Boyfriend meeting up with another woman behind my back?

Ok I am not the most trusting girlfriend and I shouldn't have done this and I know a lot of girls do it. I looked through my guys phone. We live long distance so I do worry a lot. He's a very loving and serious boyfriend we been together nearly a year and we are moving in together this month!

So basically he was texting his mate saying he started chatting to a girl on an internet site he went out with in school and she's "really tasty now" so he said and he said " she asked me out for a drink what do i do? I really love my girlfriend and I wouldn't cheat on her but I really wanna see her!" His mate replied do what you thinks best. "But aren't you happy where you are?" my bf replied "yeah but it'd be cool to see what might have been, hindsight is powerful" wtf does that mean?

I appreciate fact he says he won't cheat but I'm upset by the fact he wants to go on a date with this girl cuz he said also "I'm 99% sure she's into me" so why if he's happy with me is he doing this? He promised me he would never lie or keep things from me and this hurts me so much and I can't even confront him about it cuz hell know I was going through his phone. I know it's my fault for snooping but how am I meant to trust someone that does this behind my back?

Question is whys he doing this if he loves me and says I'm the best and only girl in the world for him? Is it for an ego boost? A harmless catch up and he won't tell me cuz he think I'll flip out? I'm so upset and hurt he's not the kinda guy I'd thought would ever hurt me.
Boyfriend meeting up with another woman behind my back?
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