Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her


Hello everyone, in this MyTake I’ll be sharing with you from my experience of going through of guys using and not fully interested in me. Just by how their body language and actions acted around/towards me.

Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

Also, everything I’m about to say are RED FLAGS 🚩 that no person should have to go through when looking for a relationship.

So girls if anything from my experience sounds relatable to you or you are going through that now, I just want to say: you are worth more than this and I hope with what you are going through will make you stronger and you’ll be fully aware of how to avoid men such as these when perusing a relationship.

So here are the lists:

1) He dresses in disguised clothing when around you

Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

By “disguised” I mean he wears anything dark and something that covers his face. Like:

  • Hoodie
  • Sunglasses
  • jackets that are able to cover his face

Now guys and dating coaches have claimed “when a guy is interested in a girl, he will be proud of himself. Cause he sees it as a accomplishment and will proudly show her off by his side to the world.”

Here are example pics by what I mean and see if you can differentiate by the level of affection.

Girl is out in the open with no face coverings while guy is
Girl is out in the open with no face coverings while guy is
Guy is in front of girl while squeezing her hand proudly. No face coverings (except glasses that are not hiding his eyes)
Guy is in front of girl while squeezing her hand proudly. No face coverings (except glasses that are not hiding his eyes)
Girl proudly with her man but he isn’t
Girl proudly with her man but he isn’t

It’s very sketchy and hurtful when a guy hides himself around a girl he claims “he’s interested in”. Especially even if he says “they’re just friends”. Also, friends proudly show off with each other.

Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

2) He’s not amused or interested in the activities you want to do together

ALL MEN, ALL MEN/GUYS/TEENS/BOYS LOVE ACTIVITIES. Wether it’s indoor or outdoors.

Let’s see if this rings a bell

Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

Guy: hey
Girl: yeah?
Guy: wanna hang out?

Girl: SURE 🤩. What do you want to do? Guy: I don’t care, whatever you want

Girls love making plans and sticking to that plan. We also make sooo many suggestions and ask others what type of activities their peers and family would like to do. From going out to the city, restaurants, shopping, events and parks. But, if the guy you like is not interested of allll the activities and the world you present to him….well, he’s just not interested in you 💔.

Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her
Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

3) He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family (while telling you are his girlfriend or even just a friend )

Sure you guys will be hanging out at the park (when it’s empty) or in a restaurant eating in a corner booth away from everyone else. But you’re too blind from all your surroundings and only focus on him and the “hidden” activities you guys are doing together. Thinking you guys are a couple and you bring up subjects of trying to get to know him. By asking him questions about his hobbies, family and friends. That his answers are short, mysterious and long pauses.


Girl: So, what are your hobbies
Guy: I don’t know, pretty much anything
Girl: What do you like to do?

Guy: Just anything really

Girl: do you have any friends?
Guy: yeah

Girl: Do you guys hang out and do anything fun?
Guy: Yeah we go fishing, camping, gym, events and play sports

Girl: wow sounds fun, I’d love to see it sometime

Guy: we’ll see, it’s not that interesting

Girl: Okay, so tell me about your family. What are they like?
Guy: what do you want to know?
Girl: Anything, do you have any siblings? Do you get along with your family?
Guy: not really. I’m hardly ever see them and I don’t associate myself with them.

Then as you bump in and introduce yourself to his friends and family. He ignores you like you don’t exist or he gives you mean glare to step away from him.

Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

4) He uses breadcrumbing texts

(Breadcrumbing is the act of sending out flirtatious, but non-committal social signals (i.e. "breadcrumbs") in order to lure a romantic partner in without expending much effort. In other words, it's leading someone on.)

There will be a pattern of how he texts and what he says to you, that makes you think he is interested in you. In the day, he says he’s busy. But in the nighttime he is fully available for you. That you overlook the time and only focus on the sweet words he says to you. Which makes you justify him ignoring you during the day, he will make it up to you at nighttime. When he’s “available”. 🙄

5) His short schedule all of sudden became a “busy” schedule for you

Now when you first asked him questions about his life and explained to you about his friends and hobbies. Along with very little working hours. Out of nowhere he became to busy for you, whenever you call him up to hang out. Or even just casually chat with him on the phone. He doesn’t have the time to do anything with you. Because he’s too “busy”. But he isn’t to busy to chat and hang out with his buddies from what you witnessed. His time with you is just too much for him.

There you have it, of what I went through and I’m pretty sure other girls as well of how guys showed they’re not interested in us.

Now I want to say, there’s no certain age groups of how guys behave like this. From my experience, this has happened to me in my teens, 20s, and sadly even in my 30s. I thought this was one time thing for me to get played like this. But I’m still learning the tactics guys use when they’re not interested in a girl.

Also when a guy is not interested in a girl, that doesn’t mean she’s ugly. Yes, I know we feel ugly when a guy we like is not interested in us. I have seen girls who look like models get used. And it is heartbreaking.

So I hope this MyTake helps other girls out there. When they become confused of why a guy is behaving from the lists I have posted.

(Also please excuse my editing skills. I kept trying to adjust the headings and the system would not let me. That this is what you see 😅)

Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her
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  • DarylRoberts
    I can understand the process your talking about , for me a guy , had it done by the girl to myself , I don't want to go into it too deep , but for the hole time she was with me most of it she avoided me , and could hardly find time for me , Me being to much head over heels in love didn't see it at all , she stooched me , played around , on me , so it can work both ways , I'll just say just because it does happen doesn't mean for either sex that you shouldn't take an open perspective with a different partner , don't treat everyone the same , I've had a broken and lost heart my hole life , I've looked for the four leaf clover and what I believe is that the only way to fix a broken heart is by finding the right partner who will love and treat you with respect , just course some one has been a bad lover to us doesn't mean we should do the same to the next person who comes along , looks won't last for ever , if you can grow old gracefully with someone that would be the trick , just because some one shits on you doesn't mean you go off and do it to someone else ,, listen to this song , you might understand a little better what I'm saying
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  • JSmuve
    Your pictures are biased in 1. The first picture was taken during winter and the guy isn't wearing a face-covering. He's wearing a hat (because it's winter) and sunglasses. The second picture was taken in summer so the guy doesn't need a hat. But he's also wearing sunglasses. If anything, the body language of the second guy seems like he's less interested because he's actively trying to get ahead (i. e. away) from the woman, while the first guy is staying next to the woman's side (i. e. close).

    Points 2-5 are the same things that women do to men when they're not interested. So these shouldn't come as a surprise. None of them are technically "body language" either.
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  • Alex8736
    red flags I have noticed is:

    1) The only form of communication is text only

    2) It takes an extensive amount of time to get a response

    3) Most importantly is when you are out they are glued to their phone replying to their messages in a nano second
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  • MagicCarpet1
    The problem would have easily been resolved if women took the time to communicate by leading with their hearts instead of depending on their so called perfect know it all body reading skills.
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  • Fonzarelli
    Maybe it's because we don't have much to say and/or don't want to call you during the day because we feel like we're calling too much or you are always too busy. I either am too distant or not as available as they want. I never know and seem to always get it wrong. But why try when you already have us figured out and it has nothing to do with skills
  • user0000047
    I must disagree as a guy.
    1) I always wear disguised clothing because a) I like to fit in and b) I secretly like to pretend I'm a secrete agent ready to make an escape
    2) Guys aren't dogs, we aren't willing to do anything and everything with a smile just for a scooby snack.
    3) Could just be the guy is boring and doesn't have any hobbies or that many of his hobbies are an escape for male bonding he doesn't want to do with women.
    Nothing else to say.
  • Wsx2wsx2ws
    So if t his is happening to you look for guys like me. I might not be the greatest man in the world but you will feel like the greatest woman.
  • exitseven
    This sort of behavior is not just limited to guys. I was in a relationship with somebody who did many of the same kinds of things. Sometimes it really made me sad.
  • Jltakk
    I wouldn't immediately introduce them to my friends and family either. I'm introverted enough as it is.
  • Shamalien
    Most men worth a damn work full time, I love how this take includes the assumption that he has “very little working hours”
  • globetrotter22
    This is true. But it’s also true that women do this to men too. Especially with the “I’m busy” part.
  • dragoblack
    a lot of this is understandable, as for the interests one. It is ok if he doesn't enjoy everything you enjoy, because you can't expect to enjoy everything he enjoys. What is important is that he is taking the effort to try and spend time with you. As for the breadcrumb texts... i see it way too often in dating women, just vague answers that don't have any foundation to work on. I honestly find breadcrumb people a toss to the curb, not worth my time and patience people. They already decided they don't want to give any interest whatsoever
  • ElvenMr
    I'm guessing you'd block a guy if he didn't text you over the weeked (like 3 days) after he told you he'll be busy. Right?
    I think this happened with me recently, but not 100% sure about the whole situation.
    Do girls nowadays like to just quickly jump to conclusions based on weird things like that?

    I mean in my case i'm clearly excited to get to know her and to talk with her. I just won't text her 24/7 if i really don't have anything interesting to say to her, or i could.. but then she might completely lose interest in me, because i'm "boring".

    You know, like.. if she really was upset that i didn't text her, why didn't she text me something? I would've replied to her as soon as i could..
    We clearly liked each other and it all goes to shit because of some stupid thing like that.
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  • SynthKobra
    Yea, definitely facts
  • Twalli
    Only one may not be an issue. More than one is
  • Anonymous
    Exactly the type of guys most women go for.
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