Death Note Anime Rant

I just finished watching the original series of Death Note 2006 and I've so much to say 😭


I hate the ending. I'm extremely dissatisfied. Before L died, I would've given this anime 10/10. It was so good and I loved it. It just got so bad after L died. Maybe I'm saying this because L's my favourite character and his death was TOO EASY, but I also hated the way Light died too.

I wasn't sure if I wanted Light to be caught initially, but after L died I was certain I wanted Light to die, even though I was neutral with him throughout the show. I was okay if Light won, or if L caught him.

The thing is....

It was neither. Light lost, L didn't catch him. It was some dude named Near who appeared halfway through (so obviously I didn't root for him because I didn't feel any connection with him like I did with the older characters) who caught him.


I wish the show never had Near or Mello and all these new random characters. It should've ended within 30 episodes or something. I just feel so upset, I didn't sign up for a bad ending ):

Lastly, the ending was just a mess. Light never allowed mistakes when L was around, but suddenly after L's death Light makes mistakes and allows Near to beat him???? It just wasn't Light-like. In the anime, in terms of intelligence L and Light was first, followed by Near and then Mello. And Near and Mello had to be together if they wanted to be the same as L. So clearly Light is smarter than Near, and yeah Near and Mello did work together in the end but the thing is Light could've prevented the loss if he acted and think like how he did before L's death!

Oh well.

Death Note Anime Rant

So sad that L died ):


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What Guys Said 1

  • True, the ending was disappointing and overly dramatic in my opinion.

    Light got sloppy later on because they get very lax because he had been getting away with it. Especially dealing with someone who isn't L.

    But i think the journey over a good ending in an anime does way more for the show overall.

    you should get to the next anime series and quit dwelling on this one!

    • YEAHHH what do u think about attack on tiran?

    • attack on titan is pretty good, i can't wait to see how the story develops.
      Those manga spoilers have me hyped to see how they portray it in the animation.

      you should expand your anime pallet. You seem to only watch the shows shown on Toonami. There's other good anime besides the mainstream anime.

    • i just started watching anime last week haha I've only seen two

What Girls Said 2

  • And Misa was annoying.

    • i feel that matsuda character was p useless too😂

  • i watched it. It was great!


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