What Girls Look for in Guys

What Girls Look for in Guys

Sorry about the false advertising, but it's nearly impossible to write a generalized take on something so subjective... So instead of trying to convince you that one must be precisely so and so in order to be deemed attractive, here are the qualities that matter the most to me:

1. A minimum of 99% identical genetic makeup

What Girls Look for in Guys

I'm sorry to all the cats and hedgehogs. I still love you all, and I'm really not trying to discriminate... but I'm just not interested in you that way.

On that note, it's nice having someone whom I can pester, rant, and share bad puns with. We don't have to have the same interests, but we can't hate each other either. At least not too much.

2. A beating heart

As lovely as Bella and Edward's love story was, I'd prefer a guy with blood in his veins...

As well as a heart, too. This is one case where I will admit that bigger is better. Unless your heart is really swelling due to myocarditis... in which case please, please go see a doctor ASAP.

But seriously, a kind heart is a must.

3. A functioning brain

What Girls Look for in Guys

No hate to Patrick, but I just can't imagine myself with someone who is perpetually zoned out, stoned, or hammered.

That's not asking for too much, is it? And I did say perpetually... I mean, if it's New Year's Eve, I'd likely join you.

As a wise one once said:

" It may be stupid, but it's also dumb!" - Patrick Star

4. A hearty appetite

Seriously though, if you ask me to make you a sandwich, I'd expect you to at least try it. Even if I forget to toast the bread.

Jokes aside, I really appreciate open-mindedness. I generally like trying new and wacky things, keeping options open, and mixing things up. It'd be bummy if your tunnel had only room for your vision... and in that case, I'll just quietly hop off here.

To sum it all up:

What Girls Look for in Guys

People are going to say "if only it was that easy..." because obviously everyone has their own set of desired qualities in a friend/SO. These are just the fundamentals of mine - feel free to share yours.

Also, if anyone has tips to draw less crudely on paint... much appreciated :D

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  • The main things I look for in a guy, is dedication to me. I don't want him to think of being with any other girl but me, I don't want him to have thoughts of being with someone else when he is with me, and to be 100% dedicated. (Can you tell I have been cheated on) but I think 9/10 guy's break up with their girlfriend because the next best thing comes along, or they hook up with the next best thing, to see which girl they would want to be with more. They need to be attractive, established, and not a player. A guy who takes care of you when you are sick, never believes you have had enough to eat, and think's you are pretty in pajamas.


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What Guys Said 21

  • Wrong wrong wrong. It's been said time and time again that women want only one thing

    Hairy hands. They're irresistible...


  • Only thing in my experience that girls want in a guy is
    for him to have

    a car
    be skinny or muscular
    be handsome
    a job
    and loving/lovable
    want kids
    be nice

    these are 10 things every girl wants in a guy

    if you dont at least have 7 of these you're screwed

    not only girls same with guys to a girl

    • I do not have a lot of money, I do not have a vehicle, I do have a belly but other than that I am in good shape, I do not want any kids and neither does she besides the one she had with her ex. Her son is 21. My girlfriend have been happily together for 2 years and 18 days including today.

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    • You don't need money to get a girl. Not everyone is good looking either and people couple up either way. You don't need 7 of 10. You're 15 years old and have no idea what you're talking about.

    • @DeltsBrah
      so you're judging me by my age is that it?

  • But most importantly, women have rights; We should respect that!

  • Just saying I'm broke and jobless atm yet gals are still approaching me regularly (even knowing this)... You know, maybe y'all guys bitching are ugly and uninteresting.

  • Look at all them males whining and crying... nature's amazing.

    • hey just because you have little to worry about doesn't mean others are as lucky ! X)

  • Nice read, Now lets see what girls REALLY look for in guys

    A) How hot / muscular you are
    B) What career you have / what your income is
    C) If you have an... ''Alpha'' personality.

    You need at least 1 of those to pass. Otherwise your fucked.

    • My girlfriend makes more money than I do and I do have a belly. I not sure how much of an alpha personality I would have.

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    • Alpha dosen't equal arrogance, Alpha = Physicially and mentally superior.

    • My boyfriend is skinny, makes a little more than me and I always tell him to pursue what makes him HAPPY, even if he doesn't make a lot (i'd rather be with a guy who's happy because he loves his job than with a guy who makes a lot of money and is always stressed), and he isn't "alpha" at all. He's quiet and laid back and doesn't like fighting. He's the sweetest, most mature guy I could ever ask for <3 stop repeating what other guys say about girls and experience them for yourself.

  • Where is 8/10+ looks, money and high social status?

    We talking hookups right?

  • You forgot to add to that to have an 8inch plus penis...

  • before mid 20s: face, height
    after: money and cheat with face, height.

  • can someone please message Ginnyweasley and say that she misunderstood me? i wasn't talking about her :O

    • @ginnyweasley

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    • yeah i wasn't insulting you! :D

  • that's nice... but then it's better than reckoning looks will make the masses love you.

  • Good take. Good points but I think the 1st pic is most amazing.

  • If this was true none of us would be single.

    • mmm youd be surprised

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    • So, you're saying to me: "you'd be surprised about the number of people who THINK that there are girls that only look for a bare minimum guy but really aren't".

      So yeah, like I said, there aren't girls who look for what you said.

    • I wouldn't count these as bare minimum though. They aren't that easy to come across

  • This is what I thought that women looked for in men
    1. A big dick (6in-12in or higher)
    2. Solid six pack
    3. Nice hair (any decent/astounding haircut)
    4. Nice clothes
    5. Smells good
    5. Big muscles (Dwane Johnson body)
    7. Deep voice
    8. Stone hard hands
    9. Makes everyone laugh (in a good way)
    10. Gets a lot of pussy

    • nah, if that were true the human race would die out within a few decades

  • And the hidden number one answer is, drum roll please!


  • but men with functioning brains dont date women because thats dumb and they are just time sinks and money pits

  • Nice myTake! I want you. <3

  • Women want money and looks. to say anything different is just a lie. but men are also to blame because a lot of them nowadays are super thirsty , they overrate women and they act so desperate, that they do nothing but boost women's egos and standards to astronomical levels. There's a guy at my job who has no problem getting a woman, but you wouldn't know that because he acts like he just got out of jail or something they way he pursues and stalks them. Guys like him boost women's egos and standards to the stratosphere

    • lol and it's not the other way around?

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    • @Sjeggy opinion owner was anonymous his calling didn't work

    • guys can have preeety big egos too.
      money and looks may be good, but DEFINITELY not the most important

  • An easier my take would have been to just say, money, money, and mo' money, Lts face it, unless she's working herself, and at a high paying job, like a lawyrer, then he HAS to be making a lot of money. If they plan to raise a child, have a house and have at least one car maybe two, one of the parents has to be making a lot of money, I'm talking lots

    • I work in retail and there are two people who work at the same store I do that are married to each other

    • if that were true, there'd be like 100 humans left in a few years

    • You down vote because you know it's the truth

  • Lol you're 17. Everyone knows girls look for money.

  • dont forget to mention the 6+ inches penis. and the social/manipulative skills and cockiness.


What Girls Said 9

  • That last one is something I can definitely agree with. I'll try almost any sort of food and I like to be adventerous with what I eat so I would love to have my partner join me. I mean a little picky is okay; my boyfriend has this thing against pork and cilantro/ coriander, but those things are easy enough to avoid or substitute with something else. If you absolutely refuse to eat anything other than craft Mac and cheese or spaghetti and meatballs though, it's not going to work out.

    • Yeaah! It not even food, things in general!
      And man i like coriander :P

  • As much as we try explaining for guys that we don't all want the same things, guys are still gonna believe what they want to believe. They're as close-minded as that.

    • That is why I ask women what they want AND THEY CAN'T FUCKING TELL ME

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    • But then you can't blame those guys who think all girls just want money cause maybe they haven't met a girl that actually wants something more than money.

      I don't believe all girls want is money, most girls aren't that superficial, but I've met girls who just want that, and maybe other guys have only met those type of girls.

    • Honestly.. gotta agree with ya on that. But I wouldn't say they're all close minded tho, maybe some are, but some aren't. I mean online, not offline. Sometimes arguing with them is just pure pointless tbh.

  • I can't stop laughing at these guys saying that girls want a guy with money, good looks, and high social status. Because I usually look for a pulse in guys.

    • that's because admitting that you're ugly is a hard thing to do ;)

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    • Thank you @girly1710 of course I won't listen to him because if high school taught me anything its to not care what people say. Apparently he said he was kidding but I doub it.

    • Pulse sounds good XD

  • Funny guys are the best. My dream is to marry someone who's funny.

  • Cute take <3

  • hahahahahahahahaha :D Almost true.

  • what girls want in a guy to have a kind heart, care for her, a beautiful personality...
    why do all people tell that girls only want guys with money, beautiful body (...)? Girls aren't all superficial! Inside beauty is the key to attractiveness.

    • Problem with it is no one wants to fuck, nobody false in love with someone personality in first, cause all that muscles abes and luxury money and fame and respect attracts. Along with above 5 things.
      When was the last time as the bar you say on guys saying to other, 'Dude check out the soul of that girl, it's so pure.'..

    • Problem with it is that nobody wants to fuck it. Nobody falls in love with...

  • I'm just laughing at some of the male user's responses... they are jaded af. That is definitely not what I want, no pessimistic attitude, rude, or mean behavior.

    Like you said, he has some interests in common, a heart (caring and kindness go a long way with me), a brain (happy, logical attitude) and an open mind are pretty good.

  • You summed it all up in a drawing that these foo's still don't get it


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