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My stalking experience

My stalking experience

This is actually a question of how to get rid of a stalker and why does he stalk me? I just couldn't fit in a question because it's a very long story so bare with me.

This goes all the way back to when I was 15. It was my first day at a new high school and as soon I walked through the door this boy and I locked eyes . It was literally like the scene in Romeo and Juliet when they first meet . I think we both knew as soon as we saw each other but we both felt something strange, like we already knew each other or something .

Anyway this boy would chase me around everywhere and just stair at me all day. I was super flattered as he was really attractive and we both had the same taste in music and fashion.

One day I was hanging around with my friends at lunch and I could hear music playing as we were walking. I started messing about dancing and singing to the music and it was this guy playing his guitar. He just smiled at me and kept playing. It was all like some teen romance at first but then it became really toxic .

After he finished playing his guitar. He asked me to hang out with him sometime. I went running to my friends telling them I think I was gonna get my first boyfriend. They quickly told me this guy was bad new. He was one of the most popular boys in school ,had a girlfriend in sixth form, picked on special ed kids (which I was) and spread flase rumours about girls at school. They warned me he maybe using me as a mean joke.

After that I wanted nothing to do with him but he was still showing interest. He do anything to be near me and get all nervous trying to talk to me . He'd even follow me home and make out with his girlfriend in front of me .

I'd go library to study and him and his girlfriend would be in there together and he'd just stair at me .I even shouted at him , "stop fucking staring at me" he just ingored it and carried on . He even dumped his girlfriend and would date my friends to get closer too me . When they said no to sex he'd dump them .

He eventually got back with his sixth form girlfriend and they had a massive fight about me outside of school in front of me .she was crying and everything . He even caused her to put on loads of weight and get sent to a mental hospital.

I eventually told him , I'd never date him and he actually ran off crying . That's when I realised it was no joke . After that he didn't bother me for years .

Then a couple years later I got a apprenticeship and I had to go college once a week. He also went this college and he'd follow me around everywhere all over again and would stand outside my classroom door staring at me. I even told my teacher he was a stalker and she told him to leave .

I'd go out with friends drinking and he'd be there too and try to dance with me . I'd just leave to get away from him.

Years went by and we never really saw each other again besides at the supermarket were he works and he won't bother me there, till last week . I was meeting up with a couple friends in the park and he managed to tag along with a friend I didn't know knew him and he bought his new girlfriend along too . He wouldn't stop staring at me and his girlfriend even said "all Joe does is talk about you , you must be really good friends", I replied "if I'm honest I don't really know Joe that well" after that she kinda clicked what was going on and was really nice to me about it when if anything I felt sorry for her . She kept coming up to me saying Joe takes naked pictures of her and but he keeps talking about me to her and it's like he's obsessed with me or something . I warn her to be careful because I know what kind of person Joe really is and him taking pictures of her naked is not good news at all . Joe used to follow me around with a camera sometimes in high school and try and upskirt me.

My boyfriend even came along after a while to get a hot drink and even he noticed Joe was staring at me and when he confronted him about it he said nothing back. I even said "is there something on my face or something because you've been staring at it for the past 8 years and I think it's about time you said something"😂. Again he just stared at me and said nothing so we just all left .

I explained the situation in more detail to my boyfriend because I'd pointed him out to my boyfriend before when we'd be shopping in the supermarket he works but he didn't know too much about it because I thought it was year's ago and it was done . He said but I needed to tell him to fuck off but I have and he doesn't care ,he just stares and says nothing .

Its not extreme enough to call the police but it just getting stupid now . Its like Im a freaks magnet or something.

My stalking experience
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  • Gravit1

    The main problem, is people don't know when to quit. Try once, normal. Try twice, determined. Try three, striving. Try more than three, obsessed and needs help. Stalking isn't okay ever, but there is threshold and turning point. Before that point, it is just interest, but after that point it is unhealthy and dangerous. I've had women follow me, but they gave up after the second run in. They tried and showed interest, but things didn't work out. I accepted this, they accepted it, we both moved on. The guy you're referring to sounds like a manipulative creep. Best to stay clear. He sounds like he's escalating. If he shows up more frequently and makes physical contact, report him immediately and seek a restraining order. Even something as mall as a bump is the precursor to further physical violence. If he starts to recoil and show up less frequently, you can relax, but until then keep your guard up.

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  • dmgstarfleet

    Pay an attorney to call him up and tell him if he is ever seen around you again he will file suit for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy and whatever other tort he can think of and that if he cannot pay the judgement that results he will attach his wages and impoverish him for decades or longer. Probably wouldn't charge you more than a couple hundred for the call and it would more effective than getting the cops involved who do not make such things a priority. People are more scared of being sued than being arrested!

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  • hellohruu

    That’s how my ex crush used to act around me LMAO

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  • kespethdude

    He's not going to stop. Call the police when you see him again, and it inevitably will keep happening until something is done about it.

  • IHateBeingaMan

    yup, i think its quite obvious as to why guys, men, are the only gender or sex that get thrown that label

  • ayomanwya

    I’d move far away from him. Like if he lives in the United States then go to Canada or the UK

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  • Harris_2021

    file a police report and try to get an order pf protection against them

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  • jesuschrist86

    kill this retard.