Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door


I love looking at perfectly done and almost excessively made up women. I admire how they put on their makeup perfectly, have their outfits picked out days in advance matched with perfect accessories and divine shoes to boot.

These glamourized women I love staring at, always have their nails done, hair done and smell of excessively sweet perfume. Somehow it makes me feel nostalgic that they are paying homage to an ideal of feminine beauty that is totally unrealistic and hard to attain/maintain. But nonetheless, I love looking at them - they are usually quite mezmerizing. And of course all the men notice, if not get whiplash.

But these gorgeous divas are usually NOT the women most men choose to spend their lives with. I find that the average guy loves the 'girl next door' look. Pretty, accessible, not high maintenance and someone that seems real and attainable. A woman that doesn't have majectic airs about her. These 'girls next door' are for touching and feeling rather than just looking. I peg myself somewhere in between, some days I crave glamour and the dramatic - other days I just want to put my sweats and high tops on. But usually once I start dating a guy seriously, I see that he wants more of the down to earth chill me rather than the made up and over-wrought diva me. Men love 'authentic' women!

Maybe I'm wrong guys? Let me know... in the meantime, here are some 'girl next door' beauties who always get the beau.

Emma Stone

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door

Gabrielle Union

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door

Olivia Munn

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door

Reese Witherspoon

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door

Rose Byrne

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door

Kristin Kreuk

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door

Amy Adams

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door

Why Guys Really Fall for the Girl Next Door
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    They are celebrities.
    They pay thousands for personal trainers, their clothing, their makeup, people do their hair etc.
    They are not the girl next door.
    They are famous for NOT looking like the average woman!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    None of those women are remotely "girl next door." They are all celebrities.
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  • MrBubbles
    My first thought was rather that these women are all very wealthy and have probably hired professional makeup artists and clothing/fashion designers. :/
  • Snow-Wolf18
    Like others have said, these women are all celebrities and aren't much like regular 'girl next door' types since they have access to more resources. That said, they still are all very pretty and don't seem excessively high maintenance. They have to look nice for the public eye so it would be hard for them not to require at least a little maintenance.
  • AleDeEurope
    I agree, most of us want a simple, humble, and fun girl. One that's comfortable enough with her body that she allows us to see her without makeup and not make a big deal about it. Someone that enjoys eating pizza and watching a movie while on their sweatpants.
    Most of us go for that type of girl, because they're the ones that usually enjoy life without having so much drama and worries.
  • miserybusiness
    "Pretty, accessible, not high maintenance and someone that seems real and attainable."

    First example: Emma Stone

  • unicornsandglitter
    Lets be honest, these aren't 'the girl next door'
    What we need on this list is Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.
    Quirky, funny, 'in their own skin', fabulous let low maintenance, and overall the girl any guy/girl would like to be with.
  • oldanddecrepid
    I like a natural beauty... its nice to have her with makeup on occasion, but, prefer natural.

    I think guys like a girl that can be ready in 10 like they can. If your taking two hours to just go to the grocery store... then that's a little over the top!

    Remember celeb's don't always look like those pictures so why try to strive for something like that everyday!
  • imnotcrearive
    A girl writing a take on what guys want in a girl... And next, stay tuned for my piece on "pregnancy: the third trimester and what to expect."
  • Skilled1
    NO OFFENSE BUT ::::: Why? Why in the world would a woman decide to speak and explain something about men rather than doing it themselves? and i kinda feel i spelt the last phrase wrong LOL but anyway ,, its like asking an engineer about health , a physicist about computers... its just wrong. And second , you are using the word men in general to express all of us. Maybe someone don't like them ! Just let every guy express his own opinion.
  • Girl-1234
    I think this is true, people never see me as a girl next door (because they all think i look exotic) so guys most of the time only look. The macho types sometimes make remarks about my looks, but they never start a nice conversation.
    • totally agree, and it's frustrating just to get those weird looks. now, if a guy gives me that look I just stare back until he gets intimidated lol.

  • bryon
    Very well said. Almost ever aspect of your take fits me to a T. While I can't speak for any of the other guys that will be reading / commenting on this , I wouldn't change or add one single word to this. Perfection can't be improved. Kudos
  • YourFutureEx
    By having the money they possess, almost everybody would become that much pretty.

    In these girls, I'm attracted to their success not their looks.
  • aamy811
    Guys like average girls because it's realistic and approachable. I like guys who are tend in all aspects but they're probably with girls who are tens in all aspects. So seeing as how I'm an average girl I want an average guy
  • 0-Zero-0
    I like someone who can adapt between the two. So she can dress up with all her Glamour and come with me to my wine tastings and shows in London but also can put on some comfortable clothes and do something in town or just hang out
  • RandomStudent
    You're right, I usually fall for girls who don't put much effort into make up and fashion. I guess it's because they seem more obtainable to me.
  • godfatherfan
    I agree. I think feminine is so hot. when I see a girly girl I get instantly aroused. but that is just looks based. usually they are high maintenance and have an attitude. the 'tom boy' ish type women are still sexy. and the fact that they don't make you feel like your not in 'their league' is even hotter. easy to talk to, and when those sweats come off there is no more thoughts of tom boy as she is definitely all woman. The best thing about women is they are soft, the are beautiful, and before and after doing all those nasty sexual things to them, you just want to hold them in your arms.
    by the way... I put Sandra bullock as the ultimate 'girl next door'. especially the Speed Sandra Bullock. I don't know who most of the women you posted even are.. I recognize reese witherspoon and the chick from The Newsroom.
  • OpenClose
    Emma Stone and Amy Adams are absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful.

    I've also had a thing for Anna Kendrick ever since the oscars and discovering how goofy she is in person.

    To me, the important thing is that these girls, in person, seem down-to-earth and relatable. There are a lot of women out there who see themselves as "holier than thou" with regards to men. To me, those women don't deserve my affection, and I'm more likely to find something to insult them for, because they need to be knocked of their self-proclaimed pedestal.
    • Kerbie

      i have liked anna kendrick myself ever since seeing her in pitch perfect

    • OpenClose

      Never saw pitch perfect. I first saw her in 50/50. She is super GND, and has the most adorable smiley eyes.

  • thelittlelostbear
    I myself have been called 'the girl next door' but most guys just see me as that. The girl.. next door. So maybe that is just america again.
    • Kerbie

      Bit like my girl her friends brothers says she's a girl next door type but they would never try it on with her because she's invovled 😊

    • Hmm interesting.. How do you mean involved?

    • As long as you have neighbors, you will always be a "girl next door".


  • Watermelonoma
    I call dibs on Emma Stone. That's my future wife right there!
  • TadCurious
    I always feel really close to The Girl Next Door. Probably because she's next door.
  • yellowmamba024
    None of them are girls next doors though. I think this myTake author is misunderstanding what a girl next door is.
  • apexalpha
    Next door girls seem more approachable so guys go for them also you can imagine yourself growing old with them. Unlike the glamour girls who probably most guys think of as high maintenance and leave you at the sniff of more money.
    • you are wrong. just because most guys are insecure, it doesn't mean that a girl that "appears" high maintenance, IS hight maintenance

    • apexalpha

      Yes you are right that insecure guys are afraid to approach glamour girls because they don't feel adequate or they will get rejected. But a large proportion of these girls are gold diggers and high maintenance. But not all.

  • abcdgg
    emma stone to me is the perfect ex of the girl next door. but i think its her physical assets that put us at ease in a way that girls like megan fox can't. emma stone doesn't have a typical hollywood oval face. she looks great but she has imperfections. i think thats what draws us to her. her and jen lawrence were ranked top3 desired women by males. same with jen law altho i find her avg looking. besides emma stone plays likable and seemingly genuine characters. hollywoods portrayal of her helps as well
  • hypno-trip
    Oh my goodness i love Emma Stone and Kristen Kreuk!

    The girls next door look is nice but so are many other looks
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Those people aren't really girls next door.

    The reason the girl next door is so attractive is, well first of all she's cute, but we get the impression like we've known her forever. Like, we've looked the window sometimes and noticed her. She's never dressed up, she's relaxed and plain. It also comes across in the way we interact, it'll feel like we're old friends catching up, not strangers just getting to know each other.

    Then again maybe I'm just romanticizing the concept.

    Emma Watson is my girl-next-door celeb. I always thought she was cute, even in The Philosopher's Stone. I grew up watching the harry potter movies and she's about the same age as me, so it feels like I sort of grew up with her and have known her forever. Here's hoping I don't sound like a stalker right now.
  • Creeper1o1
    yes I'm into the "Girl next door" style, especially when their dressed more conservatively.
    • Creeper1o1

      lol I answered this thinking it was a question, Didn't realize it was a my take.

  • Queen_naki5
    The GND is just more approachable.
  • LittleSally
    Yeah... never seen any of these around...
  • notverycreativeguy
    Bad take, it seems you have no clue.
  • Longblackveil

    i think some really like the perfect girls
  • Xwtxx
    Yes they are hot.
  • Muratek
    Kristin Kreuk <33
  • thotramus
    they all are hot!
  • kep79
    no, you're right
  • Anonymous
    Those are not girls next door. If people saw them in person they'd be turning heads and causing whiplash as you stated. Plus, Emma Stone is used by Revlon as their, perfectly made up, perfect looking model.

    But to answer your question, the girls next door are more down to earth and enjoyable to be with. Those "perfect" looking girls who obsess about looks and want to be a perfect image, are, most of the time, all about themselves and obsessed with their image. I'd say most guys would want to hook up with one of those girls and maybe date them briefly, but long term, they are a nightmare. Trust me, I've experienced a few of them. They are perfect for renting, not owning. (Dating, not marriage).
  • Anonymous
    These women don't look good. I guess they only look good to girls
  • Anonymous
    That are not "girls"
  • Anonymous
    Thankfully some girls are smart yay!
  • Anonymous
    I like "the girls next door", but casual or sporty type, I don't like girls with makeup.
    • I think it is hard find a girl without makeup, and a little makeup is actually fine.

    • Anonymous

      I prefer natural beauty ;)

  • Anonymous
    I'm forever devoted to a 12 year old boy... I mean Kathy Griffin and will never even look at another.
    • I'm sure Kathy is delighted to have your unwavering devotion. Lol.

    • Anonymous

      She is lucky to ever have any attention unless it is from a German Shepherd! :)