ones. It was really gut wrenching, having to kill someone so close to you in order to survive. The vampires nor the remaining villagers wanted to die, they all wanted to live peaceful life but they knew they couldn't co-exit together in the same village. Everyone, eventually, would become a vampire and their hunger would continue to grow thus endanger more people outside their village. Someone had to go, be it the villagers or the vampires and the villagers chose the vampires. It was hard to do, but a much easier choice sense the dead was already dead. You should give it a watch if you haven't. Also another was pretty but i admit i was lost on that anime and not 100% sure what was going on.

    • I've heard of shiki, from what I was told, I was told it is a horror but it is on my list to watch :)

      As for Another, you aren't alone, I watched it and from my experience, it just descended into people killing each other in a school, not going to lie, the umbrella scene was pretty gross...

  • A lot of anime did that to me, a notable one was Clannad.

    • Oh yeah, I watched that, my friend from college keeps arguing with me every time we talk that Clannad is sadder than Charlotte and I say Charlotte is sadder and he says Clannad is sadder and it's lasted 3 years now, neither of us have come to a draw :D

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  • Notallways

    It is a metaphor much like the Matrix. Sounds like a cool movie. I believe people are being lied to about reality every day all day. We are told lies by people who don’t even know they are lying, who believed lies by others who do know. Sometimes it is easier to deny the truth and follow the crowd.

    • This has gotten deeper than anticipated... Thank you for the explanation :)

  • Deathraider

    “What if when we "Die" we actually are just waking up from the use of a simulator and have to face our reality?”

    That could be said about anything we think we know. The question is, is there evidence to support that hypothesis?

    • But we can't get evidence, because the evidence would not be available in a simulator, therefore making the entire simulator experience as it is currently

      *It's too early for me to be considering such possibilities* It's 10:01 AM over here...

    • Exactly.

      That is what we call an unfalsifiable hypothesis.

    • Unfalsifiable in that it cannot be proven nor disproven? So essentially Schrodinger's cat or the Pandora's box?

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  • Boppy

    All good bro, it's a fundamental part of the philosophy of science.


    Essentially it's suggesting that knowing that you exist because you are currently thinking... is the only thing you can be sure of. There's probably a better place to read about it, but have fun~

  • SteveSmith1985

    Man this was both interesting and frightening. I agree with the guy who linked the premise to the idea behind the matrix.

    Because of the way that you think. This type of storyline--one that goes deep into some 'alternative theory of the nature of reality' is something to avoid.

    I don't know anything about Anime; but using the Matrix as a handy and obvious example... It's not the genre Anime you need to avoid, it's anything that can suck you into its possibilities.

    Seriously: don't use mushrooms, acid, salvia. Don't avoid movies thst you know are gonna be trippy like: Fight Club. The Matrix, The 6th Sense etc. Don't watch anything about "ancient aliens".

    Honestly, I think you might really want to be careful with this whole thing. 🙂

    • I really agree, these genres seem to make me a bit TOO deep in them and I think that can be dangerous sometimes, I will try to avoid these genres for my own benefit :)

  • front2back

    I'll add it to my watch later list, I enjoy anime that starts off "normal" then suddenly everything goes to Hell.

  • Emotional entertainment always does that

    • I both appreciate it and wish I didn't watch it, I am emotionally confused with myself... Not sure how I feel 0__0

    • You are a good person, and I’m sure what you watched is just really sad, and a mentally disturbing

    • Thank you, it's times like these when you need someone else to mentally stabilise you :)

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  • This is just The Matrix, kind of.

    • I am very easily influenced when it comes to theories about realities and about inception and other mind bending theories, often leaving me stressing for up to 3 months *The longest time I stressed over one*

  • ChiPaPa

    Interesting read, bro.

  • Love anime, plus I'm already messed up.