Being A Better Man

Being A Better Man

Here are some of my thoughts on how one can be a better man.

To be a better man you must be true to your word. If you make a promise, keep it. But this also means that your word is very valuable. Do you go tossing bars of gold in the street when you walk/drive? You can't give your word freely like liars do. Be careful who you make a promise to and why.

As a better man you realize the enormous power to do violence that you have as the planet's top predator. That power has to be kept in check except when really needed. You won't let emotion drive you to use that power. You don't have the luxury to ride your emotions and just do whatever feels good. You will think logically. If you use violence it's for a constructive reason like self-defense. Not to be dramatic or to express emotion. Being masculine in a good way is not about how you look (macho) or being violent. It's about being in control of yourself.

Your life doesn't revolve around women. Your ancestors didn't build civilizations by putting all of their time/energy into women. Look at any great man and you'll find a guy who put a lot more energy into his life's purpose/goals that had nothing to do with a woman. it also follows that women's feelings don't lead, direct or control your actions.

Ideally you're in control of your world because a better man is a leader and you can't be a leader until you know who you are, where you're going and why you're going there.

You know that society will also hold you responsible for the actions of your partner so you must be smart enough not to get into relationships with women who lack self-control or who aren't willing to respect the importance of not doing things that will harm you. Look in the media and you will find many cases where a woman started a fight or made a scene and her man was drawn into it. Don't be that guy.

You understand that you're responsible for your actions. Don't do something if the long term effect is bad. Always think of how what you do will impact your future. Also don't support or promote others doing things that are bad for the future. In a relationship you don't simply think about how your actions affect you but also how they will affect your partner.

Long term also applies to your body. There's no question in your mind that staying in shape is important.

You will believe it's fair to hold others accountable for their actions and words regardless of how this makes them feel.

As a better man you recognize your duty to uphold the legacy our ancestors gave us. They built civilizations from nothing and created societies to last for ages. You won't rush to embrace changing the core parts of how society functions just because it might make someone feel good. You'll always think of the long term consequences. You'll favor caution and maintaining long lasting things over social experiments.

Being A Better Man
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  • Yads_Is_Back

    Thanks for the invite.

    I think two other parts that should be included are:
    - treating others the way you want to be treated. Like, if you want people to show you respect then you show them respect. This goes for both genders, but I bring it up on this "Being A Better Man" take because a lot of men want more traditional women but don't want to be traditional themselves. Or another example, they want to wait until their 30s to get married after they have had so many one-night stands but they want a woman who's not a whore. So this is important.
    - staying who you are and not trying to be something you're not. I think this is where people misunderstand the definition of "simp" too because a lot of times it's done for the favor of a woman he wants and then he's upset when she divorces him. The key here is, don't lead her to believe you're something you're not. Sure, you can romance her and be sweet until you get her in church or in the court and say your vows, but if you don't remain that same way and you start getting careless now that you have her, a. k. a. taking her for granted, she will probably leave. I think this is one reason - actually I think it's the main reason but I don't really know - that so much divorce is initiated by women. I personally am against divorce and will never do it and it's against my values and stupid. (I could rant here but I'll avoid it.) So he needs to be genuine.

    Anyways, great take and your points are perfectly written, I think. This is just my opinion though. Who am I to say how to be a man? I know what I demand in a man, though.

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  • girlnow1

    I've been surrounded by so many men without vision, morals and leadership that when I see things like this I'm so happy and it gives me hope. It's incredibly attractive as well because men with substance are awesome.

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  • virtue2332

    I respect you for taking the time to put something out there. So many boys grow up without a father in the picture and may not get a chance to see some of the qualities we value. Your post allows us to communicate and clarify what these things actually mean. One of things that you mentioned that I identify with most is the ability to think and act on logic as opposed to letting emotions take over and control your thoughts. This is such an important concept because it has helped me out in a lot of situations where lack of control could have ruined me. It's something that I got to strengthen as a medic in the Air Force. Times are changing and I think it's going to be an important thing to pay attention to. The amount of information available and the speed we access it intentionally and unintentionally when some one directs it our way is only going to get faster and more manipulated and bent on influencing people. The information people receive will in a sense be engineered to get people to think and make decisions emotionally because that's where there is money to be made. It's going to be important as ever to sift through all the bull shit and be aware of what is actually going on around us and adapt so we can maintain our logical senses and work to ensure the values we hold high are held in place and not replaced by short lived fads designed to increase someone's wealth as opposed to benefiting society in the long run.

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  • havingfun101

    "Women have full license to use their sexuality but men shouldn't be violent."
    -- Random Traditional Hypocrite

    Being A Better Man
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    • hahahmm

      My article isn't telling women how to behave so you shouldn't read someone else's opinion into it.

    • It's implied by lack. "Duty to out ancestors" "you'll be held Republican for your partners actions" "don't just do whatever you want" "it's all about the long term"
      No. Marriage, cohabitation and childbirth are at all time lows, women lose 90% of their eggs by age thirty, file 75% of divorces, make unpunished false accusations and can force herself on a teenager and still get child support (Hermesmann vs seyer). Only white men don't receive Affirmative Action in universities and the workplace and only men must register for Selective Service or become felons, be fined and lose voting rights.
      Being a "better man" is being a free and wealthy man, plus a list of behaviors that serve the society that enslaves and devours men. FOH.

    • *responsible

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  • Browneye57

    More information on becoming more refined and valuable here:

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  • OlderAndWiser

    Very well written and I concur with your thoughts on what makes a real man.

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  • KrakenAttackin


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  • Anonymous

    its a reminder, you always hear the word "better man", but you never hear the word "better woman"


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