New Year’s Resolutions Women Wish Their Men Made

When it comes to New Year’s Eve celebration, both men and women like to enjoy all the perks that come with it, like the parties, drinking, meeting new people, dressing to impress and having a good time in general. But there is something that men aren't used to do when the shadow of a new year comes upon us and that’s making New Year’s resolutions.

Most of men consider these resolutions a “women’s thing” and it is very rare to hear a guy making any promises for the next year, unless he’s trying to make a joke. However, sometimes, we woman wish that the New Year would be an opportunity for our partners to try and change some things that we frankly feel that need to be improved, and we are not talking necessarily about weight control here.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions we wish our partners would make:

flirting over drinks
  • Play less videogames. Let’s face it, men love videogames and while we like to watch sometimes and even play a little bit here and there, your videogames marathons are most of the times too much to take and makes us feel less part of your interests. According to some studies, men spend, on average, around 3 hours a day playing videogames. So this or next year, please guys try to commit and spend less time with the controller in your hands and more time with our hands in yours. And hey, this applies for TV too.
  • Be more punctual. One of the biggest problems girls have with their boyfriends is that their time management is awful. If you are one of those guys, just try to be on time for every date or appointment, this will save you a lot of trouble and makes you not only a better boyfriend but also makes you more responsible.
  • Listen more in conversations. Along with the line “men don’t cry” is the phrase “men don’t listen”. For some reason men do very well at not listening, maybe that is somewhat our fault because sometimes we are not as assertive as we supposed to be, but this is not an excuse for ignore things that you don’t want to hear; so, in the future, please commit to listen whatever random things we have to say, even if you don’t really care about them.
  • Set a new goal regarding sex. We women always try to find new ways to keep our partners interested sexually: from new lingerie to crazy toys and lotions; but most men are not as passionate women regarding trying to impress their girlfriends, even if we love when you try new things in bed. So here’s a hint, if you need an excuse to start trying new tricks, this is a new year, set new goals like trying a different position every time you have sex, giving you partner certain number of orgasms, etc.
  • Get rid of the ugly underwear. Granny panties are sexy… said no man ever; and yes, despite the fact that we find them more comfortable than a G-string, we agree. However, this does not mean necessarily that we like what you’re wearing under your pants. Most guys think that men’s underwear doesn’t supposed to be sexy, big mistake: loose cotton boxers with crazy prints doesn’t do much for us; try instead some spandex boxers or briefs, but don’t go crazy and get a jockstrap, unless of course, if you have the body for it. Try to put this on your “to do list”.

So guys, next time, along with the New Year’s Eve party, include one or more of these resolutions, we’ll certainly appreciate it.

New Year’s Resolutions Women Wish Their Men Made
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Phoenix98

    New Years resolutions are just sad attempts to motivate people to do something. Why wait a whole year, why not say today I'm am setting a new goal for myself then get off your butts and do it. If you wait a whole year then you just simply wasting your time. That's time wasted you could be using to further that goal.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • JellyBeans77

    hey can u tell how can i write an article? i really want to give it a try but dont know how to do it :s

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • mpr5150

    If you have to wait until new years to make a resolution for something you want to stop or start doing. Listen the solution is easy it's mind over matter. Just start or stop doing what you want or don't want today. Why wait for new years? You're stronger than you think today

  • Scrambled

    Women lists. They try describe what would make a great horse but actually describe a unicorn.

  • CherryCoke89

    If she can't respect him, she can't respect the relationship. Let him be him... stop trying to change him

  • biggie90

    Great article time to bring out of tight briefs.

  • JellyBeans77

    thankyou ur article gave me a new perspective :)

  • Anonymous

    A woman making a list of ways she wants to change her man. How thoughtful. Lovely generalizations too.