Why You Should Genuinely Love Beautiful Women


By love i dont mean you love them being sluts and love them liking you

Lets face it, women are on the BPD spectrum like men are on the autism spectrum

Women can genuinely love you today and hate you tomorrow

Dont focus on the love they give you, because it doesn't last, not even for her own kids, embrace this reality for what it is

Mgtow is basically men who are autistic and dont understand that life isn't about honing your fucking skills (fucking nerds) its about being liked and being popular

Central to that, is having beautiful women around you

Be selfish in this way and love them for the enjoyment they add to your life

Without beautiful women your life will suck ass, and you won't go very far on your own way

Mgtow is for semiautistic guys looking to eventually dominate women through fantasies of unlimited power and wealth
Mgtow is for semiautistic guys looking to eventually dominate women through fantasies of unlimited power and wealth
Why You Should Genuinely Love Beautiful Women
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  • nevernevernever
    me: "You know what, I'm going to get on GAG today for a few minutes to unwind!"
    Some guy: "As we all know, all women are clinically bipolar and all men are autistic"
    Me"... you know what, perhaps not."
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  • Apope16
    I am in favor of this piece. I like what you wrote here. I support MGTOW and think they have a lot of good things to offer men with opening their eyes to games. At the same time you are right. Women do add value to life.

    I don't want to die alone. I don't want to live past my sexual prime into my 50s and beyond and be living along and not able to find anyone to date. I want to wake up next to a woman I can't love as imperfect as she is... within reason.

    The problem with MGTOW is the same glow that they laugh at when it comes to sexual market place value. There is a wall for women at the age of 40 years old when comes to marrying a man and having children. But there is a wall for men in terms of find a woman to settle down with. ANd no. I dont think all men are better off just being a loner on their own.

    Is marriage a risk? absolutely. but I want a wife. I want to wake up next to a wife. I want to retire and travel with my wife. I want to go out to dinner with my wife. I want to break wine and bread with my wife. I want to have sex with my wife.

    MGTOW needs to be more about navigating how to handle women and the Bullshit that comes with them sometimes. Not about rejecting them all together.
  • Oh boy, here we go again. Now you demonstrate your complete lack of understanding of autism. Is there anything at all you're not completely clueless about? Let me explain.
    Contrary to what you wrote below in a response to someone else here, people (yes, 'people', because many girls have autism too) are generally not fat, short and ugly, as you seem to think. They're just like everyone else when it comes to physical appearance, and you can't actually tell if someone has autism just by looking at them (you must have been thinking of Down's Syndrome).
    People with autism are generally knowledgeable about what interests them, loyal, honest, and incorruptible. They despise injustice. They hate hypocrisy, small-minded gossip, and stupidity in general. They get along really well with animals, and animals generally like and trust them.
    In other words, they're better people than 99.9% of everyone else, the people who like to think of themselves as being 'normal'.
    • Unbeatable

      You have autism

    • Bellatris

      Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe I just know a lot about the subject.

    • modelUN242

      I honestly have shown some signs as well.

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  • ohshee
    Bro did you eat glue when you were in grade school, and are you still eating it , can't you see what it's doing to your brain
  • snackthatsmilesback
    Yknow maybe all the girls and guys you encounter are some sort of retarded because they all heard you speak.

    What you're trying to say may not even be that wrong but good god kid you have a way with words
  • TheSpaceGnome
    I don't agree with this or mgtow, life to me is about honing my skills as a creative, it's what I enjoy more than anything, but being loved and having someone to hone skills with is great too.

    Being popular sounds horrible though, and pretty women who are annoying or boring exist (and are the most common), so I would rather just have one woman who is perfect for me than be "surrounded".

    Also if she isn't a cute nerd I wouldn't date her, so I don't agree with nerd hate either.
  • modelUN242
    I actually prefer autistic guys thanks.
    • Unbeatable

      Ya, small, short, fat, autistic. Every girls preference

    • modelUN242

      Uh no. I met many good-looking autistic guys.

    • modelUN242

      Plus, they're usually more masculine since their brains are more masculine. They're more likely to reject social norms.

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  • wickhamhayls
    And? i don't respect anybody more due to their looks.
  • Jmmmfi4
    Stop inviting me to all your questions thanks
  • Kayla45
    Aww I really love this
  • Juxtapose
    If you "need" women then you are weak.
  • kevyhanma
    Welcome to SIMPtown USA
  • Anonymous
    @Unbeatable This thing you call a question is nothing more than TROLL HOGWASH, you are 21 years old and having absolutely no life experience to be spewing this kind of shite.

    • you're 90 iq, im 160 iq. 2 years of my experience is a lifetime worth of your experience.

    • Anonymous

      @Unbeatable Again you are wrong, I am a card carrying member of MENSA with a 179 iq my friend and your 2 years of experience pales in comparison to my 39 years of experience. Oh what is this I have more years on this planet than you have been alive. Goes to show you that you don't know anything my friend. Like I said take your TROLL HOGWASH somewhere else.

    • 170 iq and still to embarrassed over your stupidity to not go anonymous

  • Anonymous

    And if you can't score a chick the "Old Fashion Way", do what trump did, buy one!
    A guy like trump who's married to a mail-order bride should have more respect for the Post Office!
    A guy like trump who's married to a mail-order bride should have more respect for the Post Office!
    • 2018life


      but that's a funny joke

    • Anonymous

      @2018life / You're right, it's a joke, too bad that joke lasted for 4 long, white-trash years...
      Why You Should Genuinely Love Beautiful Women