When You're "The Girl" Of The Group

Surely, you've heard of that girl (who's pretty cool) who hangs around with the guys and is "just one of the guys?"

Well, that isn't me. At college, I don't have many friends - considering most of my friends went to another college - but I have a couple who I would now call my 'friends'. Well one of them, I knew from secondary school and I was already kinda friends with him, and the other- I met through the guy I was friends with at secondary school and since we all have a class twice a week together, I guess we've become a little group of three who have a laugh and talk about random memes.

And I don't get that feeling where I'm "just one of the guys" I definitely feel like I'm "the girl" of the group and I don't mean that in a bad way.

Here is why.

#1 - Not Being Able To Complain About My Period To Them Because It's Awkward


So back at secondary school I had so many friends who were girls and every single time my period came I could always complain about the pain I felt and the cramps and sometimes they had things on them to make me feel better, and when they were on there's they'd complain to me and I'd have things to make them feel better.

Now at college, my only friends are two guys- I can't complain to them about it. Firstly, they won't understand and not have a clue about what I'd be going through. And secondly, I'm sure dudes don't wanna hear that kinda thing because it can just be awkward.

So when that time of the month comes around for me, and I'm hurting really bad I just have to sit there in silence and I think they can sense I'm in a bad mood lol- because they don't talk to me, unless I talk to them- and they don't annoy me either😂😂

#2 - Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Hanging Around With My Little Brother

This meme lol
This meme lol

So, sometimes both of them remind me of my little brother, and it's funny😂

Especially when they're talking about their xbox games, or Minecraft (I play it sometimes, but not as often as them) or they just decide to repeat a meme over and over again. One of them did that today on the way to the bus stop and I was like:

"You're worse than my little brother!"😂

#3 - Them Making You Feel Like The Third Wheel Because Of Their "Bromance"😂

Like Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal😂
Like Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal😂

I feel like they have this little "bromance" going on- I even commented on it today on the way to the bus stop- and one of them said:

"Plot twist... We're both in a gay relationship!"

He was joking, but honestly that wouldn't surprise me- but I would also be kinda mad because one of them is dating one of my friends.

Especially when they talk about their xbox parties or something... I definitely feel like I'm third-wheeling sometimes😂

#4 - Complaining About Other Girl Problems But They Can't Relate


A problem which I face as a girl is weirdo dudes popping up in my Instagram DMs asking me to "chat" and sending me disturbing messages. Always, it's a block after they do so- and now I've resorted to setting my profile to private and uploading and having an ugly picture of me, so they don't even bother me. I was explaining to one of them how weird it always is- but he couldn't relate because as a guy he doesn't get weirdo guys popping up in his inbox asking for disturbing things.

There's been other things too, but I can't think of anything else right now lol.

#5 - Them Talking About Things I Find Awkward As A Girl


So they didn't do this intentionally or anything- but they were talking about a topic which let's just say as a girl I find awkward and I asked them to not talk about this stuff infront of me because it's awkward... And I also told the one who's single that it's best you don't talk about that kind of thing in front of girls if you want a girlfriend considering he showed me a meme today he could relate to about being single.

And they respected my wishes, they were all "Okay let's not talk about that because it makes her feel uncomfortable" which is good.

#6 - Having Smaller Legs So You Basically Have To Speed-Walk To Keep Up With Them😂


I know this isn't specifically with just girls- because girls can be taller than guys, but based off of my experiences I have to do this more with the guy friends than I did with my friends who were girls lol.

It's because they're both taller than me, one of them only by like 3 inches, but still his legs are longer than mine- and the other is just wayyyyyy taller than me I feel so tiny standing next to him lol and I swear one his strides equals three of mine.

#7 - Feeling Awkward When Other Guys Who Are Their Friends Come

When you're The Girl Of The Group

This has happened multiple times... When we're waiting at the bus stop, usually some other dude who they know either from college or their street or both comes and again, they're there having a little "bromantic" moment and I'm just stood their with an awkward smile on my face...

I don't know why but I find it less awkward when friends of friends are girls. It's still awkward but I find it even more awkward if they're guys. I mean when it's guys, I even find it awkward making eye contact and stuff- I mean it happened again today and the dude decided to say "hello" to me so I was just like "uhhhmm hello?" I sounded really stupid at the time lol.

#8 - But None The Less, They're Still Nice To Hang Out With

I like this meme lol xD
I like this meme lol xD

We still have fun.

Like today they introduced me to this online drawing game, where you get a word, and you have to draw an example of that word- and the other users have to guess what it is. We were so terrible, it was funny😂

And you have to pick and screen name for yourself, and at I decided to call myself "shitbag" because... That was the first that came to mind, and a teacher walking past saw😂😂

And the teacher was walking past, and saw and he laughed and was like: "Okay, who's done that?" I think he expected it to be one of them two because I look really innocent- but they were like:

"We didn't call her that!"😂😂

And I owned up to calling myself that- because it was me lol, I'm not gonna lie about it😂

Any Last Words?

Again, I know lots of you don't care about what happens- but I just like writing about it anyway, it's just a way of letting it all out.

And this sounds a little sad, but I'm kinda happy I've got a little group at college- even if I don't hangout with them all the time, but it was fun hanging out with them today after college.

I don't really have much else to say other than, I hope some girls could relate to this and if not I hope it was a good read for everyone anyway and...

Thank you for reading :) <3

When You're "The Girl" Of The Group
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Username28
    I'm the girl of the group. We all dab, that's the biggest thing we have in common, drugs bring people together 😂 Anyhow, I just don't talk about my period with them, that's what my girl friends are for... if you notice you're being cunty just don't hang with them for that time. You can tell them why or they will eventually piece it together cuz they are aware you're a girl. My friends act pretty gay sometimes but that's just the bromance. They're dudes, they're still gunnu have a different kind of bond. When they start talking about the stuff that would make most girls uncomfortable I just talk about the girl version of it and they're totally okay with it. If you're one of the guys to them (the girl of the group) they feel comfortable talking to you about their stuff and they won't mind hearing your version. It gives them the female perspective. You'll actually probably find that going to them every now and then for male perspective/advice is totally okay with them. If you need them to slow down tell them to slow the fuck down.

    They are fully aware that you're a girl so incorporating the girl version of what they're talking about is okay. What's great about guys is that they don't get butt hurt as easily and they're super chill.
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    • Username28

      Example: When they talk about their hoe shit I talk about my hoe shit. When they tell me about the time they were being "sanchos" I'll just give some sort of commentary that feels right I guess. They do the same thing when I talk about my hoe shit or my "conquests"

      Just do the female version of the "inappropriate" stuff and I think you'll find it isn't that weird.

    • Yeah, whenever they talk about the "guy stuff" which makes me uncomfortable- I make it clear, and they stop. I wouldn't really want to talk about "hoe shit" and stuff because I don't have any experience in that field.🤷🏾‍♀️ 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • fuccccccccc
    I have this group of guys that I have had ever since first grade. We just kept contact over the years and when I got my period I would also feel embarrassed with telling them, but after overthinking so much about it, it's a normal thing that I will get stuck with for a long time, so why bother feel embarrassed about it? I don't care anymore. I tell the boys everything and they usually help me with guy problems cause it's on their perspective as a guy
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    • Well, I mean for me- talking about periods to guys is awkward...

      And as for "guy problems" I don't really have them.

    • Well, I'm a girl. So, whenever you have a guy problem in the future or I don't know, you can talk to me lmao

    • The thing is, I don't want a relationship yet- but when I do, if I have any problems I'll text you lol and ask them too and ask my best friend obviously xD

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Most Helpful Guys

  • MrOracle
    Honestly, most of those experiences are what a "just one of the guys" girls has. Those girls don't talk about their periods and they aren't always completely comfortable with male friends of the group.

    The main difference is that those girls don't get offended by guys being guys (talking crap to each other, quoting movies or memes, talking about girls, playing video games or sports, etc.), and they don't try to change their behavior "to be more appropriate" when no one else is around. They're happy to hang out, take a bit of teasing and dish it out just as well.

    They are still "the girl" sometimes, but they aren't afraid to say "hey dumbass, slow down little - you're taller and I can't keep up when you walk so fast." They won't be offended.
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    • I don't get offended when they insult each other (I join in with that too lol), I don't get offended when they talk about video games and sports- I just can't relate😂And I'm quoting the movies and memes with them😂😂And I don't mind it when they talk about girls either.

      There's just other topics, which I'd rather they don't talk about whilst I'm there...

    • MrOracle

      Then just say "hey, dudes... really?" When they start those conversations. They'll get the hint.

  • goaded
    I think the game's called Pictionary!

    Hey, they changed the interface, again!
    Woooo! I can add pictures! What could possibly go wrong?
    Woooo! I can add pictures! What could possibly go wrong?
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    • Lol- it's not pictionary, it's a. io game I can't remember what tho😂😂

      It's like modern pictionary😂

    • goaded

      Ooh! Show us one of your picures, and let us guess what it is! :)

    • They're not saved lol but trust me, they were awful xD

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  • I can relate. A lot of my friends when I was your age and younger were guys. I didn't have a lot of girlfriends till I started getting popular.
    • I had a lot of "girlfriends" last year, when I was at secondary school our friendship group had about 3 guys and 9 or 10 girls- I think. But I don't see any of them at college.🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    • You still talk to them online?

    • Facebook or Instagram?

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  • The first pic. 😂😂😂 i got plenty of guys friends. Some I trust a lot but agree no way I'm not talking bout my period.
  • Ninjazzed
    Hell no, not me. My group is comprised of both, just so I’m not the odd one out.
    • That's how my group was in secondary school :)

    • Ninjazzed

      I’ve had a couple of gay guy friends in high school and we seemed to hit it off, we’re still close friends today!

    • Hahaha cool, I don't actually know any gay guys (I think lol there might be someone who I just can't remember rn xD) all the guys I've been friends with are straight. xD

  • shimmeryns
    My guy bestfriend is always the only guy in the group haha! I have girls mostly as very close friends, only them I can have girls talk. As for my friends, I have a balance of both... Although things can get a little weird if they start to show more-than-friend interest in you
    • That's how it was at secondary school, only there were way more girls in my group than guys.

    • themaker39

      Some news, they all want to fuck you, none of them call you 'friend' in their mind or to their close friends, but 'this girl'.

    • shimmeryns

      @themaker39 Umm are you replying to me or to the MyTake?

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  • Billy96
    Hey that was a pretty cool Mytakë
    U must be a writer?

    I write songpoems like lyrics without music

    I want to do a Mytakë but lt's a mad awkward subject 😬😒
    Urs was pretty long too 👍👍
    • Billy96

      Dango!!! U written a mad lot of MyTákés Sweet!!! 😊😉

    • Aww thank you :)

      I'm kind of a writer. Not professional but I definitely want to go professional one day.

      And as for the MyTake you wanna write about, go for it- I'll be honest, if it's an awkward topic I probably won't read it because that's not my thing but others might🤷🏾‍♀️

      And yes I write a lot ;P

    • Billy96

      Hey.. n. p. ur welcome
      Yeah that's awesome ur a writer 👍👍
      I think u'll be a professional writer if u keep at it 😉

      I don't know.. I'll probably end up doing a MyTake some year 😂😂😂

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  • Y3llow
    I grew up being the girl of the group. Unfortunately in the past 2 years, I haven't had any male friends that are straight that haven't tried leaving the friend zone. So I don't have male friends anymore unfortunately. Other than at work because it's a professional work place.
    • Oh dang. Sorry to hear that- this is really like my first time being "the girl" of the group and I don't mind being friendzoned right now tbh, because they're both in the friendzone for me anyway🤷🏾‍♀️

  • CindyRuns
    As a girl who spent 4 years in Engineering School, I totally get all of what you said.

    That said, I grew up with 3 brothers, so, I was already used to it !!!
  • 1 i had sisters and they were on painkillers for periods
    2 until i read 3

    are you a lesbian? if not this friendship trio might not last. they probably both like you
  • eagle1951
    Gee I've had friends that were girls, and they always told me about there periods. or how horny they are
    • Firstly- I'm never "horny", secondly, I would never complain to a dude about my period- too awkward😂

    • eagle1951

      they must not have thought it was lol i guess because i grew up with 3 sisters, they thought it was alright

  • Wildmanjohn
    You feel awkward when you shouldn't. Periods are natural. It's no big whoop. Guys are guys and we don't give a shit about most of the details. You can continue to care but no need to point it out, we still won't care. You need a good female friend.
    • Nah it's cool, I've got plenty of good female friends- just not at college, well, there's these two girls in business who I'm beginning to become friends with :)

  • it2ly
    Hey this was a very nice read.
    Personally for me I have so many traits and similarities to a guy that boys legit get annoyed by me.

    Like I do skateboarding, don't wear makeup, am really blunt, watch adult shows, swear a lot etc... masculine stuff..

    And because of this I can't talk to boys for sht or befriend them like I get really embarassed whenever a guy talks to me..

    I know this is random but do you have any tips on how I could befriend guys... since I have similarities with them...
    With most girls they always get mad at me for being too weird like if I did some parkour trick that could get myself hurt.

    Honestly if you have tips to socialize with anyone without it being really awkward id love that I am only 16 so... but Ty :3
    • Hi! :)

      Of course I can help you out- just hit me up in the PMs or here- I'm not fussed and we can get talking :)

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    This was a shot of wholesomeness I needed today lol
  • Sounds like my situation being friends with women. Sitting there while they are talking about their periods. Lol
    • Lol😂😂

    • Im use to it. Laugh it up. Lol

    • When it's dudes talking about awkward things I'm just like... "Uhm... Could you not talk about that in front of me please?" xD

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  • Sonorous
    These pictures are golden 👌😂
  • Dav1ss
    Yh I've been there lol
  • 40Ninjas
    Why don’t you hang out with your own gender?
    • Username28

      Some of us just "click" with guys better/easier or just have a certain group of guys that we "click" with. There's not a rule book saying we have to hangout with our own gender. I grew up with brothers so I have a hard time "clicking" with girls.

    • 40Ninjas

      @Username28 interesting, I can’t say the same and I know there is not a rule. You would think, you would want to hang out with people you have way more in common with; that’s why I prefer hanging out with guys.

    • Username28

      Some of us do have a lot in common with certain guys though. I know 2 girls that I consider friends the rest are guys. I only have brothers so it's pretty easy for me to get along with guys.

      I am fully aware that I'm a girl and I do get in touch with my feminine side but it's just easier to be around the guys cuz that's what I know... I was raised with 3 boys and no girls.

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