Are men worth it?


So men, are we worth it? Most women say no.

I have seen a lot of negative flack for Men online lately. Especially European men. Sure a lot of men have made mistakes, but never was there a movement by men to hate women to the point of scientifically prove they do not belong at all. Yet in an article I found online, two separate actually, one states mens Gene's are disappearing, the other? They can genetically remove us and still produce people. My question is should we? Women seem to think they are useless. No need to even bother.

My rebuttal? Why? For all the absolutely horrible men there are men who do great things. What is wrong with trying to work together? Why after all the great both sexes are capable of, especially when working together, why does the fact that we are designed to work together, do women only see our bead attributes?

Adam eve.
Adam eve.

Perhaps it's because previously, men had control and abused it. Or did we? Adam and eve? Eve messed up there. Divorce? Usually Men get the shaft. Promotions? Yep Women get them faster in certain fields. Are women treated equal? Not always but then again I am a person who is the opposite of typical. I dealt with abuse from women and people of color, plus was victim of white colar crimes so I can say with confidence that it happens on both sides! Men do apologize. Men do get hurt, have feelings and when we are treated like dirt, like a disease, it makes us think very coldly.

Noone should use or abuse one another. I chronically deal with it. Yet I have gone to bat on almost every occasion for my abusers simply because I feel there is no need for us to be at each others throats. My current girlfriend talks to me like I'm the help. I remind Her I'm her equal whilst fighting for my ex to get what i feel she was owed she did not get from FOC.

Conclusion, should we as men make an effort anymore? Should we let it be? I personally am trying to make this current relationship work. As although after this, I do not plan on getting into another one. I feel men work just as hard in life and women make it out like we ruin theirs. Not cool I gotta pay all I own after I spent our relationship watching you turn my man cave into a she shed. There are men who are great dads doing their best to provide and be there and they just get dumped on. They miss their kids, their family and they still have to function without that, get called names, face jail time to which they catch diseases or worse die in and for what? A few loosey goosey nights? Two happy moments and homelessness? No thanks.

Are men worth it?
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  • bamesjond0069
    You're having issues because you are simping. And you don't realize it but you are actually supporting feminism at the core yet complaining its turning out like feminism in the end.
  • Anonymous
    There is a reason so few men and women support feminism anymore. It's dying for obvious reasons, as it should. Just ignore feminists and live your life.
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