3 Things That Bond The GirlsAskGuys Community


3 Things That Bond The GirlsAskGuys Community

There’s a number of prevalent biases that exist within any community, but on Girls Ask Guys there’s a strong sense of anxiety that connects the majority of questions and users together. People who must deal with anxiety usually deal with it in one of two ways—they obsess over their own anxiety and attempt to “solve” it by constantly analyzing and looking for advice on what they are “doing wrong” never considering that perhaps allowing the anxiety to exist without thinking about it or living in it could be an answer as well.

The other main way people deal with anxiety is by focusing on the anxiety of others. This is helpful in helping one deal with their own anxiety from a removed, detached place where the unaffected mind can see problems for what they are. If you don’t think you’re in either camp, consider that someone who didn’t deal with anxiety in any measure or had never at one point dealt with intense anxiety would have no way of relating to someone who did and understanding what it feels like, how it can distort and grip you, and how to get relief from it. The very fact that we consider the majority of questions people ask on here to be actually legitimate enough questions to merit an answer shows that we “get anxiety” in a way only someone who’s experienced can understand.

Free Time

Another major thing that bonds “GaGers” together is an inordinate amount of free time. That’s if you really become a noticeable part of the community and not a casual tourist. The site is great at getting you connected and in conversation, amusement, and debate with other individuals and is extremely active compared to other websites.

But, it does take a lot of time and as I said it’s hard to get the most out of the website and still be casual about it. As such, many of us have the free time to devote to the site and “lack of free time” is by far the most reason common reason why once very active users suddenly quit the site rather than difference of opinions with other users.


While there sometimes seems to be a war between the “male rights woman haters” and the “radical feminist man haters” one thing that can’t really be denied is that we are all, for the most part, intelligent human beings. Similarly to have such a developed point of view on these topics requires that one be able to think critically, reflect on new information, and communicate intelligibly their point to others.

While some GaGers seem to understand to have the gift of popularity, while others seem to border on socially austistic, almost everyone I’ve talked to or read their writing on this site has been more intelligent than the average person you meet on the street and those that aren’t don’t seem to last very long.

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  • Oh, hey there, I'm just a semi-intelligent person who has way too much free time on her hands apparently. Ah, and I have a bit of anxiety. I don't ask too many questions that relate to the things I feel anxious about, though.

    Yep, that about covers it. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!


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  • Like in real life, I believe that the site segregates voluntarily into pools. Everyone ventures into all the pools at various points, yet some prefer certain pools to others depending on their level of maturity and key topics of interest / curiosity / expertise.

    Yes, the site is great for dealing with stress and seeking answers to impossible situations. But it's just as much insightful into navigating others who are even more lost. Nobody wants their experiences to feel wasted, like their life was a passing shadow that meant nothing.

    The site becomes an outlet for demonstrating that those experiences did amount to something, and that this something need not exclusively benefit the direct recipient.

    Wisdom and virtue are ever-elusive; and vices nag at the heart tirelessly. While not always successful, the Greeks often flocked around town bathhouses to debate with one another to slow the rate of intellectual and moral decay, and to make sure that no insight need ever go to waste. They understood the threats to their own civilization quite well, even when they felt helpless to stop said threats.

    In a way, GaG is the modern version of that Greek bath house. The only major difference is that now, women are eager and regular participants, so their insights are not wasted either. Amongst the Greeks, a woman with credible opinions willing to share them was very rare. It wasn't deliberately suppressed, it just wasn't an everyday reality to them. They dismissed it because it was unthinkable. Women of then simply didn't do it. They didn't care to, or they weren't bold enough to try. And now, a capable enough woman's mind can carry just as much water as any man's, so there is less waste than ever.

    The lizard-brains will always be with us, male or female. The Adamaic Curse is that persistent monkey on the backs of our souls that lingers like a persistent tumor. And on this site, there is no exception. Yet, this site also allows the antidote a chance to demonstrate its capabilities. And few other sites allow so many a chance to shine in that very way.


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  • Great take - There is an awful lot of truth in your analysis here

  • I would agree with this. Good insight man. I absolutely have made the observation about anxiety and free time. Gag is just a good LOLsy time waster for me.

    I have noticed a huge percentage of people have some social issues ranging from very mild to quite severe, in terms of interacting with the opposite gender.

    I think GAG is a good safe haven and community for them to try to empathize and edify one another in that regard.

  • And don't forget for our common amusement for trolls and their silly questions.

  • Well, no, there is not much intelligence here. Lots of emotional intelligence I guess, but not intelligence in the usual sense of the word. That is not to say GAGers have nothing to offer... it's just that there are very few actual logical arguments (or correct usage of grammar) in most posts.

    Other than that, yeah, anxiety and free time is what many GAGers have in common. Because anxiety is easier to deal with when you aren't conversing face-to-face. And any time spent on here is free time.

    • well emotional intelligence and the ability to articulate it is something

    • They lack the ability to be articulate kinda often. You can tell they're emotional but you can't tell what the hell they're trying to say.

    • haha that's true far too often of the time

  • Anxiety:

    "Points to self"

    My pulse is rising,
    Mental torture, Self destroyer,
    Can't ignore the paranoia

  • You're the boss of this place.

  • Free time+Boredom=Mystery solved.

    Done lol

    • zillion other ways to solve boredom and free time lol

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    • very true. i can't even play my ps4 i just jump on this it's so... wrong

    • I think all the bright colors in the layouts are sending subliminal messages :|


  • Intelligence... u say is okay around here if people were intelligent why wouldn't they answer questions that require critical think not the questions like" do you think you are attractive?"

  • You forgot the possibility of seeing half naked "How's my butt?" photos.

  • Intelligence or lack thereof? lol. XD

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