The life Of An Incel


Like all things in life, there's an ebb and flow, a cycle to the mind of an Incel. In the beginning, when we're young, the rhythmic undulations of hope and hopelessness rise and fall like the tides of the shore. Up and down, side to side, it's pure chaos. In one moment we believe we see clarity, that if we just do this one thing or take these few steps, all things will be solved and we'll escape Inceldom. Then moments later, tragedy strikes and we're crawled up in our bed never wanting to escape the shell of solitude. Rise and fall this cycle is most tumultuous in our youth.

Then acceptance comes. We swallow it whole. We spend days absorbing every meme and caricature. We spend hours on forums and subreddits and discord servers. We feel as if we have unlocked this glass sphere, the third eye that synthesizes all the meta information and statistics of society. Everything is laughable, and everything is rage-fueling.

This god-like perception and view of society latches onto the naive and impressionable mind of many Incels. Young men who haven't seen the world for what it is, absorbing all the pills and statistics and memes and hatred. We pride ourselves in being Red-pilled, seeing the world for what it really is, when in reality the same brain-fog and ignorance that we see Blue-pillers exhibiting have just as much taken ahold of us. We are slaves to our mind.

This is the danger of ideologies. We forget to think. And for socially outcasted men who haven't had their voice heard or their thoughts shared, with no outlet for creativity and beauty, ideologies swallow us whole. A black wave a thousand feet high covering the entire sky.

I don't know what comes next. I myself am at this step. But I'm hoping. I'm praying, that if I just remind myself each and every waking moment I can, that not everyone is as terrible and as vile and filled with hatred as I am, maybe I can change. Maybe I have an ounce of hope in me. Maybe this doesn't have to be my life. Maybe. . .

The life Of An Incel
The life Of An Incel
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  • N17RV
    When's your next novel coming out?
    Is this still revelant?

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  • Texaskid1
    You sound depressed. You should go and talk to someone and also get some exercise.
  • Pettifog
    The 'redpill' movement was co-opted by right wing grifters. It's stale now. But I blame capitalism for everything, including incels and pandemics.
  • Anonymous
    You are a fool trying to pigeonhole an entire movement that you do not understand. You talk about ideologies and thinking, well you have swallowed the MSM line on this hook, line, and sinker. Those that have an opinion to the prevailing zeitgeist are the only ones that are truly thinking. Society has been screwing over a lot of people in a lot of different ways, and eventually those people are going to demand they be made whole. You fear what you do not understand, and what you do not wish to understand. You have so clearly missed the mark here that it is almost comical.

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