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A quick and simple guide on how not to be the "nice guy"

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All these whiny posts about the ways "good guys" differentiate themselves from "nice guys" make me want to puke. So rather than giving you folks another social science explanation for why everyone can be an alpha, and how the only reason she doesn't want to bang you is because her inner cavewoman hasn't evolved; I'm gonna give you real, actionable advice on how to stop feeling you're misunderstood. And the advice is simple:

I want you to wake up tomorrow morning, look in the mirror, and ask yourself what you are doing that day, simply because YOU want to. Now stop posting all this nonsense and go do whatever comes to mind.

Maybe if you do this well enough, you'll start to inspire the people around you, men and women, to believe that they can help you make that happen.

-The End

A quick and simple guide on how not to be the "nice guy"
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  • Games_
    You watch too much incel videos, being a nice guy doesn't stop you from getting women. It's just how you execute your game
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    • I don't think you read any of my post... you just restated what I said, all but literally...

    • Games_

      Your right, I didn't read a thing.

  • Anonymous
    What if tomorrow I have to work 10 hours of physical work and after that I just want to play computer games?
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    • Then do it up. The important part is that you start living your life with more intentionality.

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  • KaraAyna
    Nice take
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  • genuinepervert
    Anyone thinks that the people around him is misunderstanding him im life well if so it's nobody fault but yours. You put most of them in your life instead of getting in where you fit in. Do that say look in the mirror and say after i vet off work today what am i gonna do. Whatever the fuck you want to why cause nobody gave a fuck in the first place your the only reason your insecure that and 90210 and some commercial stop saying YES and start saying Fuck you
  • Anonymous
    This called "manning up!"
    • I've always found that the expression "man up" was so vague. I wrote this because I wanted to give people a more purposeful idea of what that looks like in practice.

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