The Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

This was inspired by a fellow gaggers MyTake called, The Five Best Kinds of Girls.

First off, let's remember there are hundreds of types of guys out there to pick from. Some are big, some are small, some are smart, some are dumb. Hey, some guys can really be a lot of fun!

So without further BS here is Wowgirl30q's

Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Good Guy

He’s always the perfect gentleman, a charmer and always well-mannered to all. He can’t stand confrontation and wants everyone around him to be nice. Yes, the Polite Type, A Sweetheart, he is a firm believer that chivalry is not yet dead; he’ll always open the door for you, and care how you're feeling. He is kind and is giving to others. If he's not too soft and too sensitive then this type of guy will make a great boyfriend or husband. He's a romantic and believes in true love. He's not a tough guy at all. This guy is very unlikely to be a cheater or a player due to his big heart and moral compass. He's a lover not a fighter.

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Analytical Guy

He's educated and cultured but doesn't always do well socially or with the ladies. Some may even call him the Nerd or Geek kind of guy. He works in finance or I.T and drives an overpriced car. He talks too loud on the phone, making it painfully aware to everyone that he’s closing an important business deal or he has a large vocabulary set. Plus, he wears showy watches but doesn’t have any real style because he's all awkward inside. Unless Geeks appeal to you, he’s not exactly marriage material for most. But he's smart, lovely to talk with, and probably wealthy due to his studies and high I.Q.

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Funny Guy

Everyone has at least one funny guy in their lives. You know the guy I speak of. He’s always cracking jokes and pulling goofy pranks; he’s the life of every party he goes to. People love him, he gets along with everyone. He cheers you up when you are down and is always ready for a new adventure or experience. He means well, but he's usually not the best at romance or lacks game altogether. If you’re dating a funny guy, hold on to him. I mean who doesn’t want to laugh all the time and have fun? This guy usually is loyal and has a hint of charming undertones beneath all the silly jokes but again definitely not a ladies man in general. He makes a good friend or boyfriend.

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Prick ( my favorite )

The Ultimate player, he is a narcissistic asshole, gorgeous, super charmer that most women want but can't have. He's a bad boy, he's hot and Very aware that women think so. His phone is full of one-night Tinder conquests and angry WhatsApp messages from jilted ex's and random women he's met all over the place. Chances are he’s in his 20s and if you’re looking for a good hook-up he’s your man. But don’t count on him for the long-haul, or you being the one that gets him to change his ways. The Prick is the one guy with so much swagger, game, and charm it's dangerous to us girls. He always has a slick comment to throw into the conversation no matter what the topic. This guy plays sports, lifts weights, and probably enjoys fighting or super masculine hobbies like car racing or outdoor sports. He's socially dominant and loves the spotlight on him. He has a zero tolerance rule for BS and is a man's man always. Hello Masculinity....

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

The Hero

This guy grabs life by the horns and is taking on a new adventure practically every single day. Whether it’s white water rafting or rock-climbing, he’s living life to the max. He's athletic and hot Yes, very hot.. He's the Adventure type of guy and is fun to be around, but he craves excitement and danger as well. This guy is driven and has a profession such as a Cop, Army Man, or UFC fighter. He stands up for the little guy and has the skill set to do so. This guy is also often a leader and a No-nonsense type. He strives for justice and the greater good. He isn't scared to voice his opinion about anything although he does it in a civilized rational way think Captain America.

The Five Best Kinds of Guys

Well, thanks everyone for your time and always remember that.. #WowgirlRocks

The Five Best Kinds of Guys
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ManOnFire

    I am actually a mix of all of these except The Prick. I do not favor assholism, and especially not in women.

    These kinds of guys are curious though because they like to act big and bad and they often perceive me as a weak, quiet type guy, but they never know what to expect and aren't prepared for it. If I raise my voice with them or show assertiveness - especially in front of other women they're trying to impress - they will get caught off guard and their voices or hands will start shaking while they try not to show it. They're tough and showy but don't have a lot of intelligence.

    Funny you post this. I am actually about to post my own Take about women I like.

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  • The PRICK is your favorite? I wouldn't of guessed that LOL.

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    • Wowgirl30q

      I'm a lion tamer I love the chase I do.

    • Wowgirl30q

      Pricks and Bitches are birds of a feather too.

    • I was being sarcastic! I believe you do love the chase!

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Most Helpful Girls

  • AuroraRoseat

    I don't care for pricks. Funny guys can be annoying if that's all they have to them. The Hero seems like a guy that wouldn't settle down (meaning he would literally be Nathan Drake... with a bunch of side pieces).

    The Rational (this is a must) Good and Analytical guys would be the best personally.

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    • Wowgirl30q

      Smart choice

    • analytical people would find a lot of things wrong, when nothing is wrong to begin with

  • Hurlyburly

    Lmao, you like pricks? Thats like the worst type of guys for me, I absolutely cannot stand players, not even as friends xD My boyfriend is a mix of funny, good and analytical 😍

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Hey I a little of each one of your five. But my domnate trait is the Good Guy. That explains why I still married after 25 years.

    I love my Prick side to. That gives me my right to be asshole and a jerk.

    I'm also the Funny Guy. I even tried stand up comedy at the local comedy club back at my home town.

    Well thanks for the great read on the My Take. I really enjoyed reading it.

    • Wowgirl30q

      Thank you. I love a honest Prick ❤️ sounds like your wife does as well..

    • Wowgirl30q

      I mean what? 😂

  • RD_KillWill

    Oh wow. I could understand if you were like 18 or 19 or something, but you're 30 years old and still like chasing after The Prick? Dang, that's. . . not good at all. lol You're a little bit too old for that, aren't you? I mean, I'm not saying that you're old, but the primary reason why those young girls love The Prick is because they're immature and typically fall for everything he says. They don't understand that he is typically selfish and don't really care for relationships. I just assume that somebody 30 would understand that by now.

    Nevertheless, I guess you can say I'm a combination of all five in some ways. I'm mostly a good guy, but I'm not a complete softy. I am pretty analytical and great with computers, but I'm not rich or that much smarter than the average person. A lot of my peers do say that I'm hilarious, but I also know when to be serious. I wouldn't call myself an asshole or a super charmer, but I can't turn down a good hookup and I do enjoy outdoor sports. I do like an adventure too, but I wouldn't go for a career based on adventure though.

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    I dont fall into these archetypes haha :)
    I am the mysterious guy :p
    You never know what he is thinking or what he will do, but he always seems to be sure. :p

  • "He is a narcissistic asshole" 😂😂😂😂 lmao with that one line!

    It's nice writing and I enjoyed reading that! ❤

  • SiennaSurfer

    The prick? I mean don’t get me wrong, I do like a bit of a challenge, but if he’s genuinely an asshole I’m more likely to want to take him down a peg or two than crush on him. Ugh. There are way better men or there with their shit together than those types of idiots.

    • Yeah gotta agree with the “hero” one here for the win! Sounds like my friends tbh. We’re always off doing something outdoorsy and work on the front line.

  • sawno

    I am the good guy but don't believe i am the one who needs to hold doors open or put your seat in front of you while taking care of your jacket.
    I am the geek, but i am not a showoff that has to boast how smart he is everywhere.
    I can be a goof and have on the spot humor, but i am not the one to crack a lot of jokes at party's.
    I don't abuse my looks to get sex, sorry but nice guys and pricks don't matter.
    But most importantly as the analytical guy i am i already analyzed the core of your desires from this post.

    None of these types are different, its all versions of the same guy. You just want someone that looks hot, is good at what he does, won't treat you right unless you demand it from him but is still tamable. And trust me, if such a guy exists he is only pretending to win you over until he had his fill. Because it would just be a geeky prick capable of acting in a way to play to your desires in a way that is most effective. But it would not be real. Personally i rather be myself.

  • Grobmate

    Great mytake as per usual @wowgirl30q !

    I don't perfectly fit in one of those but I'm probably a mix of number 1 and number 5 lol

  • SexyAshh

    Just the definition alone of the pricks turns me on compared to all the rest, ughh💔

  • What. The prick doesn’t deserve to be there. He’s the worst. Good guy for the win.

  • tenukitanuki
  • Juxtapose

    I feel like I'm pretty balanced. I favor rationality but don't throw away social skills for it. I'm a pretty easy going guy, but I looove getting into debates with people who disagree with me.

  • ShadowofRegret

    Great take!😉

    I think I would be a blend of the good guy and the hero personally.

  • I am the good guy and definite marriage material but - sorry, dear - I'm already taken! :) :) :)

  • Babygirl_S

    The prick is the worst kind of guy. He proves the point that good looks aren't enough to make us happy. He gives women trust issues. He deserves no girlfriend or wife. He cheats and is abusive. He is bad for every girl's mental health. Women that want a serious relationship dump him all the time.

  • VikingWarLord

    If Heauxs were honest, they'd all say the bad boy, prick, Azzhole Player like me was their FUCCKIN FAVORITE!

    • Wowgirl30q

      Love a prick..

    • All b! tches do, I've been with hundreds of chics and many of them would originally say they wanted a nice guy for a long term. They'd still end up in the bed, letting me destroy their cervix and azz when I'd be aggressive towards them. All women are triggered by the elusive, prick player who is hard to tame. I'm over here in a big city in California and ethnicity doesn't matter either, all women from every culture secretly desire a fuccc boy just like me hahaha

  • bente2

    Pisces, virgo, aries/sagittarius, leo and aries/sagittarius again.

    • Wowgirl30q

      I'm a leo

    • bente2

      Love leos, they’re great fun!

    • wow astrology aren't you stupid

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  • Dav1ss

    You like pricks wow I need to learn to like that lol

  • Grond21

    These are some fun stereotypes. And I definitely know a number of men who are like this. What I think would be fun, just to take these guys and see what kind of combinations a man gets through some kind of test.

    • Grond21

      Yeah, because I want viruses in my phone and my genitals. Riiiiiiiight

  • That's so funny because I know guys who fit into these categories.

  • Lynx122

    I fit the analytical guy the best. I'm dominant on the inside but my social skills kinda suck so I can't get what I want the way I want to. Well today I did impose my will on my boss on a very important issue, but I did it in a very crude way (basically my way or I'm leaving kinda way). That's not something you wanna do all the time though. But I'm working on my communication so I can get my way more often ;).

  • AnthonyTheMan

    I like how all the betas are surprised girls like the "prick lmao"

    • *"prick" lmao, I got distracted by an outside conversation

    • Wowgirl30q

      I love a prick can keep up with me

  • AndrewMG

    I don't believe most people are great at self analysis (and especially not me), so not sure what catergory I fall in. But I'll attempt it all the same, I've a small bit of funny, a small bit of analytical, a bit of good, not much hero and I'm sure a few people have (wrongly) thought I may be a prick lol

  • Fun take but I've got no time or interest in "The Prick"

  • worldscolide

    I fit all but one of those, I will let you figure out which one.

  • skeetskeetskeet

    I'm kind of a prick sometimes... or maybe more like a prick and funny guy pooped out a slightly narcissistic kid with a touch of down syndrome

    • Wowgirl30q

      Props for the prick pride

    • Im proud to be an asshole... because it just reaffirms my belief in how superior I am to the peasants and common folk

    • Wowgirl30q

      Someone's gotta be the bad guy. I got the nerve

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  • Poppykate

    I would like a guy that is 🤔... 70% The Good Guy, 20% The Hero, 10% The funny Man

  • AlexanderBrunnrgaard

    Thing is, these kinds of categorizations are very generalized and rarely apply to one single male entirely. I have traits of all five of these, and few guys will fit one mold more so than others.

  • Rangers

    That's the favorite for all women, then they wonder why they always get cheated on, and when I tell them that, they do this

  • Twerk4Me

    From what you've described, I'm a mixture of the prick and the good guy. at least that's how I feel.

  • Buckzor

    I'm probably a mix of the first 3

    Mainly the "good guy", then a bit of the "analytical guy", then lastly the "funny guy".

    Actually I might even do 4/40/20 of good/analytical/funny. Well without the money or expensive cars/watches.

  • Robertcw

    This is stupid. Also, why not use the 'good guy' or 'hero' for hookups? Anybody who actually likes a narcissist is an idiot.

  • GD360

    Pretty much hit it on the head. Don't know why some guys get but hurt though. I'm pretty much the nice guy because that's how I was raised I don't find it being unhumble because I have good character lol. There are many women that like nice guys and not pricks just leave the hoes to the hoes and go after someone that likes you. Simple.

  • Moonchild714

    So you think Prick aka Bad Boy fits in Five Best Guys Category? Wow Girl pretty messed up!!! Make a Five Worse Guys Category and thats where you put the Prick...

  • Holy_Ghost_Fire

    Wusses call the male sex as guys. That word is so generic and demeaning to men.

    I don't think those type of men best suits women and there is overwhelming evidence women choosing those types of men are worse off than meeting a remnant man full of the Holy Ghost.

  • AD240pCharlie

    I guess I would fall into The Funny Guy. I'm definitely not sweet or kind, I am very much an asshole to a lot of people. If anything, I would simply call myself respectful, but not nice. I am not The Prick either, unless I feel like someome deserves it, but that would be the case for most people.

  • AL1994ind

    When my boyfriend is more like the good guy and I love him!! @Amur8711

  • I'd like to think I'm the funny good guy but I think I'm more like just the good guy

  • Philyouup

    I’m a combo of the first three. If I should say so myself. Lol. Exwife might say prick. Lmfao.

  • rocket696

    Sounds to me like you are in desperate need to go out to west point and meet you. a well cultured officer from the United States Army. I was a Staff Sergeant on an A-Team when I got out so I know how bad they get the oxygen to their brains cut off. Fuck an A , its all in your mental health.

  • Twalli

    I am a combination between 1 and 2. I am very smart but socially awkward to the point of being almost mute. I do sometimes use big words, but my verbal vocabulary is smaller than my reading and writing vocabulary.

  • TheWombRaider

    You missed the best guy of all The clever bad boy, who is reformed and is now a good guy but can stll be that bad guy to defend his women

  • Xyline789

    No guy fits in just one of these categories. I'm probably mostly a good guy, some analytical guy (I'm an engineer so I can't help it...), and a little funny guy.

  • Hans222

    I'm 50% analytical, 50% funny :D
    Sometimes I try to be "pseudo-analytical" in a funny way! Change science a little 😄

  • MusicMayhem

    The funny guy lacks game? Um noooo. Humour is the key to getting girls interested in you. Which is why most guys fall short because they are logical and boring at their core.

  • MajesticTwelve

    The 5 best guys come with burgers and fries.

  • Hypnos0929

    So attractive is what I'm seeing. Let's be real if he's ugly all these personalities become "the creep"

  • FatherJack

    I would NEVER describe myself as a " hero "... more a grumpy bastard , but have most of those traits... definitely no nonsense , ex British Army para ( medic) , and ( sadly ) former retained ( on call part time ) firefighter , we got stood down permanently due to fucking budget cuts. Also shortly after , became a single dad , after ending that shit marriage , so would have been forced to leave anyway. Too deadpan to be the classic " funny guy " , but love savage banter , esp being on the receiving end too.

  • Jerry_Lombax

    I don't like stereotypes and liking the prick is a very common one for women. I find ANY women that breaks this stereotype far more attractive.

  • adolescentswede

    Well seems like i don't make it to the top five wonder where i would rank in a complete category list.

  • yeeeeeeeet

    I don't know how people would classify me as. Im pretty sure other people dont see me how I see myself